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01 Jan 2020 21:46:52
Come on lads. Let the excuses begin. Afterall we were so wonderful against the giants of Newcastle and Burnley. 1 win in the last 15 for Arsenal and we can't even stand up to them let alone challenge for a victory. But i am sure players aren't good enough. This and that.

{Ed047's Note - to be honest Shan I can see what Arteta has done for us in such a short space of time and OGS has done nothing like that with you.

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01 Jan 2020 21:55:00
Garbage again. Really don’t know how some people are seeing positives in this season at all. We’ve on the whole been dreadful. Manager is clueless but because of who he is he’s getting away with it. Shocking for a massive club to be run like this, really is.

01 Jan 2020 22:00:44

As long as you can say I told you so after every defeat then all good, at least one fan is happy.

Disappointing again, the inconsistency is crazy, Arsenal were very good in that first half but we’ve shown again that without our 2 best midfielders we aren’t good enough. Thought Ole got it wrong selecting Shaw tonight after Williams performance against Burnley.

Inconsistency sums up the season, fortunately all the other teams around us are inconsistent as well so we are still in with a shout. Feel dreadful when we play like that, certainly wouldn’t be coming on here mouthing off like I’m delighted about it.

01 Jan 2020 22:08:32
Probably a fair point, Shan. But do you have to be so smug about it every time? You’re very good at providing a sarcastic comment, but rarely offer your insight to how you’d do things differently. I only mention it because this site is a good forum for informed debate, instead of the memes and other drivel on social media, and it seems a shame to water that down with a good old ‘I told you so’.

01 Jan 2020 22:11:13
Saw that result coming if I'm honest. The problem is that we sprinkle in the odd semi decent performance now and again so ole keeps in the job. There won't be any changes anytime soon either to coaching or playing staff so u might as well buckle up till the seasons over.

01 Jan 2020 22:12:24
Stand we are no longer a massive club. footballing wise.

The thing is we all know the players are poor but why doe we keep playing this same set up with 2 cdms and then we play people out of position every single game.

People like William's and garner must be thinking what they have to do to start games.

Some of the players are consistently not performing.

Why does lingard get kicked every week he offers absolute nothing. he is a waste of a player

The defence is poor the 2 centre backs just get bullied by anyone and everyone and then shaw is nowhere everytime someone attacks.

We need players in this window and we need them fast.

01 Jan 2020 22:13:50
Got to say Ed047 you can definitely see what Arteta is trying to do. And to do that after such a short time is promising for you. We were shocking and it is clear our manager is out of his depth. How anyone can think he deserves more transfer windows is beyond me. But credit to you, you wanted it more, played with far more energy, tenacity and desire. Fully deserving of the victory.

{Ed047's Note - thanks Park and I’m more than pleased with his first few weeks.

01 Jan 2020 22:14:38
I don't come on here that much these days but are people still talking positively about the Ole regime and believing it's going to come good?

01 Jan 2020 22:17:01
To be fair to shan those on the other side of the debate can't wait to jump in with their 'i told you so's' when we won a couple. Then they disappear 'for a break' when they don't like what they read.
So its a bit tit for tat.
Feelings run high.
Gds as i know you are quick one in with an i told you so and you like a good gloat so you should have a little tolerance 😂😂.

01 Jan 2020 22:27:23
What are the options if Ole is sacked, which will happen eventually in 2020.
Not convinced by Poch, Allegri or Blanc. Can see a clamour for Giggs if Wales do well at the Euros, but I'm not sure it matters who replaces him, another clear out of players is that really the answer.

01 Jan 2020 22:27:34
I’ve not said I told you so when we have won, I’ve said many times I’m not judging on a game by game basis and I’ve replied to posts on here all season.

01 Jan 2020 22:34:48
Attitude, Attitude, Attitude!

We saw a young Brandon Williams run himself into the ground against Burnley. His determination to run forward and provide the team with an attacking outlet was a joy to watch. Shaw today was a disgrace, he had absolutely no appetite to get forward or provide the team with any width or offer any kind of attacking impetus.

AWB is great in 1v1 situations but he must also show a hunger and desire to give the team more going forward.

Fred and Matic wanted too many touches in midfield and just didn't play the ball forward early enough or choose the right option.

The lack of urgency and quality was alarming .

Arsenal wanted it more and we just wasn't up for the fight yet again! Same old story!

Like I said in an earlier post we're only ever a few injuries or bad result away from a crisis.

This team will either find some consistency or the manager will lose his job.

Like Ed002 has said the Club will some big decisions to make probably sooner than they'd like!

01 Jan 2020 22:37:20
Very touchy gds. Only the last paragraph was directed at you mate. You know what it refers too. After all you waited 18 months to deliver your i told you so moment😂.

01 Jan 2020 22:43:50
Ken, Shan is always spoiling for an argument and an I told you so. let's not pretend otherwise. We were awful tonight. No need to always try and stir sh1t up with other posters.

01 Jan 2020 22:45:32
As performances go, that's one of the worst of the season so far. Arteta took charge of Arsenal 2 weeks ago and they looked like they had a cohesive plan on how they wanted to play. Our players still look like 11 strangers, one defender drops deep, others step up to play offside, some press but others don't, hardly any runs off the ball. Incredible that after a year, it still looks like the only attacking option we have is a counter at rapid pace.

Undoubtedly some of the above is down to the players themselves and whether they are good enough but a lot of this falls at the feet of a coach. Ole seems to have a unique managerial skill in that he is able to make the poor or average sides we play look great, but the better sides we play look poor. It's going to be a long second half of the season.

01 Jan 2020 22:47:33
GDS, we are all fed up of this. Solskjaer isn't being judged on a 'game by game' basis.

He is a terrible coach lucky to be given this job. 38 games, 16 of those losses. A win ratio of 27% or something to that effect. For the life of me I don't why some on here think there are positive signs.

01 Jan 2020 22:49:35
It's a lot bigger than just attitude DLIB. We were tactically all over the place too and some of the choices were baffling. is it a wonder that a talented player like gomes wants out when he sees lingard ahead of him each week putting in performances like that and worse.

We were also told Ole was going to put faith in youth.

01 Jan 2020 22:52:40
Nou, I think Ken's point was more directed at those who are more than happy to jump in with the 'i told you so's' once we play well. Tit for that as he says. not sure he was trying to 'stir sh1t up' here.

01 Jan 2020 23:02:26
I was not stirring up at all noucamp
I was as angel has said there is i told you so folk on either side of the debate he they play tit for tat beteeen them.

01 Jan 2020 23:17:13
Angel is spot on. Ole is not being judged on a game by game basis. He has been here a year and we can’t seem to string more than 2 wins together in the league. We have some brilliant results like last week and then undo all that good work the next game. This isn’t something that’s happened once either, it is a pattern Of inconsistency. At the end of the day it’s a results based business and that’s what Ole will be judged on, so I hope. Any other top club would have made a change by now and brought someone in qualified to do the job. Arsenal and spurs both made the change. Heck even Everton and Watford did. We are meandering towards middle table mediocrity and it’s so plain to see. When will this end? There are some very talented players in this squad and they need to be coached properly to reach that next level. Ole cannot do that, end of.

01 Jan 2020 23:49:28
if you think Arteta has successfully implemented any tactical changes in 3 games?! Your boys are just running harder than usual, even Ozil! Regardless Ole has no idea what he's doing I don't disagree.

01 Jan 2020 23:52:36
I totally blame Ole for this loss. There was no need to change the side simply because of the momentum built up from the last two victories regardless of what anybody on here thinks about the opposition. You can only beat what's Infront of you. The players though their not the best still give it their all. That being said I am sick and tired of Pogba. I don't believe for one minute that he's injured and the sooner he is sold the better. Ole at this time is dependent on him to provide that creative spark due to lack of options at this moment but he keeps shafting Ole. Ole should just tell it as it is instead of continually defending this prick. No point in having a player who doesn't want to be here. The club totally muck this up this past summer.

02 Jan 2020 00:00:37
Solsjkaer is not the right man to take on this project. He has no history as a manager and has no proven ability to make manchester united a contender again. Fans who want him to stay are letting their heart rule their head.

To give him credit he has done well at bringing young players like Rashford, Martial and William's into the team.

The problems don't begin and end with him either, the board behind him are making him look even worse than he is. At the start of the summer Solsjkaer had clearly been promised 5 players. He received 3 towards the end of the window.

We should have all known that coming into this season with a make shift right winger (James), no attacking midfielder, getting rid of Lukaku without replacement and the rest of the midfield being weaker than the year before that it was going to be a struggle.

The sounds coming out of the club at the moment seem to suggest that there will be no signings in January. Even if they wanted to I'd be surprised if they managed to bring any of their targets in. That for me will be the nail in the coffin for Solsjkaer as the team he has at the moment isn't good enough to be in the top 4.

02 Jan 2020 00:23:50
he did not bing rashford or martial into the team.

02 Jan 2020 00:30:27
Angel and Ken, I was referring to the OP from Shan.

02 Jan 2020 00:45:22
@dazw - didn't reread after typing. What I meant was that he has done well with those players and made them better as well as bringing William's in. I'm aware martial / rashford weren't solskjaer signings or youth players that he brought in but he has got them putting in some of there best performances.

02 Jan 2020 05:03:19
Stevie, GDS, the time for I told you is finished. Its now the world told you so. And if you still can't see or listen to that then god help you. I am not judging on a game to game basis. My points are consistent from the day this "non manager" was made permanent.
Alty Jim, there are a lot of things that can be done differently starting with throwing the garbage out ie the manager. there's nothing wrong in saying that i made a mistake. Get in someone who knows what he is doing. There are atleast a 100 managers who would do better than OGS. Why on earth would you break a winning combination? Why was Lingard put in? Why was Shaw? Greenwood taken out, why? Dan James has been disappointing after the first month but i wouldn't blame the lad as he is still adjusting to the big league. OGS doesn't have a plan B or C, yesterday he didn't have a plan A. that's how bad it was. As soon as someone picked up the ball in the defence, first thought they had was to lump it up so that the sprinters might get on it. Arteta isn't stupid, he saw the game against City and prepared keeping that in mind but our genius thought what we will do the same. Did he change the tactics during the game when he saw it wasnt working? NO. Everyone just wants to lay the blame on the players as long as OGS gets a free pass. Matic is blamed. Did you know our best moment yesterday came because of him, his strength to hold the ball and turn and slip that wonderful pass to Pereira.
I mean come on wake up now. don't let your emotions take the once great club to the gutters.

02 Jan 2020 07:56:58
I pretty much agree with what you're say Shan but in Solksjaer's defence the games are pretty thick and fast at this time of year and some rotation is not unreasonable. We don't know about individual players recovery and fitness to play in the Arsenal game after the Burnley game.

I think also some of the players are responsible for a drop off in effort and intensity.

02 Jan 2020 08:25:42
My bad nou. Read like you were having a pop at poor Ken 😂.

02 Jan 2020 09:44:19
Ok nou.

02 Jan 2020 11:38:08
As if 😁.

02 Jan 2020 13:42:38
No redman is nous target😂.



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