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13 Apr 2024 20:55:48
Thats where we are at. Like a mistake bore game where U get mistakes from players and coaches and end up with a point,
Eth lucky I'd say that penalty wasn't given or he would be on his way Monday morning. With no help on the pitch from a bunch of average players, same thing as the last few managers we had.
All and all a disgrace to football and the badge.

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13 Apr 2024 21:57:58
As with all recent games, it was poor, but even within a dreadful team performance Casemiro stood out for one of the worst, lowest effort, lackadaisical, inept performances by a supposedly top class player that I've ever seen. Shameful. He's either injured, in which case he shouldn't be selected, or he's not trying. We would be better playing anyone other than him. What must Eriksen and Mount be thinking sat on the bench? Why not give Dan Gore a go? I don't know what's gone on with Casemiro this year, but he's a disgrace to the club and the shirt at the moment.

13 Apr 2024 21:58:34
No leahy are you blind?
Don't panic it's all part of the process.
Eth performing Jeff mind tricks telling us what we are seeing is bit really happening.
Throwing one of our better young kids under the bus today in his post match interview after 6 months of watching rashford not defend at all.
There arevtraits in him that are simply bot likeable . I would never trust him as a player. He is only around the corner from his next row with a player.
He is gone he knows he's gone and the players know he is gone.
I can not think of one compelling reason to keep him after the financial year ends on June 30th.

13 Apr 2024 22:00:30
I’ve nearly given up caring! I’m just so numb to this group of players. Other than the odd one or two they aren’t a very likeable bunch and as for eth…I think it’s best we move on.

13 Apr 2024 22:06:19
One statistic about United giving 3X the number of minutes to teenagers compared to the rest of the top 6 combined tells its own story. We simply do not have enough mature quality players available to us. Since ETH must be as aware as anyone of our midfield porosity one can conclude one of two things: either, he does not know how to fix it, or, its not fixable with the current squad available to him. I'm leaning towards the latter. Can anyone see Pep or Klopp getting consistently good results with this team, which has 3 of the back 4 starters out, a slow and rapidly declining midfielder in Casemiro accompanied, by an 18 y. o in midfield, 2 young forwards + 1 sulky senior player, and a captain who as talented as he might be, tends to give the ball away too easily and quickly (despite playing well today)?

That said, today was dire, although there was some improvement in the 2nd half. The only bright spots were Onana and Bruno. Onana is no doubt benefitting from the extra practice he gets every game behind a midfield and a defense that seems to think giving the opponents shooting practice is what the game is all about.

13 Apr 2024 23:18:42
I’ve never hated a united team before

But these players are a joke

The worst bunch of professionals

Yet again throwing another manager under the bus

Sure ten hag has made some mistakes but you know what when you put that shirt on you fight for your life

I just hope ineos have the bottle to throw these players under the bus like they have to so many managers.

13 Apr 2024 23:20:20
What are the players and management doing week in week out in training? We are so easy to play against its mental. Robertson had a field day on the left wing last weekend and again today down our right side. I was all for sticking with Ten Hag but I think the writing is on the wall now but its like deja vu with this squad and what they done to previous managers. I would literally keep 3 or 4 of this current squad.

13 Apr 2024 23:34:14
Sick of watching the same old tripe now, how he can say it is obvious the way we play well I think its about time he let the players in on it because not one of them has a clue.

ETH every week trying to tell us we played well and was unlucky, i think he is watching his coaches play FM24 because he can't be watching the same match as all of us.

Again Rashford not arsed, gets the ball and gives it away, Casemiro supposed to be the holding midfielder and is the highest up the pitch every time we lose possession, he is past it and needs to be let go.

One thing I keep thinking about is are the managers hands tied with who he has to play because any other manager would not be playing Rashford and Casemiro on there performances of late, is he being told the big earners have to play, nothing would surprise me at our club.

14 Apr 2024 02:18:02
Agree with that tumble. Disgusting what he did to Garnacho today. He did play poorly first half, and they did cause problems down that side. I do agree with teaching garnacho accountability.

But how can he treat Garnacho like that when rashford and cassemiro are stinking up the pitch as they have all season. Rashford and cassemiro off at half time and I'm pretty sure we win that game.

Then after the game he calls out Garnacho in his interview. Well done eric, mainoo, dallot and garnacho are our players of the season this year. Maybe sub off the older players and see what these guys can do. They might just suprise you.

After the finish at the Liverpool game I thought he might try to get Garnacho and Amad on the pitch at the same time. All we want is a glimmer of a silver lining around this big black cloud. Thoroughly depressing.

14 Apr 2024 02:20:05
Jim Reaper

If he is scared to bring them off, is he the right guy? I agree it is baffling. I really want to change the players, but ten hag is losing the fans now by not at least subbing players off for this nonsense.

2 subs today I think? Has he given up?

14 Apr 2024 07:25:47
I don't see how he can publicly blame Garnacho when he had Dalot trying to help midfield and leaving massive holes at the back.

14 Apr 2024 07:39:32
"It was too easy on the right side. There was a big gap. It was clear and obvious.
"We had to repair the right side. We didn’t play well. We had to bring a sub there.
"Garnacho was ill in the week and wasn’t training. We thought to bring some energy and quality, and the sense of cooperation on the right side. "

The last sentence is the key. Where in that is ETH "Throwing one of our better young kids under the bus"? Or where is what he said. "Disgusting what he did to Garnacho today. "?

I think a bit of a reality check might be in order.

14 Apr 2024 07:54:00
I see Garnacho liked a tweet from Goldbridge criticising TenHag for throwing him under the bus. There are rumours he dropped Antony altogether for arguing with him about not playing in front of Rashford. Throwing a 19 year old under the bus, who has given everything in what is Ten Hags tactical dogs dinner, is frankly disgusting. No wonder the players are not playing for him.

ETH, has to go, now, tomorrow, we cannot let this man destroy more players just because it will cost us money now and not on 1st July.

His decisions on Rashford, throwing one of the only bright lights under the bus is now too much. He is damaging the team, the club with this nonsense now. Trying to justify his tactical rubbish with what amounts to an emperor's new clothes argument is insulting. Whilst many of the players don’t seem to be playing for him or believing what he is telling them, players like Garnacho have run their socks off, watching Rashford sloth around. Mount sat on the bench and must be wondering what’s going on.

It now looks like the manager has alienated another player. There is a saying, if you meet an arsehole you have met an arsehole, if everybody you meet is an arsehole then maybe you are the arsehole. Ten Hag is there now and I am more than done with him.

14 Apr 2024 08:38:16
Fizz you are the one that needs areality check.

14 Apr 2024 08:52:40

So why did Garnacho like a tweet criticising Ten Hag for throwing him under the bus?

Then look at the words “ We thought to bring some energy and quality, and the sense of cooperation” .

Some quality, what does that say about Garnacho? Cooperation, that is a clear criticism of Garnacho.

It’s broken, the trust between players and manager is broken, add to what Dalot said and it’s clear the players are not playing for him. Garnacho has run his socks off yet the idiot leaves Rashford on to mope around.

It’s a mess, get ETH out today, tomorrow, don’t wait.

14 Apr 2024 09:44:49
Red Man.
Then look at the words “ We thought to bring some energy and quality, and the sense of cooperation” .

Some quality, what does that say about Garnacho? Cooperation, that is a clear criticism of Garnacho.

There is a language issue there in terms of how he might put his point across and I doubt he meant to 'criticise. I think he was simply saying it as he saw it and used the word quality in the wrong context. It was clear to all that there was a problem and Garnacho was not on his game.

Weed I don't like what I see any more than other supporters do but a hysterical witch hunt is not the way forward in my view. I do not believe this is the right time to sack a manager given all the upheaval the club is currently undergoing. Nobody better is available so all that would achieve is utter mayhem.
I get you don't like ETH.

14 Apr 2024 09:45:55
Red Man, why did Garnacho reconsider and unlike said tweet?

14 Apr 2024 10:20:09

Likely Garnacho didn’t want to be drummed out of the club by a vengeful spiteful manager, because like I said, it’s happening again. However by liking it in the first place he showed what he was thinking.

The problem was ETH and tactics, why was Cas further forward and not covering, why was Dalot not able to deal with anything, why did no one tell Kambwala to step across to help his fullback, why did ETH not swap full backs, why did he leave the utterly useless Rashford on the pitch, where was Antony.

Garnacho having to run back was because the managers tactics empty central midfield, there is no cover coming across and behind. Garnacho and Rashford are expected to run forward then hurtle back, Garnacho tries, Rashford doesn’t, but who gets taken off? Why is Mount sat on the bench? I watched Mainoo and Cas challenge one player together in their half, next thing the ball is with their player running at our defence with no central midfield.

It is a disorganised mess from the manager. It looks to me like he makes scapegoats to excuse his own mistakes. Garnacho the latest, however, he does not do it to the sacred cow Rashford. He does not do it to Bruno when he runs aimlessly out of position or structure.

Yes, there is a problem with the manager. The spotlight is on him, he isn’t used to it, the job is too big and he is like a rabbit in the headlights, says what he thinks even if it belittles players in public. Just the wrong players, he never does it to Rashford does he, nor Bruno.

He stormed out when asked a question he didn’t like, that’s pathetic, like the rabbit the headlight is too bright.

It’s at a point where the players will probably turn up for the cup because they want to win it, but won’t the rest of the time. It’s toxic, get ETH out today or tomorrow.

Nobody better? Get an interim to end of season, hell Jose or Conte, they would give us a chance of winning the cup. Then reevaluate.

14 Apr 2024 10:23:08
Because he will be eating out of a lunchbox on his own.

14 Apr 2024 10:29:36
Casemiro and Rashford should never play again after yesterday. They genuinely do not care.

The team for the rest of the season should be something like:

Maguire (Evans if fit)



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