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21 Apr 2024 22:20:50
Shock, horror. the manager rumours have kicked into overdrive after that debacle earlier. Apparently we have contacted tuchel. He's definitely got the credentials and is a strong character however I worry that his abrasive nature might not mesh well with what we have. Gives me mourinho vibes. What's others thoughts? Would you be happy with tuchel?

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21 Apr 2024 23:06:31
He's way clear of ETH. Not sure of his long-term stability, but at this point - beggars cannot be choosers. It's clear to me though that INEOS will conduct their research properly and interview all sorts of managers before making a decision.

22 Apr 2024 00:28:44
I read earlier that it’s Mark Robbins.

22 Apr 2024 09:14:29
Would not like Tuchel I don't think I've ever seen his teams actually play that well.

Honestly think i'd rather go with potter, just think the people above him would have to back him if they chose him, in my opinion he can set a style and method of play to build on.

I'd prefer Amorim if I could pick but not sure if he will be an option by the time we make a decision on ETH.

22 Apr 2024 10:32:23
The decision on eth has been made weeks ago. No doubt about it.

22 Apr 2024 11:13:47
Ed02 - is there any truth in the Tuchel reports? Do you think he'd be a good fit?

{Ed002's Note - Thomas Tuchel (C) Down the list of options for Barcelona. Manchester United may provide an option as he knows Jim Ratcliffe well. Wildcard maybe a return to Chelsea but it may not be attractive to TT.}

22 Apr 2024 15:05:36
The merry go round of reports if managers in talks with us will continue all the way through till the end of the season. There is rarely any substance to them.
Big week for real Madrid we are linked with Zidane. England play its Southgate. We play Brentford and wolves it o Neil or Frank, wait for the frnzy around de zerbi for our last game of the season. Bayern make cl semi its tuchel and on and on it goes. Its all garbage.
At the moment eth is the manager.
We don't even know for sure if he will be here or gone next season.
I don't expect anything will be any clearer until well after the cup final.
Until then I expect it to be 'business as usual' and trying to keep everything as low profile as possible between now and then.
We all have our own hopes and expectations and enjoy speculating on what might happen.
Personally I have no preference at this point I think when it's clear on whether the job is available it will become very clear who the possible candidates are.

22 Apr 2024 14:22:11
Thanks ed.

22 Apr 2024 15:32:05
Ed, do you think Tuchel will end up being the United manager or do you think Potter is more likely at this stage?

{Ed002's Note - Southgate or Potter would be favourites still.}

22 Apr 2024 16:58:10

Who would your pick be out of those two?


{Ed002's Note - Tuchel has a lot more experience so probably him.}

22 Apr 2024 17:56:40
I would not be confident with a lot of the options around, Tuchel and Southgate along with de zerbi I just don't see them being a good option.

Tuchel I just don't rate in any way he wasn't great with Dortmund and fell out with a lot of people, PSG should have been an easy job and he made it look very difficult, Chelsea I just didn't like their football or rate him that much.

De Zerbi I just don't like his attitude and his team seems to be getting worse as they forget more and more what they learned during the potter days

Southgate boring, lifeless, and tragic, like Brendan Rodgers but English.

My preferred options of the names mentioned are first of all Amorim can't say I know much but seems to play attacking football also based on our transfer targets list ed gave us I think he'd fit well

Potter I think he'd be a good option to get a set up and style in play it would require the club to back him for a year/ 2 whilst the team was moulded and the style was set up

Seems like Amorim may be talking to clubs in London over the next couple of days, West Ham seems to be one maybe he'll talk to others? Hopefully we may be one of them.

22 Apr 2024 20:06:11
Thanks ED002,

Any manager interested in becoming the next Utd manager needs to understand the enormity of the task in hand.

It certainly won't be for the weak minded.

In regards to Tuchel haven't players found it hard working under him, which hasn't made his job easy?

{Ed002's Note - Yes to some extent. Like ten Hag.}

22 Apr 2024 20:34:42
Thanks Ed. I think I’m in the minority but given the options, I’m hoping for Potter.

22 Apr 2024 21:56:17
My mortgage on EtH staying.

23 Apr 2024 08:28:03
Potter can never manage United, he talked about how his mental health suffered in his short tenure at Chelsea, magnify that for United and I don't believe he has the resilience to be successful at United.

Amorim, is flavour of the month, I think we have all seen enough flavour of the month managers that have fallen by the wayside. He might turn out to be a great manager, let's see what he csn do in the bigger leagues, but we aren't the right club for him at the moment.

Southgate, probably a better national manager than club manager.

Farioli, could be a good shout in a few years, but the fact there is no obvious candidate, might mean EtH gets another 12 months. Who knows, a settled defence with Martinez and Shaw back, a new CB, a new DM to replace Cas, a couple of half decent wingers we could be a good team.

23 Apr 2024 08:53:52
Potter’s training methods and style seem to take a while to bed in. When they do, we all saw the results at Brighton.

Now that’s all well and good at Brighton, but will the fans, owners, media give him that time he didn’t get at Chelsea to do this at Utd? I think we all know he won’t be given it. The Chelsea squad is similar to ours, a mish mash of styles and personalities that just don’t buy into him as he’s not a “big name”.

My view is it’s time to rip the band aid off and clear the decks at Utd with a real plan and structure in place. If they deem Potter is the man, then let’s back him. If they deem ten Hag is, or Tuchel, same applies.

Now ten Hag has proven to be a decent coach at Ajax and Utd in his first season, but he’s lost all his credit in the bank this season. If he’s also known to be difficult, why put up with the hastle for no return anyway. Like Jose - he was a pain but he wins stuff. When he stops winning things, it’s not worth having him around.

On a different note, I attended a business session where Potter presented once whilst he was at Brighton about motivation and team building, and he was sensational.

23 Apr 2024 10:15:48
Eric79 and Grim,

Now INEOS are in charge i'd imagine that they would give Potteror whomever will be in charge the time required to turn things around.

Given SJRs interview after the London marathon, he called for patience. He will be thinking long term and not short term.

23 Apr 2024 12:54:59
Interesting anecdote about Potter, Eric. I think because he's quite thoughtful and quietly-spoken, a lot of people wouldn't imagine him being an inspirational type of guy. I really rate him, and I think most sensible fans would give him time to imbed his ideas. We all know (another! ) reset is needed, and if he did get the job, i'd certainly give him time to do that.

23 Apr 2024 14:12:05
I firmly believe whoever comes in is going to need to dismantle this dressing room. It might as well be Ten Hag, he's got until 2025 on his current deal. Let him work under the new structure for a year with the remit to break up the team and allow the people above him to buy the players to fit the system that the club decide to put in place. If it doesn't work out we know for sure its the manager, the new manger starts at the end of the season 24/ 25 that's picked by the club football hierarchy with the dressing room cleared of the problematic players. That gives the new exec team 3 windows should we decided to not renew Ten Hag.

If we change managers now, that manager is going to need time to remove a lot of players and rebuild. Rangnick hit the nail on the head when he said the club needs open heart surgery.

{Ed002's Note - Coaches expect an input to the recruitment process.}

23 Apr 2024 15:53:14
Zidane will be the next manager.

23 Apr 2024 15:55:24
We all said Ten Hag should be given time to sort out the mess, turns out that patience only lasted 18 months and now everyone is saying reset.

23 Apr 2024 16:07:08
Grim, I was referring to the club as a whole, not ETH. Personally, I agree with Rewz, and think he should get another season under the new structure.

23 Apr 2024 19:20:54
Sad isn't it Grim. Ineos will have their plans. I would like the people we are bringing in to make these big decisions. Quick decisions that are wrong can cause more damage.

Ole was a quick decision. Rashford contract renewal? I'm sure there are more. Recruit best in class football people and let them go to work.

Then they are on a trial period to deliver success.

24 Apr 2024 07:38:12
Sorry Nou, comment was just general not aimed at anyone.

Are there questions over EtH, definitely, whether it be in game management, relationship with the players and if he is the right person for United.

In his defence he has dealt with a lot in his first few years, maybe some of his own making, I don't know. Injuries this year, especially amongst the back four explains some of shocking defending and with one fit striker and a misfiring winger you can see why we don't score many goals.

Having said that, as many people have pointed out we don't play as a team, just a bunch of individuals who have moments of brilliance. Not being able to build this group of players into a team is a huge concern.

The crumb of comfort that I held after the Coventry game is that when the cameras panned to the stands, instead of seeing a Glazer looking perplexed, we saw SJR. He may not have been many of our first choices because of the partial ownership, but he is seems to be running the show now, making positive decisions, and is sorting the mess that has enveloped this club.

24 Apr 2024 08:06:11
Thanks ED002,

Any manager interested in becoming the next Utd manager needs to understand the enormity of the task in hand.

It certainly won't be for the weak minded.

In regards to Tuchel haven't players found it hard working under him, which hasn't made his job easy?



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