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27 Apr 2024 08:18:53
Hers's an interesting point of view that I happen to agree with. Copied from elsewhere:

? An Argentinean fan once said all this. I'll repeat it as a message to Rashford, but I'll change some of the language.
"You live in a mansion, drive a BMW on weekends, and enjoy the company of the best girls. You eat healthy every day; the day before a match, you sleep very well in a 5-star hotel. You spend 24 hours scratching your bàlls, doing damn all, playing F24 efootball and Call of Duty. "
"Your boots are worth $600, maybe $500, $300, or $400? You're bandaged by a kinesiologist, you eat well, and train well. Your socks don't cut off your blood circulation, your shorts don't scrape your bàlls, and your shirt sticks to your body without sweating. "
"That's worth. I don't know, your football jersey costs maybe $180 each. The ball is perfect, PERFECT! Inflated with a barometer to 8 bars, it costs $120. The pitch doesn't have a single defect, and the goal is 7 x 2.40 meters. We, the fans, applaud you when you enter the pitch. "
"You cry baby can't pass a ball can't control a ball, you want to score and the ball goes to the fvçking moon, you want to give a pass to your teammates that's 1 meter away from you, you pass it back or pass it to the opponent! "
✅️ You dribble with your head down, running aimlessly like a headless chicken, shooting from anywhere as if you're Ronaldo or something.
After playing trash week in week out this is all we get from you ?
Marcus Rashford: Don't judge my commitment to Man Utd, Enough is Enough blah blah blah blah bro wake up and play good football or start learning Arabic
Thinking that changing your profile picture and planning it with your mate will make us go soft on you nah and finally no one is abusing you and we have a every right to criticize you and tell you to show commitment to the club paying £350K+.

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27 Apr 2024 13:26:19
And yet none of those things can account for someone’s mental state or who they are as a person. I dunno, maybe he’s in the wrong profession. But the guy could probably find a million negative posts about him if he looked, just for trying to feed some kids and losing some form. got to have some kind of impact. I love my phone, surfing crap and playing Crossy Road as much as the next chump but I spend as much time wishing the whole lot never existed.

27 Apr 2024 13:54:54
What a load of old bolloxology fizz.

27 Apr 2024 16:15:39
Weed, that’s your department.

27 Apr 2024 17:03:51
Fizz, I saw a clip of his mum saying he’s lost a cousin and close family friend since November. As much as he frustrates the life out of me, if that’s the reason for his slump then there’s absolutely f*** all us fans can say or do. Everyone’s entitled to grieve if that’s what his issue has been. Regardless of salary and lifestyle.

27 Apr 2024 17:39:53
His earnings are irrelevant to his effort.
There can be plenty of reasons for his form and apparent lack of effort.
There can be no excuse made for playing him at a cost to the side.
I would support anybody who needs time off work or counseling or help with any personal situation.
If he needs time then he should be afforded that. Take him out of the firing line until he is ready to do his job properly.

27 Apr 2024 17:59:12
Blimey, I agree with the Weedmeister. That’s a rarity I know but if he is having personal/ mental issues then the club are letting the player down by continuing to play him. That said, the team, club and supporters are let down by him being picked.

27 Apr 2024 18:22:48
2toms if that is the case, and it’s certainly not in the public domain as I’m aware, then of course he has a right to grieve. It doesn’t however change anything in that the club are letting him down and……. see my reply to the Weed.

27 Apr 2024 18:24:09
The old sympathy card
Next the race card
He should pull himself out if he’s struggling
I don’t buy it for one minute
Self entitled bluffer who can’t be arsed to put a shift in
Get rid immediately.

27 Apr 2024 20:59:52
I can’t believe some of the vitriol on here. He’s just a footballer .



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