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07 May 2024 21:54:37
Dortmund are everything Utd are not. Well organised professional tactically astute and willing to run themselves into the ground. Not the best but showed how a good manager can mould a team into more than the sum of its parts.

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08 May 2024 03:46:43
Bet Sancho is having a good old chuckle at Ten Haag’s expense. Thrown under the bus only to find himself dragged into a Champions League final. Meanwhile, it’s looking like Ten Haag’s season (and hopefully his Manchester United career) is going to end with five embarrassing defeats in a row. How the turns have tabled.

08 May 2024 06:53:48
Thrown under the bus, Sancho did nothing at United regardless of who managed him. Clearly he can only succeed at one club.

08 May 2024 07:13:39
Redseven why would you hope for the team you support to lose 5 games in a row?

Sancho has 3 goals and 1 assist in 18 games for Dortmund, that’s less than Rashford who is having his worse season. Anyone would think Sancho is prime Messi reading what some people say on here.

He also disrespected the club which should hold him below the current manager in any fans eyes.

08 May 2024 10:36:32
Any fan that boycotts going to support the team because they don't like the manager is disrespecting the club. It would be the most hypocritical thing any fan could do then to jump on others for not thinking a coach is a good one and leave them with zero credibility at all.
??? jimbob this could be another national disgrace??.

08 May 2024 12:48:56
I refer to your last paragraph in the post above wazza.
It very much depends on the fans you refer to. If it's proper fans or ones that withdraw their support when they don't like a coach. Fans imo should always support the team and not boycott because they don't like the manager.

Fans that boycott and their their toys out of the pram because they don't like the manager imo are anti fans and are not worthy of any respect at all from the proper fans who support the team come what may.
Not every transient employee get our respect and support but the team as a whole should always have our support.

08 May 2024 13:23:51
Wazza. I didn’t say that I hoped we’d lose our last five games (though I fully expect that to happen the way things are going) . I said that I hoped Ten Haag’s time with us would be coming to an end after those five games, just as the vast majority of supporters now do. Most of the rest want him gone before then.

08 May 2024 13:54:34
That's how I read your post redseven and that's actually what it said.
Folk were saying the same thing about Jose back in the day. ??.



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