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27 Apr 2024 18:22:47
Am I the only one that thinks onana is the worse keeper in the league. No matter what manager we have we will make no progress with him in goal . there's a good few we need rid of but for me you start off by strengthening the back 4 and keeper. 47 million . I hope jr has common sense.

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27 Apr 2024 19:04:33
I was at the game today and the frustration with Onana was palpable. I counted a number of occasions where he was faffing about with the ball for upwards of 15 seconds only to pass it to a player with some up his jacksy! Or to Maguire who he could have passed it to in half the time.

Having said that he made a couple of incredible saves.

My question would be why take Mainoo off and replace Hoijlund with Amad? Not having a pop at Amad but he is tiny!

The boos ringing round the stadium when Mainoo was pulled said it all.

27 Apr 2024 19:10:36
Never understood why utd went for onana. He's pathetic, hasn't helped in possession or our build up, his passing has been poor, takes to long on the ball. His actual goal keeping is woeful.
He's been at fault for a lot of goals this year. Would of been better off sticking with de gea, would of had another 6 points easy.
All of ten hags signings have been woeful.

27 Apr 2024 19:17:10
I don’t rate him, concedes the same type of goal too many times for me. Is very rash coming for the ball, there was zero danger with awb and that player that needed him to come out like that.

Hopefully someone comes in looking a ropey keeper this summer and we can get something back for him.

27 Apr 2024 19:19:35
Why we spent £50m on him and didn’t keep DDG and invest the cash elsewhere is beyond me.

He’s not even that good a shot stopper, doesn’t come for crosses ever, and on the rare occasion he does, gives a penalty away.

27 Apr 2024 19:26:06
It was poor from him for the pen. But cassemiro also shouldn't be doing that, shocking header. We have martinez, varane, lindelof, Evan's and Kambawala out injured at CB. Plus both CBs out. We aren't going look good at the back, with or without the ball when we have so many players out. I was furious with cassemiro, but in fairness he is playing out of position. I think Onana was surprised and scrambling thinking he HAD to get there. Needed to trust wan bissska more and stay home. DDG would have stayed home I that situation, and everyone would have slated him for it.

27 Apr 2024 19:49:30
Just one more fundamental error.
He will do that 6 or 8 times a season. At ajax it didn't matter they were 3 up.
He will cost more points than he saves ed002 has told us we are looking to bring a new keeper in. That's because this guy is miles off what a keeper should be at this level. We had our pants well and truly pulled down here.
He is not in the same class as ddg one of our best ever keepers.

27 Apr 2024 20:02:08
I think everyone on here said Onana would improve us as a team, modern goal keepr who would see us play 10m further up the field from what I remember.
He hasn't had a settled defence in front of him and has always had a mistake in him apparently, would be interesting to see how he gets on next year with hopefully a fully fit defence.

27 Apr 2024 20:27:00
Not everyone said that Grim.

27 Apr 2024 20:50:19
Ironically we brought him in due to his ability to play out from the back yet he’s made more errors than degea did in that area. Wonder what other keepers we are looking at?

27 Apr 2024 22:08:51
Where's degea at these days now. Top class keeper should be at a big club surely?

I think onana has been one of our most consistent performers post Xmas. he's also our busiest performer.

27 Apr 2024 22:13:11
Whilst I haven't been impressed with Onana this year, you could argue a case for inconsistencies with the back 4 may have led to these decisions to try and take command if situations, when he might otherwise not jump into that situation with an established and trusted back four in front of him.
Not defending the attempt that gave away the pen, just offering some reasoning.

27 Apr 2024 22:25:08
i certainly never said he was good - i posted here when we were in for him that i'd never seen him catch a ball - all the clips of him on youtube showed him stop the ball with every part of his body except his hands - nope, not for me - never has been.

29 Apr 2024 10:54:53
Awful keeper, a complete waste of 47 million that could of been spent somewhere else and that is on ETH who insisted on getting rid of a perfectly decent goal keeper.
He basically lost us three gamesin the Champions League farting about and go knows how many points he's cost us in the Prem.



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