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10 May 2024 10:19:22
Hey guys / eds, hope you're well.

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CTR has written an article entitled, My Current Opinions on Manchester United

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10 May 2024 11:32:35
I’m not sure how quickly things can be turned around. A lot of the problems at the club are infrastructural - training facilities, medical dept, stadium, etc have basically stood still for over a decade without adequate investment. I’m not sure Liverpool was in this level of decline when Klopp signed.

Then there’s the players. If you look at the squad Klopp inherited, it was lacking talent, but had some hard workers and a bit of leadership - Milner, Skretel, Can, Lucas, and a few others who are always willing to put in a shift. The United problem is different. There is some talent - Bruno, Garnacho, Manioo, Rashford (when he feels up for it), Sancho (as he’s showing at Dortmund), Mount. The issue is that there’s a lack of willingness to work. There’s something wrong in the dressing room. ETH is part of the problem. But the club seems to drag players down to apathy regardless of who’s in charge. The open heart surgery comment is still glaring because that’s what the club needs - players with heart and character who are capable of inspiring, taking accountability and holding the rest of the team to account. Changing this culture of apathy will take years because it has taken root for years.

Where I’m at right now is that ETH has made his job untenable. He can get nothing from the squad and nobody is willing to accept another year of it. This is a shame because it puts the new directors on the back foot. It robs them of the time needed to devise a way out of this mess before appointing a new manager. I think whoever replaces ETH will have a tough time. Club structures will be rebuilt around them as they try to get to grips with a very difficult squad, and get back into the top 4. Without top 4, it will be difficult to attract players who want to win. That’s been a big issue, players coming for big wages not because they think they’ll win trophies.

I’d love to think that we’ll see a quick upturn in fortunes, but I see a very rocky road until the directors have time to put a plan into action, build the infrastructure, and, most importantly, change the overarching culture of apathy in the squad.

10 May 2024 11:53:54

Good points and I think you are right, new manager, organise plan lead, but better and bring some of the successful youth in and it can grow quickly.

10 May 2024 12:09:40
Hello Danny.

I'm in no way saying the club as a whole will suddenly see an upturn in success any time soon.

But a clear direction will give optimism. I agree the facilities need upgrading as well as the stadium but these are noise issues in the grand scheme of things.

We may see a longer period to get back to where we once was but you can definitely get a feel good atmosphere which will allow that to thrive when it does arrive.

10 May 2024 15:25:20
Hey Chris how’s it going?

10 May 2024 17:41:57
Hello Malaga.

Not to bad, yourself?

11 May 2024 00:46:45
I’m ok mate, just hoping for the results to come in.



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