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16 Dec 2019 13:04:50
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16 Dec 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, A To Z: AFC Bournemouth

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16 Dec 2019 05:02:32
Lot of rumours about Haaland and probably what we need at the moment to give the squad a boost in January.

He's just 19 and coming from a lower league, so it might be a risk but he could end up being a very good signing for us at the moment. He looks physically strong, mobile and very clinical in his finishing. He is high on confidence, hungry for goals and looking to prove himself and probably the right time for him and United to come together.

He reminds me a bit of Van Persie (not talking about the first touch) - the way he tries to get away from players and his finishing with his left foot is sort of similar. Also, it is incredible how calm and composed he is in front of goal at such a young age.

Sign him and another creative midfielder in January and that can really help us for the rest of the season in a big way.

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16 Dec 2019 07:33:37
I like 3 main characteristics in him.
First he is a "Natural" striker
Secondly, he is "hungry" for goals.
Thirs, he looks so powerful and therefore will improve our general hold up play.

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16 Dec 2019 09:07:30
He would be a good signing but only if we sign a very good no 10 or pogba suddenly decides to show up and doesn't get injured after jan.

Unless the people behind them shape up, the forwards are going to come up empty more often than not.

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16 Dec 2019 08:58:47
'Another creature midfielder'. A creative midfielder, you mean.

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16 Dec 2019 09:02:46
Haaland is similar to Lukaku, looks strong, but his hold up play isn't great. Both live for goals, both are better at running the channels than being the target man, and both probably work better with a player near them rather than as the lone striker.

He looks a real talent, but I wouldn't say he will be a better player than Greenwood. For that reason I would look for someone who is closer to or in fact is the finished article. Someone who can play in a different way to Martial/ Greenwood/ Rashford who all look to run in behind or move into the inside channels and cut back in. We need a striker who'll play with his back to goal and then lay the ball off to runners either from midfield or from wider areas. We need a target man, or at least someone who can play like that.

Cavani or Mandzukic would be good short term options, if we wanted someone more long term I would look to someone like Maxi Gomez or Victor Osimhen although Osimhen is still very young himself.

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16 Dec 2019 09:09:34
And he will put his head to the numerous crosses that our wingers play.

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16 Dec 2019 10:08:22
I m sure that Fergie would have liked someone like Haaland - for his determination and focus.
While he s still far from being the finished article, he has the will to improve.

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16 Dec 2019 12:00:00
Shappy, I don't think we need a target man. At the moment whenever we break on the counter we seem to be doing pretty well most of the time, although in the final third we seem to mess with our final pass or take hasty shots. With the inconsistencies in our forward line and the lack of clinical finishing when it matters most, we should be looking for someone like Haaland. Also, he's just 19 and has time to improve on his other areas as well.

I do however agree that someone like Cavani could really boost the team's performances and help some of the youngsters to settle down without too much pressure on their shoulders. But, we should be mindful of our recent history with signing big name players and how it worked out.

It is difficult to compare Haaland with Greenwood as each have their own strengths and weakness, but Haaland already looks physically ready and tailor-made for the premier league and would offer us a presence in the opposition box and against teams who defend in numbers and are physically dominating he could be a real asset from corners, set pieces and crosses. Greenwood looks a fantastic talent and is more of a skillful, technical player with a great left foot. If he keeps improving and playing the way he has, he should soon replace the likes of Lingard/ Perreira in the first team.

Shan, there is really no point in our wingers putting crosses into the box, if neither Rashford/ Martial are willing to make those clever runs and nor are they aerially dominant to put any pressure on the opposition defense either.

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16 Dec 2019 12:45:07
LetsPlayUnited, Haaland is deceptive in that he doesn't get stuck in physically as much as you would expect for a lad of his size. In the UCL this season he has won 3 aerial challenges in 6 games.

He might well develop that part of his game and he does have the physical attributes to do so. But as of now he isn't that sort of player.

When I say target man I don't mean a goal hanger waiting for the ball to be pumped up to him. We don't need a target man to play on the counter, we have players who can run the channels and use their pace to win those balls in behind.

We need a target man who'll play with their back to goal, back into a centre back, hold him off when the ball gets played into them then lay it off to an on rushing attacker to create 1v1's when teams sit deep and apply the low block.

Currently that isn't Haaland's game. He wants to run the channels rather than have a dust up with a centre back.

Haaland will struggle to score against sides that play in a low block and defend in numbers as he won't have the space to play in and we lack the imaginative passer who can find a round the corner pass, or thread the eye of a needle kind of ball through a packed back four.

He isn't the kind of striker who'll offer us anything more than we already have bar being slightly more clinical than our current options. He would add a 4th and 5th goal against teams we are beating 3-0, but he won't be the guy to make the difference when we are struggling 1-1 against a side who are defending deep and in numbers.

He's a taller one footed Greenwood, who's a year further along in his development. If we didn't have Greenwood then Haaland would be a sensible signing. But why bring in a player who plays the same way, but is more limited when we have potentially a better player who just needs game time to develop.

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16 Dec 2019 12:51:54
Right LPU, and that is the reason that we may look to someone who can do that. What a Zlatan or a Lukaku used to do. All our forward options right now are what the Barcelona team call the false no. 9. We do not have an out and out striker in our team right now. At this point, a Fellaini is what the team is crying out for, something different to all the "running in behind" that our sprinters do for 90 min.

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16 Dec 2019 12:57:03
I think we need a creative midfielder, a clever number 10 before signing anyone else.

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16 Dec 2019 04:31:22
More points dropped and that's probably what most would have expected when our opponents are defensively well organized and we fail to break them down as always.

The goal we conceded was poor - irrespective of whether it was a foul on DeGea or not, he should have been stronger to deal with that. Also, what was Lindelof doing? He should be anticipating the ball coming through and be in a position to clear it, but he was probably expecting DeGea to clear it and was caught out flat footed.

Both Lingard and Martial should have been taken off at the start of the first half, neither had any sort of impact. James was the only attacking player who tried hard and had a decent performance. Rashford was not the same as in the last 2 matches, Martial didn't look interested and Lingard as usual.

We had to rely on a 19yr old again to save ourselves which says a lot about our current squad. Ole also needs to approach games differently against teams that sit back and defend well, he needs to come up with something with the limited options at his disposal if we are to win such games.

We really need to dip in to the January transfer market and get atleast a creative midfielder and a striker otherwise it could be more of the same.

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16 Dec 2019 08:48:33
The reality is that if you look at player by player, Liverpool, City, Leicester and Spurs are better than us. I see us and Chelsea on the same level but Chelsea will buy in January.
So unless we recruit the right players in the coming months, I cannot see us making the top 4.

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16 Dec 2019 12:07:46
dev1l, I also fear the same thing. If we don't make the most of the January transfer window with atleast 1 midfielder and striker, we would really struggle the rest of the season.

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15 Dec 2019 19:32:54
Another frustrating afternoon as a United supporter. However, looking at the game in isolation we had 24 shots to Everton's 8, we were a wasteful with some very good chances. While I'm still shocked and at a loss as to how VAR didn't overturn their goal. Although I agree DDG needs to be stronger in those situations Calvert-Lewin had his hand in DDG face. How on earth they can say that isn't a foul.

I would love to hear from someone who knows the laws of the game better than myself who can explain how putting your hand into the face of a goalkeeper when challenging for the ball isn't a foul.

However, this game isn't bin isolation. This is a repeating pattern.

While it's clear we struggle to break teams down that sit deep. I think we need more than just a creative No.10.

A creative No.10 will still need to players in front of him to make clever runs, and a centre forward who can make half a space for himself or a team mate.

Even the best No.10 is only as good as the options he has to make a pass to.

We know what we will be up against when we play teams like this. Although we have a weak squad we need to learn how to get a result out of games where we will face a low block.

I actually think there are lots of positives from the game. We tried, we created enough chances to win the game. Greenwood is really starting to knock on the door now.

But we need to start winning these games.

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15 Dec 2019 20:43:01
Everton looked liked they wanted it more. Until we sort out our midfield this is going to keep happening. I still only think McTominay is a squad player. Yes he has improved massively but to some on here he’s the new Keane and Robson all rolled into one, not fit to lace there boots. Lingard and Martial need to be shipped out. We need a centre half 2 cm’s and a number 10 along with a right winger and another striker. That will take up to 3 transfer windows to address.

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15 Dec 2019 21:21:32
In order to fix anything you can not only look for the positives shappy.
That's not looking at things objectively.
Your right we all know we don't have a no10 or the striker movement to unlock those teams that sit deep.
A different tactical approach is obviously required. Surely we can't just play the same system when we don't have the players to be effective. Its his job to figure this out but it just more of the same expecting a different result.
Why not try 442 stretch the play?
Or at least try to do something different.
If we don't have a player that can play the position then change the system or switch it during the game.

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15 Dec 2019 21:50:10
Tend to agree Ken - sure we need better players, but we have one style of play and one formation and OGS and staff should be able to mix it up and try something else.

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15 Dec 2019 21:51:38

I agree

We set up the same as last week, why when we are at home? Then when it isn’t working we stay the same. For me if OGS is staying then he needs a better number two who can vary things tactically. We were predictable, when space is restricted because the opposition sit differently we do the same things. Martial was useless, but we keep on the same path.

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15 Dec 2019 21:51:39
We play the same system and tactics each game. Great against the bigger teams as they are more expansive and come forward, allowing us to play on the counter attack and our front 4 to get in behind and make them pay.

But when we come up against teams who soak up pressure and sit back, we are unable to break them down. That comes from the management and their tactical ineptness.

This will go around and around until this club starts to get serious. DOF and a proper coaching staff.

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15 Dec 2019 22:36:39
Shappy - When you play teams that play a low block you have to move the ball quickly, have players that are prepared to run forward and make unselfish runs to create space. The defenders must show bravery on the ball and step into the space. The full backs must be prepared to overlap and run with the ball. You must play with an urgency and intensity to your game. You must suffocate the opposition and not them them breathe. You must have the ability to sustain attacks and be relentless in your approach.

I have come to the opinion that some of these players don't have the appetite or hunger to win these games. They don't work hard enough, they don't make enough runs off the ball, they don't concentrate, they treat these games as a day off and believe they can win without playing with the required work rate or intensity which they show against the better teams.

Some players have shown this attitude under different managers and been called out about it on several occasions. Now is the time for them to step up or be shown the door. Today was more about attitude than a lack of quality.

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15 Dec 2019 22:37:19
Lets face it spurs left acres of space to exploit so did city so too did norwich because they came to have a go.
We caught sheff u as they were either too tired or too cocky to shut up shop and kept attacking.

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15 Dec 2019 23:03:40
We created 3 huge chances in the first 20 minutes and should have scored them all, not being clinical isn’t anything to do with a ‘low block’. We missed too many chances, they scored a goal they shouldn’t have and then we missed more chances until we eventually got what we deserved. Should have won but we didn’t, unbeaten at home since August still, not far off top 4, disappointing but hardly the end of the bloody world.

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15 Dec 2019 23:27:01
If we have a genuinely creative attacking midfielder or two then our attackers will make incisive runs knowing they will be found. At the moment they probably feel it is a waste of time to do so. We cannot always rely on our attackers to make something out of nothing. Also James Rashford and Greenwood are v. young. Most top strikers and midfielders hit their peak around 26. We don't have anyone apart from Lingard in that sort of age group in an offensive position. Let's see what happens in the January transfer window.

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16 Dec 2019 00:46:03
Add Haaland, Erikson and maybe Sancho to the they squad and we will see big improvements.

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16 Dec 2019 03:31:48
GDS, the world is round and there is no end to it. Within the week we travelled the world by beating Spurs, City and AZ and finished the entire circle by dropping points to a team that was 16th. Back to square one. We go again. But with him, we are 1 step forward and 2 backwards.

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16 Dec 2019 04:24:27
Yes GDS2, We are not being clinical in front of goal too.
We should have finished off the game in the first 15 minutes.

We are also lacking a hungry striker who can meet the crosses and hold up the play.
Giggs summed it up perfectly, "Martial is just lethargic".

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16 Dec 2019 05:03:16
UTD Road, i would not go for Haaland as we already have Greenwood, would rather buy an experienced striker like Cavani. This will leave plenty of room for Greenwood to improve. Our main focus should be creativity in midfield.

As for yesterday's performance shaw was a big let down and so was DDG, he he moved is head away before Calvert's hand came in like he was afraid to get hit. This season we have leaked in too many goals just because our defenders are inept while dealing with arial balls. 3 our of 4 are uncomfortable while heading the ball out of danger.

As for our attack, Martial goes missing in such games and Lingard just doesn't have the quality to create anything against teams that sit deep. Also Ole again has no plan when it comes to breaking defenses.

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16 Dec 2019 08:10:53
Gds2 i don't think anybody is suggesting its the end of the world. We were not good yesterday i think some like myself are very frustrated by the jeckyl and hyde type performances.
No urgency and very little quality.
All teams miss chances.
We missed 2 good ones on the first 20 mins and did very little for the rest of the match except the usual huffing and puffing trying the same things the same way.
I can't understand why ole dues not try to mix it up a bit and at least try something different.

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16 Dec 2019 08:46:21
It comes back to the same problems. Brilliant on the counter but struggle to break down teams who sit with men behind the ball.
We don't have anyone good enough to play no.10 who has the whole package. Lingard makes runs but lacks quality on the ball. Mata can play the pass but slows us down in transition. Andreas unfortunately not the answer. The other thing is movement from Martial. I never understand why he always looks for the ball into feet. He has pace to burn and never looks to hang on the last shoulder and score the kind of goals Vardy does. He has the ability no doubt.
Lindelof could do with a rest too imo. Give Axel a run out.
Ole has come out and said Haaland knows where he is going in Jan. So hopefully its to Old Trafford. He will enable us to attack in a different style. Hopefully add an Eriksen or Bruno Fernandes to knit it all together.
Ole is hampered with the players he has. i'm not sure just changing a formation is the answer. Its down to the mentality of the players too. They have to take responsibility and work things out for themselves on the pitch when its obvious things arn't working and a lot of that is down to experience.
A draw is not the end if the world. Everton are on the Ferguson bounce and it was a foul all day long on DDG.

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16 Dec 2019 08:46:32
Personally, I think it is the lack of movement from our strikers and especially Martial that is the problem. It is very difficult for even Xavi at his best to pick ridiculous passes, unless the strikers in front are making runs. Watch Messi, Aguero, they are forever running across the two central defenders before darting to receive the pass. Unfortunately, Martial is incredibly lazy and he simply does not make these runs. If we want to break these low defensive lines, then a player like Martinez from Inter might be the right choice. He's quick, nimble, unselfish in the way he makes runs to create space, and he's incredibly strong for a small player. The new Aguero. He'll be my choice.

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16 Dec 2019 09:23:39
For me Ole seems like a great manager when it comes to getting our players on side and motivated. They all praise him and they all seem happy to work hard for him. Where he isn't good enough is tactical acumen. Our style is very simplistic and lacks tactical depth and variability.

In many ways the same things had been said about Sir Alex, great motivator, but didn't have the tactical acumen at the highest level, this was always put forward as why Sir Alex didn't win as much in Europe as he should have done.

However, Ole is no Sir Alex. That said, he could learn valuable lessons from his former manager. Sir Alex knew his limitations, and as such he sought young hungry and tactically astute assistant managers, who he would then give a certain amount of freedom on the training pitch to implement their ideas. Carlos Quieroz being the most successful of those.

Unfortunately Phelan was probably Sir Alex's poorest assistant, while McKenna and Carrick are highly rated, neither have coached at the highest level.

If Ole is to succeed he will need better more tactically astute coaches and assistants around him to make up for his weaknesses.

DLIB, There are many ways to skin a cat. The high energy, constant running approach is one way (it works for Klopp), yet it isn't the only way to beat a low block. Controlling the tempo, varying the play, changing the types of runs our forwards make maybe horizontal across the goal rather than vertical toward the byline. Understanding your opponents weaknesses, and how to exploit them.

Yesterday for example Everton played with two up front, a strong physical player in Calvert-Lewin and a pacy runner in Richarlison, nothing new, a big man small man striker partnership.
Yet, Richarlison targeted Maguire and often pulled off into his space targeting our least mobile centre back, while Calvert-Lewin often moved into the space Lindelof was defending. So our least physical centre back was up against their most physical forward.

Again hardly rocket science, or reinventing the wheel. But it was effective. Everton caused us far more problems than they should just by giving two of their players a simple tactic to follow.

It is the lack of variation to our play that is the most concerning thing, and the thing that puts a little worry in the back of my mind about signing new players. New players won't fix anything if they are asked to play the same way as our current players. Which asks the question, which came first the chicken or the egg?

Do we play this way because we lack the players to play in a different way, or is this the only way our current coaching staff know/ want to set us up to play?

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16 Dec 2019 12:57:06
Sorry Shappy, just have to do this. Ole and Great Manager cannot come in a single statement unless you are using the word "not" in there somewhere. If he were capable to getting them motivated, he should be able to do it for most games and not just the games where they feel like. We have no doubt been good against the top 5 but what defines us right now is our form and motivation levels against the other 14 teams. Not good enough.

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15 Dec 2019 16:10:02
Typical united that. 8 points fro. Last 12 however the points were dropped at home to villa and Everton whereas we got the maximum against spurs and at City. Kinda knew that would happen today, however we move on and hopefully some consistency comes soon.

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15 Dec 2019 16:13:54
I had that feeling as well; and it was reinforced after 5 minutes.

Really need to work on other tactical options. We are way too one dimensional.

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15 Dec 2019 16:24:19
Not consistent enough or well coached enough to be a top 4 team. Possible solutions - get a really good first team coach, sign a good attacking midfielder/ link man (or play Pogba there) . Aim to win Europa league as entry into Champions League and then build on this with summer signings.

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15 Dec 2019 16:28:04
Decent performance and we were abit unlucky. We lack a top class forward and apart from Greenwood, which would really make a difference becoming off the bench?

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15 Dec 2019 17:03:34
It was a bad performance. Everton were playing with a third string midfield, but we were lost again.

Two key problems in the team.

Lingard isn’t good enough. He has effort and pace, but his passing and finishing are appalling. If we’re going to play with two defensive mids, then we need a top class number 10.

Martial is a liability. No effort and no idea how to play as a striker. Any time we try to put the ball into the box he’s hanging back on the edge instead of busting a gut to get on the end of it. If we persist with him, we will never challenge.

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15 Dec 2019 17:14:14
Agree with that Danny.

Martial at 9 is not working with these players around him against teams that defend.

A high energy pressing second striker who can slip little passes to him or a proper number 10 might make the difference. Or a proper number 9 with him supporting. But he doesn't defend well.

Mata, lingard and Andreas all have major faults in their game. They do some things well, but with big weaknesses.

Just look at the difference De Brune and Maddison make to their teams.

We only seem to play well upfront when we outnumber the defenders.

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15 Dec 2019 17:29:16
It's been done to death that we need a top class no 10 to break down such oppositions.
Hopefully we get one in Jan.

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15 Dec 2019 17:33:52
Danny another way to look at it would be why do we keep chucking in these mindless crosses if he is open at the edge of the box.

I really don't get this incessant martial bashing everytime he has a quiet game, he is the only player among the front 6 who can consistently make passes to his own teammates in final 3rd.

Watch the last 5 games dan james has played and show me 5 good crosses that he delivered that reach his intended target. Rashford refuses to pass unless he is getting the ball back, lingard has a touch that makes lukaku's look good and passing skills that would make smalling's look like iniesta. But it's all martial's fault we draw, because he doesn't run enough.

The reason rashford can make those runs inside is martial takes up the space rashford leaves open, he is the only one who holds up the ball, he is the only one who looks to pass to players who might be in better position than him rather than the put your head down and have a stupid shot you can't score from routine that all the other front 4 do. He is a striker who not doesn't get any service but is actually responsible for providing whatever creativity we need in attack.

But maybe he shouldn't be doing that, he should be running around without actually passing properly or getting in a good cross or shooting blindly with no actual chance of scoring, that will definitely get people thinking he is a great player.

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15 Dec 2019 18:49:23
Its not martials fault he is not a cf really.
I am one of his fiercest critics and i don't like watching him play but i thought he was the most creative of our front 3 today but he is not a real goal threat.
Greenwood looks like scoring no matter how long he is on for.
Poor performance today.
Not at all surprising its been the same over and over again. Perhaps its worth taking a different approach to those teams that sit deep.

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15 Dec 2019 18:49:26
Answer is simple. GED rid of manager who has failed everywhere including here. No brain.

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15 Dec 2019 19:39:20

It is not about running around blindly. He is not making runs across defenders and stretching them when James, Rash or the fullbacks are wide. That is his job in that role. You are either a front post number 9 or a back post number 9, or if you are really lucky you can mix it up and do both.

He needs to shift the center backs. The he can make space for others, or he can score himself.

James is also getting lots of ball in space and we are not delivering enough product.

Rash had a tough game, but he is on the hottest streak at the moment. Probably why he gets less criticism.

Lingard is good defensively in big games. For a man utd 10 it is not enough.

Watch AM when james is wide with the ball. Watch Rash. Watch Jesse. I don't understand what is going through their heads.

Since this has turned into a rant, I may as well add that Victor at the back now needs to be dropped for Axel. He looks lost and until he refinds some of last year's form he should sit out.

Rant over 🤣.

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15 Dec 2019 22:35:18
Wow. Repeated words from the wise. We already know that Ole isn't good enough. No need for reminders.

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15 Dec 2019 23:04:43
Ole didn’t miss 23 of the 24 shots we had though.

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15 Dec 2019 23:47:00
how many were on target.

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16 Dec 2019 02:26:40
Dodgy when james and especially rashford are wide, he drops backs because he looking to do the give and go pass, lingard tries that but his touch kills the attack more often than not. Niether of them can cross well enough, unless we get lucky we ain't scoring from a cross.

Ken he isn't a traditional no 9, but unless we get a good no 10 and midfield, a martial type of a cf is what we need. Did you forget how bad it was for lukaku at times? When pogba isn't playing we have no creativity, our best chances today came from long hoofs from the cb's to james and rashford. There is nothing being created for the cf's.

Look at greenwood's goal today or martial's goal in the derby. Those are their own goals, with little help from the team, there isn't much most strikers in the world can do, with service we provide them.

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16 Dec 2019 10:15:03
But martial isn't a striker it doesn't matter who he plays with he is just doesn't get it he doesn't understand the role. He is not a striker.
Jesse is not a no10.
Terrible decision to play them in positions they can't deliver in most of the time.

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15 Dec 2019 12:29:58
Does anybody know what the coaching staff think of Fosu-Mesah and whether he has a future at Utd?

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15 Dec 2019 13:48:46
I don't think there's been much news regarding him.

With the weakness of our midfield and nearly 4-5 months of football left, TFM should definitely get a few games before the season ends.

If I'm not wrong he has 1 year contract extension option available for united to use.

I'd like to see him in his preferred midfield position before letting him leave. He's just 21.

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15 Dec 2019 09:38:46
So today is the 4,000 consecutive game when we will have had a home grown player in the squad. Ole continues to split opinion but looking at his first team and the likely team today a year on, there are only 4 players featuring in both: DDG, Lindelof, Lingard, Rashford.

We have the youngest team in the EPL and have given massively more minutes to youth graduates than any other team (over 20% of total minutes) . That has led to some real inconsistency but I am loving the shift we are seeing. What we need now is consistent application and attitude; the Villa and Bournemouth games in particular were poor in terms of how we went about our business. If we can nail that then we will see continued progress. We are not ready to challenge Liverpool or City yet but I think everyone else is catchable, even Leicester.

We’ve had some big debates and arguments on here but a year on I am very happy with what I am seeing, patience is a virtue many of us lack but take a step back and see how the team and squad has changed. More running, more pressing, more direct attacking, less passes back, we’re not there yet but it’s progress.

The next big step for me is to offload Pogba. He doesn’t want to be here and he is a distraction. We need players committed to the cause who are hungry and committed, he isn’t.

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15 Dec 2019 11:03:40
Jose was completely right when he said Pogba is a virus at the club. A few weeks without him and the effort has increased dramatically. When your big players with big characters are arrogant and lazy, it has major knock on effects. He should be nowhere near the squad until Jan, and then booted out the door like he should have been in the summer. Then get Martial to follow him.

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15 Dec 2019 11:25:29
Agreed Danny, I know he can be creative but if he goes back in the team I think we lose far more than we gain. Lingard and Fred work massively harder, Scott makes more intercepts and tackles, I just don’t see how he improves us right now. I know may will disagree but the feel and culture of the team right now is much better, that shouldn’t be underestimated.

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15 Dec 2019 11:51:41
I think he would offer us more creativity played further up the pitch. Something we're in dire need of. But to me, the negatives outweigh this.

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15 Dec 2019 12:32:10
Think he’d be wasted at No10 to be Honest. Not the right type of player. When he’s good he’s unplayable - however regretfully he wants out so should be sold.

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15 Dec 2019 12:32:15
The thing for me is that his creativity comes at the cost of shape and organisation. We’ve worked well in games where we have four fast players poised for the counter attack. Lingard’s passing isn’t up to scratch, but he has the pace needed to link the deep sitting players with the attackers. When Pogba is played as a number 10 he drifts left into Rashford’s space, and is looking for long balls rather than trying to run it forward with the attackers.

It’s frustrating because he could be the most complete midfielder on the planet but his arrogance, laziness, and refusal to play for the team make him the epitome of a luxury player.

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15 Dec 2019 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 14th December 2019

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