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02 May 2024 05:57:47
It seems there's a lot of discussion about players that some people want to retain and others want to sell. Personally, I believe that selling Rashford should be our top priority. My disillusionment with him dates back to the Europa League final, where his lackadaisical performance stood in stark contrast to Cavani's tireless efforts. Despite being much younger, Rashford seemed content to jog around the field, showing little urgency or commitment to the team's cause. Even when substituted, he displayed an attitude of disappointment, as if he had given his all, which was far from the truth.

My issue with Rashford goes beyond his recent dip in form; it's his apparent lack of desire to put in the hard work required for success. Any player who fails to give their all will struggle to thrive in any team, especially in one as beleaguered as Manchester United. Moreover, Rashford often seems to adopt a victim mentality, blaming external factors for his shortcomings rather than taking responsibility.

Even if we decide to retain him, I fear that he may only deliver one more good season, conveniently timed to coincide with his contract negotiations. Despite having eight years of senior football under his belt at just 26 years old, Rashford has only truly excelled in one season and has yet to score 20 league goals in one season. His negative influence on young players is another concern, and he should not be part of SJR's envisioned revolution at the club.

Another player which people might not want to see sold but i would like to see sold is Luke Shaw. Good when injury free but is rarely available. Beside, he is our longest serving player and how many seasons has he really played well. He has also missed almost half of the games due to injury which is huge issue.

For me, if we buy a player, 2 seasons is the max we should give any player to prove their worth. If they can't prove then get rid of them. Similar to what City do. They bought Bravo, Mangala, Philips and when it didn't work out, sold them. They didn't waited on them to realise their potential but looked to other players who are more consistent.

Hence, i believe time is up for Martial, Antony, Sancho etc. If they can't deliver in 2 years, they cannot deliver in any other year. If somehow they comeout good in the the third year then i am pretty sure they will drop off to their rubbishty form. This is all because players like this are not consistent enough to pull it off.

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02 May 2024 06:18:36
Spot on Srestha

I’m afraid we’ll be stuck with Mardy arse Rashford

For me the moment I knew he had to go was a few seasons ago against Villa in the cup at Old Trafford where he made no attempt to get the ball in the Villa penalty area turned his back and walked away nonchalantly

I’ve never felt as hostile to any Utd player as I do for him

If the club are serious then he has to go at all costs

Another typical modern day footballer who has all the riches and yes people around him to stroke his ego.

02 May 2024 06:44:17
I heard something the other day that really just supports my opinion that it's not a good idea to judge a player's personality or character based off of very limited information and without knowing that individual personally.

I've read so much about Rashford's lack of desire, drive, determination and work ethic.

All this is based off of recent performances that have lacked energy.

The thing is that this view doesn't really stack up when we consider all the evidence.

Rashford has often been the first player into training and has regularly stayed late to train further. That doesn't sound like a player lacking effort.

He has taken a personal trainer with him on holiday EVERY summer of his career, continued to train and keep himself fit during his down time. He has always finished top in our squad in fitness tests when coming back for pre-season. That doesn't sound like a player lacking desire.

He has also always made himself available and has regularly played through injury. Hell the kid played with a broken bone in his back for three months with pain killing injections two seasons ago. And yet people still question his determination and drive to play for our club.

His poor performances and lack of tracking back on the pitch stands out because it's not something we are used to with him. Typically he has always worked hard off the ball and for the team. Do you really think he would have been one of the the first names on Jose Mourinho's team sheet if he didn't work hard for the team?

While his charity work shows that he is not completely out of touch with society and his roots, that he seems to have at least a certain amount of humility and desire to help those less fortunate than himself.

Is Rashford's form poor this season? Absolutely, but I don't think we can put it down to his character as there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary, and none of us know him personally to be able to accurately judge his character.

I said that maybe there is something going on with him personally that he might need some support with as a possible suggestion for why his form has dropped off. Yet I've heard recently that he has been carry multiple injuries all season and hasn't been fully fit at any point this season.

Despite those injuries he has made himself available to play and tried to push through for the team, for the manager, and for the club.

Unfortunately he's 26 now, and as you age it becomes much harder to play through injuries, especially to do so without it having any impact on your form or ability to play at your peak at the highest level.

This would bgo a long way to explaining his own pitch struggles this season, and while not officially confirmed, does fit in line with what Rashford has done in the past. His peak form coming when he's injury free, while he continues to play through injury which sees a dip in his form. Is the dip bigger this time? Or is it just more obvious due to the poor form of the rest of the team.

02 May 2024 06:44:53
Absolutely BR,

it boils my blood when players such as him adopt the victim mentality to get away with reckless performances.

The main task of SJR is to change the culture at this club and it should start with players such as Rashford who have no desire to work for the team.

02 May 2024 07:39:55
Well done Shappy. I applaud your exercise in glossing over the fact that Rashford is a lazy, useless, careless, waste of a team place that is a liability to the team as a whole. I could go on but that is probably pointless.

02 May 2024 08:23:55
Interesting point Shappy. The reality is, that no player makes it to the pro levels, and stays there if they don’t work and train hard every day. Not a single one.

I tried, I worked hard, but it’s brutal every day and ultimately I was distracted by life and didn’t have the discipline, and that was just lower league stuff.

02 May 2024 09:15:29
I doubt he will leave. He has given up on eth like many of us have. I don't blame him for that. I wouldn't want to work for him.
However he should continue to give his best.
I admit that is difficult to do but he has stooped to new lows lows.
I'm guessing it's all to do with the way sancho was treated.

02 May 2024 09:44:22
The dedication required Eric is off the charts.
I don't think that is the issue.
It's too common a theme. Players don't enjoy their job at united.
I blame 1 man for that and that's ETH.
Some people have really low emotional intelligence. Some really old school principles on show really really old.
There has to Some sort of rationale and to dismiss all reasoning and put it down to just being lazy is daft.
Rashford is unhappy in his job. His relationship with the manager has broken down.
Imo rashford has not dealt well with the situation.
Sancho didn't deal with his situation the best way.
Ronaldo didn't deal with it the best way.
What's the root cause?
If eth stays Garnacho will be next one with a problem.

02 May 2024 10:22:28
That is simply wrong Tumble.

He doesn't work (play) for ETH, he plays for the club and for the fans.

And that goes for every player out there, who starts undermining the manager.

Every fan can live with having a worse team than rivals, having worse season, being tactically outsmarted etc. But what every fan wants to see is players fighting for the club. That is the bare minimum.

If they do give their best, and it still doesn't work, the board will see that and manager will walk anyway.

In your view, there is nothing wrong with him (or others), who stopped playing for every manager since Ferguson, and threw them under the bus.

Obviously (and thankfully) people at the club see it differently than you, which is why the whole team is up for sale.

02 May 2024 10:41:40
Trololo. Yes he is paid by the club but his immediate boss is eth. His line manager so to speak.
Let's see how many are sold.
We can't sell them all and I agree that players are sold.
Rashford is unhappy I'm not sure how I'm wrong about that.
What am I wrong about trololo?
I suspect and it's an opinion without any intimate knowledge that he does not get on well with his boss.
Nobody performs at their best when that issue is there in any walk of life.
I think rashford should move for his own happiness. He has crossed a line that has cost him the respect of the fans. He has not handled his situation well. He could possibly come back from that but a lot in his demeanor would need to change
I don't think he will move which is his perogative.
So again which part is simply wrong?
I also think eth should be fired. He is doing a very bad job.
Where have I said rashfords behaviour is right?
I said there is a rationale for it and to dismiss that and to put it down simply to laziness is daft and shows a complete lack of emotional intelligence.
I don't like the way rash ronaldo and sancho dealt with their issues but under eth it will always be someone.

02 May 2024 10:45:30
Trololo don't lie about my views please.
If you can give me one example where I have excused playes for a lack of effort I'll be surprised.
Never once have I done that.
Just because I can understand why a player doesn't do well for a manager he doesn't like does not mean I condone the behaviour.
But in order to solve any dispute or issue you need to understand the root cause.

02 May 2024 11:37:39
How on earth are people blaming ETH for Rashford’s failure? His best season was last season under ETH. This season he has been horrible but should the drop off should be this visible?

Dont forget that Rashford had similar lack of effort when playing under Mourinho and Ole as well. He played well under LvG most probably because he was young and wanted to show the world what he can do. Unfortunately, once he cemented his name in the team, he does not have any motivation. Had glimpse of quality under Mourinho and Ole but never realised his potential.

To blame ETH for a player who has never proven himself for other managers is laughable. He has himself to blame.

Shappy defending Rashford is funny. Defending a player who clearly looks uninterested in the filed is laughable. Regardless of his problems with manager, he needs to perform well. I understand players cannot play well every game but definitely can work hard fir the team in every game. Rashford at times simply gives up and provides nothing. And it is not only under ETH but under ole and Mourinho as well. Should we blame Ole and Mourinho as well?

To be honest fans are also the reason club is such a mess. Defending a player who does not give a crap about the club. Wow. A player shows his commitment to the club on the pitch, not on twitter.

02 May 2024 12:01:27
For crying out loud. Who is blaming eth?
Rashford does not seem happy. No player or very rarely do players play well when they are unhappy.
Rasford and sancho have crossed a line with fans that will be hard to come back from even under a new manager.
There is reasons and rationale for their behaviour and form
The truth is very rarely far left or far right it's usually somewhere closer to the middle.

02 May 2024 13:10:42
Ah diddums. Liccle Rashy a bit upset is he? Poor lad.

I mean what is the world coming to when he's expected to run around a bit for a whole 90 minutes.

And all he can expect in return is £350k a week and the adoration of millions.

02 May 2024 14:36:44
Manc man. I don't think anybody is excusing his lack of effort.
But he is not a happy man that seems clear and obvious.
Personally I think his wage is irrelevant. A player earning 5k a week should be trying 100% the exact same for a player getting 500k pw.
It's a really difficult one to navigate imo from a management point of view.
Footballers are just like you and me in many ways. They suffer emotions like everybody else. Yes they have privileged earnings and conditions but that has no impact on a state of mind.
Compassion, understanding, and emotional intelligence are what's required when dealing with a potential state of mind or depressive period which he may well be going through.
Personally I would be handling the situation very differently to how things are happening right now.
The trial by social media is here to stay but we as a society need to understand that 99% of what you see and hear nowadays is complete nonsense. But some people can't just let it go in one ear out the other.

02 May 2024 15:09:24
Nah Ken, I'm sorry but I'm not having that.

I don't care how miserable he might be or why. All he has to do is show some committment and effort for 90 minutes once and twice a week. That is not a big ask.

If he can't do that in front of of thousands cheering him on then he has a serious attitude problem.

Also, the amount of money does matter; it's symbolic. In one week he earns more than 10 years salary for the average earner for 90 minutes effort and he can't be bothered. WOW! That is breathtaking!

The dis-respect he shows to the supporters is disgusting.

The guy is taking the absolute michael and I'd be delighted to see the back of him. Hopefully his injury lasts to the end of the season and we never see him in a utd shirt again.

02 May 2024 17:02:34
I find the need for criticism towards a player to get so personal as it has with Rashford a bit of a shame (Louis Suarez or Diego Maradona after certain events however prompted some pretty harsh language in the household) .
There's obviously a reason or multiple reasons behind his form and lack of energy and he won't be the first or last. He should probably be left out the squad as Sancho was and given some time to address things. No harm in that, I'd like to think my employer would do the same.
As for whether he leaves, I think it will be in his court. Maybe ultimately we're stuck due to the contract but he doesn't seem the contract rebel type either.

02 May 2024 17:38:30
No problem manc man it takes all sorts and people are entitled to their point of view.

02 May 2024 18:06:46
Tumble it is a football club, not a classic company, so it doesn't matter who is his boss, he needs to give his all every game.

Where were you wrong? In "understanding" him and saying you "wouldnt want to work for him". And I explained why.

I admit though, I didn't notice the next sentence where you said he should give his best, I was already triggered.

And if Sancho situation is what affected him, then he should 100% go.



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