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14 Apr 2024 17:10:18
Let's go through our team, Onana, has settled after a shake start, keep. Dalot, great attitude but not good enough at RB keep for now. Maguire sell, Lindelof sell, Varane sell, Kambala one for the future keep. Martinez keep. Shaw good when fit and can ply CB too as cover, keep. Malacia, looks promising keep. AWB, great tackle but poor positioning, squad player keep for now. Casemero and Ericsen past it, sell. Bruno great worker but needs to more disciplined, keep. Mount needs some game time, keep, Mainoo so much potential, keep. Garnacho, keep, Hojlund, potential keep. Antony good worker, keep for now. Then Rashford, just don't know, maybe another manager can get him back to his best, keep for now. McTominay a squad player, keep for now. ETH not up to it, sack. Along with the players out or loan injured (Sancho, DVB, Martial) we have about 8 -10 players to get rid of, hard to do in the summer but we need to get them out before we can rebuild with young hungry players. Big summer coming, hopefully.

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14 Apr 2024 18:42:43
In all my four decades of following Manchester United, I've never seen a clear-out on the scale being spoken about by the majority of fans.
It always used to be a predictable couple in, couple out, maybe 3-4 each way lol.
But I agree. Lots to move on for various reasons, some more likely than others due to contract situations and salary demands.
The squad needs to be trimmed for sure. As for signings, we need at least 4-5 players able to start and play in whatever the style is.
The trouble is it's not clear who's going to be in charge, and therefore what that style or his requirements are.

14 Apr 2024 18:49:49
With international tournament and the changes above ten hag I just don't see there being that much change to the first team. So many fringe players to deal with that I can see a lot of these players back next season.

14 Apr 2024 18:53:46
I've seen Bournemouth Brentford and Brighton go though our team recon enough is enough.

14 Apr 2024 19:56:56
We need a massive reset and if that means a season of mediocrity but the big earners and wastrels have left it is a step in the right direction

We been absolute pony for 10 years so another season of mediocrity won’t make much difference

The first name who has to go is Rashford

If we got rid of Rashford Casemiro and Varane that’s a million pounds a week saved on wages plus Martial and Eriksen that’s another 400,000 a week saved

Sick to death of these players.

14 Apr 2024 21:11:29
Dalot - get rid. An absolute liability. Can't defend. No awareness of danger.

14 Apr 2024 21:18:54
Don't think there will be any takers Blackpool.
Perhaps Chelsea or arsenal but highly doubtful.

14 Apr 2024 22:14:34
Jodler I sometimes think the same then on other periods of form I also see some good attributes.
Tactically he is beings asked to fill in to cm when we attack so he is then not where he needs to be when play breaks down which it inevitably does due to everything being off the cuff so it leaves him badly exposed.
Garnacho took the wrap for it yesterday which may be the case in eths plan but the plan is not sustainable obviously. Its his style. It's his vision. It's the same sort of madcap defending that allowed spurs win a cl semi v his ajax team.

14 Apr 2024 22:18:52
Dalot out and anthony. and that keeper I don't care how much he improved he isn't good enough going forward. And the talk about Southgate surely Jim Bob has more sense I'd rather keep eth.

14 Apr 2024 22:37:23
Tumbleweed, Dalot does make some important positive contributions. He is a Premiership player after all so he must have some things going for him. But we have to remember that he is a right back. Full backs are required to be competent in many areas but their priority is to be able to defend. He just simply does not have a defender’s instincts.

15 Apr 2024 11:20:02
Funny how we all disagree on certain players. For now I'd keep the following. The rest can all do one as far as I'm concerned:

Kambwala (send on loan)

15 Apr 2024 11:23:11
Dalot is a keep for me. He shows passion for the badge, puts effort in and is diverse enough to cover RB and LB if needed. Its unrealistic to expect an improvement in every position over the next few windows, so I would rather keep a player that wants to play and ship off the ones that don't.

In a more stable, consistent side I think he would be a lot better.

15 Apr 2024 12:01:06
I forgot to include Shaw although his injuries are becoming concerning.

15 Apr 2024 13:40:23
Jodler I agree on the instincts it's not natural for him. That's down to coaching I think.

15 Apr 2024 14:05:17
Shaws checked out again after being asked to lay off the maccy D’s.

15 Apr 2024 14:30:28
Mainoo, Garnacho and Højlund are the only one's I'd say definitely have a long term future at our club.

You then have players like Onana, Dalot, Martinez and Mount who I think probably have a long term future at the club, but due to varying issues from poor form, injury and question marks on where or how they fit in the team, means that they aren't dead certainties for me. Although all should be kept for the next couple of seasons or so.

You then have Rashford, Bruno and Shaw. Players who can be key players, but have either struggled for form or injury. These three should be kept for now, but very much next season should see them playing for their futures. Bruno turns 30 at the start of next season, so isn't a long term option. While Shaw turns 29 this summer and is likely to soon start to decline due to his game relying on his physical traits, they are also likely to decline earlier due to his injuries. So he isn't a long term option. Rashford could be here longer, but that might be because we can't find someone to take on his wages more than due to his performances and impact on the team. Although if he can get his head straight and back to his best form he can be one of the best forwards in the league.

That's 10 players who should be here next season, with 3 of them probably playing for their futures.

The rest need to be shipped out over the next couple of summers. Players like AWB, Maguire, McTominay and Antony will probably get a stay of execution as we can't shift everyone and while none of them are good enough, they can at least contribute to the side as squad options. Players like Amad and Malacia also probably stay yo see if they can get fit and prove themselves to be useful either at first choice or squad options.

That's another 6 taking it to 16 who should form part of the squad next season.

Everyone else should be moved on if a club can be found for them. Not all will, but we need to move as many of them as possible.

15 Apr 2024 16:27:57

Shaw has always been injury prone. Last season was his most consistent season as he managed to stay fit.

If the club got a good offer for him in the summer, I'd sell him.

15 Apr 2024 17:15:47
I’m not even convinced by Rasmus, maybe as number 2 striker but he got a hell of a lot to learn, running all over showing willing is no more than Weghorst done, he is nowhere near the required level to lead the line at a club who supposed to be top 4…. Yes he gets little service, but don’t look great at what he does do, I would like to see if he develops under a proper coach but to me he not progressed this season at all.

15 Apr 2024 21:25:02
Don't we all demand a complete clear out of players when they fail to perform, think we did this last a few years ago with Ole, and then Jose and LVG.



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