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09 May 2024 17:02:15
Just wondering, in light of ten Hag's position being perhaps vulnerable, if there's a chance of seeing Farioli at the helm?

Bearing in mind he's already familiar to Sir Jim and how he was brought to OGC Nice because of his style, with further consideration given to his previous tutelage under De Zerbi, I do wonder whether the names of Tuchel, Potter, Southgate and De Zerbi himself have been positioned as smokescreens - A la Arne Slot - while the real, board-level, focus has been on one or two other options?

To note, if United were to get one or two CBs and a LB in the respective moulds of player favoured by Farioli, Onana would look far better.
Maybe Branthwaite, Todibo and Kerkez?

{Ed025's Note - you would need a lot of dosh to buy those 3 Ork, Branthwaite alone will cost between £60-£80 Million mate, unless you throw in Harry Maguire that is, then it would be £100 million.. :)

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09 May 2024 17:48:20

Tbf Ed025, I'd rather we looked elsewhere for better value, but the likes of Lukeba and Calafiori go under the radar somewhat.

Any thoughts on Farioli?

{Ed025's Note - never heard of him to be honest Ork, sounds like an Italian boiler firm to me mate.. :)

09 May 2024 18:22:23
Ed0025 not sure Branthwaite will cost that much in the end, finances being what they are at Everton and the very realistic threat of administration, sorry not trying to rub it in, he may end up a steal as they try to bring in money.

I wouldn't be surprised if you manage to win at the weekend and are guaranteed safe even with the 9 pts deduction you take the hit this season I don't see anyone else looking to buy at a premium before administration with the club on the precipice.

{Ed025's Note - the 9 points deduction for administration will come in next season if it happens Dbrook, on Jarrad you could well be right mate because no doubt some club will take advantage of our financial situation, im hoping for a bidding war myself..

09 May 2024 19:18:44
Fair play ed and I don't blame you wanting a bidding war. As a fan I think I'd want that deduction asap once you were safe might give you an outside chance at next season especially if you can get it on this season.

{Ed025's Note - hopefully it wont come to that mate..

09 May 2024 20:24:18
You know the saying ed it's the hope that kills you, I'm not sure investors put money on knowing how tight it is and how close it is, they can just see it out and get a bargain off the administrators.

Whilst I don't think the prem were wrong in the charges/ deductions you've had this year they are at fault for acting so late not having transfer bans etc before it got to that by having FFP rules they make themselves partially liable surely if they don't try to enforce clubs to behave.

{Ed025's Note - you are right Dbrooks but what about City mate?, they have 115 charges to answer to going back almost 10 years, dont you think they should be brought to book first?

09 May 2024 21:37:14
It's a disgrace that City have not had their charges dealt with. Guilty or not guilty it should have been decided by now.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely Salford, "something is rotten in the state of Denmark"..

09 May 2024 21:52:53
Absolutely they need to be punished but they have made everything a lot worse for themselves the way they have acted.

I don't see how, even if somehow the other charges aren't proven or they aren't guilty of, they can avoid points deductions and fines for the way they have tried to stop the investigation at every turn and failed to provide any of the evidence required or access to the evidence.

The problem is the way they have acted, the fact everything is hidden is what is slowing it all down.

For me they should be relegated potentially out of the league structure and have their titles stripped from the start of the issue not just those where rules were broken but also those subsequent, there would be no winner of the prem for those years they won it.

I doubt anything as drastic as either would happen but for me they must at least have titles stripped, all the titles have benefitted not just in regards of players but the lift in status this caused meaning they could continue to improve the squad and spend in ways they wouldn't more naturally have been able to.

In regards to relegation I'm not sure how they could stay in the prem if any of the charges in relation to sponsorship payments etc are proven. Then it's up to the league and FA if they would accept them and if so what punishment they see fit.

It's very difficult the prem do need to get it done asap the longer it goes on they more issue it causes. Mainly because you just cannot see how city have achieved the position they now hold without it being influenced by what's happened considering their recent history before it.

{Ed025's Note - well said Dbrooks, but no doubt they will get a slap on the wrist and pay a hefty fine for their breaches (chicken feed for them), and the sale of brown envelopes will go through the roof...cynical i know mate..

09 May 2024 22:16:56
city's charges are a huge elephant in the room. There will be political implication plus major damage to PL as a brand. if i was a guessing man when they weight all the pros and cons they will brush it under the table. They are guilty as charged imo.

{Ed025's Note - i think your spot on Ahmad..

09 May 2024 22:40:35
Yeah that is the fear ed, but I just can't see how the prem can try to look legit if there aren't massive points deductions titles removed and fines as well as massive restrictions on transfers spending and account reporting/ auditing going forward.

Like I said city's unwillingness to comply should result in deductions in and of itself due to the scale of the obfuscation and impingement of the investigation.

{Ed025's Note - i am terribly cynical Dbrooks, i think they are guilty of a lot of things and as a club the most corrupt in the history of the game, do i think they will be charged and found guilty? chance mate, its not in the interest of the Premier league who to be frank are just as corrupt as them..

09 May 2024 23:06:02
I understand the cynicism ed and agree with what your saying. But I think the prem have to do something it will massively call into question the integrity of English football and the premier league if they get nothing.

Like I say it isn't hard to prove they haven't co-operated and have resisted the investigation at least and the extent that is to should lead big issues for them alone.

{Ed001's Note - I still expect a bit of rug lifting and it all swept under the carpet and a bit later a brand new trade deal will be announced with the UAE and British Govt. There is no way City will get the punishment they deserve.}

09 May 2024 23:46:16
Surely by making an example of Everton and Forest they've made it hard not to punish City? Especially if City are found to have done way worse.

{Ed001's Note - and as City have already been found guilty of a large number of the charges by UEFA there is no real good reason for this to have taken so long.}

10 May 2024 00:29:17

United should just go out and get best CB they can. Don't mess around with 'project a CB'. If they want a a solid ball playing defender at a good age, find him and get him in. A good team always starts at the back. Next sign a top midfielder or two after replacing 1 or 2 existing ones. Get a new winger in more suited to our team/ league and sell 1 or 2 we have. Sign a dependant fit striker to relieve Rasmus of all the burden.

This would be a good starting point. I'm not expecting 100m players in all positions just get get the best possible spine you can build up some balance and technical ball play.

10 May 2024 09:22:57
just my thoughts but reckon city will get a large fine and points deduction but only enough so they still qualify for cl next year. Cynical, I know but think uefa and fa want them to represent england in europe as they are the main/ only team in with a chance of winning/ getting through to the latter stages. Money Money money.

{Ed002's Note - You should take all of this misinformed discussion to the Manchester City page.}

10 May 2024 19:43:09
The Premiership in Scotland didn't mess around when it came to Rangers. Rangers, it could be argued are a bigger noise in Scottish football than City are in English football. the eyes of the footballing World will be upon the actions of the English FA. will they mirror the political scene in England where money is deemed more important than moral integrity. it's about time a stand was made and the culprits that are stealing everything through their nefarious financial deeds are put back in their box.

{Ed025's Note - im with you georgie..

11 May 2024 10:37:30
Unfortunately for Everton their financial position might mean Branthwaite ends up being sold for a more reasonable 40-50m. If that is to United I'd be hall with the signing while feeling a little sorry for Everton as it's pretty unfair on them.

I think the structure of any deal will be the deciding factor, if they have a choice of 40m now with 5-10m in installments or an 80m fee paid in installments over the next four years with only 20m this summer then they won't have much choice but to accept the lower fee for the bigger amount up front now.

They might even lose more than one player this summer due to the need for cash.



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