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16 Apr 2024 19:26:15
There are hundreds of talented possible transfer targets. I wish for three things 1) a tactically astute manager who instills discipline into the squad and 2) who buys younger players who he can mould into a long term successful team and 3) gets rid of egotistical under performing current players.

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16 Apr 2024 22:26:10
So say all of us Salford.

17 Apr 2024 01:08:49
The potential issue with no2 is that 90% of the players many want to leave are the most experienced of the Utd squad. Could potentially end up the same as Chelsea where there’s no leadership/ experience.

17 Apr 2024 06:15:33

I don’t see any leadership now, on the pitch or in the dugout.

17 Apr 2024 11:32:56
ETH got rid of Ronaldo and Sancho so a tick in the box for point 3. Has brought through Garnacho, Mainoo, Big Willy, given Omari a chance and promotes youngsters from U18's to train with the first team including Shea Lacey and others which is a big tick for point 2. Disciplined Rashford, Ronaldo, Sancho, Garnacho incidents which is a tick for part of point 1 yet fans will moan at the handling of these players.

Now the fall down is he tactically astute? Last season beat Liverpool, beat Man City, beat Arsenal, beat Tottenham, beat Chelsea, beat Barcelona, won a trophy, got top 4, is on the verge of back to back FA Cup finals, not lost to Liverpool in 3 games this season. So has shown he is or can be, but there's a lack of consistency unfortunately. But then there has been a lack of consistency in player availability this season so potentially unfair to judge ETH on this. Last season United used 26 players in total throughout the premier league season, Manchester City used the least with 24 players, they won the league.

This season United have used 30 players, 4th highest in the league and guess which team have used the lowest? Manchester City with 25. Arsenal have also used 25. So there is an argument that consistency is an issue but how can you develop consistency when you have had to have 26 different back four combinations in one season?

Fans can absolutely have an opinion on the Managers position, I am still in favour of ETH above other options as are a number of others on here. There are a number who want ETH gone which is absolutely their right to feel this. However, I feel the judgement against ETH has to be done fairly with all situations and scenarios during his tenure taken into consideration. It seems to me that Ten Hag is having to satisfy contradicting expectations from fans. Fan's want in place a style and structure, build for the long term but at the same time, expected to deliver short term results to keep his job but carry out a rebuild whilst doing it. Ten Hag is absolutely open to criticism this season, not least about why United are so easy to play through, but what the past 10 years should have told us is that any manager at United pre SJR, has been set up to fail, SJR has identified and stated this himself.

So to Salford's 3 point wish list, when you look at the points, ETH is meeting most of them and shown the other area can be achieved to. But if it is to be a new manager, then fans need to be prepared for a further inconsistent short term future mixed with, hopefully some trophy success but also some terrible and questionable performances and disappointing seasons.

17 Apr 2024 13:11:21

he has introduced youngsters out of necessity not choice. Which youngsters did he actually buy? Yes he got rid of Ronaldo and Sancho but have we played better without them? Would Hoijlund not benefitted from learning off Ronaldo? Discipline takes many forms. Sancho is playing well again at Dortmund. maybe a better coach than ETH could have seen him playing well for us. He let Sabitzer go and brought in Amrabat. I bet Amrabat looks a decent player again when he is released and plays for his new team.

Meantime ETH has disciplined and kept Rashford but we have seen no improvement in Rashfords effort or form. Yes injuries of course disrupt a team but when we are conceding so many stupid goals and so many shots per game it is blindingly obvious that the team is either not listening to the managers instructions or his instructions are rubbish.

Either way the result is the same and something has to change or results will not get better. Liverpool have had a lot of injuries this season but are still playing decent football and challenging for the league.

Again as many have pointed out winning a few matches against so called bigger teams shows there is potential to be better but no structure implemented consistently. let's be honest several of our better performances we could and should have lost.

I want ETH to succeed but really am doubtful that he will. It infuriates me when he comes out after mtches when we have got a lucky draw or lost and says that we played well and that there is an improvement. The league table does not lie. We are an upper mid table team at best. The fans are not idiots. We know rubbish when we see it. We know a lack of effort when we see it. Its his very well paid job to fix things not moan about injuries or try to kid us. Look at how Villa, Spurs, Brighton, Brentford, Newcastle play. All with a definite way or ways to play. I defy anyone to say from week to week which way we will play or how well with any real conviction.

17 Apr 2024 14:09:19
Playing well? He scored 0 goals yesterday, 0 assists, lost possession 18 times, won 3/ 10 duels and made 1 defensive tackle last night. Here's the issue, Dortmund have got into the Semi final which equals Sancho is proving ETH wrong is some fans eyes because they just want a stick to beat ETH with. He's got 2 goals and 2 assists for them so far in 14 games. No one supported Sancho more than ETH, people forget the 3 months off he gave him and sent him abroad to help him, yet still not enough. He disciplined Garnacho in pre season and got a response from him, he's disciplined Rashford twice now and got a quick response but not maintained. This IMO speaks more about Rashford than ETH but players appear to be avoidant of criticism and personal responsibility. Why didn't he sell Rashford? Who knows, why haven't we sold Martial? Well reports were Joel Glazer loves him so maybe the decision not sell Rashford is not ETH's choice.

You'd rather he brought youngsters but personaly, if we have the potential why not promote from within? The outcome remains the same and you actually probably get more buy in from a kid who's come from the academy. He didn't need to bring in Mainoo, McTominay has been sitting there all along, he could have stuck with Rashford and Antony on the wings but he's stuck with Garnacho. He's played the most minutes for teenagers this season bar Forest I believe. He could have eaisily played Amrabat instead of Kambawala who has played CB before. He brought in a youngster in Hojlund and was hammered for it.

Of course he's made mistakes, I liked Sabitzer and wish he stayed but for whatever reason he didn't. Perhaps, ETH was promised they'd get someone else in but failed to? But if people are to criticise ETH, tell the whole story and if that's your feelings then so be it but don't cherry pick events.

17 Apr 2024 14:44:28
Ports I respect that's your perspective.
I don't agree obviously.
There is every possibility that eth will be in charge next season as you say let's see what sjr and the team decide and identify as the best option eth or A. N other.
None of us know the real dynamics I'm happy to admit that.
Nine of us know what it's like to work with him or for him.
My perception is that I would not like to work for or with him and I wouldn't like him working for me based on what I see and hear but that could be wrong as I'm not in possession of all the facts or details.
I see a team that is awful to watch and while we did beat those teams you mention last season we were also on the end of a few hideous defeats by them also.
We score less than most teams in the league now over 2 seasons not just this season.
Eth has lost about 1/ 3 of all his league matches over 2 seasons
Our worst ever cl campaign.
Our players are slower and less dynamic than any team I care to mention.
So for every ying there is a yang on the stats.
Rashford had his best season ever last season and his worst this season.
His signings loans or permanent
Amrabat requllion ericksen weggy malacia casimero Anthony have not worked out at all.
Mount and martinez can't stay available for selection
Onana and rasmus there are big question marks over according to ed002 particularly onana.
Bruno has gone backwards like rashford and casimero
Dalot has been put forward as a big success under eth. Really has he?
He has done well with the youth players he has introduced for sure but will he turn garnacho into ronaldo or Anthony (who has had his coaching for 4 years and eth deems him unplayable at times)
So our perceptions of the job he is doing are old apart.
We can agree that he has been unlucky with injuries but fergie and raniere won the league with worse players.
We are not a team and we are getting worse under eth that's my perception.
He has brought in lots of players.
The players don't respond to him.
Remember they are not the same players that didn't respond to Jose or lvg so it's not like they are guilty of throwing several managers under the bus which is what I often hear.
I don't think injuries are enough to excuse our totally inept performances. They don't explain the speed of our play and our tactics.
We did beat Liverpool this season once and drew twice but I'd argue we should have been beaten in at least 2 of the games and we won like the hopeful boxer with a couple of good punches.
I'll be shocked if he is not replaced in the summer in fact I think they're is a very good chance he will leave on amicable terms.
If he stays then I'm happy to acknowledge my opinion and perception is not what the experts are seeing behind the scenes.

17 Apr 2024 20:58:30
Tumbleweed I agree with nearly everything you say. I would venture to suggest that nearly all Utd fans do and pundits on the tv and newspaper reporters too.

17 Apr 2024 23:43:13
pundits on tv and newspaper reporters ?.



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