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09 May 2024 14:02:52

What are you thoughts on Tuchels as a manager and as a potential autd manager next season?

Previously you weren't overawed by his abilities, so I'm wondering if you still think the same.

Finally woukd you stick with EtH for one final season and perhaps wait until next summer to appoint a new manager?


{Ed001's Note - I certainly wouldn't look at Tuchel, you would be better off bringing back Jose if you are just going for out of work managers. Tuchel is awful and gradually destroys any team that he takes charge of, after an initial early bump. If I was speaking as a Liverpool fan, he would be up there with Moyes as one of my first choices, which should tell you something about how I rate him. He is just not a good coach or good tactician. Far too negative and his football is soul destroyingly tedious.

I really don't see how Ten Hag can survive the recent performances, more than the results. The team has been falling apart around him and he seems helpless to rescue it or coach improvements. The big problem is the paucity of options to replace him. I was discussing this with Ed077 recently, might even have been yesterday, and we were struggling to come up with replacements. The obvious long term options are McKenna and Carrick, as both know the club well. McKenna has yet to have a blip to really test him though, so would be a huge risk. Carrick has had a big blip this season and pulled it around, so that is a good sign, but it still seems a bit early for him to take over at United.

The big issue is that we don't know what style of football is going to be set by the technical staff for the head coach to follow. Once we actually know how the club is going to be set up to play, then it is easier to pick a coach to produce that style. Though it may be that, in that case, Ten Hag would be capable of doing that job, as he could get Ajax to play to the Ajax blueprint. His problem has been recruitment and producing his own tactical blueprint. Perhaps it might even be the case that with his powers curtailed, and a tactical plan laid out for him, he could actually be fully capable. I just don't see him getting the chance to show it after the way the team has performed under him in recent weeks in particular.}

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09 May 2024 14:53:26
Fair assessment 001. It's clear that the structure at United is a far cry from that at Ajax up to a year or two ago.

It begs the questions as to why we brought in a manager who is proven with a good setup around him. Or does that highlight the sheer ignorance of the club's decision makers at that time? It is/ was a a Fun House made up of non-football people who were blind to their own shortcomings.

I too am scratching my head as to who is suitable, which is why I'm in favour of giving ETH a chance with a proper setup. The issue is that the setup will take at least 12 months to settle, so one could still argue that ETH wouldn't get the full impact of a proper structure.

One thing is for sure, I don't want to see Southgate anywhere near the club. He's so incredibly defensive and limited, keeping ETH is a much better option.

{Ed001's Note - I think it is just a sign of how much of a mess the decision makers were creating. You had people who knew as much about football as I know about pop music or fashion. Which is less than nothing!}

09 May 2024 15:00:24
Ed001 - Good read and a fair and honest review thank you.

{Ed001's Note - thanks mate.}

09 May 2024 15:26:19
Ed, has Tuchel worked under a similar football structure that SJR is trying to put together before?! ETH has which is why I’d be happy to see him next season and think he should be giving the chance. But I am not convinced he will be here after the FA Cup final so surely a new manager needs a proven record under a football structure which for me, the only one who fits that profile of suggested names is Potter but I just can’t get on board with him, especially when ETH gets hammered for no charisma etc, not sure Potter brings a lot of that. I don’t know much about Brightons set up now so not sure whether De Zerbi is working in that structure? He strikes me as a bit more of a maverick who would want to work to his own ideas. But I know very little of him so could be well off the mark with him.

{Ed001's Note - as far as I am aware Tuchel has not worked under that structure, he likes to have a lot of input. I would avoid De Zerbi if you don't want a manager who alienates players and talks a lot of crap in the media. Usually talking crap about his players as well.}

09 May 2024 15:30:02
Always like your take on things Ed1. What about Potter?

{Ed001's Note - I am not sure he has shown the strength of character to step up to United. He needs a lot of time to build the way he plays and deals with players, he needs a step in between Brighton and United to get him the trust to do that.}

09 May 2024 15:54:44
I don't see how Southgate (or my preferred choice of Nagelsmann should ten Hag leave) are viable purely because they will be involved with their respective national teams for most of the window. We have one of our biggest ever windows coming up and I can't see how the manager cannot be fully focused on it. This is one of the reasons I too would stick with Erik, but of course with each awful performance they are under increasing pressure.

09 May 2024 16:38:53
Not leaving many options Ed ?? wonder if Klopp would fancy a year or two!

09 May 2024 19:54:28
If ten Hag hadn’t made such a mess of it this year I’d back him to stay under a real structure. But he’s really underperformed this year.

09 May 2024 19:37:07
Thanks for the response ED001.

Who would your pick now be for the Utd job?

{Ed001's Note - that is such a tough one, having discussed this with Ed77 and we really struggled to come up with anyone totally suited. We went through all the Roger Schmidts, Adi Hutters etc but could come up with as many reasons to not want them as we could to give them the job. Which is why I ended up suggesting McKenna and Carrick. The more I think about Carrick, the more I think he could be well suited to this moment - he would get the backing of most of the fans, he tries to play football rather than just sits deep and defends. He is still learning, but getting the fans onside behind him while the background stuff is sorted out could be invaluable, even if he is only there to give the club time to find the long term choice.

I would have though Amorim would be the best choice, but his attitude and actions in recent months have certainly made me wary of him.

If it is straight to a man they think is the long term answer, then I think it would have to be Thiago Motta. I just would want to make sure that everything was right behind the scenes before I burned up an option like that, as I think he is very much a long term answer.}

09 May 2024 21:48:02
I can assure everyone edoo1 is not into fashion:) We have met yonkers ago and he is a class guy bar the dress code:)

I agree with you on Tuchel ed001 but some here who are corporate gurus salivating over him :) I am just a kabab shop guy and what do I know:)

{Ed001's Note - hahaha yeah I have never understood fashion.}

10 May 2024 02:04:31
Cheers ED001,

Thanks for your response. Utd do find themselves in a tough spot.

{Ed001's Note - it is a difficult time to be looking for a new coach right now. The ones that are standing out are so new that it is a huge risk to pick any of them.}

10 May 2024 09:29:48
a name that hasn't been shouted from the rooftops as a potential manager would be unai enery. Not given time at arsenal, turned villa around and european success for starters but the thing that impresses me is his ability to change system/ structure of a team within a match to suit the opposition. I believe he signed an extension at villa but way ahead of a lot of candidates/ possibles imo, definately not southgate or potter.

10 May 2024 09:56:06
Pretty sure Emery has been touted but believed unobtainable. And with Villa likely CL qualifiers I'm pretty sure he'll be going nowhere?



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