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07 May 2024 07:48:49
I'm not saying he should be sacked but does anyone seriously know how the training is conducted. I mean he wants to play a system but hasn't had players available to him to play it, so what does training look like. Is he training a system with players who can't play it hoping it will click and then the injured slotting back in when available. Its just that his "preferred" players have been out a long time now so how do they train for this system with players that clearly don't get it or can't play it.

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07 May 2024 09:52:48
Banjoe it didn't matter whether people want him sacked or not.
Eth will not be here next season. He knows it and he has for some time.

07 May 2024 09:54:09
He should get the sack Banjoe. The dross that’s being served up week in week out is indefensible. The players have downed tools, no doubt about that. The injury list is like nothing we’ve seen in a long time but ultimately it comes down to the coaches and how the team is set up.
Up until last night I thought Ten Hag might just escape the boot by the skin of his teeth but last night was the final straw for me.

07 May 2024 10:11:35
Who's told him that ken? How does he know?

07 May 2024 10:16:38
The players haven't downed tools they don't have the tools in the first place.

07 May 2024 10:29:50
They have a tool of a manager?.

07 May 2024 10:36:28
Last night was Watford all over again. If INEOS and SJR are serious about getting this club moving forward, I personally feel like they need to come out with a statement on the manager now, he stays or he leaves. Don't see how all the uncertainty is helping.

07 May 2024 10:49:15
Ports they can't at this time. Just need to be patient.

07 May 2024 11:17:16
Why can’t they Ken? Finances?

07 May 2024 11:28:50
Yeah, I’m not sure why they can’t? Bayern did with Tuchel?

07 May 2024 11:30:34
Would they sack a manager before a cup final? If that's the route they go down it will be after the final whistle, van Gaal style.
Anyone else spit their drink out when Carragher suggested bringing in Ole for the final three games?

07 May 2024 11:35:18
Yes Tim that's a large part of the reason I'm sure.
I'm not privy to his contact details but a new financial year starts 1st July they can't take the financial hit on this year's books due to psr.
4 games to go. It's not too long to wait.

07 May 2024 12:05:24
Feels like an eternity. It’s going to a painful 4 games I’m sure.

07 May 2024 18:17:05
Just as I thought ken ? ?.



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