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28 May 2024 22:34:27
Just farcical.

Now the players, presumably including some that many in here have accused of throwing ETH under the bus, are allegedly advocating for him to stay. Everybody friends again. So nice.

Suddenly a season beset by dressing room fractures, unprofessional social media comments, players leaking to the press, accusations of players staying in the treatment room too long, and a player banished from the club is all forgotten because we won the third most important trophy available. Arguably fortunate to be there remembering the semi-final debacle against Coventry.

Now players are to some degree rightly celebrating. But the reaction and level of celebration is the definition of short term memory loss. Worst PL season in our history. First time bottom of CL qualifying group. Disgusting football. Negative goal difference. Regular lack of passion and commitment.

In all the many years I’ve spent watching football I’ve never seen one result produce such an over-inflated view of where a manager, team and club is.

If the football leadership believe that a group of players that have regularly let us the supporters down (and you all know you’ve accused them of this time and time again) are the best judge of whether to keep ETH then I’ll loose faith in the new leadership immediately. I hope they’re smarter than that, because if not a world of pain awaits.

Talk about the lunatics running the asylum.

Cue the “worst post ever BRD” responses. Couldn’t care less, I’m too savvy to have the wool pulled over my eyes like some. If ETH stays it’s not that long before Fulham rock-up to OT, have 17 shots on goal and leave with 3-points.


{Ed025's Note - i really wish i could argue with that BRD...but i cant mate..


29 May 2024 08:21:38
"I'm too savvy"

If you say so BRD.

He's too savvy for his shirt, too savvy for his shirt, too savvy for his shirt it hurts 😄.


29 May 2024 09:04:26


29 May 2024 10:10:42
Yes @angel. Too savvy by far.


29 May 2024 10:47:30
Who remembers SAF's first couple of years, they were shocking, and no trophies either. At some point we have to stop jerking our knees every 2 years.

I like ETH, I like the cut of his jib, he deserved at least one more year.


29 May 2024 10:54:34
Angel 😂😂😂

They don’t make em like that any more.


29 May 2024 12:10:26
Just because SAF may have struggled in his first 2 years, doesn't mean every manager that struggles in the first 2 years is going to be SAF.


29 May 2024 12:49:47
Nobody will emulate SAF. The game is completely different to the 80’s and 90’s, and he was a generational talent.


29 May 2024 13:11:55
FGC it doesn't mean that he won't be either. But we'll never find out by repeatedly changing.


29 May 2024 13:47:58
Yeah, keep Eric. After all, he now says if we keep the squad fit we could be challenging for top four next season. He certainly knows how to motivate. How expectations have dropped.


29 May 2024 14:01:53
I'm ot saying he is SAF, I'm saying we had a bit of patience back then, now, not so much it seems. I though SAF was awful initially, he appeared not to have a clue, but hey, what did I know? 2 trophies in 2 years entitles you to another year.


29 May 2024 17:16:20

You can't have it both ways. you have posted in the past how half the squad need to go and are rubbish. Why suddenly the taking issue with the manager telling the truth.

We will soon know, the longer it takes the more it looks like he will stay. i hope so.


29 May 2024 17:32:18
BRD, are you expecting a title challenge next season? No wonder you’re so angry all the time.


29 May 2024 20:47:59
He could better than SAF, we'll never know if we just discard him.


29 May 2024 23:08:52
@Ahmad. Parts of the squad and the manager are not fit for purpose. What’s your point?

@Wazza. I’m not angry in the slightest. I like the healthy debate. That’s what this site is for isn’t it.

And no I’m not expecting a title challenge. That’s an astute question, as with ETH in charge we won’t win it next year or the year after. He’ll never win the EPL. Ask yourself, if he’s sacked, where does he go? No top tier club in the world will want him. There are easily 6 maybe 10 managers as good, maybe better, in the EPL alone.


30 May 2024 07:04:48
I disagree BRD. Of all the candidates mentioned I can’t see 1 who is obviously better than ETH. They all have their flaws, ETH included.

It seems that you are blaming the manager for the clubs current position, but we have been a mess for over ten years, long before our current manager arrived. Have you seen us before 22 or just since?

As for where ETH would go. He’s a winner. He wins trophies. He has a proven track record. I think he’d have plenty of suitors.

I guess we will find out soon enough.


30 May 2024 07:14:58
It was reported that Bayern were keen on him if he left Utd. Ten Hag has a pretty good managerial record and a bad stint with us, 2 cups notwithstanding, doesn't ruin his pedigree.


30 May 2024 08:02:48
@Unruly And Bayern went a the manager relegated from the EPL rather than wait to see if ETH becomes available. I think that speaks volumes.

@Wazza I don’t blame ETH for the club’s current position. I do blame him for being unable to motivate a squad that he has his DNA all over now. I blame him for being unable to deal with injuries. By that I mean being pragmatic. Picking a style of play that suits those available.


30 May 2024 11:13:47
I’d say Bayern and Dortmund are top tier clubs. Both of whom would be interested in ten Hag should he have been available.

Unless the end of season “review” comes up with something pretty damaging to Erik, I see little point in changing him for Poch, and Tuchel will last 18 months before we all want him gone. De zerbi I don’t even count as an option.


30 May 2024 13:30:36
Just silly to think he would have no suitors. a lot of less managers, who have won nothing landing jobs they have no business getting. If he was available he would be on most top teams list.

Some people's dislike for eth completely clouds their judgement. He is one of the top top technicians in the game. The problem is couch potato fans who think they are football managers. Must have watched a 100 games under Fergie that personally thought wrong line up, wrong set up, poor performance but did not get on social media saying Fergie is a bad manager.

With a good squad of players eth will win more than klop ever did and make many here look very silly.

Sancho stuff making headlines again given cl final coming up. Ask yourselves something, if he is that good a player with a great work ethic and eth not seeing it and a bad man manager, why don't we have teams lining up to take him off our hands. 40/ 50 in todays market is peanuts when you read what players will go for this summer. surely he must be steal at 40 mill.

Finally, I have never bought into squad motivation issues under eth. Will always have players who are not happy in any team but nothing to do with squad motivation.


30 May 2024 17:57:17
If ETH is one of the top technicians in the game then surely there is no way at all we would have been embarrassed as many times as we were last season.
Time doesn’t make great managers, great leaders like SAF will come through because they were leaders. SAF made mistakes, only 2 CL in 26 years given the teams say that. He lacked tactically but his motivation was second to none. He was an exception but just because he was doesn’t mean ETH will be.


30 May 2024 18:19:02
wrong redman

Fergie had incredible squads where he could make mistakes and still get away with it. He also managed in a day and age where things were very different.

Apples and oranges comparing fergies squads and teams to this squad and also the leadership every manager has had to deal with compared to david gill.


28 May 2024 12:41:10
Ed002, away from the ETH constant discussion.

Do you know of any solutions planned for United and Nice after both qualified for the Europa League? I know if a solution isn't found we will be dropped to the Conference League.


{Ed002's Note - The argument is based on INEOS owning less than 30% of Manchester United. That will be the starting point with UEFA.}


28 May 2024 11:53:35
I 100% agree with ed025 and us Utd fans have been standing under the bus shelter in the rain too long, We forgot this when ETH came driving the Big Red Bus to take us out of the rain. The trouble is this bus follows the same route and when we get off the high road? It's still raining and.


28 May 2024 14:04:37
“When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. ”.


27 May 2024 13:15:54
Excellent article in the Athletic about burn out amongst the players and the ever increasing demands on them to play at the top level. When you add in international matches it can be >70 games a season. Some of the players are now saying they simply cannot give 100% every game, and often only offer 60-70%.

When you have a deep squad the effects are less, but when your talent is thin on the ground, especially through injury, it's recipe for failure. So perhaps the effects can be seen in teams like United and Newcastle, still trying to build while being asked to play in 4 tournaments. We'll see how Villa do next year. If the physical pressure s relentless would there not be a tendency for many players to not want to rush back from injury.


28 May 2024 08:34:56
I'd swap jobs with them in a heartbeat, if they want to work in social care.


28 May 2024 18:29:48
I think most of us understand the drawbacks and issues within our own profession while having nothing more than an outsiders perspective of all other professions.

You hear it all the time down the pub, someone is saying about something difficult they had to deal with at work that day/ week and someone else pitches in with "well you think that's bad, you should hear about what I had to deal with this week".

Having never been a professional footballer I can't honestly tell you whether what they have to deal with is better or worse than what I have to deal with in my job.

It's easy to look at the perks with green eyes. The money, the fame. But then I don't have to train my body to an elite level, play through the pain, have pain killing injections, deal with the injuries, the pressure, the expectation, the social media assassinations and typical overreaction everytime I have a bad day at work, the lack of privacy, the expectation to pose for selfies or sign autographs when I'm just running to the newsagents for a pint of milk, or filling the car up with petrol, or even just getting my haircut. People don't realise how many footballers get knee replacements in their 40's. While knee replacements last around 15 years at most. Meaning someone needing one in their 40's will likely need it replacing another two times in their lifetime.

That's not to say anyone else's job is all roses and sunshine, just that there are downsides to every job and things that make it difficult.

Everyone has a limit, a point after which it's no longer possible to maintain doing something to the same standard.

There are plenty of studies that suggest professional footballers have a far greater physical demand on their bodies than any other professional sports person from any other sport.

The intensity of the demands, the regularity of those demands and the lack of recovery time between those demands pushes their bodies to the limit.

Yet the real money makers in the sport continue to place more and more demands on those players. With more games being added all the time.

We are probably at a breaking point and I wouldn't be surprised to see something change over the next 2-5 years where there is a cap on the number of games a player can play in a season. Initially I'd imagine this will come in at international level, but it will eventually filter into club level.


{Ed025's Note - i think you sound like a players agent Shappy, your boys seem to have a really hard time of it mate and it had me reaching for my hankies there.. :)


28 May 2024 21:46:14
"professional footballers have a greater demand on their body than any other professional sport". That can't be right Shappy. I'd like to read them studies.


26 May 2024 19:22:47
I've seen perhaps the greatest manager in history humbled TWICE by Pep's Brilliant Barca!

Man City, treble winners, four league titles in a row, on the verge of an unprecedented double-double, make no mistake this is an equally outstanding team.

Yesterday EtH produced a tactical masterclass reserved for only the very best. The hardest thing in football is winning trophies, getting over the line, especially against an almost unstoppable force.

Nobody gave Utd a chance, yet step forward two teenagers, academy graduates, trusted in the great traditions of our Club and they delivered from the Busby babes to the Class of 92, EtH is forging his own story and there are more exciting talents to come!

If they say winning an Fa Cup saved Fergi, it must also save EtH.

This team is not ready yet but in Mainoo, Garnacho, Amad, Hoijlund we have potential. Let them loose on the Europa League, give them time to develop and mature. Invest in these young players, let them continue the journey under this manager, for once let's show some restraint, patience and understanding.

Thank you Eric for giving me another epic day! I was there in 99 and again in Moscow, trust me beating City, when nobody gave us a chance, scoring two goals with teenagers from the academy, that ranks up there with the very best.

My message to the EtH outers, the Glazers and Ineos, ignore that at your peril!


26 May 2024 19:56:33
Superb post 👏.


26 May 2024 20:02:51
Not a chance should winning 1 game save a manager.

For me yesterday was amazing and over the last 3 games bar 1 half at Brighton Eth finally changed his tactics to suit the players he had.

I accept all the issues he's had with injuries the club everything, but given those issues he's still taken 8 months to play a slightly more pragmatic style and win games.

You cannot complain about injuries but then not take action to mitigate against them.

It sounds like I'm 100% ten hag to leave but I'm not, I can see both sides, he's had it tough but his choices over the season for me are what will cost him subs, lineups, even some of the things he's said in the media (a little but not fully on Sancho) .

I've been keen on Amorim but would be ok with Potter or McKenna, and I saw ed002s comment on the Chelsea page about McKenna probably being off their list, not sure if that's because of us.

I'll support the club no matter what but the other options linked do not fill me with confidence.


26 May 2024 22:08:27
Great post as always DLIB 👏.


26 May 2024 23:21:15
I don't see an outstanding candidate to replace him. But Andrews and Wilcox must pick the best person to fulfill their footballing vision. I don't know what that is however I don't want square pegs in round holes and this includes the manager. I would not be disappointed if this is ETH. I will be disappointed if they didn't go for the best fit they could get.


27 May 2024 07:24:57
There are questions when discussing ETH and his future. There was a clear tactical change with about 2 games to go, why then and who made the decision. What prompted this change? Suddenly we played with a false 9 to protect midfield. Why let us be completely overrun for months without any change in tactic at all?

ETH is known to be very stubborn, has let us be target practice conceding ridiculous numbers of shots, statistically we stood at 95th out of 96 across all the major European leagues. Then suddenly we become pragmatic, tactically more astute, organise better and in a different way. Did EtH suddenly have a brain wave or was he told to do it?


27 May 2024 08:45:18
Who cares Red Man. Nobody will remember that stat in six weeks time.

We won the FA Cup. That’s what will be remembered in years to come.


27 May 2024 09:10:40
Told to do it red man? What planet are you on?


27 May 2024 09:19:51

Earth like you. There are now new people above him including a technical director. Given what we have seen until the last couple of games, I pose questions, which i would be interested to know the answer to.

Wazza, yes winning is the thing, wonderful to win it. Believe me I enjoyed and celebrated it. We spent the 70’s and 80’s looking back saying remember when we won a FA Cup. Great to enjoy this but must aim higher and that means understanding and dealing with that stat.


27 May 2024 10:55:36
Or one player can make a world of difference. Act as a catalyst. Infuse others with confidence. Cantona did it once. Now, that player is Martinez.


27 May 2024 21:27:05
Beating City in the FA cup final does NOT rank up there with 99 and 08. This is not the pinnacle of football… it’s the best we could get but it’s bizarre to equate those things.

We were crap all season, including even in the semi finals of the same cup competition. ETH has done very well but there are better managers available right now and I just don’t see how anyone can ignore the whole season suddenly based on one win. No one would have complained as much if we had lost the finals and ETH was asked to go … so to base it on a couple of penalties not given really is just as bizarre as the comparison to 99 and 08.


26 May 2024 19:15:24
People have suggested that ETH's success at Ajax was based on players he didn't have to recruit because he had a great back room behind him. In other words it was handed to him on a plate. If you consider winning two trophies in 2 years a success, then you can't diminish that achievement in the same way at United. He really had nothing. He inherited a failing team and a highly unsuccessful scouting and recruitment establishment. He was pretty much forced to buy players he knew because there was little in the pipeline and the club was no longer a top destination.

He seems to have made a mistake with Antony, but it was it not his responsibility that we paid so much. The jury is still out on Onana. He was having an excellent game yesterday. until he let one in he should unquestionably have saved. He's clearly prone to errors, but then most keepers are. Mount remains to be seen. Martinez is an absolute keeper who inspires those around him to play with his tenacity. Casemiro was a stop gap. He was not first choice and he's clearly no longer fast enough to be able to compete in midfield. I think Hojlund, given what we've seen in the last few games, will become an excellent front man. I would also say that ETH has been excellent at utilizing the younger players, with United streets ahead of other major clubs for teenagers time on the field.

What was yesterday's win worth in revenues? I have no idea but I would guess a good run in the competition could be worth at least £30m between prize money, TV rights and attendance fees.


27 May 2024 21:31:59
FA cup is not worth 40M . lol. It’s probably worth one tenth of that.

It’s not his mistake we paid that much for Antony but at what price is Antony better than Sancho and Amad and Pellistri that we already had playing Right wing? Our best right winger has been Garnacho and again, we already had him. Same goes in midfield with Mount. Even when he has been fit, he has doing nothing. Same with Onana - not sure if he has been any better than De Gea even if you assume De Gea would have had a bad season.

ETH overall hasn’t worked. Sure he won two trophies but we are no better off as a team than we were before. We are not only even less likely to contest with City, Liverpool, Arsenal.


{Ed025's Note - all good points for me mate..


28 May 2024 14:33:08
I think Shawthing was referring to the Europa League revenues we will get as a result of winning the FA Cup being worth 30 million.

In fact winning the league and winning all games means the FACup win could be worth up to 56 million f the figures quoted by MEN pre Cup final are right, the prize pot is increased by 100 million this year and there are 8 group stage games and an assumption of 4 million per sold out OT. Whatever the reality of the numbers when calculating the revenues the Cup win bought the most significant figure is the Europa League next year,


24 May 2024 19:26:23
So what would we rather have had, Ineos not told him and this not getting out until the summer or them letting him know and him leaking it himself?

Some seem to be having a pop at Ineos due to being up front and honest with him. They are not commenting on the story so it hasn’t come from them. So that leave Ten Hag himself. What’s the verdict?


24 May 2024 19:43:25
I don't know how true the story is nor the source of it. I certainly can't say just because someone has or hasn't commented on it means they aren't the source either.

What I do feel is the only people to benefit from this coming out the day before the cup final have nothing to do with United.


24 May 2024 21:18:05
Chelsea? As if we win they go to conference league. Surely isn’t that.


25 May 2024 07:07:26
G_ Nev

Ae you being serious? if the reported meetings/ discussions with the various managers camps is true, do you think you can keep a lid on it and who leaked it is irrelevant.

It's amature hour stuff from Ineos. They have been through 4 managers in 5 years at nice and just lost their manager to ajax so 5 in 6 years now.

Interesting summer ahead, let's see how we manage our transfers ins and outs and hope better than this.


25 May 2024 08:52:50
Holy sh1t. The tables are turning on INEOS already😂

Calm down people. It’s a mother beautiful bridge.


25 May 2024 10:40:33
No way Ineos have let this leak out, I would look at an agent for the cause of any leak.


25 May 2024 11:33:24
Unfortunately it's almost impossible to stop things leaking in football, far too many people with loose lips.

To be fair to INEOS there has been practically nothing leaking out from the club since they've joined. Which means they are keeping things close to their chest, and that people who may have been loose with information (Arnold down the pub🤦‍♂️) have left the club.

Yet ultimately in order for them to do anything they will need to work with various people within football. They will need to speak to agents about players and managers. They will have been doing so for months, even just to get an idea of the lay of the land and to start coming up with possible plans.

When they came in everyone at the club will have had their position under review, that's just standard after a takeover. In which case INEOS will have to know who is available to replace people at the club not deemed good enough or the right fit for the club. It's not just about quality but about the ability to work together and to all pull in the same direction.

They will have been speaking to agents of managers for months and months to get an idea of who would be the best candidate, who is available and willing to join. That doesn't mean they were intending to replace the managers just that they are doing their job of making sure wether the manager was the best person for the club moving forward.

The issue is that every time they speak to someone that's another person who could say to someone that they have had a conversation with the club about the managers position. That doesn't mean they have spoken to the press, but they could say something to their wife and children at home over dinner, or maybe they are overheard having a conversation on the phone or with friends at a restaurant.

It's the Chinese whispers, the more people who know something the more likely it is that the information will leak.

Unfortunately it seems that the information has leaked at the worst possible moment just before the cup final. Or if you have your tinfoil hat on maybe certain publications linked to City have leaked this information (true or fabricated) at this time internationally to undermine United's preparation for the cup final. Which actually isn't as crazy as it sounds. We have Dave Brailsford the king of marginal gains in cycling, and that is where elite sports are, any tiny advantages are looked for and exploited if possible. Sir Alex used to use the press to spark psychological battles with opposing managers, to get in their or their players heads. So I certainly wouldn't put it past a club "leaking" something about the opposition just before a key game to distract them and undermine their preparation.

I see that today a story has leaked that City are looking to give Pep a new contract. Coincidence that it makes it into the press on the morning of a cup final? Absolutely not, but it would likely bring the city fans together and create a stronger unity and wave of optimism just when they need their fans to be loudest at Wembley. Very odd that in the last two days the two stories that leaked, has one undermining United's preparation for the cup final and the other strengthening City's. Would anyone be surprised if both stories leaked from the same individual, someone under employment at City? I wouldn't at all.

Ultimately whatever happens with EtH I don't think there is much that INEOS could have done differently to get a better outcome.

They needed time to assess the manager and the potential other options. No point just sacking the manager immediately with no plan or without giving him the opportunity to show that he can work with the club as in the way they want to work with a manager.

Likewise they needed to get the right people in place to make these decisions. While we all thought it would be the DoF (Ashworth) who'd be having the biggest say, it seems that it might be Wilcox as the technical director who will both work with the manager and set be responsible for the football style and development at the club who has loudest voice at the club when it comes to deciding what the manager needs to bring to the club.

Which is why I think someone like Southgate or Potter who are more closely linked to Ashworth have seen their odds lengthen since Wilcox has joined the club.

I'd imagine it has been since Wilcox has joined and has been able to regularly speak with EtH. To discuss the managers vision and ideas and to see how they line up with his own that ultimately a decision could be made.

It's interesting that since Wilcox has joined that we have seen names like Nagelsmann, De Zerbi, Southgate, Potter and Tuchel become less linked to the club. Managers who have had stronger connections with SJR or Ashworth. Which to me suggests that it is Wilcox who might play a bigger role in who we hire as our next manager or indeed whether EtH stays.

Personally I really like Ruben Amorim, yet he has a very clear and definitive style of play. He's shown he can take a sleeping giant of a club, get them playing good football and back winning major honours. Yet if his football ideas/ vision don't align with the club then he's probably a non-starter. The fact that he plays with a 343 90% of the time probably doesn't work well with our current squad give the poor options at CB and the number of CB's who are likely to leave this summer. If you're going to play with a back three you need a bare minimum of 5 quality CB's who can play that system, ideally 6. We might have one maybe two. These things need to be taken into consideration when weighing up the options.

It certainly seems like we are about to have a change in manager, and whether it's your preferred choice, or whether like me you'd have like to have seen EtH given a chance, what is important is that we all get behind the new manager, we give them time. We don't jump on them and start tearing the club apart, creating division and tension the first time the new manager has a tough spell or a few bad results. We need to make sure we aren't being smug with premature "I told you so's", as what we are really doing is just harming the club that we profess to love. Placing our ego over the future of the club.

So whoever it is, even Southgate, we need to get behind the new manager and the new direction the club is heading in and back them. Be United.


25 May 2024 13:55:38
Nonsense. I'm not getting behind Southgate.


25 May 2024 18:25:46
Well then you aren't a true supporter. No true fan refuses to support their team because they didn't hire the guy they wanted.


25 May 2024 19:44:12
You don't define what a true supporter is. I will back the club, but I know Southgate will flop. Thank you very much


25 May 2024 22:35:58
If you're idea of backing the club is sowing discontent and division by constantly sniping at a manager because they aren't the one you wanted then we could really do without your kind of "support".

That's toxic.

I doubt Southgate would be a success, but as I'm not clairvoyant I can't profess to know the future.

That said if he's hired to be our manager then I'll back him and hope he proves me wrong. I'll support him as to do anything other than support him is the actively work against the club.

Only in a warped and twisted mind of a deeply confused or misguided person would actively hoping the clubs manager fails, and constantly trying to sow seeds of division against him count as love and support for the club.


26 May 2024 00:41:21
Nobody is doing anything of the sort. "Constantly trying to sow seeds of division against him" is another nonsensical argument.

All I said is that I won't be behind the club appointing Southgate. That doesn't mean we're shouting for the manager to get sacked every day.


26 May 2024 08:52:54
Most people who think Southgate will be able to deal with the job are on another planet imo. When you run a national team you get to pick 25 of the best players out there with no budget issues, injuries no problem there 5 more that can get called up etc etc.

Its a completely different kettle of fish managing a top tier team playing 60 games a year domestic and Europe with players from various countries and having to deal with players who are not necessarily the best in their position and have weaknesses, Budget constraints, football directors, Owners, injuries, media spot light etc etc. He will be a disaster appointment imo have to do a lot better if we are changing managers.


26 May 2024 16:54:07
Ahmad, Chelsea won more than Utd when Abramovich took over them until he left and they went through a manager a season. Bashing Ineos with that stick is lazy and boring, but recently I’ve come to expect that from you so i'm not surprised.


23 May 2024 20:13:59
McKenna rumours ramping up, can't see us wanting him to go to Chelsea but also is he ready for the Prem, feel like he should give Ipswich a season in the prem and is a risk for either club, still would like Poch personally but at this point I'm happy to welcome anyone or ten hag stay under a new structure. Ed001 if I may, hope you're well firstly, who would you think is best for the MU manager job at present time?


23 May 2024 21:25:02
McKenna IN.


23 May 2024 18:27:51
I've been thinking about the manager situation at the club and the biggest issue I think a lot of fans have in terms of thinking who should be the manager next year is that most of us are still in the mindset of thinking there should be this powerful manager who leads us and brings success.

Yet the whole point about the club changing its structure is to remove the importance/ reliance on a singular manager figure.

With the manager having less responsibility, having less say on how the team play (a manager hired to align with the clubs vision of style of play), a manager having less say on signings.

All done to stop the constant about turn of direction every time you need to change managers. So when one manager needs to be replaced you hire a new manager who also aligns with what the club are aiming to be, and the squad suit that managers aims as they align with the clubs.

I think most fans are now starting to understand/ accept that to get our club back to where we want to be that it will take 3-5 years. We need to totally over turn the squad and probably look to change 18-20 of our current squad, when it's difficult to sign more than 5-6 players a year then it instantly becomes a 3-4 year process just to get the players you need.

While very few managers spend more than 3 years at a club. So given the sheer amount of change needed at the club, the upheaval and the discontent that will cause I think its actually highly unlikely that our next manager will be the one to win those major titles.

My expectations are more that the next manager will have to do most of the dirty work, they will have to work with the club to lay the foundations and start the rebuild, yet they will likely be tainted by that and unlikely to still be here in 3-4 year time.

Realistically very few managers stay at a club that long, especially if they aren't successful (meet the club and the fans expectations) .

Our next manager will have to be the guy who helps our younger players develop, who stands up to and kicks out the players who need to go, who will ultimately be the fall guy. With someone else likely to join when a few small tweaks are needed and will be successful within a season or two.

I suspect that in reality the guy to take us back to the top will be the guy after next, just because of the sheer size of the job and the length of time it will take. Managers just don't stay that long.


23 May 2024 22:00:48
Feels like a lot of clubs are moving in this direction and seeing success with some young managers that previously would have been seen as needing a middle club first.
The structure of a club as we are seeing can allow for a lot of the baggage to be removed and for the young coach to focus on the pitch and training.
To this end I can see a McKenna or the like coming in and being given the next couple of years, encouraged to give the younger players a chance and they being enthused by his style.
We will find out after the FA cup if we will stick, twist or really go for it.


24 May 2024 23:07:00
McKenna please.


22 May 2024 23:05:06
I understand that Jason Wilcox has been travelling a lot for recruitment reasons - Monaco being one destination
Would that be for a Monaco player or is that where agents live?


{Ed002's Note - Clubs do not visit agents at home.}


23 May 2024 12:02:03
I'd like to think that he's been sent to look at some players and perhaps open dialogue with some of those he likely knows well at AS Monaco - Paul Mitchell and James Bunce. Who knows, maybe he's there as a poacher.

Back to the players - Monaco have a decent record of producing talents, let's not mention the lazy fraud who's spent far too long at OT.

Among the best young prospects at the club right now is Soungoutou Magassa - a right-footed, ball-playing, tough-tackling CB who can play on the right or left and likes to push into midfield.

Then there's Ben Seghir who could become a world beater with the right handling.


23 May 2024 12:27:10
Shame, can see them having lovely coffee mornings with cakes on doilies.


23 May 2024 12:48:45
Mrs Doyle bringing the tea in grim. Ah go on. Go on go on go on🤣.


23 May 2024 18:10:43
Didn't all of the key people at United meet in Monaco/ Nice recently? SJR, Blanc, Wilcox, Brailsford, O'Boyle, Roche etc.

That would explain why Wilcox may have been there, it might be nothing to do with transfers.


23 May 2024 19:24:05
SJR lives there I believe.



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