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08 Mar 2021 10:15:49

Great result which I could see coming. Pep has a way of playing, a winning way of playing that delivers titles and cups, he doesn't change it much because it is consistent. We knew before the game we would counter attack them, Pep knew it and the viewing public knew it and getting a goal early made it difficult for City, plus gave us confidence after an awful drought.

Our back line pushed a bit higher, compacted play which they didn't expect and took them a while to figure out, I think City expected us to sit deeper than we did. Maybe Henderson was shouting at them to get out, maybe it was a tactic. In reality though they could easily have got a draw given Sterling's shocking misses

The subtle difference is that City are consistent, they know if they play that way they will win most times on a consistent basis, whilst we have the counter attack they don't like, yet we don't have that consistent approach that Pep has instilled into them. It is why Pep wins league trophies and that structure of play to bring consistency is what we need or we will not win the league. We have a chance in cup competitions, in one off games but there will be times when counter attack doesn't work, we have seen it and that brings inconsistent results. Really good result yesterday, Shaw was superb, but the underlying issue on coaching a consistent successful pattern remains.

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08 Mar 2021 10:47:27
2nd in the table would suggest we are more consistent than many would like to admit as well as continuing to move in the right direction .

It actually wasn't that different to the chelsea game in regards to performance tactics etc .
Big difference was the result, it can be small margins but that's how many judge it.

08 Mar 2021 16:20:43

2nd position flatters us. However the teams below us have been just as inconsistent.

We have failed to capitalise on the teams below us when they have lost. Even after beating City, we are still 11 points behind. Hopefully that gap will shorten.

{Ed077's Note - we have been more the 19th worst team instead of 2nd best team if you know what I mean.

08 Mar 2021 17:04:50
Jred did i miss your post after the Palace game buddy?

08 Mar 2021 17:13:28
Addict you must of its on the match site .
League never lies.

07 Mar 2021 18:27:40
I enjoyed that. We rode our luck in a few instances but we showed up and played very well. Maybe this can wake the manager up and he can see what we're capable off.

Would have meant more if we had of being in touching distance of City, but a Win is welcomed none the less. Still a lot of work to be done.

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07 Mar 2021 08:56:38
And now Paul Parker

"The way things are going I really think Solskjaer should be grateful Pochettino got the job at PSG. And it would be a lot worse for him if there were fans in the stadiums the way United have been playing lately, they've been shocking. Some fans might not have expected United to stay top of the table but in a season when anything can happen why not? The slide has just proved United are lacking the quality in midfield, wide areas and attack to make them title contenders. But they still should be doing a lot better with a squad that's not really been hit by many injuries. The way results have gone lately, the poor performances and no goals in their last three games I'd think Solskjaer should be looking over his shoulder. "It just isn't good enough and I don't see United making the progress Solskjaer sees. "

Cole, Sharpe and now Parker, yet they are right.

This at a time where Solskjaer has the nerve to claim he is following the United philosophy of attacking football, wow, is he watching the defensive negative garbage he has put out? Then Ole has the nerve to claim Pep's methods wouldn't work at OT. Unreal.

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07 Mar 2021 11:35:45
OGS is living in cloud cuckoo land. He is a defensively minded coach, which is ironic considering he was a CF during his career.

He has rewarded those that have continued to under perform, whilst those fringe players have had little or no game time.

07 Mar 2021 13:51:18
It would appear ex-players speaking out, are either right or wrong, depending on who the manager is.

06 Mar 2021 11:33:20
Do you think we should enact a new rule in the Premier League where we have a similar system to the US Baseball where we have a draft and transfer system.
One player has to be a really good player and the rest can be also rans.
Who would you draft in and who would you draft out?

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06 Mar 2021 17:07:06

07 Mar 2021 08:45:59
But Pep in for Ole would be first.

04 Mar 2021 06:41:33
Well that was poor again. Fight for top 4 is on. I can see us losing against City and dropping points against very energetic, physical West Ham who are in very good form.

Pointless repeating what has been said over last month but lack of game management, lack of subs is hurting us as much as poor finishing. Last night was crying out for 20 minutes of the latest wonder kid, throw Telles on as a left winger or behind Shaw for 15-20 minutes just shake it up. but no,65 minutes in and we will settle for a point . against Palace .

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04 Mar 2021 04:58:48
Wasnt that painful?

Hey but look at the positive side of it at the end. We are still unbeaten and will take that trophy home. Made myself a nice snack at 3 am and knew won't miss much action. We only faced 2 shots on target from Palace all game, while had 1 that too a deflected one. Over 180 minutes they have scored more goals than we have any meaningful shots on target. And mind you they were without their best player.

But we were tired, only got a month break with no pre season and looked undercooked. Sorry no wait, that was the excuse from earlier in the season. Would have to find a new one now.

Someone please explain to me if Ole is not allowed to make a sub earlier. He makes the first at 70 minutes and that too a like for like DM sub. How on earth? Then takes off a striker in Cavani when he was the best of the 4 up front. How did Marcus stay on for more than 10 minutes let alone 90? If MR has a chance at goal you are more likely to win by placing a bet on him missing that shot rather than scoring 😂😂.

To top it all, Ole smiles like this was his gameplan and he just got what he wanted.

If that is a step in the right direction and is fast flowing entertainment, then Jose was the best football we ever had and closely followed by LvG.

Watching that, i am slowly losing interest. We are genuinely losing more fans than gaining new ones.

When it comes to football, Manchester truly is turning blue.

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03 Mar 2021 23:30:35
This site is like the movie Ground Hog Day. The same issues are argued over and over and over again. Feel like am stuck in a loop or the twilight zone. We all know Ole's shortcomings. No need repeating it after every draw or loss. The only way things will change is if we get a competent manager who knows how to set up a team. Ole if given this current City squad to manage will make them look bad. That's how bad he is.

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04 Mar 2021 03:16:38
Love_United, people are repeating the same thing again and again because Ole and his team keep frustrating everyone time and again. It doesn't help but at least people can vent out their frustration over here and feel a little relaxed about it.

Ole has done his bit and we should have moved him on before the season started. Now, I don't think the board is in any rush to make a change unless they are forced into making a decision.

04 Mar 2021 06:46:18
That's my point. People are expecting Ole to change and do something different when the reality is he is incapable of doing anything different because he is that clueless. If all the fans and so called experts can see what what needs to be changed surely he can. So to be doing the same thing over and over is deliberate if you asked me. High time we stop blaming the players. If they were coached better they would be playing better. Sir Alex didn't always have a side filled with top quality players but he was able to improve them.

04 Mar 2021 07:42:02
Love_United, agreed and a few of us have already questioned both Ole and his coaching staff for the performances on the pitch but then you have the optimists who are happy and see progress and are willing to blame the others.

The weird thing though is everyone accepts Ole is not the right man for the job and yet some are ok with it because Ole is doing the best he could backed up by some stats and further our position in the table is a sign of improvement for them.

We are anyhow stuck in this position, thanks to our board.

03 Mar 2021 22:49:34
Where do you even start with that shameful turgid display? I'm literally so angry watching that tonight, a display as bad as I can remember in recent years and there's been a hell of a lot. No energy, no urgency, no desire, absolute garbage. The attitude on the pitch stinks, there's no leaders setting an example, it was woeful from the off and got worse as the game went on.

These are players here on £150k a week abs can't make a 6 yard pass. The amount of times the ball is given away is a joke. Everyone was shocking tonight, some worse than others but nobody can come off that field with head held high.

That's 3 win from our last 10 league games, it's 3 consecutive matches without scoring, it's nothing better than what Jose was dishing up when he got the sack. Have you ever seen our players look any more disinterested?

I've no idea what Rashford has to do to get dropped. He's been terrible for a large part of this season, too focussed with being a national hero and forgetting what his day job the pays his wage is. He's a headless chicken who just runs blindly into the defender time and time again. He'll be lucky to make the England squad for the euros, he wouldn't be in mine I can tell you. Maguire again positionally terrible for most the game playing attackers onside.

As for the manager i'm not sure what else I have to say. Absolutely clueless, not cut out for the job. Can't motivate the players nobody can deny that after watching this dross tonight. Picks a team with 2 holding CM against the mighty Palace again, watches 75 mins of the worst football I can remember before making a change. He is clueless and so far out of his depth is beyond belief he is in the job he is. What's going on with DVB? Paid £40m and even in that performance won't take a chance on him coming on having an impact? What was the point in buying him?

Yeh I'm sure we'll the three likes of Jred etc telling us we're 2nd and everything going in the right direction etc etc, but Mark my words, well finish below Liverpool and be a miracle is we make top 4.

Onto city and a beating this weekend, here's hoping somebody acts and removed our incompetent manager soon before it gets worse. Would much rather a Brendan Rodgers in charge but out spineless board will not act, so it's more of this garbage to look forward too.

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04 Mar 2021 10:14:21
Stand you are not alone.


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