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07 May 2024 16:27:09
This is beyond a joke.

What was eTh even thinking with that lineup. And granted we have some injuries but we also have some youth players that should be getting a look.

First off, Palace are big and fast up front, so what does he do he puts in Casse and Evans (the only two players in the Premier that I can outrun.

Second let's put Ericksen in with Mainoo, watching on tv I couldn't see him most matches leaving Koobie in the middle to defend for himself.

Third I know they announced and listed Anthony as a starter but I don't remember seeing him at all.

Sorry but this is getting unwatchable for me. ETH has to go. You can see the players aren't putting in any effort for the manager. And the players he has signed and brought in are not very good at all.

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07 May 2024 17:10:25
Just out of interest, what team would you have started?

07 May 2024 18:23:53
For me it's not necessarily down the the line up more the setup of them. ETH likes to complain recently there's lots of injuries we're even missing a entire first choice back 4 as he likes to point out, so why aren't you supporting the players your being forced into playing.

You've got a DM at CB the only other "fit" CB is 36 and didn't expect to play much this season, not only that he supposedly failed a fitness test for the game, so naturally you tell your midfield to drop a little deeper and support the defence help.

Not united 2 high 8s 1 cm to cover.

Ok but at least you tell your full backs to sit a bit more don't push them on, don't commit too early, focus on defending first.

Not united push them up high or invert then into midfield.

Ok but you keep your wingers wide give the defence out balls again encourage them to focus on helping the fullbacks and defending.

Nope not with ten hag stay high and come inside.

Wait into that area we've already commited those 2 high 8s? I'm sure there's plenty of space there right? better to leave the full back and winger to our full back. but wait who's that besides you. the midfielder will help. wait he's on the other side. Don't worry we have fast mobile center backs. wait it's Casemiro and evans or maybe at best Maguire.

You can't complain about injuries if you aren't going to change the tactics to cover for those issues. unwillingness to change is what is costing ten hag this season, he refuses to adapt to any issues either in the system or altering it based on injuries to cover shortfalls.

07 May 2024 18:52:29
Ports, you beat me to asking the exact same question. Everyone is an expert after a loss.

07 May 2024 20:06:15
He could not tell you because half the side is pretty much in the physio room. 5 academy players, two goalies and ambrabat and amad on the bench. It picked itself, they were pretty poor across the board with a few exeptions.

07 May 2024 22:05:30
Since you asked Ports, I'll give it a go. Although I'll start by saying I don't follow the youth side at United, also who exactly was available.

First I would not let Anthony near the pitch, Ahmad should have started imo.

Second I wouldn't have paired Evans and Cassie in the rear. Would have put in either Big Willy or one of the starting CB on the U23's or even the U21 squad.

Third I would be looking at the Egyptian keeper, Onana isn't helping.

Basically my honest opinion is that by now eTh should be looking at some of the youth players. Give them a shot, it's obvious the experienced players have given up, let the young guns have a run. Could it get worse?

08 May 2024 11:55:53
Think Big Willy was also out Coachy. Evans was the only senior CB available.
As for the next game, hopefully someone returns. Think Maguire is out for the season.
Sunday probably isn't a game to give a kid a debut in as a high profile error won't do them any favours, but I agree our top youth defender (again I don't follow the youths but Louis Jackson? ) surely couldn't do worse than Casemiro, who has single-handedly been responsible for quite a few goals whilst covering at CB.



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