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12 Apr 2024 00:56:56
INEOS have offered terms to Nagelsmann.

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12 Apr 2024 08:42:56
This isn’t true though is it?!

12 Apr 2024 10:39:16
I think we're going to get different links each day now until something actually happens. If we lose to Bournemouth I imagine it will ramp up even more.

12 Apr 2024 10:41:19
A guy with numbers in their user name and zero previous posts said, so it HAS to be true.

12 Apr 2024 11:10:20
He has allegedly, and I use that word loosely, received an offer from a Premier League club. There are no reports to suggest this is United, nor from any credible source.

12 Apr 2024 12:02:27
One of the Twitter line up leakers has said that he’s heard that some people within United really like Nagelsmann but that word on the street is he’s told his agent not to accept any offers right now. Maybe waiting to see what comes around.

12 Apr 2024 13:19:30
He's focusing solely on Germany's Euros in Germany which is a proper big deal for him - that's why he'll have told his people to keep the offers in the in-trays and keep the noise away until he starts looking.

In fairness, this 'offer' could be from Liverpool, it could be from Chelsea or Newcastle.

The only thing that makes sense in terms of interest from United is the strategy from INEOS to place the right people in the right roles further up. They're still hoping that Newcastle will negotiate on Ashworth, but I fully expect them to succumb to the original figure demanded for his services - that won't happen until season's end and his arrival, along with Wilcox, will surely precede any managerial arrival.
So really, on paper, Nagelsmann after the Euros, while not at all ideal for the squad rebuild, could be ideal for INEOS.

However, Nagelsmann reportedly likes to have complete control of transfers and has essentially stipulated as such in the past.
It is for this reason alone that, imo, Nagelsmann would not be a realistic option for INEOS.
It does, however, mean that Potter is, perhaps, the standout option.

12 Apr 2024 14:42:30
Nagelsmann and Potter are the two hottest options. Nagelsmann in the lead as things stand.

12 Apr 2024 14:51:43

Fabrizio, is that you?

12 Apr 2024 16:31:34
Of the possible managers available/ we've been linked with, Nagelsmann is probably the best available.

The problem is that he won't be available until after Euro's, but that does seem to be our modus operandi, hire people who can't start when we ideally need them to?‍♂️.

12 Apr 2024 19:23:38
Shappy, funny you say that, I was thinking of the Ashworth situation. I’ve read so only going by this that SJR wants Ashworth and others in place to have a say in the manager. If the idea from an INEOS point of view is to get a new manager in, ETH may get another season as it maybe to late for a smooth transition for a new manager to come in without Ashworth and other personnel potentially not in place? I have no idea the plan and still hope ETH stays but like you said, I’m not sure a new dawn should start with a new manager coming in later than what you’d want leading into a new season.

12 Apr 2024 20:12:48
Think if Nagelsmann doesn’t extend after the Euros, he could be headed to Chelsea.

12 Apr 2024 21:20:35
Love it Ork!

12 Apr 2024 21:30:00
I suspect they will let ETH see out his contract, which is at the end of next season by my understanding? By then we will have the structure in place to find the right candidate.

12 Apr 2024 22:09:50
RedGuard, that to me makes the most sense. It gives EtH a chance, which I think he deserves.

While it means the club don't have to pay him any compensation for sacking him.

That the new structure is in place to be able to fully assess the club and what they need to do. While also giving them the time to plan it.

While if the intention is to make "club signings" this summer and going forward then it really doesn't make a massive difference in terms to rebuilding the squad. As it's not as if they would be buying players for EtH this summers, only for him to leave a year later.

We are all impatient, and want to see change happen ASAP. But it's more important that we make the right decisions rather than just jumping the gun to make any changes.

The club could sack EtH this summer, pay him 8m compensation, then hire the wrong guy and need to sack him next year and pay out even more compensation.

Until people like Ashworth, Wilcox and Berrada are all in place, have had time to assess the club, decide what needs doing, create that plan and have the resources in place to start acting it out, then nothing should be done. As simply put it could very easily be the wrong step.

12 Apr 2024 22:18:22

Close but no cigar. Not Farbrizio but I am his brother.

12 Apr 2024 22:47:29
Devils advocate,

We keep ETH. Spend another season in the uninspiring doldrums. Dump him at Xmas, pay him out anyway and spend another year out of Europe, unable to attract players yet again.

Swings and roundabouts.

Whatever happens we need to provide service for our forwards rather than bemoaning their suitability. Pointless spending money on a striker and continuing to play the way we are!

12 Apr 2024 22:52:07
Does IDEK stand for I don't even know?

I miss reading the rumours about someone's sister dating a player's brother's barber, who heard X player was signing. Usually Strootman, Schneiderr or Gaitan.

13 Apr 2024 00:22:07
I don’t see EtH leaving.
I don’t see us in Europe either, but as it’d only be the godawful thursday night variety I’m happy to see us play a dozen less games and make a go of a real ‘reboot’ next season.
I know, been there done that for a decade but there’s so much going on that really no manager would have had a chance with that he deserves a final go or at least until xmas to show us once and for all what all the progess and plan is with a few more players in his vision on board.

14 Apr 2024 08:18:42
Nagelsmann makes little sense unless he is going to leave the German national side before the Euros get underway.

Ed has stated that Potter and Southgate lead the charge should EtH be relieved of his duties and personally, I can’t see Southgate either due to similar reasons to Nagelsmann.

Potter the most likely IMO. He’s been waiting for something….



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