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16 Apr 2024 11:44:39
Donny back in June, sancho back in June. Their loan clubs aren't for activating the buy option. Wanting rid of these players is easy, actually doing it is another thing entirely.

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16 Apr 2024 12:08:02
Tim I think at worst dvb will agree to cancel his final year and get himself a new club. Just a feeling I have.
Sancho will at worst be loaned out imo.
I think there is an appetite to bite the bullet financially on these. Understanding the dynamics surrounding srp would be helpful to you.

16 Apr 2024 12:17:57
Martial and VdB simply have to go.
Seems a bit of the unknown around Sancho and Greenwood. Can't see either getting a great reception if they return at this point but so much is up in the air.

16 Apr 2024 12:28:13
#spr sorry predictive typo.

16 Apr 2024 13:17:48
Again psr ? doh!

16 Apr 2024 14:49:16
We could maybe do like Chelsea and sell some of our property portfolio to ourselves. I can see big changes to psr as the complaints about it are getting louder, though the clubs did agree on them so not sure what they’re complaining about now.

{Ed002's Note - The changes have already been agreed.}

16 Apr 2024 16:42:38
Ed002 are the main changes to the rules around moving away from total club profit to a cap on costs for the players wages, transfer fees, agent fees and other associated costs.
I've read that clubs will be restricted to 70% of total income if you are competing in Europe while sides outside of European comps can spend 85%
Points deduction will remain in place for serious breaches I understand.
It was not from a hugely reliable source that I read it.

{Ed002's Note - It is broadly what has been agreed. There are broader penalties available aside from points deductions.}

16 Apr 2024 17:16:03
@ tim there are a few good articles to read up on if you fancy.
I just put 'psr rule changes in epl' and it came up with a few good articles. ?.

16 Apr 2024 17:10:06
Thanks ed002.
Looks a positive change from uniteds perspective.
Appreciate the confirmation.

17 Apr 2024 01:18:09
Don’t think much changes from a Utd perspective currently. Utd have the 2nd highest turnover but also the 2nd highest wage bill. Unlike city and others, Utd also have very high interest repayments based on the buyout and transfer funding from previous years. If Utd were debt free, the rule changes would be ideal but realistically even if Utd sold the 15 players most mentioned and saved 50% of their wage bill, it would only allow an extra 75m in transfers. Reducing as players and wage bill increases.

Definitely better for Utd et al long term though.

17 Apr 2024 08:57:10
Thanks Ken. I listen a lot to Simon Jordan and steffen borson (ffp expert) on talksport. They are very good at dumbing down the complexities of psr for dummies like me.

17 Apr 2024 10:00:52
Tim I would day you are no dummy.

16 Apr 2024 21:53:11
Thanks ed as always!

16 Apr 2024 22:52:30
Ken, I listen a lot to Steffen borson who is on talksport. He’s an ffp expert and he’s great at explaining things for simple folk like me. I’m not a huge Simon Jordan fan but when those 2 discuss this topic it’s engrossing and very informative!



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