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03 Mar 2024 21:11:53
Am I being harsh? Unreasonable? Out of order?

Rashford gives an interview in mid week, cut him in half and he bleeds Utd apparently.

He scores an absolute beauty but can't do the basics. From a brilliant position, he demands a soft foul, innocuous at best, when he at the very least had the chance to hold onto the ball, relieve some pressure and get us up the pitch.

He falls onto the floor, the glance of an arm akin to a bullet through the brain, they go down the other end and get the equaliser.

I'm seething, get hold of the ball, be stronger, be competitive, do your job, help your teammates. It wasn't the first time he needlessly surrendered possession when we had a great opportunity to counter.

It seems perverse to be angry with a player that scored such a great goal but that sums him up.

Maybe I'm miles off, no doubt we were outplayed but we were in that game and momentum turns on fine margins. If that's commitment to the cause it's no wonder we're not very good!

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03 Mar 2024 23:03:46
Watching game today great finish but shocking apart from that. Think he thought he answered his critics.

04 Mar 2024 06:54:54
I think you sum him up perfectly DLIB. In fact that 90 minutes sums up Rashford perfectly. Flashes of brilliance, but no desire or work ethic to become a top performer.

04 Mar 2024 09:24:22
You have described Rashford perfectly.

04 Mar 2024 10:22:46
Bang on Dlib.
Rashford is a coward. He is full of excuses and has a very over inflated opinion of himself.
Eth is a coward too in many ways imo.
He is completely delusional and will be gone in the summer thank god.
He is close to becoming as big an embarrassment to the club as ole clown.
Dead man walking drowning in his own bullwaste.

04 Mar 2024 14:03:34

You are the most opinionated to extremes poster here.


Rashford has never been a physical player and you are correct in wishing he should show more courage and at least put a shoulder into walker or come across him and then take the contact properly if he is going to go down.

04 Mar 2024 17:19:40
Calling the manager a coward 🤣🤣🤣 my god!

03 Mar 2024 19:58:39
We have the Dutch coach who talks Dutch possession/ control football, today again we were schooled in real Dutch possession and contol football. Talk about parking the bus. Only positives were Onana and young Mainoo. Hojlund was big loss today we had no out ball to hold up play to allow our midfield get up the pitch. Still think we need 3/ 4 first team players.

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03 Mar 2024 20:14:46
Woah, slow the horses. Yes we were ‘schooled’, but by a far far better team than us. Did you really expect we might get a win today? Even when we were a goal up I fully expected to lose. They are a universe above us and we’ve a load of work to do simply to get close to their ability.

03 Mar 2024 19:15:36
Did any of us expect anything different, or better? Is there any point in getting angry that we are simply nowhere near good enough even with our best 11 fit and healthy. No manager in the world could challenge City with that line up.

Other than his goal, Rashford was pretty awful. Garnacho was out of his depth. A few players did well: Dalot and Varane in particular, as did Evans. but let's face it Evans and Lindelof are a big step down from Martinez and Shaw. Onana was good until their second which he will be disappointed not to have saved.

I won't say we were outthought. With what's at his disposal thinking doesn't enter into it. We simply don't have a solid first XI let alone any subs on the bench who are EPL quality. Forson? Looks like a championship player at best. Amrabat? Both of them gave away possession by running not their own players.

Maybe ETH is right. Antony is unplayable, which is to say he's not someone whom the manager should play! But that said, I don't think ETH was at all at fault for what happened today. That was pretty much exactly as one might have expected. I'm surprised we even scored.

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03 Mar 2024 20:18:08
Good post shawthing. We have to be realistic. I actually thought we were going to get a proper old fashioned twatting. We got away with that.

04 Mar 2024 08:23:46
Some would argue that statistically we did get an old fashioned twatting. Not every boxing match results in a KO.

There are teams out there with worse players (on paper) who have given City a better game and even got a result. The sad reality is we have no desire or drive to pursue that.

But no I didn’t expect a result. No realistic person would.

However for ETH to claim we should have won it is borderline delirious. Could we have won it? Sure on another day……. maybe.

03 Mar 2024 17:53:09
What do you even say anymore. can't even get angry that shows where we are at. We are back to playing ole ball, sit back and hope to do something on the counter. i know it's city but it's not like it doesn't happen against other teams too, home and away. Saddest thing is I'm sat here glad it wasn't an absolute hiding🤦🏼‍♂️🫣.

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03 Mar 2024 18:34:36
Not much to say really, but no more than expected, but it’s ok we showed determination and character and heading in the right direction!

Saving grace it was only 3-1 but in reality a gulf in class, but then saying that there been the same against the low teams too and today was us being up for a Derby!

03 Mar 2024 18:39:09
ITs unfortunate but they are just better. Our boys played Their guts out there today and nothing to be ashamed of. A patched up united lost to a very good city team. we move on.

03 Mar 2024 18:44:27
Ahmad, they didn’t play their guts out at all.

03 Mar 2024 18:48:50
One word, shocking.

03 Mar 2024 19:00:28
Ahmed, please I know you say I go over the top with my criticism of ETH, but your post are laughable so much to extent I think maybe your the owner of specsavers, not just a customer I get you and others have your own agendas but come on wake up and smell the coffee… played there guys out, still not quite Antony is unplayable but right up there.

These ain’t a school boy team that were just put out on the pitch and say play your guts out lads, these are elite professional athletes supposedly coached by team of elite coaches, it should be a little more than play your guts out lads!

03 Mar 2024 19:08:49
Watching that today, I actually had no reaction to any of City's goals because they simply spoke of formality to me.
In fact, I don't think City performed to their best today, maybe 70%.

It is what it is and we are where we are - nowhere near their level.

03 Mar 2024 19:14:54

what's shocking about a patched up united team trying to get a result at city. get real.

03 Mar 2024 19:22:04
Nailed it ork…Radcliffe has a massive job on!

03 Mar 2024 19:38:56
Ahmad. You are totally in a world of your own.
I saw db and shappy do the same with ole.
There is a fine line between support and enabling and encouraging mediocrity. You are about 10 bazillion miles over the line.

03 Mar 2024 20:09:48
No not measured in Bazillions, it should be measured in light years!

Him and ETH must be the same person because he also sees things that are just not there, it’s basically certifiable, in my day they would have called for the men in white coats because we can’t say that anymore one of the woke brigade already called me racist for saying it’s a Dutch trait to over complicate and internal rifts and not the easiest to get on with!

03 Mar 2024 20:49:36
Ahmad…I admire your optimism and Rosie view on United but I just don’t see it mate. We hired eth based on a body of work and a philosophy none of which has been evident at United. Ultimately I think that will cost him his job.

03 Mar 2024 23:05:30
At least teams like Brentford and Fulham have a go.

03 Mar 2024 17:46:14
Kept in the game for over an hour but they are just miles better than us.
Imo foden is the best player in the world right now. Backed up by the best cf and best no6 in the world imo.
We have been out thought out fought out classed.
But just so totally submissive in every aspect of the game is awful to see.
I've seen many teams play them this season and play better than we did today.
Yes it was bare bones and square pegs in round holes so we never expected to win but I don't expect submissive surrender.

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03 Mar 2024 18:39:13
Come on how long can we hide behind bare bones, are you for 1 minute thinking that even if we had zero injuries we would have got near them?

We have looked utterly awful all season and just the same today… the quicker we are put out this misery the better, I know you hated Ole Ken but hell was it any worse than this? Least with him he made no secret of hit them on the break football ETH says this is determined great character in the right direction, Antony unplayable football, even he needs to engage himself before speaking.

03 Mar 2024 19:32:52
I don't hate ole I hate what he did while he was manager here.
This performers reminded me of oleball. Submissive and surrender like I said.
Eth is not a united manager he doesn't have the courage.

03 Mar 2024 20:11:57
Sorry I should have said you hated Ole the manager… glad you come round to my view though Ken, the view that you abused me for couple of months back, but nothing wrong with a u turn, we got a special-ist at it on here already!

04 Mar 2024 06:33:01
Doesn’t have the courage? What do you mean Ken? Just curious with the personnel available today how would you have set up and how would you have gone about trying to get a positive result? Interesting to know!

04 Mar 2024 09:08:19
Chris what I would do is irrelevant.
He is a safety first manager. Just like ole. He has no courage to set up an attacking team lol at our goals scored all season. He did not set up to attack He sets up not to lose if he gets a winning position He then sets up not to lose that position.

04 Mar 2024 09:09:49
Strangeways I never abused you don't be such a snowflake. Find me the post where I abused you. They're is ac difference between abuse and a differing opinion don't be a clown like redman.

04 Mar 2024 14:44:11
beep juggernaut reversing!

04 Mar 2024 15:43:48
Let’s be fair Chris even last season we were very very low goal scorers, the play is boring imo been like that since day 1 even the top 3 finish last season and the cup was more of other teams being really poor nothing to do with us being good… this season just a continuation, boring build up lack of imagination poor tactics terrible man management. We won’t go into buys and loans because that’s plain to see, but now he also seems to be seeing things that no one else does, I still can’t get over Antony unplayable bit though for me that’s up there with the 5000 word essay that we are so much stronger than last season epic!

04 Mar 2024 17:22:14
Ok I’ll repeat my question to you two strange and tumble as you two seem to think you have the answers
With yesterday squad of players available how would you have set us up and who’d of played? Genuinely curious as to how you two would ask them to play!

04 Mar 2024 18:26:58
What difference does that make Chris. You might as well ask my nan her opinion it's irrelevant.
When have I said I have the answers. Never made a claim like that. I post on what I see very rarely post on how to do it and if I do it's with a caveat.
Sure what do I know no more than you or anybody else.
I stopped at uefa a badge never went on to do a or pro licence and I only played at semi pro and junior intl level. I'm not qualified to tell people exactly what we need.
We have experts in place for that. I'll comment on what I see, if it pleases me and if I enjoy it.
Nobody is laying all the blame at eth door I don't think.
But I've come to the opinion that he is not done well enough in too many aspects to warrant another season.
For every ying there is a yang.
We will hear stats like our best every new manager win rate. Fact.
But we are 6th and falling.
We were bottom of our cl group.
We have a very unhappy camp.
No player has improved under him
He has done some good things but not enough imo.
He will be fired in the summer I've no doubt about that.
If you don't like that when it happens I'm sure you'll voice your opinion.
Nobody at the club is listening to us nor should they. They might as well ask Karen from hr she will have as much a clue as you or I.

04 Mar 2024 19:04:48
Chris, where in my post did I say anything about what I would have done yesterday.

1, I’m not the manager
2, I only say what I see, not through red tinted glasses
3, when as my view on ETH changed I been the same since day one, yesterday or the last few games have not changed that.
4, TBF he even played that way against bottom half teams so I was hardly surprised at yesterdays attempt
5, what surprises me more is the stupid statements he makes getting worse by the day
6, I am sorry you don’t like my views on ETH

But maybe you would point out exactly what ETH done in virtually 2 years that’s so great in your eyes?
Good buys?
Good loans?
Player improvement?
Good morale?
Good relationships with players?
Good tactics?
Good in game management?
Good style of play?

What is it exactly that impresses you so much if you don’t mind me asking?

No point in saying come next season because it’s clear as night follows day he gone come summer.

29 Feb 2024 09:50:47
Great draw in fa cup and a good win last night with a patched up team.
I really hope eth does an lvg and wins the cup in his last game.

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29 Feb 2024 10:04:55
Hypothetical question Ken.

On the basis that everyone can agree that, barring perhaps 4 or 5 players, we have a mish-mash squad of cabbage-brained snowflakes…

If ETH takes us from 6th to 4th, wins a cup, gets to another cup final and a semi final in his first season.
Then in his 2nd season wins another cup and finishes 5th.
And in doing all of this has the highest win percentage of any Manchester United manager.
Under the conditions of a take over, multiple players with DV allegations against them, and an injury crisis in the 2nd season.

Giving a yes / no answer, should his two years as manager be considered a success?

29 Feb 2024 10:29:03
I think he can leave with his head held high if he wins the cup and gets cl football for next season wazza.
Much like lvg or jose before him.
Good but not good enough.
BTW I don't think he will be 4th or win the cup but I really hope we do get both those things.
Win percentage is being destroyed by biggest amount of lost games.
I've been very clear wazza you seem to have an issue.
I like eth. I don't think he has done a terrible job.
My opinion is he is not the man to bring us forward based on what I've seen so far.
But I'm not in control not a subject matter expert.
I don't think he will be kept I think it's very obvious why. I don't think he should be kept either. I see huge flaws in his personality and in his coaching.
Come to me when all your ifs turn into reality and I'd imagine my answer will be no different.
He is in my opinion not up to the task of getting this team back to the top table.
You don't agree. Let's see what happens
Imo I will be proven right as he will be gone so I'll live in the reality of the situation while you live with the ifs and hypotheses.

29 Feb 2024 10:59:32
No issue on my side sweet heart.

On the contrary you are forever trying to cause a rift with people. To be absolutely clear what I mean by that: “we will see who is right at the end of the season”. There is no you vs everyone else here. Very few people are disagreeing on what will happen at the end of the season.

I think ETH will be gone. This is not some genius theory you have come up with. I think he will be gone too. Other more positive posters such as Shappy, GDS2, probably think he will be gone, but I don’t want to put words in their mouth.

We have new part-ownership and direction. Ed002 has on more than occasion alluded to it. The evidence is there for everybody to see. Don’t worry so much about it as you’re not going to speak it into existence 👍.

29 Feb 2024 11:43:03
Sweet heart🤣🤣🤣🤣
We will see who is right.
Wazza you are a little emotional I think.
Not once have I suggested it's my idea.
In fact I've gone as far as to say my opinion is completely irrelevant to the decision makers. As is yours.
So to suggest that I'm coming in with a blue-sky idea is I'd suggest a little bit simple.
I won't speak anything into existence nor do I want to.
If you think it will happen why ask stupid questions like the one above you've asked me.
Don't ask me questions if you don't think you'll like the answer I give.
I don't think you want eth to be fired, that's OK. if you don't want him fired that's your opinion. Let's see what happens when the subject matter experts are in place.
You've been asking for a proper set up to be put in place for years have you not? So if they decide eth is not the man then that's it. You won't like it but there you go its not run by the amateurs that put eth in place anymore.
If they decide eth is the man then ill be happy to support their decision.
I don't like causing rifts at all but I'll speak my mind if the unintended consequence of doing that is rifts are caused then so be it.
I make dozens of decisions everyday.
Some turn out right some turnout wrong. So if I make a call that turns out to be wrong we then try to get it right the next time. Over 1000 families rely on my decision making every month to put food on their table so this is really unimportant.
Eth being manager is not that important causing 'rifts with a couple of dozen guys I don't know or never met is unimportant and not a goal of mine.
There are people on here who's views i like and others I don't like. That's OK.
I think you have a little bee in your bonnet and I'm more than happy to converse with you on it if you can be Civil. But at the end of the day we will have to see what those that make thev decisions decide.
I'm sure you won't be surprised by their actions even if your are a disappointed that eth will be gone.
It's the experts you wanted making the decision not me sweet heart let's see what they do. If you don't like what they do direct your ire in their direction not mine. My opinion is irrelevant to the decision makers.

29 Feb 2024 13:10:01
There again with the “we will see who is right” again Ken. Right about what? 😂 we are both saying the same thing, ETH will probably be gone in the summer. Honestly you would argue the sky is pink.

I don’t know what you’re talking about with the rest unfortunately, it’s a lot of waffle to a simple yes / no question.

29 Feb 2024 13:31:41
Do you want eth to be fired / do you think he should be? So looking for your opinion on what you would like to happen as opposed to what you think will happen?

29 Feb 2024 14:20:51
I think ETH will be gone in the summer.

I also think that ETH has been dealt a very bad hand but did exceptionally well in his first season, and I understand why we are struggling this season and do not place all of the blame at his feet. For that reason I would like to see him given a chance next season, hopefully in an improved environment.

When we do bring a new manager in he will also get my full support until results are poor - again provided the new manager is working in a suitable environment which allows him to flourish.

One thing we can both agree on is that ETH will eventually leave / be fired. And that will also happen to the next manager, and the one after that.

29 Feb 2024 15:51:58
Strange now you all agree with me even though you barracked me for even suggesting such a thing 3-4 months ago that ETH should and would go!

29 Feb 2024 16:58:57
'You all agree with me' 😁 Many of us, after Ed002's comments may think he might be gone. Don't think everyone on here, or in the stands thinks he should be. Not yet, anyway.

29 Feb 2024 19:22:14
But the tide is turning, that’s for sure there is only so much dire football one can take….

01 Mar 2024 08:53:10
Jeez ladies, get a room 😂.

01 Mar 2024 09:22:44

I don’t think it’s what you say that people don’t agree with, it’s the constant trolling and nothing positive you ever say why people don’t agree with you.

01 Mar 2024 10:56:25
I will be an outlier and say many will have to get back in your box and he may be here for not just next year but also a contract extension in the summer:) let's see.

Strangeways just talks trout 90% of the time and is just trolling. not a united supporter imo.

Its just boredom and speculation by arm chair quarterbacks imo. One thing for sure there is a lot to do and no one knows what is going on. will hear more i reckon once season is over.

02 Mar 2024 16:04:06
What you mean like all the positive post about Rashford and Bruno, that appear day after day!, it’s a site for everyone’s opinion and some of them will differ from yours, grow up and get on.

03 Mar 2024 19:19:09
Do I think EtH will go in the summer, I'd say I'm around 90% sure he will, and I have been since the INEOS deal was announced.

We have seen how they are clearing the decks behind the scenes, moving for new people in many key positions.

I'd find it unusual if they didn't want their own man in charge of the first team (looking most likely to be Potter, although I'd prefer De Zerbi or Amorim personally) .

It was always highly likely that EtH would be replaced. However, that will have little to do with short term results, playing style or his comments in the press. It'll be almost exclusively because the new ownership and club structure will want their own man to fit their own vision.

Personally I think under the circumstances EtH has done a good job, he's certainly navigated the most turbulent time in our recent history far better than any of the managers since SAF.

My view is that if he leaves this summer that it'll be unfair on him. I think he'll go on and have a good career and be successful at his next job and throughout the rest of his career.

Ajax under VDS and Overmars was an excellently run club, in that set up EtH created a young, dynamic side that played great football and were able to go up against the very best sides in Europe and compete and even beat them. Even going to the Bernabeu and beating arguably the best Real Madrid side in the past 50 years 4-1 to dump them out of the 2018/ 19 UCL. The same Real Madrid side that had won 4 of the previous 5 UCL titles.

So let's not pretend EtH was not and is not a very good manager capable of great things when at a well run club.

He's suffered from the same issues every other manager has at United. So much so that the new ownership have said publicly that the club needs to make changes as it cannot be successful as it's currently being run.

Personally I think it could well be the case of right manager, wrong time with EtH. Which is a shame.

04 Mar 2024 15:50:38
Steadied the ship your joking surely, the club is in more of a mess now then before he arrived, we got 70 million Sancho now worth two bob, we got addition of a 80 mil unplayable player, worth 25 mil if we’re lucky, we got a GK who is not good enough, we got Mount who let’s face it hardly played in 2 years (here and Chelsea) we have scored hardly any goals for 2 seasons, we been awful to watch, virtually no one got any better in fact most have got worse, he virtually had fall outs with every one, he is so bad even Ronaldo went rogue! He treats players like school kids and then wonders why they disrespect him…. I would probably say been the worst appointment since SAF, I even include Ole in that, because I understand the initial Ole appointment where that went wrong was giving him a full contract not just stick with the interim.

28 Feb 2024 20:09:07
Just switch Dalot and Amrabar.

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28 Feb 2024 10:42:50
Some won't remember this but a a 20 year old from the Academy named Mark Robins scored in the FA Cup v Nottingham Forest and it's always been told that this goal save Sir Alex Ferguson's career. Well I'm going early, I think we will see a goal from an Academy kid who which is going to keep ETH in his job. I've also got a sneaky feeling we might see the Antony's best game in a United shirt that will kick start his career at United.

I completely appreciate I may well end up with a lot of egg on my face with this one, haha!

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28 Feb 2024 11:52:17

With your inkling about Antony's performance tonight, I suspect the eggs are already on their way. :D.

28 Feb 2024 13:18:12
Yeah I think the Easter Bunny and his shooting squad are already lining up! BUT, if the unbelievable happens Ork and Antony turns into a prime Messi tonight, I'm coming for you :D I'm still not putting a £1 on it though!

28 Feb 2024 18:39:08
I honestly hope he does have a decent game if he plays Ports, but I'd personally rather see Amad from the start - not because he's clearly so much better, but because we've not yet seen him given a proper opportunity under ten Hag.

I'd sooner put money on the weather. :D.

28 Feb 2024 22:38:28
Loved to have known your thoughts when Antony rattled the crossbar first 5 mins Ork 😂 thought he was better tonight to be fair to him. Long way to go for him still.

May well have got our Mark Robins moment though 🙏.

29 Feb 2024 03:00:39
After 5 mins, I certainly got a whiff of egg Ports.
My thoughts when the crossbar got a tickle were 'Geddon, that's more like it' and 'Have I been talking to a seer? '

Alas, although a bit better, he surely still did little to change the general consensus.

Indeed, the reprieve may have arrived for ten Hag, but for how long?

29 Feb 2024 06:52:13
Antony does a lot of running, tracks back well, but got nothing else in his locker at all, even the shooting of the only foot he got deserted him now, surely will be sold at huge loss in the summer

Guess all you can say is we got through for probably one extra game anyway, but another very very poor performance, it’s mind numbing stuff.

Never even worth listening to ETH after games because we played well are on the right track getting so much better and go on about injuries is as mind numbing as the play.

29 Feb 2024 07:02:30
I thought Antony played well and a very happy man today folks. FA cup ties away are never easy especially against pl sides at this stage of the cup.

We played decent football and unusual for me not be nervous about conceding and we were pretty solid and got better as the game went on. we had 61 percent possession and there was some nice stuff and some thought of the usual scrappy stuff.

We are through to the last 8 and what a dream tie at home to get to semis. Going to the game and looking forward to it.

29 Feb 2024 11:06:49
The highlight of the match for me was the turn, sprint and dink into the mixer from Dalot who, despite the injury crisis and previous negativity concerning his output, has stepped up massively to become a hugely vital player.

27 Feb 2024 11:29:38
Interesting to see what way we go tomorrow against forest.
I'm not sure who is available.
Lb options are not great.
Striker options not great.
I sure we will try to adjust tactically from that farce of a performance against Fulham.
There will be personell changes.
It will be interesting to see what the plan is and who is tasked and trusted to carry it out.
I'll be shocked if rashford is played up front and if forson gets another start.
Not sure on the injury front if lindelof is going to be fit or if casimero is available.
Must win game or our season is over in Feb which is a bit sad.

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27 Feb 2024 18:56:07
maguire, varrane, bruno injured.

28 Feb 2024 06:41:58
Would anyone bet there house on us winning! There lies the problem, reports now saying ETH and Rashford don’t even speak anymore, it’s all getting a bit Kindergarten he is supposedly a elite manager, this is just utterly ridiculous, if you like Rashford, Sancho, Ronaldo etc or not, putting them on the naughty step is hardly an elite way of managing a situation… it’s small club mentality all the best managers in the world players will run through brick walls for, ETH they won’t even walk past a coffee shop for!

Only thing that is for sure on tonight’s game even if we do manage a win, is it won’t be great to watch…of that you can bet your house.

28 Feb 2024 07:54:42
Could have bet my house on Strangebloke banging on about ETH. Oh look, how cute.

28 Feb 2024 08:56:56
Reports by who, then there is Mainoo speaking about how good eth has been in terms of developing him and giving him a lot of credit. I prefer to focus on the positives and not every bs report that someone drops and the rest of the media carry and duplicate which then seems like its multiple sources.

If even true most here hate rash and want him gone and accuse eth of favoritism so that will please many lol.

27 Feb 2024 09:28:16
That extra 4 points for Everton yesterday might just help us with tomorrow's fixture v Forest. It drops them to one above relegation zone with a game more than Luton. They have 3 of their next 5 games they will look at as winnable so hopefully continuing in the FA Cup will not be a priority and ETH REALLY needs this FA Cup I think, especially with City at the weekend. Cannot see him surviving losing the next 2 games if I'm honest.

We should be comfortable enough to beat Forest anyway but this is what supporting United has become!

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27 Feb 2024 10:13:27
We should have been enough to beat Fulham at home but look how that went! With Lindelof and Rashford we are going to be properly exposed down our left and expect to be slaughtered by City. We've been winging it and getting lucky but I suspect our lucky pot is about empty.

27 Feb 2024 11:31:16
Got to agree fizz. Losing shaw is massive and as for rashford…. don't get me started!

27 Feb 2024 18:58:17
only chance we have is to hit city on the break with rash and garnacho. both will play barring injuries.


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