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21 Oct 2019 10:51:37
What did people make of our use of a 343/ 3412/ 541 formation yesterday?

Im torn, if Axel recovers it looks like a good way to set up from the back and give any of the 3 CBs license to bring the ball out into midfield and allows AWB to create some width on the right which as we know has been missing from our lop sided attack.

On the flip side with Rashford, James and Martial all fit it means one of them misses out as i don't see any of them fitting in in the 10 position. Rashford looked sharper coming from wide rather than being the focal point of our attack.

Similarly would it be a good way of harnessing Pogba's talents, getting him closer to the action and relieving him of some defensive burden? If he replaced Andreas (who I thought was good yesterday and put in a real shift) we would lose out on some work rate but perhaps add some creative flair and incisive passing. Alternatively he lines up next to Scott as part of the 2 but is less exposed defensively than in the 4231 we have employed in the past maybe we would see him dictating play better from deep.

Maybe this is the formation to paper over our midfield deficiencies. McTominay is one of the first names on the team sheet for me at the moment. Lining up like this removes question marks over the troublesome RW position and means choosing Scott's midfield partner the only problem role.

We all know additions are needed and will be madew but for now we ahve to make do with what we have and mitigate the deficiencies in our squad (namely CM and RW) . Kudos to Ole for the way he set the team up yesterday, we went very close to pulling off an unexpected win and credit to the players for putting a real shift in.

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21 Oct 2019 13:35:07
It might be a useful formation to use this season. However, if we are expected to be on top in most games then to stick with 3 at the back we would need very offensive full backs otherwise you lose the extra man in attack which you will need against teams that sit deep. I'm not sure of AWB who is our best full back counts as a "very offensive" full back.

Maybe if he tucked in and played RCB with Dalot at RWB.

But then does it make sense to move one of our best performing players into a new position which he hasn't played before? If it works then its genius, but if not then the manager and the coaching staff will take loads of flack.

Personally I think he would excel in that role, great at 1 vs 1's and comfortable being dragged into the wide areas.

343 is my personal favourite formation as it creates the most triangles on the pitch and gives excellent balance. Plus its very flexible and easy to change and adapt in game to change tactics.

20 Oct 2019 21:31:24
The tactics were obvious, away tactics at home. Use Rashford and James in the gaps left by the fullbacks pushing forward. At half time on live chat my thoughts were that the game would be decided by how we reacted to changes in the second half. We saw two tactical changes from us, the last one ultra defensive, 541, yet the question was why? Once we dropped back like that we relinquished a threat, it gave them the space to push onto us, almost opting not to attack. To me it looked like we were trying to be too tactically clever. We were too deep, no gap between keeper and defence.

To many an unexpected draw, yet a missed opportunity because we tried to keep what we had. In game management is key and lack of experience of it cost us again.

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21 Oct 2019 05:33:32
Lack of concentration.
AWB didn't quickly close down the cross and Young lost his marker.
Would have been a deserved, hard fought victory.

21 Oct 2019 10:30:02
Red man,

At 1-0 after 87 minutes against a team that’s won 17 in a row you think we should have been attacking? We have plenty experience trying to defend 1-0 leads, unfortunately 4 times this season it’s ended in a 1-1 draw and only the Leicester game did we hold on. We did the right things just a lack of concentration and probably tired legs / lack of quality meant we couldn’t hold on. Lots of positives to build on though.

21 Oct 2019 13:55:18
Red man, I would agree with you IF we were on the back of a good run. But with confidence at a low ebb, against the side on the best run of form in the EPL. trying to see it out and shutting up shop was probably the right move.

AWB didn't close down the cross quickly enough, and between Young and Rojo they lost the back post runner.

If AWB made that block or Young or Rojo picked up the back post runner then we would be lording a famous victory.

C'est la vie. However, tactically Ole and the coaches got it right yesterday. So let's give them that one. Onwards and upwards.

21 Oct 2019 19:01:58
Shappy, GDS

I disagree

If you concede everything based on falling back into defence in a 541, it provides no risk of them being caught on the break and us picking them off. It gives them freedom, enables them to push forward and brings them on to our defence and we paid the price, nearly lost it. The decision to take Rashford off, go to 541 put Martial up front was an error. They got the tactics right from the start until they had to make changes. Time and again in game management just doesn’t cut it.

By the way the tactics were pretty obvious. exactly what I said they would be. Away from home tactics got us a draw but if the previous manager had done that there would be hell. We raised our game motivated by who the opposition were, happened time immemorial and I am delighted but not enthused.

21 Oct 2019 21:33:13

Please check, I may be wrong but did we go 541 after 76 mins not 87.

22 Oct 2019 00:13:35
Our previous incumbent would have set up for a 0-0, not a 1-1.

20 Oct 2019 20:16:01
Proud if the boys today, great passion and effort. Pereira Rashford and especially James worked tirelessly. When l saw Rojo was playing l was waiting for either penalty or red card, but it was poor defending from him for the goal. Questions over Oles tactical skills were addressed some what, no one saw the formation coming and it definitely caught Clippity Klopp out. It must really frustrate a manager when players can't put in this effort each Week, l know it drives me as a fan. But on the positives, this was good for confidence and hopefully we can progress now. Well done to the players, manager and the crowd who were brilliant throughout.

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20 Oct 2019 22:36:10
Yeah we shown passion and worked are socks off. We did defend well apart from the lapse for there goal

But we didn't create enough in the game for me.

21 Oct 2019 10:32:31
Bolger, we created 4 or 5 clear chances to be fair, more than most teams did against that first choice Liverpool defence that’s in great form and won the champions league, so wouldn’t be too worried about that.

20 Oct 2019 17:38:26
Is Dan James an expert in $h!t housery?
Baby faced assassin mkii.

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20 Oct 2019 21:01:51
Tbf he was body slammed twice and broke his nose with no foul. Being chopped down at will.

21 Oct 2019 05:35:03
His attitude and work ethic is exactly what other players must follow.

20 Oct 2019 14:56:00
So how would you guys line up today?

Personally I feel we need an extra body in midfield and players to double up out wide on Liverpool's overlapping full backs. I wouldn't take the risk and start DDG, there's a good chance he won't last 90 minutes so I wouldn't want to have to risk subbing a goalkeeper.

So, 433 with Romero, AWB, Tuanzebe, Maguire, Young, McTominay, Lindelof, Fred, Dalot, Martial, James.

Lindelof in midfield as Matic isn't mobile enough and we need someone who can read the game well and make a clean tackle. McTominay and Fred as we need mobility and work rate. Plus with Pogba injured and Andreas Pereira being the other viable options it seems a no brainer. Dalot and James on the flanks offer pace on the counter while both are hard working a decent defensively which will be key as most of liverpool's attacks come from overlapping fullbacks. If we can restrict TAA and Robertson then we will limit Liverpool, its vital that we starve off service to Mane, Firmino and Salah (if fit) . Martial returns up front as we need someone more clinical than Rashford as we are likely to only get a few chances at best.

We need to keep this game tight for as long as possible and not get drawn into a more expansive game as we will get outplayed. Press them high, but stay compact as a team. Hit them quickly when we get the ball and try and isolate their full backs or drag their CB's out and stand them up especially whoever is playing alongside VvD.

If Alisson plays test him early with a few shots, even from distance. He has been out for a long time and might still be a little rusty, put him under pressure and make him work before he gets a chance to settle.

{Ed025's Note - im thinking 2 goalies and 9 defenders shappy.. :)

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20 Oct 2019 15:27:01
Wouldn't be a bad shout Ed025. Although on a more serious note we actually have one of the best defensive records in the league and that is without sitting back and attempting to just stifle teams.

Our issues have entirely been at the other end, we can't create chances, and to be honest I'm not sure what the attempted plan of attack is. We are pressing teams higher, and we do attempt to play with more width. But there doesn't seem to be any combination play, or offensive plan. Maybe that is because of the injuries are disrupting things and not allowing the side to settle and build those connections and combinations. This we be even more important as we don't have a special player such as Ronaldo who can create a goal out of nothing almost entirely on his own.

{Ed025's Note - you held your own out there today shappy, liverpool were actually scared of united and never looked liked beating you all game because you intimidated them and thats what the old united used to do to teams, dont get me wrong you are no great shakes mate at the moment but at least you went toe to toe against the best team in the league and could easily have held on for the win, there is a long way to go obviously but you did show some bottle and togetherness which was nice to see..

21 Oct 2019 05:37:19
Absolutely Ed.
As a fan, this is want we want.
Effort and 100% commitment.
If we play with the same fight and determination every week, results will follow.

{Ed025's Note - you still need more quality TRD especially in midfield, but it was a lot better than recent games mate and just what was needed at this time, lets hope this is a springboard for getting the season back on track because a good run could put united right back up there..

19 Oct 2019 17:39:13
I have been at Northampton for the Salford game today, after the loss against St Helens in Rugby, its still good to see how well we are doing. The lads look dissapointed and I don't think deserved to lose 2-0. Mufc could do with loaning them a few of our reserves.

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06 Oct 2019 22:50:24
Ole should have some dignity and resign while he is still loved by the fans. No point destroying your legacy to prove people wrong because it will just end in tears. Do the right thing and walk away Ole.

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07 Oct 2019 18:20:20
There are 7,500,000 points a year to not resign, don't forget while he was paid very handsomely during his playing career, his wages were nothing compared to the pampered self centered players ( insert name here) of today.

Stick it out and he's set for life.

06 Oct 2019 21:43:13
Some of the players we have are just not good enough. Fred. what does he actually do? Our midfield is really poor. Martial is now so obviously our best striker, we need him badly.
If SAF were manager who would he keep. De Gea and Maguire, they'd be the only 2.
We should sack Ole, sadly, and get Wenger.

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07 Oct 2019 00:42:32
Fred and Pereira are two of the worst players to play for the club in my lifetime, look like they have never played football before, utterly useless.


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