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19 Apr 2024 12:52:51
Decision to end FA Cup replays is a travesty for the football pyramid.

I might be a life-long United fan, but for the last 10-years since moving I've also become a Peterborough United fan. My son and I now have a season ticket even though we don't go to all of the games. I feel like I'm helping a local club that has to fight tooth and nail to survive. I would be lost without it now.

Cup replays are such a vital form of revenue and match day motivation. There's no guarantee obviously. Clubs can't budget for replay revenue, but when they come along they're like gold-dust. The EFL clubs already lost cup revenue when the top PL clubs withdrew from the early rounds of the League Cup. Now this.

Replays are a part of British football heritage and culture. It's another poor PL decision that rips at the very fabric of our game. The greed shown by the PL is astounding. It would not be what it is now without the pyramid. It's not just players. There is a wealth of talent that is developed in the lower leagues that the PL relies upon. Even referees and linesman depend upon it for their career progression.

It's short-sighted greed that alienates supporters and communities up and down the country. Even as a United supporter I'm at the point where I'm starting to resent these clubs. Their arrogance will one day be their downfall.

Our game needs a proper regulator that protects the game, not just the elite.

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19 Apr 2024 13:37:51
Couldn't agree more.

It's actually a disgrace and one that further drives the stake into the heart of football - the heart put in by all the working class folk who sought to bring this wonderful sport to the world, now being insulted by the continual disregard shown towards football communities beyond the big cities who better reflect the founders and early participants.

Complete and utter disgrace.

19 Apr 2024 14:33:10
It was an FA Cup replay that Bryan Robson scored my favourite goal ever v Liverpool at Maine Road. An FA Cup replay we witnessed one of the greatest goals ever scored by Ryan Giggs v Arsenal.

Everything that made the FA Cup magic they are slowly changing. Semi finals moving to Wembley from grounds like Villa Park. Saturday kick off to 5pm from 3pm. And now this. Replays add to the excitement of the matches and makes the FA Cup, or made the FA Cup the best cup competition in the world outside of international football. Once again a decision has been made that make me question my enthusiasm for the game. I’m all for change and agree things have to move on but it has to be for the benefit of the fans primarily and the game. Sad times.

19 Apr 2024 16:19:25
The underlying problem is that there are too many games for some players. Agree this isn't the answer. There are lots of alternatives e. g. trimming premier league to 18 teams, reducing the number of international football friendlies, putting load management limits for players .

19 Apr 2024 17:46:10
There are too many teams that are unsustainable for professional football.
The clubs are often living beyond theft their means the football pyramid needs to be reduced imo by bringing probably about 15 or 20 clubs back to part time.

19 Apr 2024 18:06:00
There are too many games yet teams are going abroad at seasons end thousands of miles away to play an exhibition match!

19 Apr 2024 19:27:37
Harrison Burrows has played more games this season (Posh captain) than any Liverpool player.

19 Apr 2024 19:33:24
Teams should be encouraged to play more players from U23’s and academy. I’ve never liked the 5 sub rule but if it’s in place, 2 of the 5 should be academy products. Agree with Salford about pre season and I really believe something like the charity shield will be in America or somewhere soon and that’ll be the start. Also, sack of international friendlies 3 weeks into a season!

19 Apr 2024 20:27:38
terrible decision -also not all players are household names on 300k a week of course - why should a long serving player from e.g woking, tranmere or peterborough be denied the chance to play at Old Trafford/ Anfield Arsenal etc once in their career?

20 Apr 2024 01:15:00
Too many vested interests trying to milk the top players for all they're worth.

FIFA is now trying to increase their share. World club cup incoming. Extended world cup. All increases the money for FIFA - and give greater distribution of earnings from world football to those outside of UEFA.

UEFA has been increasing games and including more and more teams. Not to speak of the euro break away league which is lurking.

EPL and domestic cups want to see star players playing every game. Long runs in Europe and english cups can lead to situations where teams have to play 4 games in 8 days due to fixture congestion.

The we get to the end of the season and the big clubs take to players away on these money making tours with games every few days and thousands of miles of flying in between.

It is not sustainable for the players. Fergy used to manage minutes of players pretty well. He would rest players from the match day squad. Bring them back from summer later after international duty, and rotate between the bench and starting team. This kept everyone on their toes, completing for their place, and kept them fresher. Not sure why managers these days think these players are robots and can play every minute of every game.

20 Apr 2024 07:59:06
Cut the international friendlies down or out altogether, that would give time for cup replays. The international breaks are so dull, especially with Southgate as England manager.

International breaks where there are two friendlies, it’s a waste of time.

20 Apr 2024 09:38:08
It’s European football we should be cutting.

“Champions” League, talk about extending it to 5 places. 25% of the league. The 5th place team likely finishing 20 points behind the “champions”.

I know the 5th spot is unlikely now, but I’ve always thought having 4 is too many. I find that whole side of football quite hollow.

It’s all about the $$$, favouring the top teams (we have benefitted more than most), and lining the right pockets.

20 Apr 2024 10:22:12
Top 2 and FA Cup winners should get Champions League IMO. Get some excitement back in the FA Cup too!

21 Apr 2024 11:29:27
On one hand you have managers complaining about too many games and their players are suffering from burnout.
Of course while they're saying this, their clubs are busy arranging their 3 week pre-season pan-Asian tours.



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