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26 Apr 2024 04:44:13
Still think EtH can get there, needs another season and an overhaul of players. Bring through more youth. A few signings in key roles to establish more of a front foot style and see what we can do next season. I know it is not my choice. But I live in hope.

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26 Apr 2024 09:52:21
Agreed DB.
If you'd have told me 3 cup finals (1, maybe 2 trophies) and top 3 finish within his first 2 seasons. Under the constraints and absolute shambles he has had to work with, I would have bitten your hand off.

Give him the time.

26 Apr 2024 10:24:08
I agree. He has had to manage poor players but also poor leaders of the club.
My only real complaint is his game management. he changes this and we unravel.
Can't wait to see the back of some of the rubbish pulling our club down.

Our youth system seems primed!

26 Apr 2024 10:51:27
+16 goal difference over almost two full seasons says it all….

26 Apr 2024 11:05:38
We have given more minutes to academy graduates this year than the top 6 combined.

26 Apr 2024 11:29:00
We have less points than 5 of them.

26 Apr 2024 12:21:01
The main problems I see are where we are in the league, the performances we have, the relationship he has with players and the transfers (Onana, Antony, Mount costed 180M)

With new owners trying to effect change, there is no way he gets another go.

26 Apr 2024 13:55:04
ETH has wasted tens of millions not least on Antony, on other players. He has not given a hint of a pattern other than inverted wingers. His mouth is a big problem especially after games, alienating the press and his players, throwing a young player under the bus at a press conference was unforgivable and that is before we get to his ingame management and substitutions.

In the positive side he has given young players time in the team, think he could have given more at home to Sheffield though. Whoever is in charge next year needs to command respect of the players and ETH will have to get that back, if still there and give the U18 a chance instead of the Malacia’s and Antony’s.

26 Apr 2024 14:06:02
From what ed002 has said, Southgate is a front runner for the job.

I’ve been in favour of giving ETH another year, if only to give the new directors time to develop a strategy and identify a few coaches they think can achieve it. But ETH’s performance over the last month has raised some huge question marks. Specifically his game management in winning positions and his increasingly baffling defence of the team allowing so many shots against them. Added to this are the rumblings about his difficult personality and tensions with the players.

It feels like we’re headed for a lose lose situation. Either Southgate gets hired and we start the rebuild with a coach of limited experience and ability that the new directors did not, necessarily, choose. Or we stick with ETH and are stuck with a failing manager and a fractured dressing room.

If it’s a straight choice between another year of ETH or a rebuild under Southgate, I’d stick with ETH. It will mean another bad season, but at least it gives the directors time to put a real plan in place. If a better candidate than Southgate can be identified, that’s a different story. I just think sacking ETH for Southgate will put the club back years in a rebuild, and we’ll be in the exact same situation two years down the road.

26 Apr 2024 14:31:33
I don't think the cost of any player can be thrown at the Hag's (or any other manager's door) . There are people above the manager whose job is to oversee transfer negotiations and the people we've had for the past decade have been woeful. Should Antony have been on the shortlist at all is a better question. Probably not because at that point we had Sancho and Diallo. Now we're looking at Olise. The right wing is a problem position.

26 Apr 2024 15:54:36
I agree Danny but don’t necessarily think that if EtH is here next year we’ll have a bad season. I think he can’t turn it around, some may call this wishful thinking but that’s what I believe.

I think there’s loads of mitigation and much will depend on the return and fitness of key players such as Martinez and Shaw but I’m certainly not expecting another bad season if EtH keeps his job.

I agree Spenno EtH did not negotiate those deals or tell the Club to spend £80m on Antony. That’s on the incompetence of Arnold and Murtough. Both have now left. If they were semi competent at their jobs they wouldn’t be relying on EtH to recommend players anyway. I think a lot of criticism can be laid at EtH door but overspending on players is not his fault and has been going on for years before he arrived. Pogba, Sancho, Sanchez, Di Maria, Lukaku et al!



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