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06 May 2024 22:56:02
I'm not sure what people expected tonight.

Our back four included Casemiro who is badly showing signs of decline in his best position let alone being forced to play in a different position. With a 36 year old Evans alongside him. At LB we had AWB who isn't even good enough to start for us in his best position.

Protecting that back four was a 19 year old kid who has less than 20 starts to his name, along side a player with a pacemaker also playing out of position and unable to play for more than 60 minutes.

Further forward we have a 20 year old striker whose adapting to the league. Mount making what his 4th start due to injuries, and Antony who 100% has a fake passport. Brazilian my arse.

Then looking over to the bench for support and who do we have?

Amad and Amrabat were the only outfield players with a start for us. Wheatley the only one of the five academy lads with any minutes for the first team at all, and a couple of goalkeepers to make up the numbers.

This squad is absolutely bare bones, with it's ragged arse on the floor.

Palace were the home side on a bit of a positive bounce under their new manager.

We were never going to get much from this game, and I'd defy any side in a similar situation to do much better.

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07 May 2024 01:29:21
Again I do not think anybody was expecting anything other than some desire and effort which was again lacking.

We have a 20 year old adapting to a league yes, but he will be 24 and adapting unless we give him some service to learn from!

He could have brought one of the youngsters on for some minutes instead of Amrabat. We may need them if the injuries continue and risk going into FA Cup with players on their first senior start.

Nothing else to say. Nothing can be said. Hard times.

07 May 2024 05:39:59
There so many that were just poor. when you get hammered like this its not just one or two players. 5 or 6 who were just awful. Some of the players have to go and just terrible to watch as footballers. Poor touch, passing, decision making and positioning all game.

Good palace team and that front 3 was always going to run circles around our back 4. the midfeilders all collectively were so poor and did not help a make shift back 4. Garnacho and dalot only players who did not embarrass themselves.

Elephant in the room but going to say Hoiland is poor and so far off a striker leading the line.

07 May 2024 06:09:39
I expect the manager to learn from his tactical mistakes and still sending the team out to do the same thing every game and end up conceding the same way.

I get what your saying barebones squad always a struggle no legs lots of players out of position.

So why play 2 high 8s still? Why force your fullbacks high or invert them? Why make your wingers so narrow and easy to mark?

Yes I didn't expect much yes the players didn't deliver much, but the manager has continued with a tactic and style that's been found out even when the majority of the first team play it what did he think would happen when the team put out last night tried to play it, we all expected it why didn't he?

07 May 2024 06:15:36
Perhaps Shappy when we are short of CB we look at why yet another injury to one was picked up in training. Surely at this stage of the season knowing the CB situation you wrap up what you have in cotton wool to get them from game to game, but not ETH. Maybe you will talk about tactics, as dictated because that first goal would not have been conceded in most Sunday pub teams. We didn’t get behind the ball, surely we should know how to set ourselves.

07 May 2024 07:20:13
Pretty much sums it up Shappy. We are not the Manchester United of old.

07 May 2024 11:25:49
Your right wazza and with eth at the helm we will nene get back competing. He is not the right manager.
Can you name the good players he signed for ajax and Manchester United.



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