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26 Apr 2024 19:37:50
With EtH seemingly teetering on the brink and fan opinion slowing beginning to change I think it's only fair we examine what do we want from a Man Utd manager?

If you rewind 2 years EtH arrived to much fanfare. He was the overwhelming choice for the majority of this fan base. He played some fantastic football with a young and vibrant Ajax team. He was innovative and tactically astute. He'd presided over some great results and performances particularly in the Champions League against European giants. He'd lost key players but managed to re build the team and remain successful. He gave opportunities to young players.

Some may argue he wasn't in change of recruitment at Ajax and he's made some big mistakes in that department during his time at Utd but is that not on the Club? We have been making mistakes in the transfer market long before EtH arrived.

If memory serves me right, I think he was interviewed for the Spurs job and they raised some concerns about his charisma and personality. I don't think most fans were particularly concerned by this, especially considering Spurs track record in appointing new managers!

EtH was the fans choice, he had the overwhelming support of the vast majority of the fan base and I think it's so disappointing to see him in trouble.

I accept there has been mistakes and those that want him out do make some valid arguments, which must be carefully considered!

My question is if EtH is sacked, what characteristics are we looking for in the new manager? What do we actually want? What are we looking for?

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26 Apr 2024 21:05:03
Anyone who isn't Southgate.

26 Apr 2024 21:10:57
Tbh, I think the question is difficult to answer without first addressing the more pressing issue of what overarching direction the club should take?

I am pleased that the club seems to be more focused on appointing a directorate, rather than addressing the coaching situation. Because it’s impossible to pick a coach without first deciding how to rebuild the club structures and develop a long term strategy. For instance, City put structures in place for recruitment, the academy, the facilities, etc before bringing in the right manager. Or Chelsea have decided upon a strategy of investing in young players and giving them time to develop.

Until all the people are in place to decide upon United’s strategy, hiring a new manager is kind of pointless. For example, the club could hire Southgate, his primary experience is in international football, and main strength seems to be in creating a solid squad identity and positive atmosphere. Is this what the club needs going forward? We have no way of knowing because the key people haven’t been able to get in the same room and discuss it. Zidane, did relatively well managing big egos at a big club. Is this what the club needs to rebuild? No idea. We don’t know the recruitment strategy.

Personally I thought ETH was the right choice at the time, as the players seemed to be running the show and deciding if and when they turned up. But without competent people above him, ETH has failed in recruitment and, rather than creating squad discipline, his authoritative approach has incrementally alienated him.

My only answer at this point is that appointing a new manager carries a high risk of repeating past mistakes. Is it better to stick with a failing manager and give the new directorate time to develop the right strategy, or roll the dice and hope to develop the strategy in tandem with a new manager who could galvanise the squad? For me, the smart approach is to take the time to do things right. We’ve been a club in steady decline since before Fergie retired, and another year of mediocrity isn’t such a big deal if it results in a proper rebuild led by experienced professionals and not a bunch of cowboys.

26 Apr 2024 21:19:43
Sjr and the new team will decide that it doesn't really matter what we want.
There is no magic wand but personally I would like to see continuous improvement over the next 2 / 3 years.
The question is very simple
It's not a question of has eth done a good job or bad job it's not a question of is he a failure.
The question is, is he the man that they see bringing us to the next level?
The fans have no choice on who should succeed him.
No point referencing the past decisions they were made by non appropriate people for lady 12 years. They are not in charge anymore.
This team did not appoint eth they probably never would have.

26 Apr 2024 22:02:50
I agree Danny.

26 Apr 2024 22:41:24
Great post Danny. Couldn’t agree more actually. One of the main reasons I back ETH is because I feel if he’s sacked, it’s another win for some of the players, who are influential due to personality and longevity. Said before, some players, I think, know they can outlast manager which is not great. If ineos can help change this mentality, be it with or without ETH, then the club can start to move forward. Manager needs to be backed over the players, whoever it may be. I hope it’s ETH but I’ll back the next manager over players everyday. Unless it’s Southgate ?.

26 Apr 2024 23:11:43
A new manger with the same squad or cosmetic changes will not change anything imo. We have been at this for so long now and the candidates being discussed will do worse as many much better managers have failed if we don't fix the underlying issues.

only a few months to go before we get a sense of if we are really turning the corner or much of the same. The only saving grace is our academy seems to be in a great place atm and some really interesting players coming through.

27 Apr 2024 08:05:48
I just read an article with the pass maps of several Midfielders in recent games. What was stark, really stark was that the ball was almost never passed forward, almost always sideways or backwards and almost no direct forward passes. I have commented on the pass inside keep ball tactics but the pass map shows it clearly. We need a more progressive manager, one who will coach defenders to defend but have a style going forward, patterns of play and play forward. We also do not cross the ball, yet when you watch the top teams, they do. Antony against Sheffield never tried to get past his full back, just turned back and inside, against the bottom team, that has to be instructed tactics.

The key basis of hiring a new manager would be to coach a more coordinated attacking style, looking forward and not back and across, not playing keep ball for the sake of it. The new management must set that style as the basis of the requirement for a coach. ETH has had a chance to implement it, but even up to recent games it suggests he can’t or won’t do anything different. Why should we expect a change from him when other players come in.

We should want a coach who coaches a more coordinated approach, looking forward with passes, use our width and get crosses in to the right areas, defenders in the right positions. ETH has either deliberately not done it or can’t do it, but it is what we need to see in our coach. My bet is the senior management will and should appoint on that basis and it’s we we all should want.

27 Apr 2024 13:42:09
If ETH suits the new management’s style of play and tactics, then they’ll stick with him. I think any of us would be delighted to see a Utd side doing well and playing the marvellous football his Ajax side did.

Personally, I’m still in the stick camp (just) .

27 Apr 2024 20:18:06
I'm only in the stick camp still because I cannot see any obvious replacements.

EtH built this team, they are mostly players he has bought or promoted from the academy, if he cannot get them working as a team rather than a bunch of individuals that is a huge concern.



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