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28 Apr 2024 18:35:51
Marco Van Basten: “I saw Rashford play against Coventry. What was this guy doing? It was an unbelievable sight. Didn't make any runs, didn't try anything on the ball, passing every ball he received straight back. He looks like he is playing indoor football with his buddies. "
I wonder, is this abuse as well?

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28 Apr 2024 19:43:42
Rashford seems to not recognise that the issue isn't his form, it's that his workrate for his teammates is appalling. He is highlighted because he is doing less with more.
However no player should get taunted by anyone. I'd count myself as a critic of Rashford. However if I saw him on the street I'd either go about my own business or I'd wish him well. It'd never enter my mind to remonstrate with him. The same of his social media profiles. That anyone does that is an awful reflection of themselves. Keep it to places like this.
Ideally that philosophy would extend to game attendance - though that is hard when he's making no effort - as that's what support should be; it's easy to support when winning.

28 Apr 2024 20:38:42
Marco Van Basten is spot on.
Hopefully Rashford take this onboard. Were all fed up with the woe is me act now.

Had this been 6/ 7 games where he had been poor then I could understand him complaining about getting criticism.

28 Apr 2024 21:46:43
He won’t though will he. Just expect everyone to sit quietly now out of guilt. Clever pr ploy to blame the fans rather than self reflect. Pathetic and a symptom of many a modern footballer sadly.

28 Apr 2024 22:22:21
Rashford is a victim here. Do people not understand abuse from fans makes you not track back or put effort in.

This "abuse" is just a smokescreen for him to use the fans as an excuse for wanting a move.

29 Apr 2024 08:04:30
We can all see the lack of effort. I likened watching him and Martial playing together once like playing with 9 men as they simply jog around, don’t press, and make few runs. So temperamental in terms of mood and effort.

They’re all tracked during matches, the data will be clear to see for everyone at the club. So the question again is why is he starting every match for us in this form? There are zero implications for him. Play well and score goals, here’s a huge contract. Jog around, make no effort, put your team at risk, oh well you can start again anyway next week on your whopping new contract. Makes no sense, unless there is a ridiculous clause meaning he has to play.

I know he’s injured and didn’t play this weekend, and the available options up front for a club our size is an absolute embarrassment and testament to the amateurs in charge, but even so.

29 Apr 2024 10:26:50
The whole thing is a conundrum.
What's going on in the player's head, his lack of spark or energy this season.
Ten Hag picking him throughout much of that.
The complete media meltdown and outright hostility towards Rashford.

29 Apr 2024 18:55:27

I think part of the problem is that Rashford gets picked by Southgate regardless of his form. The same went for Maguire.

Were all hoping for Garnacho on the left and Diallo on the right but that won't happen as Anything will always be picked over Diallo l.

29 Apr 2024 20:11:46
I was never going for that and I don't think most people were.

29 Apr 2024 21:26:45
Maguire amd McT got plenty of stick last year, their reaction to knuckle down and fight for their place and we as supporters appreciate that even if they aren't that great.

What annoys the fans in the lack of effort, opposition players walking passed him with the ball and he still strolls around.

Show some effort Marcus and the criticism will stop.

30 Apr 2024 11:09:44
I don't appreciate mctom or maguire at all.
Sure they try but they are not good enough.
Get them out and down the road.



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