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17 Apr 2024 20:27:54
What would posters like to see in the remaining games this season;

1. Give Youth a chance and blood a few more youngsters regardless of where Utd finish in the league.

2. Aim to finish as high as possible in the league.

Personally I'd go for option 1. Seeing a few more youngsters play this season would feel far more fulfilling than than watching the current cack. I'd certainly respect EtH more for doing that. I do understand that it isn't always easy to just a throw a Youth player in, but I feel like it is the perfect time to try this. Utd have nothing to lose now. (With the Exception of the FA Cup) .

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17 Apr 2024 21:46:19
Option 2 for me. Blooding youth is not just throwing them in. Play too many and they get a thumping and it could impact them mentally, while you might see sections of the fanbase start to write them off.

We need a pretty substantial rebuild this summer, and that cost money. We need to finish as high as possible to make sure we are in the best position both financially, but also to make us as attractive a club to sign for/ work with as possible.

Imagine we give a loads of youth game time and they had a few bad results 4 or 5 nil thumpings. A few of them who aren't emotionally mature enough take a massive hit to their confidence and never recover from it.

We finish 11th or 12th, which restricts us financially, we struggle to get our first or even second choice signings who go to teams playing in Europe. We sack EtH obviously, only to find none of the best young managers want to manage us and we get stuck with Southgate as the only option.

17 Apr 2024 21:47:14
Option 2 or a hybrid.
Willy I think should play as varane is leaving.
Unless there is another standout who deserves a chance.

17 Apr 2024 22:02:13
Id like us to try something different…whether that be tactically or personnel wise. Doing the same thing week by week isn’t getting us anywhere.

17 Apr 2024 23:50:22
Neither is repeatedly sacking managers.

18 Apr 2024 06:30:30
If the manager isn't going to be here next year, where is the motivation for him to blood youth. He will play the best team he can, try to finish as high up the table as and possibly win the FA Cup.

Then if he does go, he can look back on his time at United and say he won 2 trophies in 2 years which puts him up there with The Doc (probably ahead as one of those was the old 2nd division) and only behind Big Ron, The Special One, Mangnall, Busby and Fergie in our most successful managers.

18 Apr 2024 07:38:02
Indeed Kurtis. As 80% that voted suggested the same by voting to give the manager more time. (219 v 54)

18 Apr 2024 09:11:56
Seeing as the manager has still said CL isn't gone (and mathematically it isn't), or at least Europa, it has to be option 2.

18 Apr 2024 10:36:11
Why would he go for option 1?
His job is on the line and he needs a strong finish to the season.
He is obviously going to go with his strongest / best 11.
We can still qualify for europe and win the FA Cup last time i heard.

18 Apr 2024 11:56:02
ETH has been in survival mode for the majority of the season. For him it’s about trying to save his job, which invariably results in bad football and the manager getting the sack. I suspect it’s locked in at this stage that he’s gone, but I wouldn’t expect any real change in team selection.

18 Apr 2024 12:58:59
Fizz, correct. It is the violent minority that makes the most noise.

18 Apr 2024 13:41:52
2nd option.

18 Apr 2024 13:50:19
Violent minority? I for one don't condone any sort of violence so I'm not in that bucket wazza.

18 Apr 2024 13:53:11
A very considerable majority think he will be replaced.

18 Apr 2024 15:05:22
Well after tonight’s results, I’d imagine 5th place no longer offers Champions League so invest heavily on FA Cup and be brave with league line ups, Wheatley and Amass for example.

18 Apr 2024 15:47:35
I really don't think he will be replaced personally.
There's no funds to pay him off, then to buy out his replacement.
There's no time, in the case of a few of the mooted replacements, to wait until after the Euros before they have their holiday, then miss out on a whole pre-season.
I don't think cost and time should mean he keeps his job, but he knows who he wants, who he wants to get rid of, and still has this master plan that he hasn't been able to implement this season for several massive reasons.
Not defending him - I think the style has been appalling, and there has been scant evidence of the process he constantly references. But being realistic.

18 Apr 2024 18:42:59
Either way he will be damned if the team doesn't perform. Personally was hoping that the regulars would have sorted themselves out and played with pride and real effort because the talent is there as they have showed in too infrequent glimpses.

If ETH thinks some of the youngsters are ready then why not put one or two more in to see how they cope. Actually playing in a cup semi final might work brilliantly for them or they could be overwhelmed by the occasion. The coaching staff are the only ones who can probably tell with any reasonable degree of accuracy who has the character and nerve to prosper.



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