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27 Apr 2024 17:01:37
In less than a week, we struggle to beat Sheffield Utd, we can’t beat Burnley, and ETH tells us we won’t win the league next season. Now I see why so many believe he’s the right man.

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27 Apr 2024 17:59:13
I think we all know in reality the likelihood is we won't win the league.
However no top class manager privately never mind publicly concedes before a ball is kicked.
It's ole-esque statement.
He just should learn about the power of silence. That should never have been said. The press are playing him like a fiddle. He's a goner.
All we have as fans is hope the last man we need crushing our hope is the man in charge.

27 Apr 2024 18:20:22
Perfectly put Tumble!

27 Apr 2024 18:22:58
Totally disagree tumble. It is time this fan base takes a breath and realised what we are. Until we truely accept that we are not the club of 15 years ago, we will continue with this rubbish. First we need to be honest with where we are, then we need to start the rebuild we know we need.

We can't just buy 1 or 2 players, change the manager and expect to challenge city. Does it hurt people's feeling to hear that?

Took Liverpool a long time to realise what they were, and they had a few false dawn's along the way. They won some cups, but it was a commitment to a style, breaking up the old and bringing in players for that style that finally helped them break through. Arsenal similar story.

I like to hear the honesty from ten hag. He is right, we are miles off challenging. Do you disagree?

27 Apr 2024 18:28:10
The guy can’t win no matter what he says

If he says “we’re not that far away from challenging” he gets called deluded

He then says we aren't close which is realistic and still gets slaughtered.

If anyone thinks we’re close to city and arsenal need to go doctors even with a good window we are miles off.

27 Apr 2024 18:39:36
We are miles off and we will be even further away if he stays. Struggled at home against 2 sides who’ll be in the EFL next season and you’d struggle to tell a gap between them and us. Tactically naive and stubborn with crap players is a recipe for disaster. And for all the backing that he’s got crap players, a lot of those he wanted so he’s got to take responsibility there too. Honestly just end the season now. Limping in the cup final to get a hiding…. what fun!

27 Apr 2024 18:55:47
You’re right Bolger. He finds winning very hard indeed.

27 Apr 2024 19:14:04
Ten hags honesty? He's deluded, the most entertaining team in the league.
A better coach gets more out of these players. Being honest a better coach doesn't sign half of the players ten hag has chosen to bring in. Question marks on all of them. Clubs fault for giving him to much say so.

27 Apr 2024 19:19:30
I just want to enjoy watching my team. For 12 months it’s been shocking. Towards the end of last season in April it was poor. This entire season has been ridiculous.

Trophies will come in time, and they’re great. But for the love of god I just want to enjoy what I’m seeing.

27 Apr 2024 19:43:50
Yes DB I disagree.

27 Apr 2024 20:04:25
Caolan_2 sums it up. I’d swap a trophy winning season full of crap football for nothing more than entertaining football that makes me want to walk through that turnstile.

27 Apr 2024 22:22:57
Or Tumblr.
He could be echoing SJR comments about patience.
Here is a fact. We will not win the league next year.

Here is another fact. We will have the same posters posting the same repetitive tosh next season.

Here is where the facts get less predictable. We might have the direction of the club in order, the backroom staff aligned, plans in place for the redevelopment of OT and training facilities, a pathway to the first team for all youth players worthy of a place, a transfer strategy that identifies any shortcomings from the youth setups and plugs accordingly based upon solid research from our upgraded scouting network, the players who have downed tools repeatedly over the last few tenures will have been moved on etc etc etc.

As SJR has stated clearly, EtH less clearly, and I've been saying. We are in a period of actual transition, where we have a plan. I don't believe all the previous comments about transition have been accurate, they have been lies from the board all the way down the club hierarchy. Now we actual have plans in place to rectify any issues that are preventing the club from competing again. That's right, not winning trophies, just competing. That is step 1.

Have we been dire this year and a few of the last 10, yes.
Will we fix all those issues in 3 months before the new season kick off, no.

Just be patient and trust the process, otherwise you will die a few years younger my friend.

27 Apr 2024 23:51:45
Im Not stressed at all jimbo this is my hobby supporting united. Well one of them.
I'm very well aware of the process we need to umberto from a structural point of view.
I know it's not a quick fix I don't expect one at all.
2 / season of continuous improvement. A team and coach the fans can identify with. That will take time.
Eth is in my opinion not the fan to k lead us.
The people in charge of this new process did not put him in and I feel its inevitable that he goes in the summer.
I'm OK and more confidant and comfortable if they put their own man in. I think they will be too.
If that sets us back a year I'm OK with that. It's a great opportunity for the right man.



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