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30 Apr 2024 09:43:11
Looking ahead to the cup final and erh's last match in charge.
He does have some selection headaches ahead of him.
Hopefully martinez and Shaw can make it and get a couple of games in before that.

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30 Apr 2024 11:37:13
Is this the part where someone dares to respond with a difference of opinion?

30 Apr 2024 12:11:28
You’d think with Monday night football, stick to the football and all the punditry Ken would be posting less. Great effort.

30 Apr 2024 12:54:33
Spenno, I think they both have a chance of being fit. I read both were back in training not sure how true that is.
It's a tricky call to make on either but both are likely to play a part in summer for their countries so I think they will want to prove themselves before that.
I think we have a chance in this cup final and don't think it's a foregone conclusion that city will wallop us.

30 Apr 2024 13:59:16
I daresay that Maguire may have even endeared himself to Utd fans in reccent months. We can debate his quality (or lack of) all day, but he's risen to the challenge in the latter part of the season. If he leaves, someone will be getting a decent player in my opinion.
I agree the final needn't be a foregone conclusion. Depending on how the league goes City's heads may well drop like Liverpool's have. I just wish we had even a few players in some kind of form. Massive few weeks coming up that could affect everything.

30 Apr 2024 14:27:41
Maguire has his strengths imo. Good in the air and a danger in auxin set pieces.
Comfortable on the ball but slow and ponderous and his passing is not progressive enough imo.
Good pro with a good attitude.
If he wants to stay and see out his contract we'll and Good but he will be a bit part player I'd imagine and they may not suit him as he has more to offer the right team.

30 Apr 2024 14:42:25
Supposing the new manager you crave actually wants to keep him!

30 Apr 2024 15:01:04
Then he stays no skin off my nose. The manager will make those decisions and I'll support them.
Same as if the new management team keep eth. I'll support that decision. They know better than I do.
I couldn't care less who the new manager is or what players they want. I can't influence it in anyway and won't prejudge anyone.
There are a couple I'd rather it not be but if it's one of them I'll be giving 100% support anyhow.

30 Apr 2024 16:23:11
If Southgate gets the job then Maguire will get a new contract.

Honestly Maguire is poor and isn't anywhere near being a top CB. If he played for another club we would be ridiculing then for the amount that was spent in purchasing him.

Whislt he has played better he won't help take Utd to the next level. He is a limited CB.

30 Apr 2024 16:31:41
Maguire has improved because our defence is playing so deep he doesn't have to worry about what's behind him.

He has to leave because of this, if we want our defence to be able to step up and play a higher line so we can press/ counter press then we can't have a massive gap in behind our midfield.

He may have been better, he may be professional, he may be good on the ball (though he's ridiculously slow and it's clear what he's going to do) . In the end it doesn't matter we can't have a back up player where we have to change our entire style to accommodate them, we need 4 players who can play that higher line.

30 Apr 2024 18:53:48
Spenno ???.

30 Apr 2024 20:19:01
How has Maguire improved? We are shipping goals for fun what world are you living in.

30 Apr 2024 23:15:01
Wonder if Maguire could be used in front of a back four as a defensive midfielder?

01 May 2024 09:54:26
Salford will you stop it.
Madman ?????.



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