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10 May 2024 17:11:44
Mourinho, a toxic Manager well past his bear.

Tuchel, never seems to last anywhere and has generally been unconvincing.

Southgate, creates a great culture but tactically limited.

Potter, thoroughly uninspiring and not sure he will cope with the spotlight of a major club.

Amorim, exciting but who knows if he can step up to a premier league. He could be the next Mourinho, then again, he may not be.

Nagelsmann, not convinced given his Bayern spell.

Having said all that, Emery was ridiculed at Arsenal, but is rocking it at Villa, so sometimes 'fot'can be everything.

Our Manager recruitment has been appalling. SAF spoke to PEP, we don't know what was discussed and the timing was probably wrong. Woody spoke to Klopp who walked away having been told United were like an adult version of Disnelyand. The best Managers of this generation ended up elsewhere whilst we had Moyes who was out if his depth, LVG who was well past his best, Mourinho who was already a shadow of his former self, and OGS who broke records, both good and bad.

I suspect it will be Potter or Southgate, and the cycle will continue.

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10 May 2024 18:00:14
I’d say keep ten Hag out of that bunch now.

10 May 2024 18:09:33
For me, a huge reason is the total lack of leadership. As soon as it get dicey our weak board often back on the side of least resistance.

Amy manager worth his salt would never work under circumstances like that. Its a breeding ground for ill ddiscipline and low standards.

10 May 2024 18:48:16
The issue is the players. This group have seen off numerous managers, they capitulate Unser pressure. There are constant leaks to the press undermining not only the manager but the club. There’s always a pattern of poor results from individual errors, then all of a sudden you see dressing room issue pieces in the press. Rangnick said how bad the structure etc is in his analysis, I think he mentioned the culture in the playing staff too.

I really believe as a club we are better off binning as many of that squad as possible and even paying out the ring leaders in the dressing room that we can’t sell and sticking with EtH as a shot across the bow to the players left that those days are over, the new regime are in town and nobody is bigger than the club. As long as EtH is working with the technical/ football board with a clear strategy in terms of footballing style and personnel, if they need to remove EtH at the end of next season at least the new manager comes in with clear decks and a very clear strategy in place which can drive the managers recruitment so they fit the playing style etc.

10 May 2024 19:27:28
Potter, Tuchel or Southgate.

{Ed025's Note - Southgate??..really Wallace??..

10 May 2024 20:06:16
Didn’t know there was a vacancy….

{Ed025's Note - there isn,t at the moment Spenno...but there should be mate..

10 May 2024 20:46:30
Rinse and repeat ed025, rinse and repeat.

{Ed025's Note - it does seem that way angel mate..

10 May 2024 20:56:26
With the dirth of convincing managers it might help to downgrade the role to coach.

That way there is less pressure and the role is more limited.

10 May 2024 21:14:07
I have a feeling it's tuchel. then who knows. One thing he'll do, make utd not so open. That's ten hag's major flaw. Every game is like a basketball match.

10 May 2024 21:19:27
It's been done to death. Coaches and players alike, assuming they even got off to a good start, have quickly succumbed to the toxic internal culture and general inadequacies permeating the club under the Glazers and the chief executives they have chosen to mismanage the club. One always had the feeling that SAF's arrogant description of City as the noisy neighbors would come back to haunt us. Then there was Woodward talking about how winning the league was not so important from a financial point of view. Footballing ambition died with SAF's retirement. Once it's gone it's hard to rediscover, especially if those running the club are amateurs.

Everything behind the scenes needs to change. Until that happens, no manager will succeed. The main ambition for the next manager will be to preside over the rebuilding. He won't be a Klopp or a Guardiola. He will be someone helping to prepare the groundwork, as City did by hiring Barcelona's personnel before Pep joined them. He was never coming to United.

10 May 2024 21:40:57
We've got to stick. The twist will be much worse with any of them.

10 May 2024 21:54:08
Factor in there are some big clubs lookingn for new Managers as well.

10 May 2024 22:00:29
I agree Shaw.

10 May 2024 22:33:28
Ten Hag very much talking like a man who is sticking around?

11 May 2024 01:40:24
I understand that swapping managers hasn’t worked in the past but Christ Ten Hag is bad, what’s he done to suggest we should keep him? His tactics are awful, his subs are embarrassing, he’s got one style of play and no plan b and all of the players (most of which he signed) can’t stand him. I’m sorry but sticking would be ridiculous no matter what the other options are. Sticking because the other options aren’t good is crazy, he’s not good, he’s literally proved it, the style is crap and boring, get rid.

11 May 2024 02:46:39
That is like saying a usain bolt is a crap sprinter because he has a broken leg Giggs.

11 May 2024 06:29:25
Here is a bit of insight on the team. I was told the coaching staff is so underwhelmed by how some of the basic stuff in training that is done elsewhere our squad is pretty bad at it. It technical stuff. Also was told no question they try but many of the players lack the hunger and have the mentality. I don't know if its the wages or just this new generation of players.

It used to be you would have to perform at unbelievable levels to get that big contract.

11 May 2024 06:52:25
It was a bunch of interesting stuff. like they wanted 5 players of the current squad gone last summer and could not get it done. Also told Ineos very aware of all the issues and not as simple as just changing managers who is highly regarded in footballing terms but there are other issues.

The players that they wanted to shift had nothing to do with not trying but technical ability. They are finding it very difficult to get this group to do what they want and to play the way they want.

Expect a very busy summer.

11 May 2024 07:20:26
It’s clear on the pitch Ahmad that they cannot pass to each other.

My concern is they've not backed the manager, so I’m sure he’s a goner too.

11 May 2024 08:55:44
Rewz you have it bang on.
Spenno, like you I am unaware of there being a vacancy.
The idea of a rinse-and-repeat option in changing the manager is a recipe for yet more years of shoddy mayhem. Get into the players and completely reset the attitude and culture in the group. SAF had to do similar with a drinking and gambling culture in the group. Changing our manager alone will change nothing.



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