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15 Apr 2024 12:53:35
I don't think the garnacho situation liking posts criticising eth is comparable to the sancho debacle.
I am not sure if he removed his 'likes' or left them up and we also don't know if he apologised to his manager for doing so or indeed if his manager asked him to.
I hope this is kept under control and not let escalate like the sancho episode.
We have a cup semi final at the weekend and that surely is the only thing that matters at the moment so I'm sure it won't derail preparations for that.
Looking forward to the Coventry game I'm sure we will see a positive reaction from at least some of the players.

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15 Apr 2024 13:58:49
Regardless of the similarities I can't see for the life of me why players get involved on social media in this way. More often than not it's going to end in drama. In an unlikely alternative world where I'm an elite professional footballer, there are no newspapers or social media accounts anywhere near me. I guess it's down to the strength of the individual but I can't help but feel the mental state of half the population would be healthier without social accounts.

Looking forward to the semi final too. Some of my favourite memories of watching Utd in my youth were of Mark Robbins' breakthrough season, in particular an FA Cup semi-final I believe (inc replay) against Oldham on their infamous plastic pitch on which they were imperious. Classic times.

We're still heavy favourites but it's definitely a banana-skin and we're an accident waiting to happen.

15 Apr 2024 14:15:26
It seems like a non-story to me. A 19 year old lad has probably in the heat of the moment let his frustration get the better of him, and committed the grievous crime of "liking" a tweet or two that criticised the manager he was frustrated with.

He's then calmed down, probably had someone have a word with him and removed the likes.

Has he apologised? I dunno, I expect he probably has. But frankly that's between him and the manager.

It's typical media making a mountain out of a mole hill. Unfortunately I expect we'll have to endure plenty of these kinds of reports over the next month or two. The media smell blood in the water and know any stories about United are a sure fire hit. Making them their money, regardless of whether the story has any truth in it at all.

The Sancho situation was completely different. Sancho publicly criticised the manager and called him a lair, refused to remove the posted message, and refused to apologise.

Not only was Sancho's initially digression far worse as it was a public statement made with intent and in his own words, as opposed to simply liking something someone else posted. It was his subsequent actions that made the situation untenable. While Sancho was also a 24 year old man with far more life experience and should be far more grown up than the 19 year old Garnacho.

Expect these rumours to be a near daily thing, certainly after every game we fail to win, between now and when the decision to remove EtH is made official.

15 Apr 2024 14:25:14
Yeah spenno my 1st every live match was the 77 final.
Spenno a lot of the high profile players make more money off their social media accounts than they do playing football. It's the world we live in. It's how a lot of that generation communicate. Bizarre to you and me
Old dogs and new tricks springs to mind.
If you only knew how much some of them make for a few posts it would make your hair curl.

15 Apr 2024 15:41:16
Love the rumour mill, not difficult to keep us in the news at all.

15 Apr 2024 15:59:11
Don't get me wrong Tumble, I'm not quite in the senile bracket (yet! ) and have my own social accounts, but the thought of players playing a big game or finishing a long training session then immediately whipping out their phones to see where they've been mentioned baffles me.
By all accounts the latest suggestion is that it wasn't even the player himself but one of his 'team' who manages it. Dunno if any of that is true but I'd like to think if I was in a position of authority at a top club I'd be making sure all players and their entourages were a little more savvy on what to be doing under the club's name.

15 Apr 2024 16:36:37
Wondering if Sancho comes back once ETH moves on?

15 Apr 2024 17:33:39
I doubt it Eric that's from a footballing point of view only.

15 Apr 2024 19:37:56
You may be right Ken. That being said, all depends on the new style of football the DoF and coach want to follow. He may suit it…as might some of the other outcasts.

I have absolutely zero doubts in my mind anymore that ten Hag will be moved on in the summer.

15 Apr 2024 21:27:33
I don't see a way back for eth Eric. No doubting he has not had it easy but its never easy at United. I am totally putting my eggs in the sjr basket along with the new management team. It's all we can do in my opinion.

I won't like or agree with some of what they decide but that's OK imo.
That includes if they want to keep eth, sancho, Greenwood, rashford whomever.
The coach next year will have a very difficult job.

I've no idea what can and can't be done in terms of selling and buying players whilst taking SPR regulations into account. Costs have spiralled out of control and the need to reign them in is paramount.

Alonso took leverkusen from bottom of the league when he took over to champions in 2 years overtaking bayern and red bull spending less than 50% of what they did. More than 60% of his squad were bottom 2 years ago now they are invincibles.

The right coach can inspire and improve what we have until he can build his ideal squad in conjunction with the dof over 4 or 5 windows like klopp and arteta did.
I hear the argument that eth has not had the opportunity to work with them. 12 months earlier and he would have been in a better spot buy imo he has very badly fluffed his audition and seems to be making it worse at every opportunity.

15 Apr 2024 22:30:27
Tumbleweed, there’s too much to do in terms of player sales for us to turnaround that quickly. That dressing room has seen off multiple managers, it needs tearing up and rebuilding.

16 Apr 2024 00:09:27
Rewz I'm not suggesting we will become champions in 2 years if you think it will take more than 4 or 5 windows to clear out I'd be surprised. There is no doubt that between the next 3 windows 15 or 18 of the current squad will be gone with maybe 12 coming in.

16 Apr 2024 06:46:09

The new DOF etc should deal with players deciding who should be playing for the club, the manager is a transitory employee, who has had ultimate power for too long. The club failed to change or realise when SAF retired, just thought it would continue and the manager would have power like SAF. Time for a head coach who will be judged on performance and not the mythical five years time when magically it all comes right.

16 Apr 2024 11:29:26
So much non sense being posted. no DOF decides who plays and who gets selected or who get subbed. Garnacho is out of order and should be benched. he has been poor for a few games since his return form the internationals and not tracking back. end of it. manager has every right to pull a player off. listen to yourselves. ridiculous stuff constantly posted here.

16 Apr 2024 13:24:13
Ah. af who has suggested the dof is in charge of substitutions or would have any role to play in them?
The manager has full right to take any player off or select them. Not sure who is disputing that?

16 Apr 2024 18:51:20

What? The coach will decide the team and substitutions etc, of course they will, no one said any different except allegedly one of the Glazers about martial. However, the DOF should and will have a say in the players bought and sold, made available to the coach a lot more than before. Yes they will coordinate with the coach, but it looks like they are moving away from an all powerful manager, and about time. We should judge the coach on how they perform coaching the team and players provided, as part of a long term plan, not changed at a managers whim.

As for Garnacho, I could not disagree more. Shambolic tactics, leaving midfield open, no player covering whilst the attacking player is forward. Casemiro is allowed to dawdle back, Rashford not even get a sweat and no one moves over to cover, Dalot asked to step up and inside, leaving Garnacho to run back 80 yards every time. Farce.

As to benched, no wonder there is clearly no team spirit whatsoever. No one will trust ETH to get anything right, and every game they see it more and more.



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