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25 Apr 2024 00:09:40
Ethan Wheatley: "Bruno pulled me to the side and told me I’ve got nine minutes to try get you a goal. "

You can keep your hate. This man's my captain. He cares more, and shows passion, and has a greater determination to win than any player we've had in a long, long time. And he's banging in goals and staking up assists.

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25 Apr 2024 06:28:22
He does have leadership qualities, people would be blind to deny that.

Unfortunately the play acting and petulance overshadow how good he is. Although he’s back in form recently, and nobody on here can take his numbers away from him.

For me he’s our best player, somebody who would thrive under Pep, and we should be looking to keep him.

25 Apr 2024 08:25:10
The argument is that in a better-performing team those negative traits are less prevalent so his antics are really a by-product of the current state of affairs. Last season we called them passionate and defending the club, this season they're adding fuel to the fire.

25 Apr 2024 08:32:36
Leaders don’t lead when lying screaming on the floor whilst the opposition storm forward. Lead from the front is an old saying yet where has he been? Why did Hojland have to stand on his own after scoring a high pressure pen last week, where was the leader then?
Bruno runs a lot, but doesn’t appear to be in any structure, does what he wants, freedom with responsibility. Sets an example for energy but not one to go into a battle with, not a leader for me,

25 Apr 2024 08:51:38
Doesn't appear to be in any structure? Does what he wants. Whose fault is that I wonder?

25 Apr 2024 09:08:39
Yes Keefy but I wasn’t starting that argument on this thread!
Hope you enjoyed being there live, I did. Will post on that
Bruno gets plaudits but is not disciplined, runs an awful lot mind you. Warming up his shooting was good, scoring with similar shots to what he did in the match.

25 Apr 2024 09:48:38
Problem is Redman, and I agree with you as I posted about it, had he run up and celebrated with Hojlund after the Penalty, fans would be saying it's embarrassing and he needed to show class towards Coventry like Maguire, he didn't and now people (You ;) ) are questioning his leadership. Now he could have achieved both but then you could argue why didn't Maguire go to Hojlund.

Fernandes is a target for the fan base because of his antics but he's the one player who is always available, the one player who will stand in front of the camera after a game, he was on 1 leg playing CB v Liverpool which no one mentions. The lads stats are, outstanding in what people are saying is an unstructured team, more G/ A this season than Odergaard and De Bruyne will lesser players around him. I'd be fairly confident fans would take Guimaraes, Saka, Maddison, Jota, Salah in this team yet they are all guilty of these traits Fernandes shows.

Traits that we don't like is common in the game, a reason enjoying football becomes harder and harder each season along with VAR but I think we need to, not look past it but praise what he does as much as we criticise what he does. I have a list as long as my arm on players I personally want out of the club this summer and Fernandes is not on it or would be right at the bottom of the list if he was.

25 Apr 2024 11:09:27
Ports spot on. Yes his moaning and play acting at times is unnecessary but he clearly cares and tries every game. If all other players in the team had half his work ethic Utd would be playing much better and not losing so much. Also as pointed out as there is no clear playing structure he often feels compelled to run all over the pitch to cover for where other players should be.

25 Apr 2024 11:32:03
Can't be critical of him last night or indeed for effort practically every week.

25 Apr 2024 12:11:14
Agree, can’t criticise his effort and at the game you can see his running even more but it needs to be channeled, he needs coaching to be in the places where he can do most damage and not lose structural integrity of our set up. Looks like as Captain he is trying to be seen to do the most, his running stats must be ahead of everyone.
I just don’t understand why we blabbed £60m on Mount who plays in the same position and is injured a lot.

25 Apr 2024 12:32:28
Yeah Redman, if we'd spent that £60m on either a mediocre left back and mediocre center back, or a decent DM, I think we'd have a good chance at having made CL places this season.

25 Apr 2024 13:14:06
Yes Redman. Enjoyed being there. Stretford end seats. Going back for Burnley game.

25 Apr 2024 17:31:09
Sorry to hear about your mum, Keefy.

25 Apr 2024 18:13:42
Kids got more than 9 minutes to get a goal, he has his whole future to score goals. Just Bruno being a egotistical tit as usual.

25 Apr 2024 21:03:36
What a ridiculous comment Nev. It won't be long until Mainoo starts to get taken down like everyone at our club does on this site.

25 Apr 2024 22:02:38
So apparently, Bruno broke his hand playing against Coventry, but still insisted on playing yesterday. You've got to admit that's at least a little captain like.

25 Apr 2024 22:27:46
No doubt he loves UTD, he's excellent with the younger players, a real mentor. Its a shame he has the love that say Keane or any of the old guard but the grit and guile of a 4 year old whos ball has been taken.

26 Apr 2024 08:06:15
Thanks Noucamp!



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