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18 Nov 2019 21:06:06
You can't say ball boy anymore, have to say ball kid now, that's the way the world is gone now, people don't know if there boys or girls anymore,


{Ed002's Note - I do find this page to be in need of constant education from me - and accept as football supporters you are generally far, far from being the brightest - but now you cannot tell the difference between boys and girls?}

1.) 18 Nov 2019 22:29:08
Ed that's the way it's gone I'm afraid, I know a girl who works in a maternity ward, thay are not allowed say congratulations you have a baby boy or girl anymore, just congratulations on your baby, just in case they change the gender,
Now those people are the ones that are far from the brightest.

2.) 19 Nov 2019 00:18:42
but ed liverpool have ad more luck with var than a leprakurn spelling with a pot of gold and a four leaf clover hanging out of his a se.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool?}

3.) 19 Nov 2019 00:51:32
The world hasn’t gone anyway really, more than we are more accepting of people who identify as whatever they want to identify as, as long as they don’t cause you any problems it’s not really an issue. Sure you can still call a ball boy a ball boy without offending anybody.

4.) 19 Nov 2019 06:43:29

It does cause problems self identifying because males can identify as women and walk into a female changing room and this is concerning many females. There is the additional issue of men identifying as women taking part in sport, beating female records and potentially causing serious injuries in sports like Rugby and boxing. Might be worth doing some research before saying it is not really an issue.

5.) 19 Nov 2019 06:53:31
Like who Red Man? Name me the athlete who was born as male, who identified as a women then seriously injured a fellow athlete in professional sport?

6.) 19 Nov 2019 07:01:02

Fallon Fox a transgender MMA fighter seriously injured Taika Brents in 2014.

7.) 19 Nov 2019 08:08:20
Robbie Savage?

8.) 19 Nov 2019 11:07:40
Jeezz didn't know fallon fox was a man!

9.) 19 Nov 2019 12:51:54
Red Man, how can you be sure that it was because Fallon Fox was born a man that the injury was sustained?

MMA has weight limits so they are equally sized.

Also to suggest that the injury was caused due to one of the fighters being transgender is disingenuous unless of course this is the only incident of a serious injury in MMA. Which of course it isn't. There are serious injuries happening all the time, mostly in cases where both fighters were born the same gender. So the idea that this injury occurred due to one being born a man doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

Fallon Fox she also lost a fight to TKO, so was clearly beatable.

MMA although requires a certain amount of physicality also requires skill, the best fighters win more often than the physically strongest.

I guarantee any women who regularly competes in MMA would kick the arses of 95% of the men who post on this page, and the ones who would stand a chance are those who also compete in a fighting sport. Which shows its ability and skill that is more important than physicality.

As for walking into gender assigned bathrooms, more places are providing genderless bathrooms, and most of us men and women have been taking into a public toilet that wasn't the same as our gender. If you have a young daughter who needs the toilet or if you take her swimming do you go into the female loos or changing room? Or do you let a young child go in unaccompanied? Or do you take your young daughter into the mens loos/ changing rooms?

I don't know what you guys are doing in public toilets that you feel is unacceptable for women to see, but I would suggest if you feel it is, then you probably shouldn't be doing it in public anyway.

I can assure you than any awkwardness you feel when interacting with someone who is transgender, is significantly less than the awkwardness that the transgender person has had to live with every day for most of their life.

It's not a big deal, stop saying he or she and say they instead. It works every time and you don't have to worry about offending someone.

10.) 19 Nov 2019 15:54:05
I disagree with all of that Shappy. Clearly a man has an advantage over the opposite sex in a fight.

It might not be physical advantage but there is a mental advantage.

To make it a level playin field then trangsders need to have their own team and play with other transgenders and then that will be fair.

11.) 19 Nov 2019 16:18:20
Shappy, any male to female transition that are currently plying their trade in female sports have a huge advantage. Depending on what age they begin their transition, they have a huge physical advantage.

Men and women are built different. Millions of years of evolution shows us this. In terms of physicality, males have a much higher bone density. Our bones are stronger, can handle more pressure and can produce more force. We have testosterone flowing through our veins giving us higher propensity to gain muscle.

Even if you start hormone treatment when transitioning to a woman, your bones and muscles still have a huge head start over females.

Anyone can live how they want to live, but when you start having trans women competing against birth women in fields that require physicality, that is not a level playing field.

College athletics in the U. S just had their track records smashed last year several times from trans woman running against regular woman. In terms of combat sports it is incredibly naive to let a trans woman compete in a female division.

There is a reason women's football is played at a slower tempo. There is a reason women's tennis play shorter sets. Women golfers tee off closer to the hole. We are not equal physically and it doesn't matter how many hormone treatments you go through. Women and men are different.

12.) 19 Nov 2019 17:15:44
Well said Mumbles.

13.) 19 Nov 2019 17:19:06
There's currently an interesting case on this at employment tribunal. Some of the comments made by the employers counsel verge from hilarious "how can a doctor identify the gender of a new born" to outrageous "white people can identify as black and vice versa"

14.) 19 Nov 2019 17:53:55

Some good points ably made by Mumbles and Singh, however, a couple more to highlight at a time where the very future of women’s sport is at a turning point.

Just say your wife or daughter are playing football and as part of the team is a person who has self declared as a woman. They are fully intact shall we say. How do you feel about them changing next to your wife or daughter in the changing room or showering at the same time.

Then how would you feel if the self identified female is playing for the opposition and in direct competition to your wife or daughter.

You have shown no empathy to how women or women in women’s sport feel.

15.) 19 Nov 2019 20:40:22
Mumbles that's a great post.

16.) 19 Nov 2019 21:17:01

17.) 19 Nov 2019 22:20:13
This post has taken a turn. 😂.

{Ed002's Note - Whilst everyone is talking about gender, I am still not sure what species most of you are.}

18.) 20 Nov 2019 08:12:43
Got to say I've really enjoyed this post. Makes a massive change to all the boring Ole bashing.

19.) 20 Nov 2019 04:25:28
lol Ed :)

20.) 20 Nov 2019 07:50:54
Ed002, we've been wondering the same about you for years.

{Ed002's Note - So have I.}



30 Oct 2019 10:49:21
I haven't seen jred on here for a while, did I miss something or is he gone on strike.


1.) 30 Oct 2019 11:33:56
Jreds bored of seeing the same old posts on here everyday.

2.) 30 Oct 2019 18:48:55
He was copping a lot of stick, most of it unfair, I’m assuming he got fed up.

3.) 30 Oct 2019 19:11:31
Maybe it is k-red's turn.

4.) 30 Oct 2019 23:00:28
He gives out a fair bit of it AJH. He went quiet as we've been playing very poorly after profusely saying how good we are, how great the squad is etc. Got a bit of stick and has gone off.

5.) 31 Oct 2019 06:58:15
That can't be a coincidence.



14 Oct 2019 22:37:45
I think rash is better playing on the left
But I also think martial isn't good enough up front, only turns up when in the mood
We are in bad need of a goalscorer but that's only for starters.


1.) 15 Oct 2019 00:42:07
He might not be but we are not going to get one this winter so it only makes since to let it play out and we will know.

2.) 15 Oct 2019 05:24:06
We may go for Dembele, Mandzukic or Callum Wilson during the January window.

3.) 15 Oct 2019 10:43:06
I agree Leahy. Martial sruggles to keep cbs occupied. He’s a good finisher and capable of making intelligent runs, but his linkup play is woeful.

I think that’s the key issue. None of our strikers bring others into the game, and link with the midfield. Thanks just leaves them isolated up front and allows the opposition cbs to coast.

4.) 15 Oct 2019 14:56:28
Martials link up play is not woeful, he has good technique, can trap and hold the ball up effectively.

His issue is the desire to make those runs time and time again even if he doesn't get the ball.

Much better natural striker than rashford.

5.) 15 Oct 2019 16:33:06
He can trap and hold up the ball, but doesn’t bring others into the game. Watch him, his first choice is always to run with the ball.

6.) 15 Oct 2019 22:16:26
Nothing natural about martial in the striker role. Nothing at all imo.

7.) 16 Oct 2019 07:35:34
I’d take the experience and scoring of Mandzukic in Jan for sure. Much better striker for us than what we currently have and Rash and Tony would learn a lot from him.

8.) 16 Oct 2019 11:45:24
Those rooting for Mandzukic must know that he hasn't scored more than 10 goals in each of his last 5 seasons at Juve. He would be a good signing as a back up striker but we need a striker who can score more than or close to 20 goals per season.

9.) 16 Oct 2019 12:21:45
Becks. That's because he was used as a wide attacker at times to accomodate the other forwards.
With his physique and control, he can bring others into play.

He is a team player but will only be a very short term option.



02 Sep 2019 13:54:21
A man united fan was driving up the motorway with a van load of monkeys, dropping them off at a zoo, the van breaks down, then he flags down a Liverpool fan driving a van, any chance you'd take these monkeys to the zoo for me and I'll give you 50 pound, no bother says the Liverpool and off he went,
2 hours later the United fan was waiting for the aa to come when he sees the Liverpool fan coming on again with all the monkeys still in the van, united fan flagged him down, what are you doing I gave you 50 pound to take them to the zoo.
Yes and I did says the Liverpool fan and I had a few pound left over and now we are off to the cinema 😂😂.


1.) 02 Sep 2019 14:35:56
You missed the last part out Leahy, where after the cinema they all went to old Trafford and all got signed on because they were better than the shi#e you already had.

2.) 02 Sep 2019 14:42:00
Redal. They might win the league in November 😂😂.

3.) 02 Sep 2019 23:13:23
Which November?



31 Aug 2019 19:32:45
We are in bad shape, we all know this, we never replaced players we all know that,
The one I can't understand is how we gave ole the contract before the season ended its beyond me.
I've nothing against him but I said it straight away why now, why not wait.
Whoever is overlooking these decisions needs the door cause they haven't a clue about football.


{Ed047's Note - from the outside it looks like whoever is running the show really has no idea what to do next.

1.) 31 Aug 2019 19:43:24
It's not oles fault the club decided to sell lukaku sanchez lose Herrera and fellaini and not replace any of them.

Then they gave new contracts to players like smalling Jones and young

The club is a joke and we will be back to square one and another "re build" by Christmas.

2.) 31 Aug 2019 19:45:57
They did because hiring Ole was viewed as an easy way to put restructuring the transfer team on the back burner.

The sensible thing to do would have been to identify a sporting director and manager who are happy to work together, and overhaul our recruitment.

Instead, the club used a few weeks of good form to make Ole permanent. The result was no sporting director, and business was as usual this summer. The club have a new fall guy to blame, one who’s happy to toe the company line.

3.) 31 Aug 2019 20:02:30
This dof is never going to happen. We are all talk no balls

Same with transfers as long as the books look good and the money is coming in it won't change.




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17 Oct 2019 23:57:36
Agree mort.





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10 Dec 2019 20:50:15
He should be in there a lot more.




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10 Dec 2019 20:34:38
He was invited by the manager, it isn't bull.




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10 Dec 2019 19:01:10
With all respect to him, he should never have got the job in the first place.
Keane was at the training ground last week and had a talk with the players, apparently one player was thrown down slouched in the chair like a dead dog, martial. And Keane had a right go at him telling him what was expected of you as a man united player
Don't know much about oles management but I'd say too nice a bit of a yes man.




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04 Dec 2019 17:01:36
But they are happy.




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03 Dec 2019 12:30:31
Fresh, the message from ole is we are happy, we are 22 points adrift but we're happy, 2 points from 2 promoted teams but we're happy,
Tony martial might not look it but he is happy, and Ed Woodward have you seen his bank account he is happy, the United fans they are happy cause I am happy, well except for Jamie from the United page he isn't one bit happy,
The football is rubbish but we're happy, kind regards big love from ole.