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28 Aug 2019 08:26:24
This site has become all a bit 'us versus them' lately. Some nice long essays full of dubious 'facts' to support one's own arguement. All followed by too much virtual arse kissing to other posters who agree with particular arguement - and a lot of singling out of individuals. Particularly Red Man. To be fair I did mention said posted in a post the other day - but purely in jest. Some of it now is deliberately singling him out and there is no need. We all have opinions, and are entitled to them. I don't necessarily agree with Red Man, but I can see where he is coming from. I bet, in truth, most of us can.

There are two distinct camp on the Ole subject, both with very different views. Like most arguements, the trust probably lies somewhere in the middle.

Everyone uses their 'stats' and 'facts' to back up their views - but most are delierately misrepresented or scewed.

For example, United's League points since Ole took over being 3rd highest in the EPL is true. But then break it down a bit. 10 wins and 2 draws in his first 12 league games is very good - but let's not forget the strategic timing of his appointment and a run a relatively easy games. Since that 10 wins out of 12 things look a little different don't they. So how far back do we want to look at form - it depends on the point you want to prove.

Then the next arguement is how much time do we give a manager? He must be given time, a few transfer windows to create his own team. Yet the Ole supporters point to his points haul when from when he was first appointed when he had an immediate impact. So does he need time, of was his Impact immediate. It seems that his record is gradually diminishing over time looking at current form.

And then there is the whole 'Ole is giving youth a chance'. I am sure he is, but not to the extent that is being made out. Did he really not want a forward, another midfielder or two, and right winger' etc?
I am sure he did - he said himself he expected more signings - but they did not arrive. So now he is having to include they youngsters out of necessity is some positions.

All of the above examples can be argued either way . And that is my point. Football is not black or white. There is often no right or wrong. They are just opinions. We all have them, and we all think ours are right.

I am sure many will disagree, and maybe some will agree. If you do then great, but no need to reply with 'great post Betty' if you do! But thanks anyway.

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28 Aug 2019 09:27:25
That 'easy' run Ole had we was losing and dropping points to teams of that ilk under various managers so let's not take away from Ole and the team that great run.
Fact remains whether Ole is the right man or not he is the man and the reason we are in this mess is cz of chopping and changing managers who all want diff styles and diff people around, it has an effect on stability.
Under ole we have seen youth, pace tempo, attack minded play which we all cried out for, I'll say again, we said we don't mind results long as we see that and now suddenly that's not enough.
Let the man do his job and see where we go not change after a year again and create more instability.
Of course we can critique performance but we are not at the level of city and Liverpool, let's not kid ourselves, we are where we are which is vying to be best of the rest and that's the aim.
Ole has signed well this summer, it will take a few more windows to get where we should be, let's hope finally we allow a manger time to actually complete a rebuild and give them time.

28 Aug 2019 09:41:25
Good post Berty. There is a wider point here in that some of the regular posters stopped posting because of the constant negativity and repetition of emotional outbursts.

Some posters throw their toys out of the pram and stormed off but some just got fed up of the whole tone of the conversations.

I love debate but it hasn't been much fun lately.

28 Aug 2019 10:18:58
Berty! Sorry mate.

28 Aug 2019 10:23:18
I think it is a new social phenomenon where people seem totally unable to coexist with people who have a different view to them. We have seen it in British politics with the whole Brexit fiasco.

Whatever happened to "I respectfully disagree". Also wouldn't this site be kind of boring if we all agreed and said the same thing.

The thing that annoys me is the same people saying the exact same thing every week win lose or draw, and the "I told you so's" which are a little pathetic.

I know I'm guilty of saying the same thing over and over again. I can try and defend it by saying it's often in reply, or I'm trying to add balance. But in the end I am perpetuating the same arguements.

Ultimately it comes down to how we view football and how we view life. I am an optimist because I choose to be. I used to be a pessimist, looking for the negatives in every situation. However, in the end I found all I was doing was making myself unhappy. I used to think I was being a "realist" but in the end it's the exact same thing. Considering all the bad things that could happen isn't being realistic as they don't always happen, so it isn't realistic. It's just pessimism wrapped up in a prettier bow. So I decided to become an optimist. Choosing to think the best doesn't stop bad things happening, it just makes them hurt less when they do.
At the end of the day your own mental and emotional health is far more important than being right or successful predicting a bad outcome.

My view with the club currently is that behind the scenes we lack direction. We don't know if we are a football club that makes a lot of money or a business that plays football. A restructure is needed, yet it doesn't look forthcoming. While any rebuild is unlikely to be in the way I would like. So I don't see the point in wasting my time worrying about it, as it is something I cannot control and it is unlikely to turn out as I would like. Instead I focus on what is most important, the values I love about our club. Trust in youth, offensive football, entertainment. If we can have that then I suppose that will have to do.

Is Ole the right man to provide it? Maybe, maybe not. We won't know unless we give him a chance. The early signs are good, a better style of play and more youth players being given a chance. Ultimately I don't think he has what it takes to take us back to the top. However, I feel he is taking the squad in the right direction so he might be the best person for right now, during the early rebuild.

28 Aug 2019 10:25:12
Its because people love pointin ech other out and that's what puts posters off from posting.

28 Aug 2019 10:31:45
Great post Tiny 😀

Yeah its all become about point scoring lately and proving a point. I think to be fair we all want the club doing well but are blaming different people for the reason it isn't.

I love Ole, and whether he is right or not remains to be seen. Either way he will, like all managers, eventually take the fall when in reality the fault probably lies with the amateurs running the show 'upstairs'.

28 Aug 2019 10:42:56
It football, it's simple I've really enjoyed the games this season loved the second half against palace can't wait for the match on saturday.

28 Aug 2019 11:22:56
Once willy waving and pi$$ing contests start the outcome is pretty much inevitable. Opinions will become polarised, responses become personal and folk will fall out and leave.

28 Aug 2019 11:40:01
Once personal comments and passing judgements on people you don't even knoe starts, people will tend to either reply in kind or be mature and move on from the pages. You do not have the right to call people pessimists just because their standards of best are higher than yours. You think of the best as Ole and we can think of 100 better so that's where the difference is.

Anyway, i will leave the us Vs them and get away from this for good. Have fun and be happy, the way you want to be. And don't let others tell you what to think and not be the judge of others characters.

28 Aug 2019 12:05:18
UA. Ignore the fools who act like experts on here and think they know more then you. Infact there isn't a right or wrong answer here and its all just opinions.

The only views which matters here is the Eds take om things as aeast they have inside info or credible info.

You are a good ppster and keep posting. I had the same feeling as u earlier in the summer but the i realised there is much more then United and i just now use this page for rubbishs and giggles.

Dont take anything personal and don't dish out anything personal is the best way forward.

28 Aug 2019 12:25:14
I think it is time we just stop discussing Ole for a few weeks, as i see it everyone's picked a side and no one's changing it right now. One side sees a made for movies storyline the other a failed cardiff manager, one side sees the table since ole started at utd the other 3 wins in 15 games.

I think we can all agree that Ole's goal for the season is top 4 or europa league win, either way get back into CL, if he achieves it he stays, if he doesn't he gets sacked, just wait this season out, because outside of rehashing stuff no one really has anything new to add to this debate.

28 Aug 2019 12:32:20
United addict, I didn't pass judgement on anyone. I didn't call anyone a pessimist. I merely stated why I have the views I have, I called MYSELF an optimist, if you disagree with my assessment of myself then that's cool. You're allowed to have your own opinions.

I've said Ole might not be the best man for the job long term. But in my opinion I like what he is doing with the team currently. Bringing in more youth players, pressing higher, playing with pace on the counter.

It's not perfect, but then I wouldn't expect it to be 3 games into the season. You could argue that neither Liverpool or City have hit top form yet. And they have settled teams with world class proven managers.

I like the signings we have made, even if I personally feel there could have been a better value centre back available.

There is a lot to like about this current United side, especially compared to the other United sides of the recent past.

I have no doubt eventually Ole will fail, or he'll reach a point at which he can't take the side any further. But that is not 3 games into his first full season as full time manager. At which point I will wish him well, thank him for what he's done and hope the next appointment can continue to improve the side and take us to the next level.

28 Aug 2019 13:12:35
UA, we often disagree particularly on Rashford but we've kept it pretty civil. Keep posting mate but as with all of us, we need to find new things to discuss.

28 Aug 2019 14:13:56
Ua don't let them run you off the site.

{Ed047's Note - this is kind of why I said what I did yesterday and now we end up here. I realise we’re all big enough to make decisions but really it’s crazy when it pushes someone away from the site.

You guys have some fantastic banter on here and emotions are going to run high, we’ve all been there, but it’s just a shame when this happens. 🤷‍♂️

28 Aug 2019 15:39:28
Very well said Ed.

It gets really boring reading the same rubbish over and over again and then it enda up usually hitting people's nerves and then you 3nd up just disappearing.

I think the best way is not to comment on someones post if you don't agree with it unless u really have to and that will take away all the bitching which goes on here.

{Ed047's Note - let’s hope it sorts itself Singh as you guys clearly all love your club but sometimes frustrations boil over and that’s when you maybe need to take a breath.

28 Aug 2019 16:29:58
No ones pushing UA off the site.

I've almost quit twice though because of the unrelenting negative twaddle some come out with. Deadline day and this last half week have seen me scale back my involvement because its becoming pointless coming on here.

28 Aug 2019 17:10:58
Mort. I didn't mean literally. But if he doesn't enjoy coming on to read or make an input because of a few just don't engage with them or read their posts no need to walk away himself just don't engage with those that frustrate him.

28 Aug 2019 17:31:54
Singh, you can't go on about respect for peoples' views, and start your post off by calling people fools, surely?

The whole thing is ridiculous anyway. I had some really childish spats a few years ago with Danny, over Moyes. Then I took a step back, realised I was being a d1ck, and knocked it on the head. I broke my own social media rule of, would I talk like that to the guy if I met him for the first time in a pub, and we were discussing the same issue?

28 Aug 2019 18:17:23
Surely it's ok to disagree some of the time. I've agreed with Red Man, I've disagreed with him, same with Danny, same with Park, same eith a bunch of others, doesn't mean I don't respect them, nor did it mean I needed to be rude.

28 Aug 2019 21:31:20
Yes you can Singh. I understand your point. You were calling the people who tend to bully, fools. And i agree with that.
UA, my views are very aligned to yours, and i hope you don't leave as all views are fine as long as people don't get personal and start insulting other posters. There's no need for that.
Keep posting mate, it's a game and we all love the club and that is all that matters.

28 Aug 2019 22:22:17
Nomid, I assume you haven't read many of his posts. If anyone is hostile and aggressive, it tends to be UA. He's taking issue with being called a pessimist in his post above, but I can assure you he's dished out much worse. How many people actually read his reason for going, or is there just a bullying bandwagon to jump on? GDS got pulled up yesterday, and I've never seen him insult one person on here.

As for Singh, his quote was, "Ignore the fools who act like experts on here and think they know more then you". I don't see in that sentence where he just calls bullies 'fools'.

Personally, I think a lot of the miscommunication on here is down to the nationalities of different fans. The British and Irish tend to use sarcasm a lot, a trait particular to these islands. I'm not sure our friends from the rest of the world pick up on that as easily as the rest of us. Likewise, when English isn't your first language, sometimes the tone you are trying to put across in your posts, doesn't always come across how you meant it to sound.

Just a theory. I don't have a single scientific fact to back it up :)

29 Aug 2019 10:47:33
Stevie, the funny thing is he wasn't even called a pessimist.

I said I used to be a pessimist but now I'm an optimist. I said why I'm an optimist and that because I am that is why I hold the views I do.

At no point did I say anyone else was a pessimist, at no point did I call anyone else anything, in fact I didn't even mention anyone else or elude to anyone else.

I'm not quite sure why UA has decided to take issue with what I said, or even how what I wrote could be misconstrued as a dig at other people.

However, I understand if he is feeling exhausted with all of this and maybe he just needs to take a step back.

I'm fairly sure UA has posted previously under a different name. So even if we don't see the UA name, I would be surprised if he doesn't return to post again. After all we are all to some extent addicted to this site.



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