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30 Mar 2018 00:35:01
It breaks my heart to see city are being linked with Isco while we chase another 7ft player like decooure from Watford.

Attack Attack Attack

1.) 30 Mar 2018 04:13:10
We are linked with Neymer, does that make you happy?

2.) 30 Mar 2018 12:14:37
I’d happily take Decourey. Good player who gives his all. Underrated.

3.) 30 Mar 2018 12:15:40
Because Doucoure plays for Watford doesn’t make him a poor standard of player. Tevez came to us from a loan at West Ham, lukaku from everton. How many times has signing a “world class” player actually worked out for us recently. Eg Di Maria, Falcao, Sanchez and pogba ain’t hit the heights yet.

4.) 30 Mar 2018 12:53:39
Where would they fit Isco in? Or they going to move on the lad they paid 60 mill for who barely plays.

5.) 31 Mar 2018 13:05:38
I think Ndidi at Leicester is other one for us to take a look at.

Isco is great, but if he was all that Madrid would keep the home grown golden boy

We need 2 full backs, a centre half and two central midfielders. Up top we have more than enough.

6.) 03 Apr 2018 13:39:29

So you believe the Isco to city rumours but ignore any rumours linking United to top players, anyone would think you are deliberately choosing to do that to be negative.

7.) 04 Apr 2018 01:59:55
Isco isn't home grown they bought him at a young age of malaga i think it was.




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23 May 2022 08:06:39
Thankfully, the season has ended. But not before more farcical and embarrassing comments. Rangnick is being interviewed by BBC reporter. First Rangnick says that he doesn't know when he'll have his face to face chat with ETH but maybe in the next 48 hours! Do these people not have the capability of arranging meetings?
But more worrying, the reporter mentioned to Rangnick that ETH had watched the match from the stands, and Rangnick seemed surprised and commented that he wasn't aware that ETH was there!
What on earth is going on at our club? You could see Lineker, shearer and Wright all saying how shambolic our club has become.
If we need anything to happen urgently, is ETH uniting and organising the footballing side off the field as much as the obvious need to unify and improve it on the field.
We are officially a circus run by clowns.

Attack Attack Attack

1.) 23 May 2022 08:50:31
He also mentioned that 10 of the 11 players who started will be at the club next season, which I imagine will disappoint a fair few people. Cavani was the 11th, meaning the likes of Dalot, Fred, Telles, Maguire et al aren't going anywhere. Not a surprise to be frank, we need some players I guess!

2.) 23 May 2022 10:04:13
Well that’s a contradiction in terms! He hasn’t had a meeting with ETH yet and Eric is supposed to be calling the shots!

3.) 23 May 2022 10:19:21
Why would eth want to sit down with a consultant to the board?

4.) 23 May 2022 10:33:08
Agreed Ken. ETH will want to plough his own field and I highly doubt he'd want to sit down with Rangnick.

He has seen all that he needs to know and if he hasn't then he is going to struggle with this job.

Looking forward to seeing how he tackles things, particularly the signings he will make. I'm sure there will be a few in there we have no clue about.

5.) 23 May 2022 10:53:30
Lol of course they've been speaking for months. For all Ralph's straight talking throughout, this bizarre pretence that they hadn't met or even communicated was strange.

6.) 23 May 2022 11:30:01
I wouldn't read anything into Rangnick's comments, I am sure they will have a chat as he has mentioned before that they will be doing, we are in a position where a handover can take place and I am sure ETH will want to get as much information as possible but then he will do his own thing and Ralf will just advise the board as per his job role.

He was being asked if ETH has come into the changing room and had any impact on the team yesterday which was a stupid question as he hasn't started his job yet and would undermine Rangnick who had a job as manager until yesterday, so he was just saying he hadn't been involved and didn't know he was there.

Today is the start of the new era, let's hope its a good one and we get some signings in early.

7.) 23 May 2022 12:53:42
Ralf is quoted as saying last week that he has been in touch with Erik via WhatsApp for a while and expects a sit down meeting with him today as a handover.

The sit down needs to happen as Erik needs to know that dressing room dynamic and where it has all fallen apart this year, best that comes from Ralf than the players.

8.) 23 May 2022 17:38:15
I would not put any weight on most of what is said in interviews and certainly not try and interpretation the words with football managers most of them are very experienced with the press.

10 of 11 here next year is correct they are under contract he isn't going to say anything else.

I am sure he is fully aware EtH is here, feigning surprise was his way of avoiding questions about EtH. The rags and websites had said multiple times he would be. There is a media team who will brief him on stuff before he gets to the press. Its been pointed out to me before that a media person often speaks with manager straight away after a game before press get near. This happens in many sports, I even watched the 49ers media guy get involved in a fight between two head coaches and their players before and he explained that his job was to get and brief the HC before and media interactions.

I am sure that he has EtH number anyway, both are managers and involved in football many years, it's probably quite a close network, there is always stories in books told of managers phoning one another when they get jobs etc or to discuss things.

9.) 23 May 2022 19:29:43
Ken the sooner Rangnick and ETH meet the better. Rangnick Haa been the manager for a few months and the information he relays to ETH is essential. Otherwise, ETH spend another season trying to work out who is worth keeping and who isn't.
Lack of communication is exactly why I wrote the post and it is exactly why the club is in this present state.

10.) 23 May 2022 19:35:53
RR did an appalling job. He clearly didn't have the trust of the players and everything was a complete shambles by the end. Yes some of those players are poisonous and we want them out, but surely not all of them. RR seems to have escaped a lot of fair criticism.



20 May 2022 07:59:31
Am I missing something? A fan shouts and pokes Vieira for some time and when Vieira retaliates, the media jump on his back.
I would like to see how many people will just stand an laugh while someone is poking them in the face.

Attack Attack Attack

1.) 20 May 2022 08:13:18
Not sure what they should expect. We just saw Billy Sharp getting horrifically assaulted.

I hope no action is taken.

2.) 20 May 2022 10:35:26
anyone remember Monica Seles getting stabbed at a tennis match years ago . a flipping tennis match! A big name player or manager is going to get seiously hurt soon by one of these nutters running on the pitch, some lout will want his 5 minutes of fame for knocking out or slashing a household name.

No one wants fences again but this is serious now. The force that thug ran at Billy Sharp could have caused a serious head/ spine injury

Good for Viera -hope F. A go after the culprit and not him.

3.) 20 May 2022 10:57:14
Unfortunately with the way the world has changed people very rarely face the consequences their actions deserve. I’ve seen many gobby idiots who a few years ago a good smack in the mouth would have helped, but these days you can’t get away with it.

4.) 20 May 2022 12:05:32
I'd be very surprised if that got anywhere near a criminal court. The football authorities may be a different matter, though.

5.) 20 May 2022 15:06:22
The little scumbag taunting him was in the wrong for sure. Notwithstanding the fact he didn't touch viera he was goading and taunting him on a pitch he has no business to be on.
Vera was also in the wrong. But I hope common sense prevails and the fan gets a ban and views gets a warning.
It does not look to me to be worth pursuing from a criminal point of view but you never know these days the worlds gone mad.

6.) 20 May 2022 16:43:43
Hi Ken. The idiot fan was poking Vieira with his phone and finger. Why was he goading anyone when he should've been celebrating his team's survival?
But my point is that if you do any search on the incident, all you read from these sensationalist idiots in the media is how Vieira was kicking a fan! The thug who was goading vieira deserved to be kicked and if Everton find his identity, they should take action. Boyfromburrenway, totally agree, there's going to be an incident one day if this is not addressed.

7.) 20 May 2022 17:40:24
Hi triple A. I don't think he touched him but as I said he is a fool had no business there and was in the wrong. The world has changed since clough punched a fan for pitch invading and not always for the better.
If the person is a minor for example it will not be good news for viera.
It's a mad world.

8.) 20 May 2022 18:08:04
He was not a minor, but if he was, then hope his dad clouts him.

9.) 20 May 2022 21:00:41
All I can say is, Eric Cantona.

10.) 20 May 2022 22:40:32
Eric jumped over a barrier to attack a fan he was in no immediate threat from.

The difference is the guy is in Patrick's face and aggressive. Patrick can perceive an assault (apprehended fear of unlawful immediate violence) and can act under common law in self defence.

Two very different situations.

11.) 21 May 2022 07:31:28
Agree with all your sentiments. This is different from the Cantona incident as Cantona jumped over the barrier to the stands, while the fan was just doing normal idiot fan stuff. Being on the pitch however is different level. Viera should have punched his nose in. You don't go fondling with a tiger's balls and act surprised when your face gets chewed off.

12.) 21 May 2022 11:05:33
What Vieira did was self defence, fair play to him.

13.) 21 May 2022 11:05:53
Haha how can anybody compare it to cantona?

Vieira didn’t kick him hard enough imo.

14.) 21 May 2022 19:21:49
Did you see what happened to Billy Sharp? Crazy.

How is viera supposed to know if he being accosted by an iritant or a dangerous thug.

It's great to see the fans on the pitch celebrating getting to a Wembley playoff final, I don't think we should sanitise football to the point that fans sit quietly and clap. But surely the opposing team should be allowed the time to get off the pitch safely. Or security should run on to escort the players.

15.) 22 May 2022 12:58:22
Agree with your comments guys, what Cantona did was wrong and he and United paid the price for it.
The Everton idiot, was poking at Viera and you can see it clearly on a large TV screen that his hand was either touching or very close to Viera's face. Viera tried to walk away, but the Everton idiot kept doing it. How was Viera to know that this so called "fan" was not going to attack him?
Anyone would have defended themselves in this situation. If the FA charge Viera, then shame on them and on our society, as the innocent party is being punished.



06 May 2022 14:49:56
So now we have the manger of Manchester United being asked to justify his decision not to bring on Lingard for his farewell. What is happening to our club? Can you imagine anyone asking Fergie the same question.
Lingard is useless and he's stealing a living, and now our manager is being asked stupid questions about him.
Get these idiots out of our club and stop the circus.

Attack Attack Attack

1.) 06 May 2022 16:12:12
AaA. What's more is if you look below we have our own supporters saying the same.
The standards have dropped so low that our own fans are acting like some of the players.
I'd suggest some of our fans have expectations and standards just as low as some of our players.
I have said numerous times that any player not committed to next season has no part in our squad. The mistake RR made imo was having the likes if lingard pogba mata matic in any match day squad.
They should have been treated the was bastion was. Put in reserves or on gardening leave until their contracts expire.

2.) 06 May 2022 16:13:23
Spot on AAA.

3.) 06 May 2022 16:27:25
Peter Pan.

4.) 06 May 2022 17:24:54
Just to be clear. Because I feel like I might be in your cross hairs with that comment Ken. I agree completely that we should not have been playing players leaving on a free AT ALL these last few months.

I did think that doing a parade of leavers, which Ralf seemed to do in the last phone game Jesse could have been aggrieved at Cavani getting the nod ahead of him - especially after how little Cavani has been available in the past 3 months.

BUT clearly Jesse shot himself I. The foot with all the leaks rubbish. If he is one of the players leaking info then diserves everything he gets. He can take it up with Scholes if that was a one off, but how he has the balls to feel aggrieved after what he said is quite laughable.

He's been with the club since he was 8, or whatever. That does say something. But for anyone to say he did not get a chance is just rubbish. Ole played him for a full season when he got no goals or assists playing as a second striker. Running out of the way and making space for others is not, and never was, enough for a club like man utd aspire to be.

5.) 06 May 2022 18:27:59
Totally agree Ken. Problem is society has become weak and very PC. So, someone like lingard, who has paid more attention to social media and his clothes range than playing for United, comes out and trashes the club, posts a photo of himself with a West Ham shirt, and then starts moaning at not being given a farewell. I almost wanted him to come on the pitch just so that we could tell him exactly what we thought of him.
People need to wake up to these idiots. There's no place for them at our club. Respect and honesty has gone out of the window, replaced by self pity and moaning.

6.) 06 May 2022 18:50:37
Lingard may have paid more attention to his brand than football

But Man Utd have paid more attention to their brand than what happens on the football pitch.

Clearing put the players is one thing, Clearing out the attitude of the whole club is another.

7.) 07 May 2022 07:59:42
Just release him now. It’s clear he’s part of the major issue in the dressing room.



04 Apr 2022 18:22:44
I know it's paper talk but the Manchester Evening News are reporting the camp is split over the appointment of Ten Hag. It's depressing that these overpaid idiots should turn their back on a new manager.
Might only be paper talk but unfortunately, we've seen this group of players turn on all the last few managers. When is this horrid cycle going to stop.
I watched Spurs play fast, aggressive football, likewise with Liverpool and City. Yet, we watch our lot churn out one terrible performance after another with no care in the world.
At some stage, these horrible bunch of mercenaries, need to be removed from the club and respect reintroduced for the manager and staff.
Who is going to start this revolution? Personally, I don't think it will happen and the new manager will be thrown under the bus in two years time.

Attack Attack Attack

1.) 04 Apr 2022 18:48:55
I would seriously take relegation and set the re set button on these blaggers
We are a laughing stock
Unless most of these jokers are shown the door nothing will change.

2.) 04 Apr 2022 21:20:56
Makes little difference, ultimately the horse doesn't pick the jockey.

The players opinion doesn't and shouldn't matter, and frankly the club should be telling them as such.

They have a contract to play for Manchester United, not this manager or that manager. If the club deem someone worthy of the managers job it isn't the players place to question that.

Just do their bloody job, be a professional, work hard, follow directions and play football.

3.) 04 Apr 2022 22:02:03
I never buy stuff like this. Why would they be opposed to anyone? Lazy journalism.

4.) 04 Apr 2022 22:21:11
And players actually went to the board on who should be manger. aaarrgghhh! You mean they want an easy ride, as soon as that happened each one should have been shown the door. The these leaks are coming from these lot, I want ten hag just so he can soon these clowns the door. Poch would stroke their pathetic ego and nowt will change.

5.) 04 Apr 2022 22:51:18
Be nice just to see some players playing with a smile again. Not really got a great deal to worry about have they. Bring in Barry Fry to cheer em up!

6.) 05 Apr 2022 01:07:06
Unfortunately, as we've seen in recent years, these players can down tools. If they're not fully behind the new manager, then he'll be out in 2 years max. Players seem to have the power at our club as the hierarchy within the club do not back the manager's judgement.



09 Mar 2022 07:09:38
Morning all. I watched the City game and I thought we gave as much as we took in the first half. Second half was a disaster and shamefully bad.
However, let's look at the bigger picture for some on here and especially the biased idiots in the media who are criticising RR. RR came to the club and inherited all these players, I'm sure he would not have bought Ronaldio or stuck with Cavani had he been manager at the start of the season.
The defence and midfield has been discussed at length. But let's look at the attack.
Ronaldo while a fantastic player and would have scored a shed load if he'd gone to City, he is not the player he was.
Cavani is great when he plays, but he's injured most of the time.
Rashford, has lost his form for over 2 years now.
Greenwood, who could've predicted what happened.
Martial is Martial, RR saw him and shipped him out.
Sancho, I think he's showing why we paid so much money for him.
So basically, the whole of our front line apart from Sancho, is either old, lost form, injured, or unavailable. What team in the league can lose 5 of their strike force and continue playing well and scoring goals? The problem lies firmly with the owners and Solskjaer for not buying a central and defensive midfielder, for not buying a young hungry striker, for sticking with Pogba, lingard, cavani, Jones, maguire, Shaw, Dalot, Mata, matic, Martial and not selling them and bringing in new young, hungry players.
We've been saying for some time that the club structure needs an overhaul. But while the same people are at the top, while Phelan, Fletcher are coaching, while Fergie is putting pressure with his choices, then we can get any manager in the world and it will not make a jot of difference. Only when the structure is changed, can this club move forward again.

Attack Attack Attack

1.) 09 Mar 2022 09:54:40
For all of the talk about how poor our defence and midfield is since Rangnick has taken over we have conceded on average 0.82 goals a game.

Which would rank us as the 4th best team in the league for goals per game ratio.

A lot of focus is put on the defensive mistakes that lead to the goals we concede. Yet in truth 99% of all goals ever conceded there has been clear and obvious defensive mistakes leading up to the goal.

Pretty much every goal Liverpool, Chelsea and City have conceded this year you could point to players being out of position, slow to react, weak in the tackle, poor in the air etc.

However, those mistakes don't seem as important when you score 3 or 4 at the other end.

Yet the reality is that under Rangnick we scored 3 goals from 90 odd shots or something ridiculous like that.

Ronaldo's conversation rate has dropped from 20.3% down to 5.6%, while maintaining around the same number of shots per games (3.6 before 3.5 now) . He went from scoring 11 goals from an xG of 10.89 to scoring 3 goals from an xG of 12.14. meaning he's gone from fractional out performing his expected goals to massively under performing them.

Personally I think the difference in attitude from Cavani before and after Ronaldo joined is like night and day. He clearly doesn't want to be here anymore and to be fair who can blame him. He was convinced to stay another year after he wanted to move back to South America to be closer to his family. Then we sign Ronaldo take Cavani's shirt number away from him and make him a substitute. Meaning he isn't closet to his family AND he's not even playing football.

Rashford's form since Ronaldo joined has dropped off a cliff. Martial's head sunk lower than a snakes belly once he realised he was behind Ronaldo, Cavani, Rashford and Greenwood. Can we really expect to see a great attitude from a player who knows he is 5th choice for his preferred position?

Bruno had the penalties taken away from him, as well as the best free kicks. Meaning his goalscoring numbers would take a hit. Of course he isn't going to be happy about that. Oddly his chances created numbers haven't dropped at all, what has dropped is his pass completion rate. He is giving the ball away more now. But how much of that is on him and how much of it is because our forward players aren't making the runs, aren't making themselves available for passes.

When we signed Ronaldo we became a one man attack. Which was fine while that mans form was good. Now it's dropped off and we are a one man team built around a man woefully out of form.

2.) 09 Mar 2022 11:59:41
To be quite honest those at the top need to grow a set and stick a plan. Ralf will have been brought in as on the back of his work at other clubs, and we all know where his expertise is. Now the decision to bring him to the club shows that somewhere, someone in there has their head screwed on. Apparently Murtough. Will he get the time with Rangnick to help stamp their authority on the club, isolate the problems and either fix or eradicate them. Will they get the chance to sign who is needed rather than who will sell shirts?

The only hope is that Arnold has learned from Woodward and realises that the football side needs special-ists in charge running that side of things, and he moves the commercial team back to London.

We really need patience, if Rangnick wants ten hag and Murtough agrees then the club need to give that man time and so does the rest of the board. Whoever the next manager is, needs to know he has the authority over these players. At the minute the lunatics run the asylum.

Saving grace is at least 6 or 7 minimum are moving on in the summer.

3.) 09 Mar 2022 15:23:56
Sorry put playing Pogba up front was a compete disaster and i have no idea where he came up with that idea.
Even an out of form Rashford would have had more influence in that game than Pogba playing up front.
At least Rashford has some pace and maybe could of stretched the City defence that looked quite vulnerable in the 1st half.
If he insisted Pogba played he should of been played in his correct position. Especially the second half when the other two clowns McFred were getting totally over run in the midfield area.
The club is up sh*t street without a paddle, god help any manager coming in to work with that load of sh*te hawks!




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06 Oct 2019 20:30:15
Dead right Betty. We seem to keep making these mistakes and we don't learn. The club, manager, owners are a joke.

Attack Attack Attack



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22 Feb 2018 12:56:33
Beast, you called it absolutely right. If De Gea hadn't made unbelievable saves, we will be looking at a 2 or 3 nil scoreline. I hate the passionless, clueless displays. I hate the lack of cohesion in the team. This result is not a good result, one goal for Seville and we have to score two. Even if we score first, we will still be extremely nervous.
I would say it is advantage Seville.
But the most ridiculous post i'd the one from 12daysofhemida. "A huge amount of us have got used to success", "We have to be practical we are still in a rebuilding phase", "Short termism and harking back to the good old days do not benefit the club". These are exactly the type of comments that drive me potty. How could you get too used to success? So shall we have a few years of rubbish performances as we don't want to be to used to success? Utter tripe. Then he mentions we are still rebuilding, we have been rebuilding for five years. A good business doesn't allow its performance to deteriorate, then start rebuilding. All the top clubs are in a constant state of rebuilding. Harking back to the old times? History is what defines you, and history is what you learn from and improve. So when you talk about harking back to the old times, you're basically telling us that we might as well throw away our history.
If you allow standards to drop and mediocrity to set in, then we might as well pack our bags and go home. That's not the philosophy of the club I've supported for over 50 years. we were built on attacking entertaining football with all the right values. Unfortunately, we are losing these values.

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24 Jun 2022 00:03:52
Chris, Stretha well said, people have short memories and unfortunately, their standards have dropped beyond rock bottom.
Glazers have won. We're happy being a mid table team as long as they get dividends.
What is happening to our fan base? For God's sake, wake up and smell the roses.
We're being taken for a ride and some on here are too blinkered to notice.

Attack Attack Attack



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23 Jun 2022 23:58:09
Tim, don't worry, as some keep telling us the transfer window has just opened and we're overreacting. All the clubs above us have strengthened. We've done nothing. And now, our negotiator is leaving.
But don't worry as everything will be OK.
We've been at this for 16 years and people still give them the benefit of the doubt. Good luck ETH, you're going to need it.

Attack Attack Attack



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23 Jun 2022 15:12:02
I stand by what I said. Jones can't stay fit and hasn't done so for 5 years. If he was your employee and called in sick for 340 days a year, then no one will grant him employment. But I did say that the fault lies with the club for giving him a new contract. Neither Jones or Mcguire are good centre backs, they're both average, but Mcguire stays fit.
Rashford is a strange one, on his day, he's brilliant, bit the last two seasons, he's been terrible. He needs to get his act together and hopefully ETH can do that.

Attack Attack Attack



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23 Jun 2022 14:59:59
Otis, you're speaking too much sense and that's not a language our current owners understand.
GDS, Nunez is not an unknown quantity, he'll rip the PL apart. We missed out on him and I can guarantee all the United fans who are trying to justify us no buying him by putting him down, will be eating their words come the end of next season. He's going to be a huge hit in PL, simple as that.

Attack Attack Attack



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23 Jun 2022 08:07:51
Morning AJH. Welcome back.
While Rashford might discover his form under ETH, he has performed abysmally for two years. What particularly annoyed most fans, is the little or no effort he puts in. I watched him in several games last year and he looked totally disinterested. Not acceptable.
Phil Jones has been stealing a living for 5 years, he should do the right thing and leave. But if the club are stupid enough to give him a contract, then they deserve what they get.
Re transfers, unfortunately, by dithering over Nunez (should have been bought in January when we made approaches to benfica) we're going to settle for 3rd and 4th. And you can see this pattern repeating itself. We delayed over van dijk and Liverpool jumped in. I'm not saying that we should just buy anyone, but this lack of discisiveness is the wrong way to go about any business.
ETH is a good manager, but he's not a magician. If the club don't back him with transfers and with sorting players, then he'll be gone in 2 years.

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