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09 Apr 2024 06:49:22
Random left field thought but when Martinez is fit could we, as a trial, put Kambwala into a CM alongside Mainoo?

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09 Apr 2024 07:20:12
I'd keep Kambwala where he is personally. Let him continue to develop as a CB. He did well at the weekend.

Martinez I'd happily play as a holding midfielder though. Mainoo offers too much further up the pitch to just be a sitting midfielder, McTominay can't play as a 6 and for as great a career as Casemiro has had, he looks like he has aged an extra 10 years and now needs glasses due to how often he misplaces passes. Martinez may not have the stamina to play in midfield in fairness, but at the same time, it's not like we've had much energy in there all season.

09 Apr 2024 07:42:46

Height, pace, tackling, heading. Kambwala looks a player who could anchor midfield. Worth a trial because we need someone who can sit, and give defence cover plus has pace. Not sure Martinez with his injuries works.

09 Apr 2024 09:51:11
One player I was thinking who could do a really good job in the defensive midfield role would be Dalot. When he drifts in there, he receives the ball really well from the CB’s and often keeps possession. I’m not suggesting we should play him there and not a big fan of moving players out of the natural positions but a few times I’ve seen him in that position, he get’s the ball and move it forward nicely. If we were to get a player in there til the end of season. I’d play Mount. He moves the ball quick, he gets stuck in, he’s mobile and I think he’s bright enough and disciplined to play the role as well. Not a long term solution but maybe good alongside Mainoo and keep Fernandes just ahead of them.

09 Apr 2024 09:54:46
Unfortunately Red Man I don't think we will see Martinez again this season and with our defensive injuries Kambawala will be needed in defense. I think he has performed well when he has had chances and should definitely be part of the first team going into pre season.
We have so many holes to fill that having another acadamy graduate in a position to fill (even a bench role) will massively help.
We can then look at bringing in another first team centre back whilt we sell/ release a couple from the existing crop.
Going into the summer we definitely need a holding midfielder to either work as double pivot with Mainoo or to allow him to be the more forward of the 2. Lots of options out there depending on how the new set up wants us to play and what money we have.

09 Apr 2024 10:03:25
Big willu is a cb. I've no idea why he would be triallex at cm.
Don't know if his passing range is up to it his 1st touch his technique his ability to take the ball under pressure his dribbling ability his body movement.
Crazy idea imo. I think if he had those abilities it would have been trialled before in the under age set ups
He has played rb.
The difference between playing as a defender where your facing the play the majority of the time and playing in midfield is miles apart.
He is big quick but is playing cb and midfield is the world of difference and requires a lot more than one might think. Itss like 2 different sports requiring 2 completely different skill sets
Id suggest we don't try to continue putting square pegs in round holes.

09 Apr 2024 10:53:31
The way Martinez is going with injuries i'd be tempted to splash a large part of our budget on 2 centre halfs ( see a lot of media talk about TOisin at Fulham being a steal as out of contract in summer- don't know much about him ) and use Martinez for cover at CH and LB if he is going to miss large parts of the season.

All teams need a settled back 4 especially the CH positions.

09 Apr 2024 11:23:38
Think we’ll sell Martinez in the Summer (ETH take him back to Ajax?! )

Wonderful attitude and character but sadly not up to the sustained physical demands of the Premiership the way we’re playing and being so exposed - unless gets more protection from the midfield, then might be Ok.

09 Apr 2024 12:03:16
Absolutely not. It's a terrible idea to trial a kid in a new position that he's never played when he's got less than 180 first team minutes, especially when you consider the inexperience of the midfield partner you're planning on playing him with.

You can't seriously think a midfield of a 18 year old with less than 20 appearances, alongside a 19 year old with only 2 starts playing in a position he's never played before, is a good idea.

It's frustrating to watch Casemiro struggle, but we literally have no other legitimate choices.

09 Apr 2024 12:24:26
While I'm sure both Kambwala and Dalot would do a job at DM, I think they'd each be better developing their respective games in their natural positions with an onus on being steady and productive in all nearby defensive situations - CB and RB who can each step in to support a midfield under pressure.

Tosin would be a great addition to any PL squad - especially on a free.
Irrespective of who arrives for the right side, we need back up and decent competition for Martinez - Calafiori of Bologna or Buongiorno of Torino - each available for around €30m - would be perfect, although Juve are already busily chasing a deal through for the former and there's a big pack of clubs scrabbling away for the latter. The left side needs an astute purchase. Another name for that position - Pavlovic at Salzburg.

As for the right side - Varane's definitely leaving so will need to be replaced. Bremer, while an expensive option, is near to peak and could be a huge immediate upgrade.
If it weren't for the need on the left, I'd pay the little extra to get Antonio Silva instead of Bremer now that Real are focusing on Yoro, but I guess over £100m on two CBs in one summer would not be the SJR way.
If Lindelof goes as well, which is looking increasingly likely, I'd certainly be looking at experienced PL bargains - Tosin fits the bill snugly.

09 Apr 2024 12:30:04
Thfb Toisin at Fulham has a feel of a smalling purchase.

09 Apr 2024 12:31:49
Lindelof will be staying i'm pretty sure of that.

09 Apr 2024 13:18:22
Martinez played as a holding mid at Ajax. But frankly I think most Utd fans would just be happy to see him in any position right now.

10 Apr 2024 17:31:24
C'mon Red Man. I thought we'd got past the stage of square pegs in round holes.

10 Apr 2024 20:26:09

Trying something towards the end of the season where we are not going to win the league is just an idea. Who put John OShes in a different position?

Don’t try don’t find out then, but just a suggestion to add pace and steel in CM trial.



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