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13 Jun 2022 11:53:48
Why do people think they're is such little interest in Henderson?
Once touted as the next England no1 yet so far it looks like Middlesborough are the only club in for him so far seeking a loan deal.
Ajax looked for a loan deal before as their other 2 keepers have a combined age of 80.
His star certainly looks to have fallen somewhat.
I hope he gets a move to reignite his career.

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13 Jun 2022 12:05:30
My guess would be wages and whatever fee we are demanding. United always price high on sales and then get irked when clubs do the same to us. Funny that. On hendo i'd say a loan is more probable for next season if anyone is interested.

13 Jun 2022 12:16:22
Thinks its very early on the window to gauge how much interest there is. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes plus there are so many stories to make up about United right now that the final destination of our backup GK is just an addendum.

13 Jun 2022 12:55:47
I get that I just thought he would be in more demand.
He may not even be for sale.
I suppose clicks on players leaving don't make as much money as someone supposedly coming in.
Even though I'm more interested in the outs than the ins this summer.

13 Jun 2022 12:58:28
I read a few days ago that there was a done deal for him to go to Newcastle.

13 Jun 2022 13:31:14
I have read there was a done deal to Newcastle and also they were not interested in him.

It migh the that ETH wants to get some of these boys back for pre season to assess them in his system.

13 Jun 2022 13:40:23
Couple of things I'd imagine.

Firstly I read the other day that he is apparently the 5th highest paid goalkeeper in the league.

If true I'd imagine it presents a problem for many clubs. It's unusual for a player in the prime of their career to accept lower wages when moving clubs. Most expect their wages to remain the same or even increase. Is he prepared to accept lower wages?

Maybe clubs clubs are only looking at a loan without paying his full wages. I can imagine Middlesbrough would be prepared to pay him north of 100k per week to play in the Championship for them.

Secondly, it depends what the club are looking for. Maybe United only want to consider loan deals and feel selling a player who they will then need to spend money to replace is of little benefit to them.

Maybe they think giving Henderson a loan deal for a year means he gets to play every week and keeps him happy, while giving EtH the chance the run the rule over both DDG for United and Henderson playing every week on loan. Meaning he can make a decision on whether you to stick with DDG, switch to Henderson or buy a completely new keeper next summer.

Or maybe there is some truth in the rumours that Henderson has been leaking line-ups and stories to the press and that behaviour has put off some other teams.

The rumours seem to suggest that United would want 30m to sell Henderson, I can't imagine there are many clubs in the EPL who'd spend that much on a keeper then pay him him north of 100k per week. Maybe only a few who could do a deal like that, how many of them need a keeper right now?

Personally I think only Newcastle or Spurs could afford to pay both what United want and what Henderson would demand.

Do they need a keeper that much this summer?

13 Jun 2022 15:27:36
Ken there is a lot of talk around him about his attitude, maybe that is a big problem.

13 Jun 2022 15:40:36
Maybe the top clubs don’t see him good enough to be number 1 but to expensive to be number 2 and Henderson doesn’t see any club below maybe 8th as a good move for him?!

13 Jun 2022 16:07:39
Agreed ports which again comes back to his attitude, I very much doubt you will ever see him as number 1 for any top 6 club, he thinks he is great in his own head!

13 Jun 2022 17:29:44
It was always hype surrounding him with little substance. He did well at Shef Utd but there are other keepers who have done just as well for longer who would be cheaper and on less wages.

I'm all for players having confidence but everything that emanated from his camp has just been a PR charm offensive. How he would only come back to United as number 1, he would be England's GK for a decade, no interest on going on another loan. These all smack of a man who has delusions of grandeur. Iv said it countless times on here, the man done nothing to warrant being United number 1 let alone oust our best player of the last decade.

The club wet the bed and pandered to his demands because they were terrified of him leaving and being a success and having a weak man like Ole in charge compounded the issue with his flip flopping over the situation.

He's good enough to be number one somewhere but not at United. He should have went out on loan for another year or two but his ego wouldn't allow it. He skipped many rungs on the ladder to deserving our number 1 spot and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

13 Jun 2022 17:43:15
Perfectly summed up mumbles.

14 Jun 2022 07:51:47
Nail right on the head Mumbles. Every time I’ve seen him play for us I’m nervous. His shot stopping is average to poor. People talk about his distribution and “command of the area”. Never seen it. It’s total nonsense. First job of a keeper is stop shots. He’s average at best. Fine as a no2 for us for sure no more. DDG is streets ahead of him.



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