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11 Aug 2017 17:54:48
Have to say I'm really miffed at the likelyhood of resigning Zlatan. He had been a world class player but I emphasise the word HAS. He scored goals last season but I think he was one of the reasons for the poor, slow, boring attacking football to be honest. He's very static, zero movement, comes deep all the time, and prevents the likes of marital and Rashford gettig game time. We need pace in th side and zlatans moves like a snail. Just a backward step imo.

Would like a move for Aurier and Rose, then save the Perisic money for a top player like Greizmann or Bale in Jan or next summer. Sanchez would be the ideal one for me but we're not interested for some bizarre reason.

{Ed004's Note - That's exactly the way I see it. However, Jose seems very keen on Perisic so there must be a reason for that although I would rather Martial get that game time. Unless Perisic is seen as an option for the right side}

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11 Aug 2017 18:13:59
I think we have moved on from perisic, rose will patch things up with spurs plus he is Injured and hasn't played since January.
Aurier seems available ibra would be a bad move especially at the expense of martial.

11 Aug 2017 18:21:08
Ibra would be a terrible move and I don't understand why we would consider it. I'm pretty shocked at this development.

11 Aug 2017 18:37:47
Zlatan won't play for another 3/ 4 months so it gives martial and rashford plenty of time and a good kick up the backside to get in the side and cement a place.

I do agree I am not sure Zlatan is the right move for us now.

11 Aug 2017 18:57:57
If the intention is to play 2 up front then yes sign him up again i'd have no issue with that at all.
But if the intention is to play 1 then i don't see the need.
I think a loan for martial would be a good thing i don't see him being enough game time at united this season to get the experience he needs to improve.
He is a very talented lad and will come back a much better player with 45 games under his belt i reckon he won't start more than 20 this season here. Ed002 has said the club are happy too sell him i'd prefer to loan him and see if he rips up seria a then bring him back abetter player and more mature.

11 Aug 2017 19:05:06
Did you listen to sharkopod. Ed002 still thinks perisic is very possible.

11 Aug 2017 19:18:05
I may be way off here but if perisic and say aurier both sign i can see jose playing 352 fairly regular he would have the players too do it. Shappy called it a few weeks ago. I still prefer a 442 diamond shape personally but with our current squad members its better than playing 3 up imo.

11 Aug 2017 19:25:31
Perisic been possible all summer.
We haven't played 442 all summer why would he start now, would rather rash 1 of the 2 any how .

11 Aug 2017 19:30:12
Ken you need good full backs to play the diamond, the only width would come from the full backs and we don't unfortunately. I've said a few times I can see us going 3 at the back and if we do I'd really like Tuanzebe to be one, along side Lindelof and Bailly/.

11 Aug 2017 20:16:18
Ithnk if we play 2 up front jred (which i concede is unlikely unless he goes 3 at the back) then in a 60 game season i would not expect lukaku or ibra if he came to start more than 40 which leaves 40 for rash. If we play 1 up no need to resign ibra and rash will start less games up front where i think he is better because lukaku is still lilely to get his 40 starts.

11 Aug 2017 20:39:45
Regardless of formation ibra is a bad idea he at 36 coming back from a bad injury he will get games that the likes of rash etc would be better playing .
I 100% agree with ed 2 it would be a bad move especially at the expense of martial.

11 Aug 2017 20:44:54
If we get into the knock out stages of the CL and Zlatan becoming available at Xmas might not be such a bad thing. Rashford and Martial will get plenty of game time this season. Having a player like Ibrahimovich to call upon isn't a bad option if you're going for 2 or 3 trophies. He won't be a long term signing but could make a difference if our squad is a bit stretched later in the season.
It doesn't stop us going back in for Griezmann in the summer. We will never get a player of Bale or Griezmanns calibre in January anyway.

11 Aug 2017 20:46:00
Rash can play as an attacker in a front 3, not a winger he could also play off lukaku .
53 games last season.
We don't need a 36 year old ibra coming back for a few month after a bad injury.
It's why we spent 100 mill on lukaku and if we need understudy give one of the young lads a chance.

11 Aug 2017 20:48:02
And if like ed says signing ibra means the end of martial?

11 Aug 2017 21:20:38
Why would it? he's not fit until November/ December. Why can't we have 3 or 4 strikers in our squad? The potential signing of Perisic is more of a threat to Martial, but again why can't we have 2 or 3 top players competing for the attacking positions.

11 Aug 2017 21:26:35
What is it you say jred 'maybe the manger rates him'

11 Aug 2017 21:51:39
Lol ken.

11 Aug 2017 22:03:43
Maybe jose is concerned about where goals will come from apart from lakaku with the current transfer market we would probably have to pay Β£30 million for a impact sub striker. Rashford for all his positives doesn't look a natural in front of goal and martials form is too unpredictable.

11 Aug 2017 22:49:54
if Zlatan can have same impact Henrik Larsson had then i would be happy.

12 Aug 2017 04:22:13
There is no doubt he does.

12 Aug 2017 04:31:06
As you keep telling us this is the worse squad in 20 odd year but with a bit of luck it can start well enough that we don't need ibra for Xmas.
I'm sure it will as it's a good squad.
Ibra at 36 returning from a ACL in a good young prospect like martial out and the same suspects clapping there hands .
I don't get some of the fans we attract these days .
I think the ed is right it would be a disaster but each to there own.

12 Aug 2017 06:13:28
On a different note with the exception of martial and possibly ddg doesn't sound like many are leaving.

Ddg out kasper in would be a bit of a step down imo, decent gk but not ddg level.

12 Aug 2017 10:15:16
Totally agree with that anybody in for ddg is a step down. Not sure anybody wants him to leave.

12 Aug 2017 10:20:23
Jred if you are going to quote me do it properly you have a habit of misquoting people which is weird considering you are the king of copy and paste.
I ssid that jose took over yhe worst performing squad for 20 years based on the previous 3 seasons which is fact. He improved it in his year 1 but the squad was still desperately weak in some areas. By end of this window hw will have brought in 8 or 9 prpoer man utd players since he arrived so it won't be too weak to compete anymore come sep 1st. We won't have to rely on poor players to play as often this season.

12 Aug 2017 11:21:27
No you never Ken and you can back track as much as you want .
You argued it was the worse squad in x amount at the end of last season.
At the start of the season when we had signed pogba and Jose you where telling us all we were going to win the league .
In fact for the second half of the season it's all you went on about .
Have a look a couple of week back you where trying to tell me this current squad was the worse for 22 year .
At least stand by your argument or hold your hand up if your wrong

As for ddg listen to the sharkpod.

12 Aug 2017 12:32:37
Jred show me the posts from the 2nd half of last seadon when i said we would win the league don't be talking nonsense maybe your drunk again. bit early even fir an aggro head like you. I post enough so if its all i went on about it won't be hard for you to find .

12 Aug 2017 13:17:37
Ken at the start of the season we bought pogba and co and you couldn't stop telling us we where going to win the league .
When Jose couldn't get the best out of the squad resulting in us finishing 6th the same squad that was going to win the league where the worse in 25 year .
The current squad as you said last week is the worse in 22 year?
Here one of my cut and pastes from only last week πŸ˜‰

28 Jul 2017
"Strong starting 11 but the of of the worst united squads for 22 years imo. After first 15 16 played the rest are well below the standard required. I have high hopes for tuanzsbe and periera"Ken.

12 Aug 2017 13:24:12
So more bs you said all i went on about in 2nd half of last season was telling everyone we would win the league that's not true you are a liar and a fool.
The squad after our 1st 14 or so is the worst back up we have had for 25 years which is true beacuse they have produced our worst 4 league finishes for 25 years in a row. Take your head out of your ass. ho follow rooney to everton and do us all a favour.

12 Aug 2017 14:24:21
No I just badly worded my post, honest mistake.
You started of by saying I miss quoted you which I obviously never .
Why you getting so upset πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
By the way yer Jose rates ibra πŸ˜‰.



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