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04 May 2016 23:46:23
The Sun reporting that EW has asked Jose to wait another year so that LVG can see out his contract.

If true, I expect both LVG and EW to be down the job centre come October.

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05 May 2016 02:39:21
Its The Sun redseven. They write utter garbage. The news came from Duncan Castles who is well known to have an agenda against United. His own fellow journalists don't take him seriously.

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03 May 2016 23:57:45
Express reporting West Ham after £20m deal for Smalling.

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{Ed025's Note - are you sure that was,nt the beano rews?.. :)

04 May 2016 08:36:15
I'd be more inclined to believe the beano. I have my doubts about Smalling, he looks suspect whenever we play more attacking football. I've said it many times on here that I believe the reason we play the way we do is to protect the CB's.

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04 May 2016 12:23:12
Id have smalling all day everyday over stones whose valued at what ridiculous price today.

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04 May 2016 13:25:22
Smalling won players player. He can't be as bad as some people make him out to be on here. Jamie Vardy said he was the best CB in the Premier League.

Smalling would be one of the players i'd keep hold of.

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04 May 2016 14:56:39
Id keep smalling as a squad player, 2x CB's needed me thinks.

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04 May 2016 20:49:49
I'd sell him for £20m, cash in whilst everyone seems to have forgotten how injury prone he is. Add to that dreadful on the ball, not talkative enough, clumsy, docile and a liability with shirt grabbing that will be picked up loads next season imo.

However he has looked good this season with the excess possession we insist on having to protect the back 4 and the excess defensive midfielders that won't attack even when being beaten.

A non-CB looks better than him in Blind, because of all the assistance given to them. It is the primary reason we don't attack in numbers and LVG for all his faults knows this.

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04 May 2016 21:54:52
If stones is worth 40 mill he is worth more and a better CB. People here can be very unforgiving. he has had an excellent season and no injuries.

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05 May 2016 00:04:01
Beast why are you always so negative?
Name me 2 cbs in the prem that don't grab players shirts at set pieces!
How do you know how well he communicates do you not watch the match and just focus on his mouth and body language the whole game, or are you on the pitch playing?

He has played 47 games this year while maintaining a 83.1 pass success rate, which I feel is a good amount of games would you not agree?
You do realise we have the second best defence in the league right?
So can we please start SUPPORTING our players instead of to criticizing them unfairly.

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05 May 2016 01:05:45
Walrus - I'm critical, are you happy with 4th/ 5th/ 6th I'm not. I think I could manage over 90% pass completion the way we are set up from the back, 83% strikes me as pretty poor considering how many side-side - backwards passes we make, are you saying he is good with the ball?

Yes we have second best defensive record because 90% of our game is dedicated to maintaining defensive shape.

He can barely speak, do you think he is a good communicator, we are at 6's and 7's whenever a team actually attacks us? We lack a leader at the back, Blind plays there to organise amongst other things.

I feel my critique is fair. He has improved, but the cards are stacking in his favour, when we start attacking we see what happens to our defence (Wolfsburg) . Not good enough, simples. He is a Europa League player nothing more, but we have a lot of those.

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03 May 2016 17:26:13
Ed 01, if you don't me asking, is there any interest in Griezman? If yes do you think he would be attainable?

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{Ed001's Note - I wouldn't get your hopes up.}

03 May 2016 19:16:01
Ah well thanks again. Heard anything else regarding United? I mean something we haven't heard from you yet?

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{Ed001's Note - not really mate, I have not been able to devote much time to it. I am a bit busy to chase up info, I have had 11 in laws staying and I am preparing to move country for the rest of the year two days after they go home. It has not left me much time. Remind me around the 12th or so, and I will push for some info on United in particular. Sorry for not being much use right now.}

03 May 2016 20:17:06
No problem at all ed.
11 in laws eh? Just thinking about it makes me reach for my whiskey haha.

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{Ed001's Note - actually it is not so bad. The fact they can't understand what I say and I can't understand them probably helps! And the little nephew and niece are great fun to have around. Though they seem to think I am a climbing frame and like to do things like stand up on the arm of the sofa and just launch themselves head first at me assuming I will catch them and then twirl them around. When I took them to the mall, I was walking round with one hanging off each arm swinging. So I can't complain about a lack of exercise! They are better than any weight regime I have ever tried.}

03 May 2016 20:25:19
Sounds like you have a lot on your plate Ed. I suppose moving country is one way of making sure the in laws don't come back. Enjoy the piece and quiet when you get settled.

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{Ed001's Note - that is true as they will struggle to get a visa for Spain. Actually, being perfectly honest, I think it is my missus that has the short straw on the inlaw front!}

03 May 2016 20:28:13
Ed001 I know your busy but have you heard anything about players leaving this summer?

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{Ed001's Note - nothing new, though I did hear some things regarding Januzaj which makes it plain to see why he has dropped so completely out of the first team picture. If he doesn't buck his ideas up fast, his career will be extremely short.}

03 May 2016 20:38:10
Sounds like you're having fun mate! In laws who don't understand you, how I wish I had that.
My niece seems to think I'm some sort of nail filer, trust me you don't want to be that.

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{Ed001's Note - yeah, the not being understood bit is actually quite useful. Luckily no one would use me as a nail filer twice, I am far too heavy handed for stuff like that.}

03 May 2016 20:39:24
Yeah I have heard stories that the money etc has gone to his head!

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{Ed001's Note - his attitude had stunk the place out, in Germany as well. Sad when they get like that.}

04 May 2016 20:15:29
Whereabouts in Spain are you off to 001? . We have got a place on the mainland, would love to live there one day. Good luck, it's a massive step.

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{Ed001's Note - I am only there until the end of the year, all being well, to save up for my wedding. My fiancee's job is here in Dubai, so the intention is to come back then, all being well. I am going to be staying in a village called Marinaleda in Andalusia. My first ever visit to Spain to be honest, though my parents retired there a few years ago now.}

02 May 2016 07:51:41
I hear that Memphis has deleted everything to do with Man Utd off is instagra account and unfollowed all his team mates, could he be leaving in the summer? I did hear rumours that he could be involved in a swap deal with Southampton for Mane. Are we still interested in him eds?

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{Ed001's Note - you have heard wrong. He deleted his Instagram account or shut it down for now at least. As for Mane, yes there is still interest.}

02 May 2016 09:45:16
Ita unlike the media to take something and spin it with a totally different slant.

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02 May 2016 10:11:40
Indeed Mort.

I hope he makes it here, I don't see why he can't if given more game time - he should be tried out on the right to rotate with Lingard - he would offer much more than Mata does out there.

Mane would be a decent signing - in fairness I can't think of many possible right sided signings other than James.

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02 May 2016 23:34:07
I hope he has been told to concerntrate on football and stop acting like a dick.

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01 May 2016 21:25:04

Do you know if Madrid are still looking to sell Benzema?

If so do you know anything about where he could end up?

Cheers mate.

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{Ed001's Note - yes they are, and no I don't, not exactly a lot of suitors in Europe so probably somewhere like China or the Middle East.}

02 May 2016 05:36:38
I find that strange as a lot of reports etc say he's the man that ties that attacking line together and brings the others into play etc. I assume they have a replacement lined up? Lewa?

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{Ed001's Note - why would it be strange? Have you forgotten what he did to his France team mate? Have you forgotten he faces criminal prosecution? Other than that, this discussion is really for the Real Madrid page as he is very unlikely to move to Man Utd this summer.}

02 May 2016 05:46:46
Strange as the big teams in Spain seem to be the best hiding place for all sorts of high profile criminal behaviour from tax fraud to hormone boosting - Costa Del Crime!

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{Ed001's Note - good point. I had never considered it that way. The issue is more one of trust I would think. Once you see someone do something like that to one of his very best mates, would you trust him? I know I wouldn't trust Benzema.}

28 Apr 2016 16:13:10
Reported interest in N'Golo Kante, apparently been recommended by Fergie. wouldn't be a bad combination in midfield alongside Renato Sanches.

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28 Apr 2016 18:30:38
Sanches, Kante, Murillo, Mustafi, Rafa Silva, Zlatan, keep DDG and we will be looking good.

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28 Apr 2016 19:43:24
WRD you don't want much then 😄.

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28 Apr 2016 20:13:23
No just the odd tweak Dave ha ha.

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28 Apr 2016 20:36:21
I think Fosu Mensah in centre of midfield may be a better combination with Sanches, if indeed we are interested or able to buy him.

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28 Apr 2016 22:54:48
I think Jose may look to Fosu-Mensah in the same way as he did Varane.

As for Kante, top signing if we can make it happen. Mourinho type player too.

I'd love to see Kante and Stones in particular.

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28 Apr 2016 23:07:25
I don't think we really need a lot of new players, just a manager who doesn't stick Young on as a striker or pick Fellaini over Herrera then wonder why we keep losing the ball in midfield.

A right winger is probably top priority IMO (well, after selling Fellaini), and a striker, box-to-box midfielder, right back and a central defender with more aerial prescence would all be nice, but I don't think any are really essential. One or two of those, plus a right winger and the squad is good.

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28 Apr 2016 23:07:25
I don't think we really need a lot of new players, just a manager who doesn't stick Young on as a striker or pick Fellaini over Herrera then wonder why we keep losing the ball in midfield.

A right winger is probably top priority IMO (well, after selling Fellaini), and a striker, box-to-box midfielder, right back and a central defender with more aerial prescence would all be nice, but I don't think any are really essential. One or two of those, plus a right winger and the squad is good.

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29 Apr 2016 20:17:48
Fosu Mensah's passing is no where near good enough at this stage to play midfield IMO. He will be CB in My opinion eventually. He has talent and size but quite raw still offensively.

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28 Apr 2016 09:50:59
According to the portuguese press, the benfica president is in Manchester along with Jorge Mendes to finalize the Renato Sanches deal with Ed Woodward.

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28 Apr 2016 14:29:15
I saw that earlier. Hope it is true. I watched a few youtube videos of the lad (Yeah I know that even bebe looked world class from his clips in youtube :O) ) and he looks like a real talent.

Someone mentioned warming to the idea of LVG being here next season. I must admit that I too wonder if letting him go now while we are trying to introduce all the young players would be a good idea. Can't believe I said that but to be fair, if that is the clubs policy going forward, there isn't many better out there working with the youngsters than the manager IMO. Poch would be nice, but he wants to manage in that crap league across the channel when he leaves spurs.

I don't know what to think to be honest. I am just glad we are stocking up on the best young talent around. It will put us in good stead who ever is in charge in the future.

Do the Ed's think Jose would stick with the policy of signing the best young players and integrating them into the team with more senior established players?

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28 Apr 2016 19:17:10
Think it's fair to say REDFAITH. We will be buying every player available, this is what happens with Man Utd . Woodward will wait until all the season tickets have been sold, then give us all a quick kick in the knackers by saying Van Gaal is staying, We are selling De Gea and no new players are coming in.
We will all know in good time what's happening, regarding managers and players alike.
The big question is in my eyes. Are we man Utd fans prepared to sit through another season of boring and laboured football under van gaal.
Well I'm not, and until major changes are made they can stick their season ticket were the sun don't shine.

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26 Apr 2016 15:44:50
Any interest from United in Casemiro of Madrid? Hugely underrated, incredible range of passing and defensively outstanding.

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{Ed004's Note - None}

26 Apr 2016 23:20:18
He has an awful passing range. Very good defensively but he's extremely limited on the ball which slows down Real Madrid's build up play.

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27 Apr 2016 10:50:54
Apparently it is renato sanches that we are looking at. In my opinion that would be a great signing.

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27 Apr 2016 20:43:56
Renato is needed
Not a dm. schneiderlein is our 1st choice and tfm can play, as can blind and from what i read, mcnair is killing it there!

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26 Apr 2016 09:01:04

On Renato Sanches

All these claims came yesterday after a Sly Spurts journalist Tweeted on Monday morning: 'Reports all over Portuguese media: #MUFC to sign Benfica midfielder Renato Sanches for £40m. Has same agent as Jose Mourinho (Jorge Mendes) '

Except there were no fresh reports in Portugal at that time yesterday, and it certainly wasn't 'all over Portuguese media'!

Do you think that United, while interested are nowhere as close to a deal and Sly with that tweet just wanted more people to bet on it?

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26 Apr 2016 10:22:04
You've always got to be careful of that agenda with Sky - however, Di Marzio who has been very reliable in the past has more or less said that Renato, along with Mourinho is nailed on.

It'll be interesting to see how it unfolds, but we seem to be in the drivers seat.

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26 Apr 2016 17:25:28
Agreed, Fresh. Interesting weeks ahead.

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25 Apr 2016 15:32:55
Deal agreed for Renato Sanches. €60m fee will be spread over 4 years.

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25 Apr 2016 15:48:42
Future most definitely looking bright at United, so many talented youngsters finally coming through, add a bit more quality and experience and the club should be challenging for major trophies again.

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25 Apr 2016 16:19:48
Wow. That's a hell of a lot of money if true. I wonder who he is a target for.

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25 Apr 2016 16:54:03

Never will pay 60 million for him. I wonder if people ever watch these players. The silly season is upon us and nothing better to pump and dump players and always use us as the bidders. Di Marzio speaks so much sh. t 95 percent of the time BTW. If he does actually come it will never be over 25 mill pounds plus some add ons and that is stretch imo still.

More likely we will see a current Roma Player and AM player end up with us :) Oumane Dembele might be were we will invest a big sum for the future. He is an interesting gamble.

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25 Apr 2016 17:13:11
X - I'll believe anything these days when it comes to player fees? How much did we pay for Martial?

Although he'd been on the radar a little longer - Martial was not much better in terms of ability when we signed him than Sanchez is now.

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25 Apr 2016 17:27:12

Sanches is nowhere near Martial. Griezman and Pjanic i believe and the other french kid Dembele is very good, has a great left foot on him and can also glide past players on the outside. He also plays on the right. I think we will sell Janusaj in the Summer. let's see:)

Alos heard Thiago going to city.

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25 Apr 2016 17:41:33
X - I'd watched a fair bit of Martial before we signed him and was no more or less impressed with him than than I am with Renato Sanches now (although I must say I was incredibly impressed with how Martial has developed in such a short amount of time) .

I'm not sure why you are comparing Martial and Sanches with Griezmann and Pjanic as the latter two are both at very different stages of their careers.

It will be interesting if Thiago ends up in Manchester as they are also strongly linked with Gundogan. A midfield three or 4-1-2-1 diamond with De Bruyne, Gundogan and Thiago would take some beating.

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25 Apr 2016 17:48:39

Not comparing at all. I had a drink with a former player and he says our primary targets are Griezeman and Pjanic. Take it for what's its worth. They do fit the bill in terms of what we are lacking.

I think we will buy one young talent but doubt it will be 60 million on a defensive midfielder who is 18 or 19.

That kind of money is spent on strikers or wingers IMO or a established world class centre back or midfielder.

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25 Apr 2016 20:28:18
I'd love us to sign Pjanic so I hope the former player is right X-Files.

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25 Apr 2016 22:21:01
Not seen much of him to judge whether he is what we need but would imagine a much lower fee with add ons similar to Martial. If we end up paying the full value we will. be happy as he will have been a success.
Pjanic and Griezman would be amazing. however isn't the later left sided in a front 3. Would not want to stunt martial but he would be amazing.

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25 Apr 2016 22:21:01
Not seen much of him to judge whether he is what we need but would imagine a much lower fee with add ons similar to Martial. If we end up paying the full value we will. be happy as he will have been a success.
Pjanic and Griezman would be amazing. however isn't the later left sided in a front 3. Would not want to stunt martial but he would be amazing.

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