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19 Aug 2019 00:27:14

I seen your post regarding UTD not been consistent or making 97 points in their heyday and it got me thinking.

In UTDs Heyday you could tackle the ball and some of the player too. I can remember some great last ditch tackles in or around the box back in the late 90s early 00s

This era of football is not a mans game IMO? . The game stops as soon as a player loses the ball and throws himself to the floor! Then the ball hits your arm in the box peno or like Salah quick shift of feet fall over a leg and boom 3 points thank you.

We all laughed in my house at PEDRO. he lost the ball and went down 3 seconds later turning away in anguish slamming the ground. I said this must be serious? Till I seen the replay what theatrics I must say. Then he hobbled off like each step is a hot coal beneath his foot. He was 2 mins on side line and ran onto pitch full of beans after magic spray.

The women footballers put the men to shame . They get bad knocks jump up and get on with it.

Maybe VAR can sort it out lol.

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18 Aug 2019 19:05:51
Very impressed with Maddison again today, if he keeps on learning and improving he'll be some player.

Building on our transfer business over the summer targeting young, hungry, English talent Maddison and Sancho would be two brilliant additions next summer.

If we can somehow get them two into our Club and continue to see the likes of Greenwood, Gomes, Chong and Garner improve and develop plus find a decent replacement for Pogba we won't be that far away.

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18 Aug 2019 22:28:11
Noucamp got me on the maddison bus about 8 months ago. Terrific player. End product can and will improve. I think city will be sniffing around there too looking for a replacement for Silva next summer. i'd take him and chilwell from Leicester in a heartbeat.
They fit the profile ole is looking for.

18 Aug 2019 16:15:26
Graeme Souness on James Maddison: ‘I love that. When a player has a swagger and thinks that he’s the best’.

Interesting quotes.

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18 Aug 2019 08:23:26
Anyone else surprised that Darmians still here?

Ed's are there any clubs interested in signing him before the European transfer window closes?

{Ed025's Note - not that im aware of at this time mate..

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18 Aug 2019 10:21:10
He has played maybe 15 times in 3 years. It would need to be a dedicated scout to turn up for his games to write a scout report for a side interested in signing him.

18 Aug 2019 17:42:51
Last year of his contract, interested clubs are likely to wait until they can sign him for free unless they can get him in the cheap.

16 Aug 2019 12:43:14
I k ow he's got his critics, and I think my hopes for his improvement have been clear throughout, it hearing Ole speak about Sanchez really does fill me with hope. He could be the prefect number 10.

Granted, what else is Ole going to say, but I'm still pleased to hear him come out and talk about how well Sanchez has been training, what a professional he is, and how he has big expectations of him for the season.

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17 Aug 2019 17:27:32
Beware of flying pigs!

17 Aug 2019 23:16:57
We don't get many police helicopters around here.

15 Aug 2019 18:26:52
I know a lot of folk on here don't follow England or intl football a great deal but there really is a fantastic crop of young english players coming through that have the potential to win a tournament over the next 6 or 8 years.
The young players like rashford hudson odoi sancho kane sterling RLC barkley taa awb chilwell shaw maguire gomez are going to have the likes of gomes greenwood brewster longstaff all snapping at their heels soon enough.
Looking at this list there is so much talent and a lot of that potential is being realised.
I think the future looks brighter for england intl team than it has done for many a year.

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15 Aug 2019 18:59:58
England although often not possessing the most talented players often produces players with enough talent to make it through to the latter stages of most international tournaments.

Greece won a Euro's with only a moderately talented squad. Some of the Italy and German teams to have won Euro's and World cups could be described as functional rather than fantastical.

The problem with England is always knitting the players together both functionally and spiritually. Often you have heard about fractions within the camp, United players, Liverpool players, Arsenal players and Chelsea players all sitting in their own little camp.

The other issue we have had is getting talented and multifunctional players. We often have talented players, yet they often can only play one way, this makes it hard for an international manager to blend the players into a team. After all they get so little time with the squad to train them. Often if one player is out injured or suspended there isn't another player who can play the same role able to step in.

The thing I like about the current young crop is they are able to play in different ways and in different roles within the team.

Also with many of the top sides looking to play similar characteristics (high press) that makes it easier to find a style for the national team that the majority of the players are comfortable with.

15 Aug 2019 20:48:54
I agree ken but Barkley? Has oodles of talent but hasn’t progressed, I think he will quickly be overtaken by many others. Shame really as he looked like he could be the real deal.

15 Aug 2019 22:09:10
England remind me a little of the Germany team that done very well, good players in most positions but maybe not the very best in any, but as a collective pretty strong, the midfield maybe currently lacking that touch of class but if foden ends up as good as he's hyped who knows . They are a young team tho should get better and if a starting point is the world cup semi and winning nations league group then getting better should really make them pretty competitive in the coming years.
Stirling's Improvement is huge, Kane knows how to score and there's exciting young lads who I'd love to see at utd.

15 Aug 2019 22:28:13
If we sign Maddison, Rice and Sancho next summer, then we could have a good English 11. HAHA :)


15 Aug 2019 22:53:38
Not much better than sterling kane and sancho as a front 3 .
Could sterling and kane be classed as world class with sancho up there as one of the best young talents around?

16 Aug 2019 01:03:00
I think kane and sterling would enhance most most teams jred and right now on form i would rate them as world class. Its hard not to on their consistency . Kane is up there with the best cfs in terms of goal scoring.
Sancho has a bit to do yet. But looking good.

With rash odoi brewster alli and greenwood hot on their heels.
Attack looks promising.
Full back and cb looks solid for options too.
I forgot about foden. Can he break through at city? Will he get enough chances? He looks like a real player to me but he really does face some stiff competion at city. i'm sure he is learning every day.

16 Aug 2019 10:59:35
Alot has to be said about putting club rivalries aside when playing for the national teams.

We have seen how that has hindered England at tournaments before.

16 Aug 2019 12:43:29
Club rivalries seem to be a fan fantasy these days. United and City players spend time together away from football, I'm sure it's the same for London clubs in close proximity too. I'm sure it used to be an issue but I doubt it's much of one any more.

Kane and Sterling have to go in the world class bracket. Kane is arguably the best striker in the league, perhaps only behind Aguero. Sterling is arguably the best wide forward in the league maybe only 2nd to Salah.

14 Aug 2019 21:38:00
Are Liverpool making hard work of this or what? I don't think they will be a strong this year, maby it's early but I think they peaked last year. Without strengthening they may fall short this year.

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15 Aug 2019 06:44:46
Two games in Gaz, they are still some way ahead of us. Them not strengthening helps everyone else, they needed a new CM and perhaps more depth for the wings. But they are still in a better position in terms of first 11 than all but City.

15 Aug 2019 08:54:12
I'm not so sure about the scouse, very early days but they looked out of sorts in pre season as well .
Very difficult to keep the standards they have set up and a new signing can often freshing things up .
Teams can go a bit stale and get worked out it happened imo to united the season after we won the treble and never added to the squad .
They look very reliant on salah and mane at the moment.

15 Aug 2019 09:45:38

After we won the treble we won the league the 2 years after.

Their pre season was poor because none of their front 3 were available. As soon as their big 3 play together up top something magic happens and they suddenly become scary and unplayable. They are reliant on Salah, Mane and Firmino but also have a great back 4. I have always been skeptical of their midfield as to be honest I don't even think it is that much better than ours, but their defence and strikers make up for it.

Very early days for them so hard to judge but I think they will have a good season (and still finish well behind city) .

{Ed047's Note - I think it’s as much about how their midfield work as a unit that makes them stand out and I think Fabinho has been a massive plus for them.

15 Aug 2019 10:30:11
We had the opportunity to kick on and dominate europe Imo we didn't really take it.
I said a few year ago that the scouse where the real deal and got slated on here.
There a very good team but I think they will drop off this season, people will disagree but I suppose time will tell.

15 Aug 2019 11:41:25
If they are the real deal they won't drop off jred. Winning a cup does not make you the real deal they need to win league's and several cups to be considered the real deal imo.

15 Aug 2019 13:04:20
Ken they where the real deal last season CL winners, and 97 points in the league . don't think united got that amount in our heyday, only the most biased fans won't see that .
I like klopp I know you don't or didn't rate him, but he is a good manager and it was obvious he was building something .
That said nothing last for ever, I have a feeling they may of peaked and may of missed a trick this summer . Time will tell.

15 Aug 2019 13:21:30
United were much more consistent in their heyday. If liverpool are the real deal then they will continue that.

15 Aug 2019 13:27:58
Nothing lasts forever is right jred but if your the real deal it lasts for more than 1 cup win. I don't rate klopp or not as highly as many. That view will change when he can build a team that sustains success.
If he does that he will has bee changed my mind. Lots of bluffers have a good season or 2 but i feel it must be sustained to call yourself a real deal. Just my opinion of course.

{Ed001's Note - he sustained it for 14 seasons in the Bundesliga with little money, you really need to get your eyes tested, they are nearly as bad as Sydney!'s with his van Dijk is slow nonsense.}

15 Aug 2019 13:30:03
I thin k i can be counted in the sphere of 'most biased of fans'😂😂 too jred especially when it comes to that lot.

15 Aug 2019 13:40:11
14 years ed001 what did he sustain and what did he win.

{Ed001's Note - he took a tiny lower league club called Mainz into the top flight and built them into a team that sustained a presence in the Bundesliga for the long term. Then he took over a bankrupt Dortmund and won 2 titles despite Bayern have a massive financial advantage and turned them into a consistent title challenger. You really are the most biased person on earth if you don't think he sustained relative success in Germany or clueless. There is a reason why the Germans love him and he is still a legend in both Dortmund and Mainz. Bayern have tried a number of times to recruit him, as has the national team. Your bitterness is quite frankly embarrassing.}

15 Aug 2019 13:43:22
Tris you are so biased you found it hard to think of a player that could improve your squad this season😂 More than half the city squad would enhance yours for starters.
No better cb than lovern or matip? No better reserve lb than milner.
Ill meet you at specsavers and you i bet you get jam jars😂😂.

{Ed001's Note - don't be an arse ken, that was not what I said at all. If you are going to just be a dick I won't waste my time. I said 'that would fit into the style of play' and improve the 'team' not squad. You are embarrassing yourself.}

15 Aug 2019 14:03:18
No need for you to feel embarrassed on my account ed001.
How am i bitter? a totally uncalled for accusation and totally inaccurate. I feel no bitterness towards klopp at all. Big assumption on your part and Bridget am i flukes and don't appreciate the insult. Totally uncalled for.
I don't consider taking a team up and keeping them in the top league sustaining success. Roy Hodgeson can do that or steve bruce or big sam in fact tony pulis could have done that with mainz imo.
He did very well for a couple of years at dortmund and left as it was crumbling around him, and now someone else has them back up to no2 in germany.
I think 1 cup in 4 years is not great. He is improving Liverpool year on year it will be interesting to see if he can do that after winning something the previous year. I doubt it but i could be wrong, but i don't think he will win a league title well i hope not anyway.
I understand you are bias towards him he coaches the club you support but imo he needs to sustain success for Liverpool to be ever called one of their great managers. Its ok i'm assuming to have that opinion or do well all need to be brainwashed to support your opinion.

{Ed001's Note - give it a rest ken. I am not interested. Told you this convo was done. Don't try and drag me down like I am anywhere near as biased as you. You have already misrepresented what I said to attempt it and got it all wrong. Just stop. You are ignorant about what happened in Dortmund, as he has already said he was leaving before it went wrong and it was similar to the way it crumbled for United the first time Fergie said he was finishing. But you carry on with your nonsense which a little bit of research would have set you right about. I have never called him one of LFC's great managers, more of your twisting of things to try and make it seem like I am anywhere near as biased as you mr one eye. You just are continually misrepresenting me and it is why editors get annoyed on these site. If I had any problem with you having your opinion I would have deleted your posts. But obviously you think it is only ok for you to disagree with other people's opinions, not for me to disagree with you though.}

15 Aug 2019 14:29:11
Lol. At least it's not just me.

15 Aug 2019 14:37:48
I think it's hard to improve on a team that got 97 points and lost once in the league, then went onto win the champions league. The stagnation stuff is just nonsense.

If liverpool drop out of the top 2 this season, I'll be extremely surprised.

15 Aug 2019 21:22:18
Well that escalated quickly 😂😂.

15 Aug 2019 21:33:27
Me too sepp. For that to happen they'd have to have some serious injuries happen.

But I don't believe they will drop further off city. They'll regret not strengthening.

14 Aug 2019 08:47:49
Do we see Ole going for a 3-4-1-2 or a 3-5-2 since we have arguably 3 strong CB's who are good with the ball at their feet.
We have AWB and Shaw/ Dalot to play as full backs in that formation. A really compact defense against some tougher teams?
Axel Maguire Lindelof
Awb Matic Mct Shaw/ Dalot
Rashford Martial.

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14 Aug 2019 08:54:57
Awful idea becks.

14 Aug 2019 10:08:48

I think we will see this in a few tough away games, Ole preferred 3 at the back at times last season and like you say, we have the personnel to play it now.

14 Aug 2019 10:14:57
Ole did play around with a three at the back system last season. Whether it was him trying to find a system that worked with the players fitness last season or whether he was looking for a possible future system to use we will have to wait and see.

However, I think bringing Matic into the team against more attacking sides that use pace and movement would be a terrible idea.

3412 could work, but you'd want to make as few changes to the team as possible.

Tuanzebe, Lindelof, Maguire
AWB, McTominay, Pogba, Shaw
Rashford, Martial

Might be a better line up against high possession teams where we'll need an extra body in defence.

14 Aug 2019 12:43:45
If he plays 3 at the back more than twice this season ill be shocked.
Why spend 50m on the best rb in the league last season and ask him to play rwb?

14 Aug 2019 12:47:03
Not sure it works for me, AWB is first and foremost a defender, he doesn't look comfortable in the opposition half.

14 Aug 2019 13:13:20
Could see AWB at RCB in place of Tuanzebe with Dalot at RWB.

14 Aug 2019 14:37:37
Did someone not tell me a while back, that AWB started as a winger? Never got much chance at Palace to go forward, but looked good doing so in pre season.

14 Aug 2019 22:35:26
I could never see that happening shappy.

I think it's much more likely we see dalot move to LB.

12 Aug 2019 18:24:23
Honesty is the best policy and that chelsea team is by far the worst chelsea team for a very long time. I honestly think they are in for a terrible season.
Wolves will be a bigger test all round as they are a much better team than what chelsea are at the moment. I just don't think you can judge much on a performance against a very very poor chelsea team.

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12 Aug 2019 18:31:55
Yep is was all Chelsea’s fault that we won, nothing to do with being clinical.

I look forward to what comes out on here if we beat Wolves.

13 Aug 2019 00:48:37

You can only beat the team you are playing.
Yes Chelsea we’re not great.
Yes we’re started nervously and poorly
Yes we grew into the game as it went on
Yes the new signings slotted in well
Yes the defence was solid
Yes the defence looks improved on last year and also grew as a unit as the game went on
Yes there is a long way to go and bigger challenges ahead
Yes it was a very positive start
Yes we are now looking forward to a tough Wolves game in a good positive frame of mind.

13 Aug 2019 08:45:23
Most the pundits have them finishing 3rd or 4th, so far up Lampard's buttcrack it's embarrassing. Hazard will be missed.

12 Aug 2019 14:23:06
Super happy with finally having a settled back 5 and the stability it will bring, and would hate to disrupt that. However, does anyone see AWB potentially being able to play a Kanté-type role in shielding the back four? He's so athletic and covers ground rapidly, phenomenal in the tackle and useful on the ball too. Like I said, I wouldn't think about disrupting the defence because stability and consistency is key, however I'm more just postulating long-term where you all think he'll end up.

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12 Aug 2019 16:30:25
A settled back five for 1 game in a row😂😂😂
But i get what you mean.


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