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03 Jan 2022 20:53:12
It was all Ole's fault and they clapped him off last game. Sadly its an accumulation of very money minded players too big for their boots (mercenaries)

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03 Jan 2022 21:00:03
Not often I agree with a Liverpool fan but you’re spot on. Think the myth of us having a good squad has now been debunked. Maybe the names on paper look good but they are all massively underperforming, don’t compliment each other and they don’t fit a style of play. Too many signings based on name and shirt sales rather than building a squad. Problem will be getting rid and building the right group to go forward. Give this lot to ten Haag and we will be having the same problems.

03 Jan 2022 21:05:21
It needs a mass clear out but will never happen. Too many wannabe’s on ridiculous wages. Thanks Wooden Top. The first to be gone would be Rashford so overrated it’s laughable
At least we’d get some decent money for him because there’d be some mug who’d pay it.

03 Jan 2022 21:48:50
We might actually fall lucky in the summer, more by accident than design . Martial, Cavani, Pogba, Lingard, Mata, will go .

VDB, Matic, Jones probably joining them. Hell of a lot of salaries saved there and space freed up.

One of Bailly/ Lindelof and Henderson and maybe Telles could be leaving.

Few decent kids coming through as well. Not finishing top 4 could have an effect on who comes in of course.

Dont know what's gone on at Everton but i'm a fan of the full back Digne - he will soon get snapped up somewhere.

03 Jan 2022 21:55:06
A collection of player not a team. Have to say that Phil jones had a decent game that was the only positive.

03 Jan 2022 23:14:58
It is more than evident now that no manager could turn this collection of players into a proper footballing team. We are severely lacking in many areas. Our central midfield is devoid of creativity, our full backs are inadequate and our wide players appear to be afraid to go at the opposition. I feel sorry for Rangnick. He clearly thought he had inherited a team which just needed tweaking. It certainly needs more than a tweak.

03 Jan 2022 23:33:33
I disagree Jodler. We had found a platform. We had our limitations, we played crap for large periods the last 2 years but one thing was for sure: When we had to attack we overturned matches for fan. It was clearly that this team was better at the front foot and someone (coach) hold them back. I said at the time that we will see the intentions of Ole (and if he wants to be proactive) if he makes a number 6 absolutely necessary-that would give us the platform to play on the front foot.
Instead we buyed two more attackers to "win us matches" and instead of improving we regressed. We now are the Ronaldo show, Bruno can't play as talisman because his role of finding space next to attacker is Ronaldos role lately, we have not 3 quick players behind the striker interchanging and we no pace. Then we have an average (at least for now) player in Sancho who must play to find his feet. A front six of Nevez Scott Bruno Greenwood Kavani Rashford would be a far better team with far better balance and a lot cheaper.

04 Jan 2022 09:23:25
I think it's becoming clear just what sort of limitations Ole was working with in terms of the squad he had.

On paper it looks good, but on the pitch they just can't hack it.

Too many players with poor attitudes and weak mentalities.

It means if they aren't "up for it" then they can't perform.

Being an elite athlete isn't about just training your body and turning up. It's about training your mind and developing good habits. It's about being able to make yourself "up for it" regardless of other factors.

You and your Mrs have an argument fine, but you don't bring that to training and you don't carry it on to the pitch.

You learn to put that aside and focus on your game.

04 Jan 2022 10:30:48
Rashford seems more worried his looks these days with his silly new blond haircut and new body art (tattoos)
He's been absolutely crap for about 18 months now and his body language whilst playing on the football pitch is shocking.

I don't know where Ralph goes from here, there are so many players at that club just are just taking the p*ss if frightening.

If i was a top flight manager i wouldn't go near the place, it's toxic from top to bottom.

04 Jan 2022 11:27:52
sim players can have lives outside of football, the hair cuts ect don't bother me they have a life.

what does bother me is the lack of work on the pitch, the lack of effort, the body language of not being bothered, which then makes people question there outside football life.

rr isn't daft we have already seen players dropped, he knows we need players but players need to also leave.

04 Jan 2022 12:08:07
Hate to say it but Ronaldo has completely changed the dynamic of the team, whether it be everyone in awe of him to the detriment of the team, others feeling less confident or marginalised, copying his focus on the individual and not the team, etc, etc,

Ragnick must be brave and use him as an impact sub, as well as Cavani as a sub, focus on youngsters such as Greenwood and Elanga and ruthlessly prune the bloated squad asap.



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