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05 Apr 2024 14:18:04
Another great article from Laurie Whitwell, IMO, the one of the two best journalists on anything united, Andy Mitten the other.

Seems like the club want to stick with ETH. Delighted to hear that.

All you have to do is look over at Arsenal and admire how they stuck with a manager that finished 8th, 8th and 5th in his first 3 seasons. Losing 13, 13 and 10 games. He was under heavy heavy pressure but there was a plan and a willingness from the board to stick by their man.

I hope the same for ETH.

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05 Apr 2024 14:27:52
I don't hope for the same Angel.
If they (ineos) are seeing something I'm not then he will be kept.
We have no other hope other than to trust their judgement.
Arteta is a good example of how things can develop positively.

05 Apr 2024 14:39:50
The difference is that you could see the steady improvement at Arsenal under Arteta as the seasons progressed, we can hardly say that about ETH can we.

05 Apr 2024 15:01:57
I can't think of a coach with a worse game management strategy than EtH.

05 Apr 2024 15:23:58
Really ken? I thought you were all for him ?

Arteta lost 36 league games in his first 3 seasons, finishing 8th, 8th and 5th. Many Arsenal fans wanted his head on a platter.

But I'm not sure Arteta had to deal with what ETH has had to deal both structurally at the club and injury wise.

ETH has been involved in all aspects of planning for next season, surely they wouldn't have him work that closely with them if he were to depart.

Arteta is definitely a good example.

05 Apr 2024 15:25:39
Simo, 8th, 8th and 5th, first 3 seasons, 36 games lost. What were you seeing? ?

The point I am trying to make is that they stuck by him, allowed him time to both recruit the right player and implement his style and currently it looks like it is paying off big time.

But go back 4 years ago, they wanted him gone. Thank god fan forums don't make the decisions. No one would last on here.

05 Apr 2024 15:26:52
Ken, I'll also add. What other options do they have? It's not the worst thing in the world to let him continue under the correct structure and with some new blood and give him till Xmas time or until a better option becomes available. All this providing that he doesn't turn it around next season.

05 Apr 2024 15:43:22
Southgate or Potter if ETH goes. Neither one fills me with any confidence. I’d rather stick with ETH for another year and give the new directorate time to identify the right person than bring in another new manager before they’re in place.

05 Apr 2024 15:44:42
I don't know the options no more than you do.
The issue is everybody is a compromise on pep he is standout imo.
In my experience (not Football related) it best to be decisive when making management decisions and not let things drift in hope they will improve.
I don't think you can compare arteta to lvg as their situation is very different.
Arteta is a great example of what we are trying to achieve.
I don't think that eth is the man to achieve it for us. I see traits in his management style that are not conducive to success long term.

05 Apr 2024 16:01:28
People want him gone, people want him to stay. Its all just conjecture, no one knows the full picture of what's happening at United and no one will. People are just shouting louder about their opinion than others. But that's all it is - opinions.

Its just laughable that once again the posts since the game yesterday are focusing on ETH and managers, rather than talking about any of the players or the game itself. Might as well rename this the ErikTenHagrumours page.

05 Apr 2024 16:05:35
Eth is more compostable to lvg imo I meant to say.
Why did you want lvg fired ( if you can remember)

05 Apr 2024 16:51:47
Players fail for umpteen managers often before they excel for another. Teams can excel under a manager and fail under a different one. Happens all the time.
I've always said for every ying there is a yang.
Eth came in and I bought in 100%. He was not my 1st choice but I was 100% behind him and his strategy tbh anybody was going to be better than ole.
He had a very good 1st season the team showed significant improvement although it did subside a bit towards the back of the season.
This season with the exception of dalot garnacho and mainoo no player has played up the their ability.
Luton have scored more than us. 15 teams have scored more than us.
We have dis-improved considerably both individually and collectively.
Injuries have played a part but no more than at most clubs this season.
Our worst ever cl campaign and what's likely to be our worst epl campaign.
It's not all down to the players that keep throwing serial managers under the bus.
Onana Heaton bendyir, awb, maguire martinez, malacia, garnacho mainoo, Mount, casimero, vdb, rasmus Anthony amad pellistri, Bruno have all only played under ole and eth (excluding interim ralph) only Evans Shaw and rashford go back to lvg and Jose. And mctom lidelof and dalot go back as far as Jose.
Loads of our useless players have left and won titles again, darmian ibra blind, Armenian micky, sanchez Di Maria herrera. Cl latter rounds etc. Not useless players.
Where we right to sack those managers? Yes
Well none have won anything since except moyes.
Lots of the useless players have won since they left.
Eth came in on the back of the successful and good to watch ajax team he managed.
Lots of players excelled in that team.
De light sold twice for big money and couldn't get into either team at juve and now bayern on a regular basis.
Vdb well we all know how that's gone.
Zyiech. Bit part at Chelsea moved around a bit.
Fdj. Not lived up to expectations and won nothing at barca
Anthony from the next gen ajax team another we know about not lived up to expectations.
But when they were all together they looked great at ajax.
Sometimes circumstances are perfect for players and coaches to excel.
Some coaches get players playing above themselves as part of a collective unit. Fergie was the master of that imo and klopp also.
There are traits I recognise in eth that imo will not lead to long term sustainable success.
We have plenty of players I'd like to move on too as I think they have had plenty of chances too.

05 Apr 2024 17:07:49
I think ETH has 3 games, main one being the FA cup game if we lose that i can see him being shown the door.

05 Apr 2024 17:07:51
Arteta absolutely did not deal with all the issues facing ten Hag, it's as simple as that.

To some, the injury crisis lands as a convenient, if not lazy, excuse.
To others, the reality of it lends support for the notion of ten Hag having a mare.
I'm in the latter camp.

Arteta's never had a season with this combination - a new Keeper with a markedly different style, 5 out of the 6 senior CBs being on and off the treatment table all season missing 65 games collectively, one LB out for the season and the other missing 24 games due to his own injury gremlins, plus the 21 games missed by the only RB who hasn't frequently been required to cover at LB.

Away from the pitch, he's had the ownership/ investment saga, he's had the legal and commercial concerns regarding Greenwood, he's had Sancho being a prick.

I know some of the anti-Erik bods will overlook the above and that's fine, but their opinions remain ill-informed and, frankly, weak af if they don't consider the above to be contributing factors of the shambles we've witnessed.
Whatever level of failure you want to accuse a person of, there's not one single other manager in our club's history who's had to deal with some of the pressures faced by ten Hag.

I don't think ten Hag is anywhere close to a Pep, Klopp, or any other suppository-sounding mofo, but he's definitely had a rough ride.

From Whitwell's piece, I expect ten Hag to be given next season as the acid test.
The details and nuances concerning the direction that the club takes under the wily gaze of SJR and his team will be more tangibly apparent to ten Hag than to any of us and will subsequently decide his fate - sink or swim.

05 Apr 2024 17:24:26
You're right ken, neither of us know to be honest, probably best that we both stay quiet on it ?

If INEOS persist with him, will you say you were wrong?

05 Apr 2024 17:33:38
Ork, I'm not anti Eric and I think he has handled well a number of difficult issues.

Also, he has had a lot of on field problems to work around such as all the injuries and the useless tosspot called Rashford.

Having said that, I'm failing to see any real organisation or coaching or playing style or even basic motivation of the players. It's just a shambles.

It's impossible to endorse a manager whose team is so flaky and unpredictable.

05 Apr 2024 17:59:17
Angel of course I will. I've no issue being wrong i'm wrong about stuff everyday sometimes important stuff unlike an opinion on a situation I've no control over.
This is unimportant in life really.
I'll be disappointed in myself I have judged it wrong but in my life I get so much more wrong than right I'll get over it writhing a few mins I'm sure.
Being right more than wrong on important stuff is what matters to me and to us all.
I'll also be shocked if they stick with him as I believe they will see obvious things I'm seeing from a leadership perspective. Not withstanding I only see what you see and not anything behind the scenes.
I've said from the very outset I'll support whatever the ineos and new team decide they are our best hope for the future.
I'm sure you'll do the same.

05 Apr 2024 19:02:51
I've already admitted to being wrong I defended eth all they way up to end Jan. I admit that was a gross error of judgement.

05 Apr 2024 20:53:40
I think, ken, given ed002 saying potter or Southgate, we are much better off keeping ETH in charge.

Those 2 fill me with no confidence whatsoever, jesus.

06 Apr 2024 07:37:15

Not true and arsenal were a mess for arteta's first 2 years. Even in his third season they started with 3 straight league defeats and tons of noise he was getting sacked.

They got better after that and really turned the corner after the Christmas break and had one of the best records and followed that up with last years title challenge.



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