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05 Apr 2024 20:07:48
Change of pace from the manager merry-go-round discussions/ arguments, thought Mount looked good when he came on, all be it for a short period. Looking forward to seeing a fully fit Mount, hopefully starting regularly for us soon.

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05 Apr 2024 20:55:41
Where does he start ports?
That's the question.
Eth said at the start of the season he wants to play him in midfield.
I assume the post was with casimero mainoo has since come into the picture.
Mainoo and mount might be a little light but it might give the option to rest mainoo and bruno a little more.
He's never really played as a box to box so it will be interesting to see how he gets on. I think he is a really good player I'd like to see him play in the position Bruno thinks he is playing.

05 Apr 2024 21:13:17
He is a very good player needs to get fit and will turn out to be a great buy imo. Even antony might turn out to be okay and looks like a late bloomer :)

05 Apr 2024 21:40:18
I’d be happy if we had a mobile, athletic defensive midfielder next to Mainoo next season with Mount making a 3. Means sacrificing Fernandes but can see that happening, might makes us a little more solid centrally.

05 Apr 2024 21:48:29
Good point Ports, thought similar myself. A fully fit Mount, hopefully all next season, may well bring an extra level of creativity.
I fully expected for today, on here, to be pretty much as is, but given the dog's abuse he has suffered on here, mostly justified, bit of praise for one of best crosses I have seen for a very long time from Antony for 3rd goal. Indeed his second half performance was good overall, more of that needed.

06 Apr 2024 08:37:20

I will be an outlier but its not so much cas but our CB's. They can't play high up the pitch and the gap between the lines is massive.

its easy to run behind both Kobe and Cas and acres of space to receive a pass with our defenders sitting so deep. If they step up given where they are, we are even in worse shape will never get there in time.

The whole thing is even more evident when we lose possession as our Mids get caught high up the pitch but defenders still sitting too deep and wide open and teams get a run at us. No athletic 6 going to solve this given the amount of space you need to cover. It will help if you had fast monster 6 but it will not go away.

Upgrade the CB's imo.

06 Apr 2024 08:58:02
Loss of possession by us is abundantly evident and mostly, and continuously via Rashford, McT and Bruno. Time and time again it happens. Then McT and Bruno constantly conceding free kicks in dangerous areas. Rashford doesn't do that but that's because he never tracks back to those areas.

06 Apr 2024 09:10:33
That's an easy one Ken, he comes in for Bruno and Utd enjoy better ball retention and less embarrassing histrionics.

06 Apr 2024 09:28:46
Ahmad, did you see Brentford’s equaliser? Did you see Gallaghers goal? Did you see the amount of chances Chelsea got by going down the wing and and cutting it back to the edge of the box?! This isn’t a CB issue, this is an issue with our CM not having a body there to cut these passes, opportunities out. I agree that our CB’s can’t play high due to pace and this will help out in other aspects of the game but, and I don’t know what’s happened to the lad because he was my hero last season but Casemiro’s drop off this season is frightening, he just looks far to slow for the Premier League now. Shame because I like him.

I Want Our Trophy Back, agree on Anthony, thought he done very well and he had Cucerella on toast all game. Showed he is capable of going on the outside, unbelievable assist, works really hard. Just need that consistency now. Think you can see there’s a player in there, just need to do it more often now. I keep hoping little moments will kick him on. Think he’ll start v Liverpool. I just wish he’d cut out his aggressive reactions to decisions not going his way. Maybe it’s the South American fiery character in him, I’m just not a fan of it, get on with the game. On that note, I’m sure Chelsea fans loved it and I’m sure if it was a United player then some United fans would love it but thought Enzo Fernandez was acting like a right wally towards Mount. He’s a good player, not sure why he needed to act like that. Moments like that I wish we had a Robson or Keane on the pitch (although I always wish we had either of them on there! )

06 Apr 2024 10:07:21
I really like Mount and have said all season that I think he will be a successful player for us. The injuries have been unfortunate, but he is a top class player.

We have a fragmented squad with gaps and weaknesses all over the place. I think Mount's versatility will see him play in several positions next season, wide on either side, in the No.10 or as a No.8 in some games.

Personally I feel he is best in the No.10 position and long term I think that is where he'll settle. Bruno turns 30 in September and while a very good player, he isn't the long term answer, we are rebuilding and that will likely take 2-3 seasons. Making Bruno 32/ 33 before we have a side ready to challenge at the highest level.

We need to keep Bruno for next season, but I'd probably be looking to move him on in the summer of 2025, with Mount being his long term replacement. It's possible that Mount might even take his place by the end of next season.

06 Apr 2024 13:30:53

All those cut backs goals are a function of our mids getting caught high up the pitch through a loss of possessions and teams breaking on us. When their mids are running onto cutbacks, where are our mids?

Chelsea's first goal, mainoo makes a loose pass gets picked off and they have two guy running down the right wing on us and then a cut back. Watch the replay. Chelsea broke on us a lot and Bruno and Mainoo are really high up the pitch.

06 Apr 2024 13:53:53
Yeah I know Ahmad, which is why we need an athletic, mobile defensive minded CM ?.



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