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29 Jul 2018 14:17:03
Haven't been posting here for regularly recently, been busy with work etc, but more the fact I'm just totally fed up with the club in all aspects. This has nothing to do with the performance against Liverpool or any pre season game. I've felt this way for a long time. Since Ferguson left we have made poor decision after poor decision. From managerial appointments to player recruitment, the whole things been shambolic.

We have appointed the wrong manager 3 consecutive times. On the whole money has been wasted on poor transfers, and we now have a manager who can't get the best out of what good players he does have. The football last season was a joke, we as fans pay our money to be entertained. That's the least we should expect from our players earning upward of £100k a week. Yet I can't say I enjoyed a single game last season.

I've supported United my whole life, and will do for the rest of it, that is not up for question. But what I've found over the last year or two is I can miss a game, I don't rush home to watch the match, I don't go anywhere near as often to Old Trafford as I have before. I just don't feel any kind of joy watching this united anymore. Jose Mourinho is a has been manager. He's lost his mojo. Football has moved on, changed, he has stayed in the past. If we evaluate his signings, who has been a success?

Bailly - good player out of favour with Jose
Miki - was poor and moved on
Lindelof - done nothing to suggest he'll make it
Pogba - all the tools yet Jose can't get the best from him
Sanchez - class player again playing poorly under Jose
Ibra - why?
Matic - not good enough for top level

Yet he's moaning now about recruitment. If we signed Messi and Mbappe we'd play the same old boring crap we dish up every week.

Does our club have any identity any more? Do we have a plan? I don't see it? What exactly are we trying to do? We just float from one poor manager to another, buying player after player, without any improvement.

Darmian, Shaw, Smalling, Jones, Rojo, Young, Valencia, Mata, Herrera, Fellaini, McTommy, Rashford, this standard of player will never get us back to the top. Let's be realistic, we're a squad full of average footballers. De Gea aside do we even have a world class player? Pogba has potential, Sanchez is close at his best, but Jose can't get either to perform.

As things stand, City and Liverpool are now streets ahead of us on the pitch, make no mistake about that. City were so strong anyway, if they don't make any more signings they will challenge again. Liverpool have purchased really well, with VD in jan shoring up the back four, Keita is a top signing, Allison can be De Gea level, Fabinho, even Shakiri off the bench as an option. Klopp also gets his average players playing out of their skin. They will be right up there this year.

As much as it makes me sick to say it, my predictions for this season are Liverpool to win the league, with City close second, 3rd and 4th is difficult, but as things stand I don't see us making top 4 with Jose still in charge.

I wanted Jose out last year and i want him out now. We're years away from challenging the top sides in the league and Europe, just have to accept we're not a top side any longer.

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29 Jul 2018 15:25:15
There’s no quality in defence, so the midfield we have have to be more defensive minded, and some of the midfielders we have doesn’t suit their game,
Everyone is banging on about “since Fergie left” but he left an ageing team, a good one, but ageing, whoever took the mantle would be a poisened chalice,
Moyes was a disappointment
Jose, I don’t think he realised what he was taking on, this club is massive, and he’s having to juggle all the time, this is alien to him
Three good buys in defence, to add to the young lads and we will be immense,
Until then, hold onto your seats. It’s going to be a rough ride.

29 Jul 2018 16:06:27
"If we signed Messi and Mbappe we'd play the same old boring crap we dish up every week. "

Agree with this completely. As fans we are looking for at least one of these two - attractive football or winning trophies (ideally we want both)

Right now we aren't close to either one. I agree that Ed Woodward has been incompetent and might give Mourinho the benefit that because we haven't landed certain players we haven't been able to win the league. But how does he justify the dire football? There are teams with far far less quality than us who play a hell lot better than we do.

Okay, Pep inherited a better squad and added top players to it so he won the league. But he spent a year before that setting everything up and gave the team an identity and built the league win on the back of that.
Klopp inherited a squad worse than Mourinho did and has now spent money to strengthen it, yet even if his records in finals remains rubbish the football (and the atmosphere around the club) remains extremely positive.

And now we are stuck because we know there are certainly 2 teams who have a better chance of winning the league and quite frankly I don't see our football getting any better.

29 Jul 2018 16:40:17
Not sure I can read this hyperbole much longer. Not close to winning trophies?! What nonsense. Jose won the Europa Cup for us for the first time, League Cup, Charity Shield and we just lost the FA Cup final in May!

Gone are the days any club can dominate, and the English league is the most competitive it has ever been. The style is questionable I will most certainly agree, but to say we are not close to trophies is nonsense. Try being a Liverpool or Spurs fan who are apparently streets ahead of us now.

29 Jul 2018 17:06:06
Gone are days any team can dominate.
City and pep might disagree.

29 Jul 2018 17:07:00
Sorry I should have been clearer. By trophies I mean the league or champions league.

Yes the odd cup is good but the ultimate prize for me remains the PL or the CL and I'm not even saying that we have to win it every year.
Playing dire football and not even being in contention for the PL or CL is unacceptable imo.

29 Jul 2018 17:00:32
haha Eric, 'Europa League, League Cup and Charity Shield' - the amount of abuse we would dish out to other fans if they cited those tin-pot competitions as success in the past!

There is a reason we haven't won the Europa League before! Something to do with us barely playing in the 'also-rans' cup.

This is why we continue to get rubbish displays, some of our fans think this is good enough! It isn't.

29 Jul 2018 17:43:56
We are just 2 or at the most 3 players from having a squad capable of winning any trophy out there. If we get those players in over the remainder of the window it's up to Jose deliver.

I know people love to cream themselves over full backs in the modern game and how important they are. However, Jose has never had full backs who bomb forward at every opportunity, he sees them as defenders first and foremost. If we bought a left back this window it was never going to transform the way we play. It would have only ever to have got a better defender at LB and it doesn't look like one's happening anyway. This isn't a problem.

I say this because our two major deficiencies in terms of attacking style were 1) no-one on the right wing and 2) very poor depth in midfield in terms of technical ability. We've addressed the latter (Fred and also Andreas looks like he could be a key member of the squad) and Ed has told us we're after a right winger.

If we get in a top right winger we have all the players needed to attack like a Jose Mourinho team attacks. Full backs are contrary to what some people think not the be all and end all of how a modern football team attacks.

29 Jul 2018 17:54:33
"attack like a Jose Mourinho team attacks"

I don't think we are lacking here. We are currently attacking like how a Jose Mourinho team attacks.

29 Jul 2018 18:31:58
Yes because we are akin to his record breaking Real team, his treble winning Inter team, either of his title winning Chelsea teams.

And before you give me the football has changed spiel. Counter attacking football is still winning trophies and it still can for United.

29 Jul 2018 18:46:26

“There is a reason we haven't won the Europa League before! Something to do with us barely playing in the 'also-rans' cup. “

As someone who supported from late sixties I can tell you that from 68 to 91, I would have liked us to be good enough or have won something to get in the second level competition like the UEFA cup and even win it. When we won the CWC in 91noone was saying what you just said. We were never good enough and if you think we didn’t try perhaps re watch the Cup Winners Cup in 84 v Barcelona.

We should aim for the best but look at our own history before belittling the other completions.

29 Jul 2018 20:01:16
You guys can live in misery but I certainly won’t.

City have won the league once under Pep. Get some perspective.

29 Jul 2018 21:43:05
We are 2 signings away from a top squad with the tools to win our trophy back. This season will make or break us. Jose has a split persona one for the press and Mr Nice for the players . Mr Nice will win the day this season 😆😆.



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