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14 Apr 2019 16:12:09
I see Paul Scholes has said he can't see us challenging for the title next season. Given his opinion was so highly rated by many on here about Mourinho, who thinks he is correct on this?

I think there is a chance of challenging next season but it needs a strong summer window plus Ole to realise he is manager, none of this leave the car park space for his old boss nonsense (if that is true) and get Meulenstein involved. He needs set out a style, be decisive over failing players like Young and improve his in game management. However, my concern is that the club will fall short on what it needs.

The Ed's comment that Solskjaer will have little say in transfers is very concerning. I fear we will buy for some not all the positions and not at the quality level needed to save money, nor exit those who need to go perhaps because the decision makers don't want to be seen as wrong over previous decisions. That could see us challenging for third. It needs decisive action, selling and buying but are the club capable? In that case Scholes may well be right.

Red Man

1.) 14 Apr 2019 17:43:29
Red Man, nothings changed. Its the same squad Jose struggled with minus Fellaini. How much control over transfers did Jose have? We all know he asked for a centre back and never got one. As long as we have these owners and their man running things we won't challenge. We haven't challenged since we can Persie's first season.

2.) 14 Apr 2019 17:55:29
Ed002 pointed out that we're looking at players that Jose wanted, but the club refused to purchase. That alone shows you there is no planning. We'll buy random players, for random systems, for different managers and hope that one clicks.

Ole really needs to grab this opportunity with two hands because it will never come again. The ruthless Ole that his old teammates talk about would want to put his stamp on this team.

The sad thing is, if Jose can't get the board to buy what we need, then Ole, a fan of the club at his dream job isn't going to ruffle any feathers. But I sincerely hope he does.

3.) 15 Apr 2019 12:18:35
this summer will prove where the owners priorities are and what they care more for.

do they cash in on the only 2 players that will get a hefty fee for or do we invest and get rid of the rubbish.



10 Jan 2019 06:50:04
I have just read there has been a major rule change for this seasons Champions League. Any players signed in the January transfer window will be eligible for the knockout rounds even if they have played in the group stages of the competition for another club earlier in the season.

I wonder if that could stir up activity in the January transfer window!

Red Man

1.) 10 Jan 2019 11:25:18
10 days in and none so far Red Man.

Though if Solanke is worth £19m and Callum Wilson is worth £50m I think we might be better just sticking with what we have got.

2.) 10 Jan 2019 12:47:24
Looking at most of what we've been linked with i'd save the money as well.

3.) 10 Jan 2019 13:47:11
Callum wilson is a decent striker.

4.) 10 Jan 2019 14:10:39

I know, but £50m? I appreciate the game has changed and the prices of players has increased but that is utterly ridiculous.

5.) 10 Jan 2019 14:53:33
Decent players should not be going for £50m. Same with Tarkowski. Its this that pushes prices up for good players.

6.) 10 Jan 2019 18:13:45
I know GDS but we can't do nothing to change it. It is still not bad as Andy Carroll going for 35 mil.

7.) 10 Jan 2019 21:10:32
We paid over £50m for Fred, makes Wilson for £50m look like a bargain.

8.) 10 Jan 2019 22:30:46
So true danny. We have gone after two players which city were after and both have so far let us down.

9.) 10 Jan 2019 19:42:41
Hearing strong rumors that we are interested in signing Manolas from Roma this January. Does any of the Eds know if it's legit?

{Ed002's Note - They will have the opportunity to talk with Roma in Geneva next week - with Roma looking to move him on in the summer.}

10.) 11 Jan 2019 09:58:08
With Aldervierweld supposedly have a £25 million clause surely that is great value. Even 35-40 would be.

11.) 11 Jan 2019 12:01:20
You'll always pay a premium for decent English players.

12.) 11 Jan 2019 16:03:30
If Wilson's worth 50 what's Rashford worth?

13.) 12 Jan 2019 11:49:46
Mort it doesn’t matter what Rashford is worth because we won’t be selling him and don’t need the money.

£50m is the new £30m.

14.) 12 Jan 2019 13:30:29
Never suggested we should sell him or that we needed the money. Just a question on what his value is.

15.) 12 Jan 2019 17:17:25
According to transfermarkt, his value is 65m euro. Doenst mean United would accept that though :)



23 Jul 2018 19:43:22
Who knows how true a rumour is but today it is said Mourinho is meeting Woodward and a member of the Glazer family. It is rumoured Mourinho is not at all happy with transfers. Last summer he openly asked for 4 and they let him down only got 3 and didn't bring in the wide attacker, we can see what has happened this summer and whilst the window isn't closed is anyone else getting the feeling there is a financial squeeze?

I hope Mourinho has the guts to call the owners and Woodward out, something SAF didn't. To get change a business needs to experience pain so for me if there is a financial squeeze I hope Mourinho walks away, leaves us in the mess the club will have brought on itself. Years of no value, LvG saying he didn't get what he wanted, only 3 out of 4 last summer. The trend has to stop now, I hope Mourinho is the one to finally take a stand. What we have isn't good enough, 2 more players, no fullbacks, really? Time for change at Old Trafford.

Red Man

1.) 23 Jul 2018 20:46:59
Red man the club is obviously trying to sell off a few before we can buy. Our moto like citys when they first got money of double or tripling players wages will always come back to haunt us. Weve spent like the moneys burning a hole in our pockets without a clear plan. The club may also view 3/ 8 of joses signings could be gone by the end of the summer that's hardly a good turn around on who the manager is investing in either.

2.) 23 Jul 2018 20:52:36
Hope so RM.

3.) 23 Jul 2018 21:17:56

Do we really know how many were Mourinho’s first choice? We know he did not get Perisic. There is a pattern from when the owners arrived and now the club owners need to realise this isn’t a transition from SAF to a new manager but from United to a new dynasty, either City or Liverpool and they are letting it happen on their watch. I have banged on about a plan for years whilst watching City when they were dismissed as noisy. The owners need to have a plan and be decisive, now, right now.

4.) 23 Jul 2018 21:36:52
Walk away without a payoff? Rightfully no way he'd do that.

If mourinho is really that upset, no reason why they can't come to a mutual agreement and a stopgap manager put in charge till next season.

5.) 23 Jul 2018 21:39:44
Think we have spent plenty with the last 2 managers. Our targets are with other large European clubs and so it’s not easy to get them in.
Where is the development of youth? We have a good coaching and scouting system with some excellent youngsters pushing through who won’t get a chance under JM.
It’s not all about pure money.
I like JM but he is a 3 year project which is coming to an end. If he could see the bigger picture then he has the chance to create sonething special at Utd. Our club and fans are more patient and will stick by a manager who is creating a team between bringing in top class and developing youth within. As long as too 4 is achieved people will stick with the project if it’s a long term plan.

6.) 23 Jul 2018 22:49:49
The point is does the club have a plan. It doesn't look like it.

7.) 23 Jul 2018 23:10:52
Mourinho looks completely disinterested during the matches. His demeanor and comments afterward makes it seem like these friendlies are for fitness only, it looks like there are no tactics being worked on. He has also shown very little enthusiasm for his own players. His lack of passion looks like it is spreading to the players, and the fans as well. I think it is shocking that a manager, whatever his resume, can have so little enthusiasm for such a big job.

8.) 24 Jul 2018 04:27:20
Spent millions and people are still hanging on to the poor Jose line .
He didn't get perisic so what it happens, Jose has said he didn't want to come and he signed a nice new deal with inter.
So we went and got Sanchez instead what's the problem?

9.) 24 Jul 2018 06:33:53

The problem? Fullback, centre half, right side attack to create and score goals, as a minimum.

10.) 24 Jul 2018 06:44:00
Every single manager without exception missed out on at least one transfer target last summer.

It has probably happened to Mourinho every season at every club he has worked at.

Ed002 has said Mourinho doesn't want to be at our club, and that it has little to do with his professional life and more to do with his personal life. That suggests the club aren't doing a lot wrong in Mourinho's eyes.

If he's kicking up a stink it's because he has decided he wants out and is just trying to engineer it. He missed his daughters graduation to be on the preseason tour. From what Ed002 has said that is more likely to have caused Jose's bad mood than a lack of transfers.

6 years ago I would have agreed with you about a lack of investment from the owners. Personally I still think they are investing poorly on quick fixes rather than a long term plan.

However, Jose has spent over 400m so far. A figure matched/ beaten only by Pep at city. So I don't think Jose has a right to claim the owners haven't backed him.

It is not the fault of the money men that the targets Jose wanted haven't worked out. Mkhitaryan already sold. 65m spent on Bailly and Lindelof and yet Jose wants another CB because he isn't happy with the ones he bought. Club record fee on Pogba and now touting him around Europe as again Jose isn't happy with him. Zlatan was only ever a short term fix, yet the club agreed to extend his stay while injured on Jose's say so. Jose then played him 4/ 5 times before he left. He was on a crazy contact by all accounts, so I can't see the club being too happy at extending his contract for him to play less minutes than Scott McTominay.
Sanchez is another who was signed and as yet has not proven his worth.

Then there is the 70m+ worth of young talent in Martial and Shaw which Mourinho shows little interest in developing.

Mourinho has been gloomy and miserable since day one and we can't blame that on the owners. Red man I know your a big Jose fanboy, but it appears I may have been right when I said hiring Jose will end in tears. He just isn't the right fit. I know he has the ego and the drive to win like Sir Alex, but Sir Alex had so much more. It's like taking two ingredients out of your favourite meal and slapping them in something else, it won't be the same as your favourite meal. I love a Sunday roast, and roast potatoes and beef make the meal, however, they would be awful in a trifle, or in my corn flakes.

Sir Alex was the perfect man manager, knowing how to change tact to get a tune out of everyone. With Jose it's his way or the highway.

And so far it looks like it's the highway for around 150-200m worth of our players the most of that players Jose himself has bought. So I could see why the owners might be a little more concerned about trusting Jose's judgement on players this summer.

11.) 24 Jul 2018 07:34:07
Top post Shappy, we’ve spent a lot, some of it badly, bought who the Manager wanted, and he doesn’t play them or wants them gone. It’s the Board’s fault, go figure.

12.) 24 Jul 2018 07:42:54

One point I can tell you from your post is very wrong, I am not a Jose “fanboy”, and I have posted who I wanted as manager many times, but why let the truth get in the way of your anti Jose position. When Bailly was playing well Jose got no credit and it was a club decision to buy, now it’s his fault we spent money on him. Pep bought and sold and their club supported him, do we support our own in the same way? Apart from Matic do we really know how many were Jose first choice signings? He needed many positions changing but did he have the budget after years of underfunding? He may have approved some but that doesn’t mean they were his first choice. If you look back at our transfer activity the dip in buying started when the club changed owners, buoyed by the longevity of what was already there and SAF we kept going, the dip started when Ron left and years of underfunding has come home to roost. Looks like we are watching the same dance again this summer.

13.) 24 Jul 2018 08:08:36
Red man, you've always been a huge fan of Jose. Since the mid 00's you have said he would be the perfect replacement for Sir Alex. You said when we hired Moyes that it should have been Jose. Under LvG you said we should have hired Jose. So under our last three managers before hiring Jose you have stated Jose should be our manager. In my books that makes you a bit of a fanboy.

You say the spending has dried up under the current ownership. Yet the the club has broken it's transfer record as many times since Sir Alex has retired as we did under him. We've broken the world record transfer fee and the world record fee paid for a teenager in the last 4 seasons.

Has Jose been backed? Yes, 400m in a shade over two years in charge is certainly some backing.

Your excuse of whether they were Jose's first choice is laughable. Bailly wasn't his first choice, and is probably one of his best signings. He wanted Perisic and got Sanchez a player many of us believe is better than his first choice. Zlatan, Matic, Lukaku were definitely his first choice. Pogba was a player he was interested in at Chelsea. Lindelof was another he wanted after leaning heavily on advice from people he trusts in Portugal.

Regardless of whether they are his first choice, second choice or third choice. They are players he wanted and he got them. So he can have no complaints. No manager gets all the players they want, but they don't for the most part throw their toys out the pram like a petulant child. Especially when only one manager in the history of world football has spent more money than you in such a short space of time.

Jose has been well backed, now he has to deliver. So far this preseason he seems to be getting his excuses in early. I suspect another Jose third season implosion.

14.) 24 Jul 2018 08:27:36

Incorrect, yet again. I wanted Jose to replace SAF because it needed someone with stature. I wanted Klopp to replace Moyes and then wanted Pep to replace LvG. It was all written on here, only when Pep declared for City did I suggest Jose. If you get that so wrong when I have repeated it many times what else do you get wrong?

15.) 24 Jul 2018 12:48:45
If the board don't trust Jose, why give him a contract extension. Also if Jose is that unhappy why sign it? Just extra post melt down compo?

{Ed002's Note - The club wants consistecy - Mourinho will be more than happy to take the money. The fans did the damage a couple of years ago and are entirely responsible for where the club is now.}

16.) 24 Jul 2018 15:18:22
Ed 002 - LVG and his awful football had nothing to do with it?

{Ed002's Note - No.}

17.) 24 Jul 2018 18:05:52
Shappy on the money.

18.) 25 Jul 2018 11:26:42
Here we go again. Fans fault. Let’s just remove them from football completely. Ruining it.

19.) 26 Jul 2018 11:20:22
Ed do you mind explaining why the fans are at fault?

{Ed002's Note - The toxics forced the club to change their agreed plan because they are far from bright.}

20.) 26 Jul 2018 12:17:33
The agreed plan being to let Van Gaal see out his project?

{Ed002's Note - And then to be replaced by Max Allegri.}



17 Jul 2018 09:28:49
No idea how true it is but am led to believe that Woodward is struggling on recruitment (perhaps Glazernomics, perhaps being led up dead ends) and the Manager is not happy with the situation. The next few weeks will be interesting.

Red Man

1.) 17 Jul 2018 09:36:47
If Mourinho is going to be that unhappy with the situation i hope both parties come to some sort of mutual termination before the season starts.

Better that than mourinho sulking for the first half in the season and the club has to end up sacking him.

2.) 17 Jul 2018 12:12:59
or maybe its the fact that this is not football manager and it takes time to complete a transfer.

the panic is already starting to creep in.

3.) 17 Jul 2018 12:56:27
If Jose was an adaptable, modest and inspiring manager he would realise that our squad is only 2 or 3 additions away from being up there with the very best.

However, his insistence on sticking with the only way of football he knows and picking fights with his players has left us with a needed squad overhaul in his eyes.



01 May 2017 09:31:34
I read this morning that Romero has bought a house in Milan. Obviously no idea if that is true or whether he is leaving but strange place to buy if you play in Manchester.

Red Man

1.) 01 May 2017 13:41:07
Holiday home/ investment property? Doubt he's short of a few quid.

2.) 01 May 2017 18:25:03
Linked with inter.

3.) 02 May 2017 08:23:11
Get the lad from Milan and send them a ready made replacement?




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21 Apr 2019 20:47:15
Manchester United need to make some tough decisions, at a time when Real Madrid have reached a position where they need to be decisive, we are sat there being at best indecisive, yet think we compare to them. Sorry but it is a major mistake appointing Solskjaer, the club needs to deal with it up front now, immediately right now. If the club goes through summer trying to support someone who does not have the necessary experience it will be a disaster. Have the guts to realise the mistake and deal with it.

Red Man

1.) 21 Apr 2019 20:56:11
I will add that the manager needs to be given the authority to deal with players that are not committed and get rid of them but that manager is not Solskjaer.

2.) 21 Apr 2019 21:35:11
So your calling for a sacking after a month? Knowing how utterly rubbish most of this squad is?

3.) 21 Apr 2019 21:37:00
It really is time to make some harsh decisions, followed by Ed Wood taken away from all footballing decisions including contracts and signings.
Get a dof in fairly sharpish.

4.) 21 Apr 2019 21:53:06
Liverpool fan in peace. why do you think the club appointed ole already?

I get that with having the job already he can look at what he wants to do in the summer, but surely he would have been doing that regardless.

Or was it that no other manager fancied the job so they gave it to him.

Just think there was no need to give him the job until the summer, because let's be honest I don't think that there would have been a host of clubs after his signature.

5.) 21 Apr 2019 21:56:15

Sacking is a strong word, but there has been a mistake in the appointment that needs to be dealt with. Do we stay with the emotional sentimental appointment or not?

6.) 21 Apr 2019 22:06:33
Dress it up how you want your still calling for a sacking. Who said it was an emotional appointment? As the scouser just said we needed someone in place now, before summer starts. Or would you have preferred a manager starting July 1st, saying well actually I'll give everyone a clean slate and no signings?

7.) 21 Apr 2019 22:19:32

I am saying there has been a mistake and we need to be decisive. I wanted a process that considered the best options, did we really have that? I want the best manager for the job, take the emotion out of it, do we have that?

8.) 21 Apr 2019 22:19:54
Even if it did happen, where ed would look even more foolish with a bizaare u turn, who would we get to manage this circus at this stage? Yes it was strange to appoint when the season is not yet elapsed. Let alone the fact that he may be way short on experience. I realise we only see a snapshot of what is the whole story. Perhaps signings need addressing etc etc - so they jumped the gun and appointed Ole. In retrospect Mourinho had to go anyway (understand again we only see part of that story) . the players he wanted didn't come and he sulked. The remaining players are just not good enough for this club. I think we have no choice but to plough on.

9.) 21 Apr 2019 22:27:37
The manager is not the issue at this club, I said all along stick by Jose, the club not doing what José wanted and the players downing tools for him, Ole gets United and what it takes to play for them, he may not be the best manager in the world but to call for his head to replace him is ludicrous we need to stick by a manager and let him manage or we will forever be in this circle. Pep could walk in here today in the structure we have with the players we have and struggle.
Things need to change up above and we do need to be ruthless cz there are some absolute dross at this club and some rotten eggs, Japanese knotweed attacking the house I believe Rednev called it 😂 he is bang on btw.

10.) 21 Apr 2019 22:33:10
I agree mort but it looks like an emotional appointment, he had an easy ride for a few games, got through psg luckily, then most united fans that were happy we scrope past psg, everyone got carried away, ex players, players, fans on emotion said give him the job, I seen rio on bt, get the contract give him what he wants,
We rushed it and for me made a mistake.
Now today we look at the players, their not playing for the love of football, not for the love of united, but for the love of money,
I'd dock all their wages after today, and a united player launching a clothes range last week, do that when you retire, they retire young enough.

11.) 21 Apr 2019 22:35:59
Personally I'm with red man, I think ole is the wrong appointment.

I think whoever came in was going to make the team have a big jump in performances.

Ole has done nothing in his management career and I feel that you needed someone coming in who would be respected a lot more by the players.

Your in a slump and I don't see ole doing anything to get you out of it.

You will buy in the summer but come the start of the season with all the pressure and expectations, how will the team handle the pressure.

12.) 21 Apr 2019 22:43:59

13.) 21 Apr 2019 22:48:19
Lavers. They appointed Ole because they had not had a single approach from a top manager in the interim, and any approach they had made was rebuffed. No one wants to work for Woodward now. Ole's initial success gave them all the cover they needed. It seems to have backfired.

14.) 21 Apr 2019 22:50:15
How do we know Poch wasn't sounded out, took one look at the state if things an thought you know what the grass isn't greener I'll stick where I am. Course woody ain't going to announce that. So he goes with option b.

15.) 22 Apr 2019 01:25:55
Lvg had a much better cv that didn't work. Jose cv even stronger and the fans and players hated it soo much people stopped coming to the ground. Ole made mistakes today but he has to have a chance to make his team with his players before he's written off.

16.) 22 Apr 2019 01:37:06
Ole is fine, we have bigger problems to resolve, Carrick is well thought of and Loch maybe be receptive to a change in a year or two.

We should be moving players on who are either not good enough or don't want to be there as well as correcting the dumb transfer and contact decisions made more recently.

Ole can restore what is expected of a United employee over the next year or two and perhaps we can move on from there. Quick fixes don't exist.

17.) 21 Apr 2019 23:52:16
Red Man,

Today was a dereliction of duty, a two fingered salute to the manager and the fans. A display of insubordination and indifference.

If we don't stand behind our manager then we absolve this indulgent bunch of all responsibility. There can be no hiding place for charlatans and prima-donnas.

I wholeheartedly disagree with your post. Your talking about sacking a Club legend after a matter of weeks when you have just watched 11 imposters stroll around Goodison Park enjoying the sunshine.

Talent is nothing if it's not backed up with hard work and endeavour. Sadly our most "talented" players have neither. It's time to hit the reset button and let these fraudsters be indulged at other Clubs.

On Wednesday night we should show our support to a manager that delivered us a treble. We send a message to the players and the board exactly where our loyalty lies in a demonstration of solidarity and defiance. We will not accept players that simply want to stroll around the pitch or a trigger happy CEO that seeks to apportion blame at every door other than his own.

You want the Club to sack the only man that actually cares and will no doubt be suffering the most tonight.

It's gone beyond credentials or experience now it's about showing we don't turn on our own and root out the real problem at our Club which is apathetic, disinterested and unambitious players and owners.

Surely Ole deserves the opportunity to put this right and get rid of the players that are disrespecting our Club. I enjoy reading your posts but come on the only way to sort this lot out is to get rid of them not the manager.

18.) 22 Apr 2019 06:29:56
Just get rid of the sulking players.
Everything else will follow.

19.) 22 Apr 2019 07:13:24
Morning DLIB

I have no doubt Ole cares and will have suffered like the rest of us over the result, however, that doesn’t make him the right manager. We all care but none of us can manage the club. The failed manager of Cardiff is now managing one of the worlds biggest clubs, appointed on the basis of what, 10 games in his managerial career? . I would hope he could be persuaded to resign as the job is too big, bigger than he realised. He may be a club legend but does he have the gravitas to sort out a crisis? Make no mistake, the club is in crisis and the blame for it is at Woodward's door, however Ole is not even SAF light. SAF had player issues but had experience to deal with it and I can’t see the same in Ole.

The players, I said the tail was being allowed to wag the dog when Mourinho was in charge, same applies now and the core problem makers need to be rooted out and sold, no matter who is manager or their standing as a player. Maybe if the club had supported the last manager this would have already been sorted. Once sacked we should have looked at Pochettino and Allegri in a proper appointment process yet didn’t. As we had with the Moyes apologists, there will be some who say no one else was available, wanted the job, only Ole, utter nonsense. It is a crisis and it needs the leadership which we have been sadly lacking since the one leader at the club retired. Even so I can’t see it and think we will bumble on, buy some players, not good enough ones, not sell the real problem players because they are an expensive asset and the structure above, the decision makers will stay the same even if a DOF was brought in. It may take a bigger crisis to get the changes really needed and that could peak by Christmas.

20.) 22 Apr 2019 08:09:11
If spurs don't have CL next season and Poch doesn't have any money to spend. would he have not been an option as manager?

21.) 22 Apr 2019 08:28:04

what your saying is all well and good . but how do you know Poch or Alegri weren't approached and just said feck that . there is to many rotten eggs there.

If they were able to get One of the best managers ever the sack. the problem isn't Ole,

Its Woodward not backing the manager and I don't mean financially I mean backing him .

Do you honestly think that Jose didn't go to Ed and say we need to get rid of this Root Pogba, he's a virus …. And Ed thought about it for all of 2 seconds and said nah we need the commercial asset to be making money . so deal with it.

Ole will always have the backing of us fans its the players who should feel our wrath, some of them have just signed to get the big bucks and celebrity that comes with playing for our club.

I know I'm 100pct behind Ole he needs 2 seasons at least and we need to accept the mess we are in and jump on board and let him work with our full support until he weeds out the dead wood and replaces it with true players.

22.) 22 Apr 2019 08:45:44
Lavers are you taking the mick here.?

"Ole has done nothing in his management career and I feel that you needed someone coming in who would be respected a lot more by the players"

He mightn't have done much as a manager but . as a player he has done it all in one of the best ever teams .

If some of the Sh1t bags in our current squad can't respect that . then who can they respect . Klopp and Poch haven't won much more as managers than ole. and certainly haven't had the playing career he had . Jose probably the 2nd best manager ever in the modern game couldn't get their respect .

The problem is the players and the recruitment policy and for that you have to blame Ed.

23.) 22 Apr 2019 09:52:59
That’s a great post DLIB. Red man I enjoy your posts but to be calling for the managers head is a joke quite frankly. Where is the loyalty and support? It’s quite clear the issue here is the players. It has been for the past 7 years. They’ve failed for 4 managers now. Woodward is another cancer to the club. Ole may not have the most glittering cv, but he has united running through his veins. He knows the United way and the values that made our club great. We’ve lost that. We’ve sold our soul to the devil. What I say yesterday was nothing like the United I fell in love with. Instead of pushing your agenda how about support the manager in a time where we all need to pull together. The knives are out from the media and rival fans. They at revelling in our demise. We don’t need our own fans contributing to our demise. You cannot pick and choose which manager you decide to support. You like Jose so you have him a chance. But didn’t give Moyes a hope in hell. Sir Alex said whoever is manager it’s our job to support them. Quite frankly I’m shocked that you are calling for his head.

24.) 22 Apr 2019 08:03:00
I have been a regular to this site for at least 10 years now, only in a reading capacity though. This is my first ever post:

1) The owners, since they hindered us with a huge debt all those years ago, we have failed in so many ways. Lack of proper planning on and off the pitch, the real lack of investment in the Sir Alex years, then onto blundering our way around the transfer market signing players for stupid sums of money and giving out ridiculous contracts, we've signed players for all the wrong reasons, which is why we are in the state we are now. Coupled with the under investment years ago, we are now in a pretty poor position overall. I am not saying the Glazers physically bought these players, but they are owners and for me overall it's on them, as they have overseen all of this from above in some form or another. They failed to adapt to the rising challenges of City, Liverpool, Chelsea, PSG and the other large European power houses.

2) Ed Woodward how on earth is this guy still involved so heavily in the football side of things. For me he is the true issue, in our extremely poor transfer dealings in the last 5 seasons. Which has seen the likes of Di Maria, Falcao, Fellaini, Pogba and co come in and waste huge sums of money in transfer fees, agent fees, signing on bonuses, wages and who knows what else. Which sadly hasn't made us any better or achieved anything. We have go from manager to manager, and really haven't moved forward or improved. I think now we are at our lowest point in years. It's so painful watching this great club being torn apart slowly from the top down. Why has our recruitment been so bad for managers and players, why have players been given such stupid contracts, why do we still have Young, Jones and Smalling in our defence after all this time, why haven't we got a DOF yet and so on.

3) The Sánchez deal. For me this is the worst signing in our history. I am just not talking performance. I am looking at the bigger picture here. A player who came in on the biggest contact we have ever given out. A reported 350-400k plus per week. He has underperformed, apparently has a bad attitude as well. But the biggest issue is, we have now opened the flood gates for current players to try and milk us for massive deals, plus future signings will also now want a piece of the action as well. This deal was wrong on so many levels and will now affect us for years to come. The true cost we will never know unfortunately.

4) How have we allowed the players to become so influential in the overall clubs demise and performance

5) How have we just sat back and watched City over take us on the pitch and off it. They are miles ahead of us, with a clear strategy for the future. Even Liverpool appear miles ahead now as well.

6) Was or is Ole the right man to take us forward? Again possibly poor planning or the cheapest option. I honestly hope he isn't a yes man and he really will make us strong once again. I will 100% support him though as we can't keep going round in circles like this.

7) It's really alarming when you look at our current squad and there is only 6-8 who are of the level we need moving forward. That's based on ability, determination, work rate, quality, potential and age

8) I think we have now come to a crossroads, where we blamed Moyes, LVG, Jose but in actual fact overall it's a combination of the players and the senior team at the top, who are mainly to blame. I am not saying the managers are completely innocent but we are really seeing the deep rooted issues with the team and club now. I think Ole is really struggling with it and we have a huge task on our hands.

9) Where do we go from here?

10) I honestly think a season without Europe would do us good. Have a massive clear out, reduce the squad size and wage bill. Bring in 4-5 suitable signings and beef the squad up with youngsters.

11) Let's hope the Glazers go in the near future and new football focused owners come in and create a winning structure for the future of the club.

12) Is Gary Neville talking about Pogba and who else, when he said there is a rotten core in the squad?

13) For me this summer, has to be the biggest test we have had, it's a massive clear out. Which could see a churn of 12-15 players in and out possibly.

14) We are the biggest club in the world commercially and have the biggest fan base. But we have failed to maintain our position in terms being competitive in England and Europe. It's time to start working out how we get back to the top and stop signing players who aren't invested in making us great again.

I know all these points have been discussed over and over again. But it is heart breaking seeing us fall this far. Let's hope Ole does getting the backing in the summer, let's hope he does clear the deadwood out, let's hope a DOF or technical director gets appointed, let's hope Ed does move away from the football side of things and for the future we manage to rid ourselves of the Glazers poisonous rain at our club.

{Ed002's Note - (1) Nonsense. (2) You clearly don't know how the club is run. (3) Hasn't worked out well. (4) I have no idea what this mean. (5) So? The club has no right to be winning everything. (6) The fans got what they craved. (7) It is a great pity you cannot give your support to the players. (8) The club has fans who are far from the brightest who are never happy with their lot. (9) Like other clubs you get on and try and improve, but as you can't support the players it will get worse - what the fans deserve. (10) Ridiculous. (11) You know absolutely nothing about the owners, is this what the idiots on Twitter are telling you? (12) Do you trust every word Gary Neville utters? (13) Because they lost yesterday? (14) You sound as arrogant as the Liverpool fans.

"Ole" doesn't need "backing, Manchester United need a coach who knows what he is doing. I am sure the "deadwood" will be pleased to get away from the fan base, and appoing a Director of Football is not going to make any difference at all. Your whining about the owners is, like most Manchester United fans I see on here, from a position of utter ignorance of the club.}

25.) 22 Apr 2019 11:16:01
Jedi ole may have done it as a player but that doesn't mean that he will do something as a manager.

Mourinho lost respect because of his negative tactics and playing players out of position.

The United of old played good attacking football and when they attacked you fancied them scoring. The attacking football which klopp and poch play.

Untied under Mourinho and Ole sit back and hope to catch you on the break.

United have spent hundreds of millions since fergie left but bought the wrong players.

Last summer Mourinho kept going on about a CB, but why didn't he prioritise that position instead of buying Fred?

26.) 22 Apr 2019 11:24:32
The Ed is correct, we have no devine right to win anything, yet many still come on here with the belief we are still at the top of the tree. We are not, we were, but the last six years has seen our power drain away. We never hit the European heights even under SAF because we were limited in our outlook. However the club is run, I can’t see an obvious strategy and we seem to lurch from decision to decision without clarity of the path we are looking to go down. Four managers all different. The frustration is that other clubs like Liverpool and City seem to have defined the path. All great dynasties come to an end, we never accepted the end of ours, yet keep holding on to SAF ideals, tried to recreate it with Moyes and are now hoping Ole will get inspiration from him, instead of moving forward. I might get be wrong and no doubt the Ed will correct me, but I seem to recall Liverpool cleared the great Shankly out of the way once he retired and it brought the greatest period in their history.

I stand by the belief we have appointed the wrong manager, throwing money at it in summer isn’t sufficient.

27.) 22 Apr 2019 17:15:06
So are you going to back him or not?



19 Apr 2019 11:12:06
The latest sentimental nonsense seems to have arrived. The rumour is that the latest home shirt is based on what happened 20 years ago with references to goal times in injury time tagged on the shirt, a shirt now inspired by Ole being manager. If true, what utter sentimental claptrap, tugging at the heart strings.

Maybe there is a recognition that sentimental items sell well at United. Yes make a retro shirt that respects what happened in 99 and yes it was one of our greatest nights, for heaven sake I was there, but it is another sad example of emotion and sentimentality running through the club. Players would be asked to wear a shirt glorifying the manager, doesn't anyone else feel uncomfortable with that?

Let's add that the manager, allegedly, won't park in the managers parking space because SAF might want it, what? Ole seems in awe of SAF. People forget the shadow cast by Sir Matt which took years to shake because of the emotional attachment to him. Now we seem to have the position where the manager is in the shadow of SAF again. It didn't work well after Busby.

This emotional sentimental ride we are on may sell a few shirts, but it won't put us back at the top, that needs some hard nosed business decisions moving the club forward. 1999 is ancient history and we should learn from history, one learning point is to cut out the sentiment.

Red Man

1.) 19 Apr 2019 12:08:47
I’m not at all fazed about celebrating one of our greatest nights ever on the shirt not one bit.
But what I do have a problem with is the reasons for it which is solely to sell shirts that is the main problem I feel is wrong with it and maybe you should too.

2.) 19 Apr 2019 12:11:40
Sentiment is a huge tool to get people behind an idea. It's used because house already have a built in emotion to it. Retro video game consoles. Your favourite childhood movie is constantly getting rebooted. Old T. V shows coming back. It's quite frankly a lazy way to sell a product. Putting 90+1 and 90+3 on the sleeves seems tacky and lazy.

One of the main problem's with changing a manager every 18 months, is that each new manager comes in and tells the players "You all start off with a clean slate. Everyone will get a chance to impress". You end up with players in the squad for years after their sell by date.

Ole has to quickly realise that the only way he can achieve his goals as our manager is to get rid of the weeds, root and stem.

3.) 19 Apr 2019 13:42:20
This car parking story. Where has it come from? It's starting to get thrown around on here like the Ole is a yes man jibe, when no one has actually got any evidence to back it up. Ah well, if it suits a narrative.

4.) 19 Apr 2019 14:29:09
Well said noucamp, far too many assumptions made by some, without being able to back them up.

5.) 19 Apr 2019 21:50:20
Does the strip make not produce and sell the strip.

6.) 19 Apr 2019 23:13:42
Your right in part jred.
Without knowing the ins and outs and exact terms of the contract. The club have sold the rights to Adidas sole manufacturer and distributors of all Manchester United branded sportswear and kit etc etc .
However the brand owners ie manchester united will have sole rights to the branding image design and marketing of said brand ie the brand manchester united. The club will probably outsource this expertise or ta k e advice on final brands plans.

7.) 20 Apr 2019 08:47:00
I would imagine it has very little to do with the likes of ED and co, which is the point .
You can always tell who the manufacturer of a strip is by looking at it .



06 Apr 2019 15:38:06
I think as the pressure has increased on Ole, so has the movement away from giving youth a chance. I suspect there is huge pressure to achieve top four and Ole is looking to his experienced players to achieve it. This pressure can be from within, no matter whether it is a senior target I expect that within Ole he will be driven to achieve it. Pressure can make you take safe options yet one thing is certain, the pressure to succeed will only increase and how Ole handles it will define his management. I believe what you are seeing now is the change, the transition in Ole from being a temp, a carefree temp, to having a chance at the permanent role, to being appointed. The pressure, the targets for success change and it takes a brave strong manager to put the fears of it all being taken away, behind him and then to hold a line and introduce youth. SAF did it in 95 with years of success behind him but was widely criticised for doing it. I am sure he felt immense pressure at the time. Now, Ole has to achieve success quickly, or people will say it was a poor appointment, he does not have a 6 year contract so when he makes decisions can he trust youth that may not truly bloom for 3 to 5 years after his contract has finished?

Personally I think Ole is out of his depth as a manager here at this level and it is a massive risk for the football club. He still may grow on the job and despite his total lack of experience I think he will do what he thinks is right, he will uphold the values of our history but to put a multi billion pound operation in the hands of someone so inexperienced is high risk. Love what Ole stands for but fear where we are going.

One thing to consider here is that SAF seemed to want to attack and Phelan seemed more pragmatic, a balance, but maybe Ole is listening too much to Phelan and has become too defensive now. Perhaps Muelensteen as number two next season would make more sense?

Red Man

1.) 06 Apr 2019 16:01:43
That’s not a bad shout Red Man, Phelan is allegedly wanting assurances but with the solid base of United men as backroom staff, him moving on wouldn’t be the end of the world. I also worry about Ole’s lack of experience but he is one of us, he gets it, and as said below he is restoring our values. Right now, that feels like it was the most importan priority.

2.) 06 Apr 2019 18:19:09
We'd lost our identity. Out of all on here red man you'd appreciate that. We lost our way and identity in the 70s and it took Ferguson to restore it. Since he went we've lost our identity again. I honestly thought Jose would end the record of academy players in the match day squad. Ole has come in and reminded people of what United are about which was sorely needed. We've wasted money on big names and galacticos and that's never been United. If Ole has any effect on steering Delorous Edd away from that policy then good. Others will say that signing cheap unknowns will suit our CEO perfectly but its been a mainstay of United transfer policy for years. Maybe that's what we need. More Dalot's and less Pogba's.

3.) 06 Apr 2019 18:24:26
Red Man, there is a reason we are playing defensive.
Our defence is just not reliable.
Young, Jones, Smalling, out of form Bailly. With these players, it is difficult to go all out for attack.
Then we have a huge injury list.

We have seen glimpses of quality in certain matches.
Hope this summer window addresses most of our issues.

4.) 06 Apr 2019 19:01:14
Spot on TRD.

With our defence being so bad throughout the season it is hard to fully analyse exactly how Ole wants Utd to play.

It’s clear that he wants us on the front foot and attacking as he has said so but you can’t go gunhoe with our defence.

That’s why a CB and RB are the most important signings in the summer. We need a solid base.

5.) 06 Apr 2019 19:38:29
It's clear we've become a pretty impatient and mutinous bunch. We now judge players and managers on a game by game basis with little regard to objectivity or fairness.

Ole has presided over a record winning run, clawed back an almost insurmountable deficit to put us on the brink of Champions League qualification and presided over one of our most memorable European performances in years knocking out one of the favourites when nobody gave us a chance. He's not done too bad.

Let's analyse the football for answers rather than speculating that he's out of his depth or somehow can't handle the pressure now he's been appointed the permeant manager. How can we possibly judge him when he's only been in charge for two games? How do we know he's not going to invest or trust in youth? Forgive me if I'm wrong but didn't Mctominay start and score in our last game. Pereira has still been given significant minutes and I don't think the likes of Chong, Gomes or Greenwood started any of the games during our fantastic recent run. Has anything really changed in that regard? Surely these are just sticks to beat him with and have no foundation in truth.

Getting back to the football Arsenal have been imperious at home this season. They've won 10 in a row and easily dispatched both Spurs and Chelsea recently. A De Gea howler and soft penalty saw us fall to our first domestic defeat in a game we dominated and created good chances.

Wolves have beaten Spurs and Chelsea, they've taken points off City and Arsenal and knocked L'pool out of the FA Cup. We hammered them for 25 minutes and on another night would have been 3-0 up. Wolves are resolute and well organised. They defend in numbers and are a threat on the counter. We all know the deficiencies in our team. We have players that are capable of making mistakes and we can go from the sublime to the ridiculous in the blink of an eye. Wolves stayed in the game and we beat ourselves. I accept we were poor in the FA Cup but every team has their off nights.

It's far too early to judge Ole, he hasn't had a pre season to work on his tactics nor a transfer window to improve our squad. We don't know if he'll promote youth consistently or if he can handle pressure because he's only been in charge for 4 months.

We must take into consideration we've had injuries to key players which have interrupted our flow and disturbed our rhythm. We have a massive game to look forward to on Wednesday and despite a set back the other night a real chance of finishing in the top 4. This was unimaginable before he was appointed.

If we judge Ole's first 4 months in its entirety he's done a fantastic job and we've witnessed some unbelievable moments. Yes we've suffered some disappointing defeats and witnessed some poor performances but I think most will accept that we are some way off being a title winning team and have some glaring weaknesses in the squad which need to be addressed. Let's see where we are at the end of next season before we make assumptions about the mentality or resilience of our new manager.

{Ed004's Note - Fantastic post and fully agreed. He tried to play a pressing game initially at the start, players dropped like flies and couldnt maintain it, so he has had to adapt. He talks about wanting to play attacking, fast paced football and every player we have been linked to suits this style of play}

6.) 06 Apr 2019 21:44:34
Good post, I would add our performance against wolves was no where near as bad as people want to make out . We should of been 3 up after 20 minutes .
Injuries have also hit us hard, martial, linders Lukaku and rashford in particular where all playing well until they pick up injuries, none of them have yet got back to the same form yet.

7.) 07 Apr 2019 08:04:41

This is Manchester United, the pretenders to being the biggest club in the world. Whilst I appreciate the points you make and your defence of Ole I just wish to point out that I am not suggesting he be sacked. What I have repeatedly said is there was no obvious decision making process behind his appointment and frankly we have put a manager with a sacking at Cardiff and some reasonable success in the Norwegian league in charge of said biggest club in the world. The role requires a leader not just a manager.

We will know more when the transfer window closes whether the owners really support him and then whether he can make it work about April next year. We have appointed him now but as you correctly say, let’s see where we are at the end of next season. A question to you though is what if that is fourth and no trophies, how long do you stand by him? Another season, two more years to the end of his contract? A legend will be extremely hard to sack given the sentimentality at the club. I hope he succeeds, we all do, but the structure and planning at the club looks haphazard so it would be a major challenge for an experienced manager let alone someone whose major time was at Molde. Let’s get him Muelensteen as part of his team, I think it would give him a better chance.

8.) 07 Apr 2019 09:11:21
Red Man - In many ways we are very similar, I agree with most of your views about Woodward and our intrepid owners. I worry myself that they are satisfied with mediocrity if that guarantees Champions League football and a steady revenue steam in Sponsorship heaven. I was outraged when last summers purse strings were in my view predictably tightened and I speculated the reason was a second place finish was more than acceptable and they had no appetite in risking more money chasing trophies.

On the other hand I can't complain that they haven't spent money and our wage bill is the biggest in the league. That doesn't really fit with my conspiracy theory. The more I read Ed002's post's the less I understand about how our great Club is managed. I've tried researching the Clubs structure to gain a better understanding of how the Club operates and who makes the decisions but it's a mystery hard to fathom.

Ed002 has informed us that OGS will have little input on transfers and I find that abhorrent. Without a DoF or Technical Director if the manager isn't making the signings than who is?

Call me old fashioned, out of touch or even naive but I believe the manager should make the signings at the Club or at least have the final say. I've always been of the opinion that a DoF only complicates matters and often leads to conflict. If we eventually go down that path then does the DoF become the most important position at the football club?!

Football doesn't have to be complicated, it's beauty lies in its simplicity. We all know what areas of the team needs strengthening. With the amount of football on Tv we can virtually scout them ourselves. If some unbeknown force is really recruiting and signing our players then we are in big trouble despite who the manager my be.

In relation to OGS I know this sounds cliche but he understands the Club, he knows it's expectations and he knows what it takes to win. His press conferences have always been articulate and positive and I truly believe he has a vision of how he wants us to play. Perhaps more importantly he's attempting to reintroduce a mentality that had been eroded over the last few years.

I think any manager would struggle coming into our Club because there doesn't seem to be any idea of how to successfully run the football side of the operation. Maybe it might just take an insider to change that.

9.) 07 Apr 2019 09:17:13
Cracking post Red Man.

10.) 07 Apr 2019 10:20:49
I think we need to dig in for the long overhaul, maybe years, until we are consistently challenging again.

We are at the START of a major rebuild as we beefing to find our identity again, find a DoF plus over one the following obstacles:

1. Sanchez wages has completely skewed all wage negotiations with existing players. He needs to go and maybe the others demanding high wages will need to go also.

We need to start rebuilding our team with young hungry players rather than bringing in seasoned players who bring baggage

2. Hence undoing hap-hazard transfers of previous managers where players like Sanchez, Schweinsteiger, Matic, etc were brought in on huge wages and expected to be the main player. We need hungry youngsters who want to play as a team.

3. We need to keep in sorting out the other footballing structures in the club from producing and blooding youths players to the women’s game to management t and because hi g structures. It’s been a real mess and it’s only now starting to be addressed.

4. As such, for the extra few years, I’d give OGS the target of top four while we completely rebuild.

I’d usher out: Sanchez, Lukaku, Matic, Young, Rojo, Darmian, Mata, Jones, Pogba, even DDG if it’s going to unbalance a new wave structure.

I’d bring in young hungry players such as Wan Bissaka, Rice, Etc, bro g back Henderson for GK and Tuesnzebe for CD.

Obviously there needs to be some experience but a future team, based on mon-superstar signings might look like:


Wan Bussaka
Axel Tusnzebe



Either way, we need to accept a major rebuild I’d beeded and it’ll take a few years to achieve.

Whether OGS is up to this huge job is up to debate!

11.) 07 Apr 2019 12:20:42
I believe a DOF would be more effective if they reported to the board directly and not to Woodward. You are talking major rebuild after six years and on to our fourth manager. What strikes me is how different the four managers have been in their approach and strategy, why? Only one has been an established experienced manager at the right level, why? We have appointed Ole based on what? He loves the club? However, have we put the cart before the horse? A DOF worth his salt would likely have an opinion on a manager but we appointed one anyway.

I agree on young hungry players plus someone mid twenties with a bit of experience for centre of defence. You said haphazard player purchases of previous managers yet Ed has clearly said the manager has little say. There is one constant in this throughout six years of transfer policy and that is Woodward, which is why I think a DOF should report to the board.

I think we agree. The club have spent money but appears it mainly happens when it looks like we may not make the money spinning CL (Remember Woodward’s no major retooling comment) . Look at last summer, having been second it should have been a platform for a challenge, buy quality, support the manager but someone seems to have decided they didn’t think it was needed, we had enough already. Does anyone really think, no matter what you think of him, that Mourinho would have signed off on what actually arrived? People moan about Sanchez wages but how much goes out of the club in dividends, consulting fees?

It is a mess that was hidden for years by the genius of SAF, the CO92 and players like Rio, Rooney and Ronaldo bought before the Glazers arrived. You see clubs wanting to improve or build a stadium like Spurs, City, Arsenal, Liverpool, what have our lot done? Nothing, a club like Spurs will have borrowed the money to build their stadium, but we will have to start with £400m debt that did nothing for the club before borrowing anything, it isn’t helpful but 16 years on it is still there and some say it isn’t an issue. I don’t think an insider like Ole will change anything, if he has little say on transfers, his opinion on bigger issues won’t likely be sought. I don’t think major change will happen until the Glazers sell and Woodward goes back to the commercial side, meanwhile City and Liverpool’s plans have come to fruition. Six years of Woodward and how many of the Glazers and we are still talking about a major rebuild. The only shock to me is that there are still some who can’t see the problems.

12.) 07 Apr 2019 12:02:08
DLIB. Fantastic points.
Ed004 is right. After 3 games, our intensity dropped dramatically.
Almost the entire team was injured.
Even now we can't manage high intensity more than 30 minutes.
I'm happy that Ole's ultimate aim is to play attacking football.
But he is handicapped because of a poor defense, injuries and lack of quality players.



17 Mar 2019 08:30:12
We don't know if they have decided on Ole as the permanent manager but that last night, straight after the Arsenal result, has to be concerning for the hierarchy. Ole would likely be attractive for the bean counters and for Glazernomics. The fans generally would be happy, at least for a while, there wouldn't be a £30m bill to pay to get a top manager out of his contract.

Some questions come to mind. Ole like SAF and unlike a Mourinho, is steeped in its history and loves the club, so would it be in the mind that he may not press as hard for as much funding in the market? Compare and contrast the Zidane and Solskjaer positions. Does anyone think Zidane, in the way he has taken the role back, will accept anything less than complete funding in summer? Do Real Madrid have a plan to get back to the top? Will they wait 5 years and dither around? Under Glazernomics will we really ever see that aim to be at the very top or likely see that level of funding? Would it be easier to appoint Ole than someone who might want top level funding?
Do we really need to pay for a DOF when there is an Executive Vice Bean Counter and with Ole at the wheel? Who sees the need for a DOF salary and an input which may indicate the areas and how much money needs to be spent that bean counters don't agree with? What happens if a DOF doesn't want that Hollywood money spinning app clicking Bale type signing?

The easy option is popular, or was until last night, keeps the power levels as is, no need to change, it was just the previous managers that were wrong. Yet there is now doubt and the bean counters and Glazernomics are under some pressure this morning. Does this mean no Ole? No, but it will slow down the emotion train for appointing him now now now and hopefully the club wait until the end or near the end of the season. I advocated Poch and he should still be considered, yet wonder where Allegri is off to. The who needs to be decided in a process not an emotional rush to a decision. I still have concern over who will make the decision in a process but hope the last two games bring the need for a proper process back into focus.

Red Man

1.) 17 Mar 2019 09:43:33
Back to back defeats happen, arsenal and wolves away are not easy games, arsenal I agree with ole I felt we deserved more, last night was poor but it’s how we bounce back, Watford home next isn’t it?

2.) 17 Mar 2019 09:49:21
We lost the arsenal game because we couldn’t finish our dinner. Last night was dreadful, but you also have to look at the players last night too. Pogba, martial and Rashford looked disinterested. Off games happen no matter who is in charge.

3.) 17 Mar 2019 10:35:24
I don’t know why so much blame is pointed towards the Glazers. They’ve funded some of the biggest names in football at our club, both players and managers (whether or not it worked for us is irrelevant to your post) . Stop looking for someone to blame for a defeat. We weren’t good enough last night. It happens. It used to happen a lot more than it has in recent months.

4.) 17 Mar 2019 11:08:43

The post isn’t about one game, it is about ensuring we have some sort of process to find the right long term solution. One minute we were having a DOF then it goes quiet. The interim manager has had a good run but lost two vital games, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be considered but my point is making sure the decision process is a proper one and isn’t an emotional one.

I will point the finger at the Glazers. They haven’t funded anything, the club has. They haven’t put one penny in. They have left us in circa £400m of debt, (over what is it, 15 years? ) not to benefit the club and its development but to enable them to buy the club. Then look at how much is and has been taken out of the club. Debt servicing and dividends don’t help the football side do they? . When was the last time the club did anything major for the stadium development? It was when the money from the Plc was left to do it. Then if you look at buying players, tell me who replaced Ronaldo and what the £80m did for the financial accounts? Tell me why there was no value in the market for years when Aguero and Hazard as example came on the market? Hopefully that should point you in the right direction. Biggest names in football, really, but didn’t support the managers if we believe LvG who I seem to recall said they didn’t get him the players he asked for and Ed who said that about Mourinho.

Defeats do happen, they happened at Madrid too but I bet their planning to respond to them is a lot better than ours. It seemed no one planned for SAF retirement, and since that we have seen nearly 6 years of this situation and still have an interim manager, virtually no communication with the fans, who have no idea of our direction. This isn’t about last night but a frustration at the lack of obvious direction and the strong feeling Glazernomics plays too big a part in any decision process.

5.) 17 Mar 2019 11:50:31
Red man, sorry but no ‘process’ as you put it will put any prospective manger under the microscope like the audition Ole is going through now. If it were about CV’s and records we would have been a shoe in with Van Gaal and Mourinho. Supposedly two of the best. That didn’t validate ‘the process’ did it? There are no guarantees in life, nor in football.
Will Zidane get the backing he wants? Only the RM president knows? Will he be successful like he was before? Well maybe in knockout competitions, he certainly wasn’t in the league. Likely they will continue to get smashed by Barcelona.
There is still nothing in Poch history to suggest he is a winner. The cupboard is bare. In terms of what Ole has done with the squad he inherited (not his squad) I seriously doubt anyone could have done better. (Almost 79% win percentage) Even Ince : ) What he has done is show flashes of what they are capable of. Given time to build stamina into the squad, bring in some reinforcements my money would be on Ole and his team as they have shown they can get the results, it is very easy to sit back and say this guy would be better, or that guy could do a better job, until they actually have to do it. In my opinion he is doing it, all be it with one hand tied behind his back.

6.) 17 Mar 2019 11:55:35
I would add that there has been murmurings of perhaps only needing 2 or 3 players, when we need at least 4. Glazernomics would have been at work and now perhaps it the last two games will help realisation there is a need for more and they will need to release more money.

7.) 17 Mar 2019 12:39:18
This debate has a lot of nuances. I hate what the Glazers have done and I think even SAF toed the party line at the end.

If we didn't have an interim and a shortlist had been drawn up featuring Poch, Allegri, and Ole, the vast majority would have laughed at Ole being included.

But given the results he has achieved ed, many now want t him appointing, and I have been caught up in that enthusiasm. We've gone from 11 points off 4th to 3 points off 3rd and the PSG result and performance was breathtaking, he is one of us and the heart says we should appoint him. We've tried big names and they haven't worked.

For me, what happens next is crucial, how does he react to what was a very poor performance, we need to see a big reaction. Right now, I'm still for Ole.

8.) 17 Mar 2019 13:06:46
Last night was as bad as anything under Jose, we were played off the park.

My biggest concern with Ole is that he hasn’t left any impression of his style on the team. He came in and gave the players more freedom, and this obviously boosted morale and performance. But there isn’t much evidence of Ole having a clear tactical blueprint. Last night it was obvious that Wolves were dominating the game, and Ole couldn’t do anything to shift the balance.

Another point, if you build the team around Pogba, you need to have a plan b in place for the games when he doesn’t turn up.

9.) 17 Mar 2019 17:07:43

Good point about Ole’s style and tactical blue print. He is a SAF follower but those days are gone. If Mourinho ideas are past it, whatare SAFs? Tactically and technically teams are smarter now, pace is used far more. It’s all well and good wishing for the halcyon day’s of SAF but we need to think what we build before we start building. Barcelona have an identity, I think Cruyff defined it but here we are and don’t know what we are doing nearly 6 years after SAF retired. Maybe someone does.

10.) 17 Mar 2019 22:14:49
Red Man. You’re contradicting yourself.

Just because you haven’t seen us appoint a DOF doesn’t mean we’re not looking. 002 has said Woodward is the stumbling block.

There’s a fairly obvious problem with the expansion of the stadium, but yes I agree more could have been done in and around.

You’re bringing up an old argument in there being no value in the transfer market and since you mention Aguero, who have we signed since then? Some of the biggest names in world football. Mourinho wasn’t allowed another CB because he signed Bailly and Lindelof and then destroyed them.

Regards them taking money out of the club well that’s just business and whether or not you like it, it happens. I really struggle to see your argument when it comes to investment, you only have to look at the players and managers we’ve signed and the wages we pay to see that silly money has been spent (and wasted) . As for where that money comes from (such as sponsors) well that’s just good business. Why put your hand in your own pocket when you can raise funds elsewhere. However that sits ethically with you or me is irrelevant. It’s just business and there’s no backing up your argument of no money has been invested, because it has. Over and over again.



24 Feb 2019 09:02:29
Morning all, it's Game day and as always it is the biggest game.

Today will be fascinating to see how we set up tactically. If we push too high it gives them space to break and use their quick forwards but we also can't sit deep. My guess is we may play more down our left, their right, which may mean Van Dyke gets dragged across to create space for midfield runners. Both our full backs need to be switched on as their forwards like to cut back inside, Young worries me in that position.

We have rarely given them a hiding at OT, even in SAFs era and I see this being another tight game. Actually I think this may be OGS's acid test, if he wins today the clamour for his permanent appointment will grow very loud.

Predicting these games is foolhardy but I sense a draw, perhaps 2.2.

Red Man

1.) 24 Feb 2019 09:32:05
Can't see either team keeping a clean sheet. My head says 1-1, but my heart says 2-1 to us. Rashford and a Pogba penalty. Though I'd take a deflection off Shaw's big arse 😁.

{Ed0333's Note - All week I’ve been thinking we’re gonna lose this or at best get a draw. But I’ve had a long and profound talk to myself and have changed my opinion it will be 2-1 or 3-1 to Liverpool.

2.) 24 Feb 2019 10:19:54
I agree on young red man and i would be tempted to play dalot, however I'm not sure he's ready to play in a game so big. Another choice to make is do we stick with smalling or being back jones? I'd probably stick with smalling although their ariel threat won't be massive, smalling Jones and bailly all seem to have a habit of going off their feet in the penalty area and that will be tested today, smalling just gets the nod from me. Overall my prediction will be a draw, 1.1.

3.) 24 Feb 2019 10:05:43
Ha well done Ed 33, can see goals today, none of the bore draws we’ve had of late vs them anyway. I just pray we end their title hopes today and administer a fatal blow.

{Ed0333's Note - I’ve had enough killer blows from your mob throughout the 90’s mate please no more. Well that wasn’t dull was it? I think we’ll go on to win this one...🙏🏽




Red Man's rumour replies


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30 Mar 2019 08:48:34
Obsessed by transfers, yes, I remember the club buying Ted McDougal from Bournemouth I think, and we were all disappointed. It has always been of high interest. I was there when Bryan Robson signed on the pitch in 81 and the ground was highly excited.

We had years of excuses under the Glazers, no value. Then in recent years spent a reasonable level of money in a strange way, almost like we had no direction, who would have thought that.

Red Man



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17 Feb 2019 15:24:49
Where is this holier than thou attitude coming from? As long as any owners don’t hock the club with debt to buy it, don’t take out significant amounts as dividend or consultancy fees, invest in the infrastructure, improve support for the playing side etc, who are we to suddenly become refined judges? I support the club, I judge owners on how they treat the club, I am not their moral guardians, nor should we be. If the Saudis buy the club and build a world class club we should be grateful. We are well past the position of a fan takeover so let them get on with it and if it means all the money we generate is committed to football matters at last, then good.

Red Man



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12 Feb 2019 08:19:09
When you allow the players to determine who they play for and who they don’t there is always potential for anarchy.

Red Man



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03 Jan 2019 22:25:09
As with other young players TFM has sadly not developed and if he isn’t outstanding at a lower level club the chances are he just doesn’t have what it takes and is not going to make it. The fact he has not even established himself in lesser teams which says a lot. I always felt he was a holding midfield player and hopefully he will carve out a career but I can’t see it being in Uniteds first team now.

Red Man



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02 Dec 2018 22:05:19
There is a present incumbent so the position is not open. Yet it is worrying that some believe the manager of Bournmouth is the answer to one of the biggest clubs in the world. We suffered with Moyes, who had managed a bigger club than Bournmouth. If I was to speculate I would ponder about Conte in present circumstances.

Red Man




Red Man's banter replies


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22 Apr 2019 22:13:16

He only needs to watch one goal.

Red Man



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22 Apr 2019 17:14:34
Legend but not a great. Greats, Best, Charlton, Law, Edwards, Ronaldo, Rooney, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Ferdinand, Vidic and maybe others, they were renowned as the best and great players. Ole wasn’t a great, but he knew how to score a goal and scored one of the most important goals in our history, therefore a legend.

The legend status makes it harder to speak honestly about his suitability for the managers role and that will be an ongoing problem.

Red Man



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22 Apr 2019 11:24:32
The Ed is correct, we have no devine right to win anything, yet many still come on here with the belief we are still at the top of the tree. We are not, we were, but the last six years has seen our power drain away. We never hit the European heights even under SAF because we were limited in our outlook. However the club is run, I can’t see an obvious strategy and we seem to lurch from decision to decision without clarity of the path we are looking to go down. Four managers all different. The frustration is that other clubs like Liverpool and City seem to have defined the path. All great dynasties come to an end, we never accepted the end of ours, yet keep holding on to SAF ideals, tried to recreate it with Moyes and are now hoping Ole will get inspiration from him, instead of moving forward. I might get be wrong and no doubt the Ed will correct me, but I seem to recall Liverpool cleared the great Shankly out of the way once he retired and it brought the greatest period in their history.

I stand by the belief we have appointed the wrong manager, throwing money at it in summer isn’t sufficient.

Red Man



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22 Apr 2019 10:53:48

Appointing Phelan would be a poor move in my opinion and may be seen as SAF pulling the strings. As with the manager, on what basis would Phelan have the experience for the job? Perhaps he could be relied upon to accept football and monetary decisions of others without becoming frustrated?

Red Man



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22 Apr 2019 07:13:24
Morning DLIB

I have no doubt Ole cares and will have suffered like the rest of us over the result, however, that doesn’t make him the right manager. We all care but none of us can manage the club. The failed manager of Cardiff is now managing one of the worlds biggest clubs, appointed on the basis of what, 10 games in his managerial career? . I would hope he could be persuaded to resign as the job is too big, bigger than he realised. He may be a club legend but does he have the gravitas to sort out a crisis? Make no mistake, the club is in crisis and the blame for it is at Woodward's door, however Ole is not even SAF light. SAF had player issues but had experience to deal with it and I can’t see the same in Ole.

The players, I said the tail was being allowed to wag the dog when Mourinho was in charge, same applies now and the core problem makers need to be rooted out and sold, no matter who is manager or their standing as a player. Maybe if the club had supported the last manager this would have already been sorted. Once sacked we should have looked at Pochettino and Allegri in a proper appointment process yet didn’t. As we had with the Moyes apologists, there will be some who say no one else was available, wanted the job, only Ole, utter nonsense. It is a crisis and it needs the leadership which we have been sadly lacking since the one leader at the club retired. Even so I can’t see it and think we will bumble on, buy some players, not good enough ones, not sell the real problem players because they are an expensive asset and the structure above, the decision makers will stay the same even if a DOF was brought in. It may take a bigger crisis to get the changes really needed and that could peak by Christmas.

Red Man