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19 Jul 2022 10:17:30
Don't post often these days but still read daily. Don't want to be the miserable sod who depresses everyone but I'm going to give my view regardless.

I'm a lot less optimistic than most for the coming season. I appreciate we now have a genuinely decent coach, and I'm sure he'll improve certain players, but there's only so much these players can be improved. And when I look through the squad I see nothing but mediocrity. DDG has been immense over the years, but he's still woeful at commanding his area and has poor distribution. Verane was poor last season and never stays fit. Maguire is a Sunday league player stealing a living, Bailly irrational and another who's never fit, Lindelof is ok at best. AWB poor and doesn't suit and attacking team. Shaw just ok, never been the player we all thought he would. Telles and Dalot are bad.

Midfield and I still see McFred in there, how depressing. These two running the CM is a joke. Rashford has been bang average for years since his break through. Martial looks keen as always in pre season, give it a month he'll be back in his sulky ways.

CR7, ego, was the best in the world, no where near it now. Players intimidated by him. Players always feel like the need to pass to him even when others are positioned better. Ok top of that he doesn't want to be here, needs selling badly.

None of this bodes well for the season. In comes Martinez, not seen enough to judge but his height worries me. Erikson I like but don't think he'll make a huge difference alternating with Bruno. The new LB again, don't know enough to judge. Chasing FDJ all summer and probs come back with tail between our legs and no alternative.

I still think the recruitment is way off the level needed. Why was CR bought back at 36/ 37 when we're supposed to be planning for the future? Liverpool didn't bring Suarez back, then went and splashed €100m on Nunez, City went and got the worlds best young CF. We're already light years behind these two and they pull further away.

I'm sure ten hag will have us playing better, with more energy and desire. But I don't think we're anywhere near strong enough with the 3 new signings to challenge top 4. I think it will be a scrap for 5/ 6th again.

When I see the squad list I can't believe how poor it is. MAGUIRE, AWB, Telles, Jones, Bailly, Fred, Rashford, Martial, CR, should all be gone, and I could easily add another 5 or 6 to that.

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19 Jul 2022 10:33:49
Stand, for the first time some of these players will be receiving top coaching. The most important thing ten hag wants is discipline, and that will see some players improve for sure.

I agree we need strengthening, but so far Eriksen should be a good signing, martinez will fingers crossed be a gem and obviously Malacia will bring more competition. let's see where we are in a few weeks at the end of the window before we throw the toys out.

19 Jul 2022 11:10:14
Who threw the toys out? Just because there’s a new manager in you can’t convince me the likes of Maguire are top players. Recruitments been a shambles since Fergie went and were paying the price.

19 Jul 2022 11:26:32
I agree stand. I'm just waiting to see who we do bring in before the window closes. Maguire lindelof. Baily. Your winning nothing with them back there no matter who the manager is. Mcfred in the middle. No.
And Ericsson. Great player but again best days probably behind him.
Martial is martial. Rashford I'd sell the 2 of them. Ronaldo wants out no point having him moaning the whole season.
I suppose we just wait and see if we bring in at least 2 or 3 more top players cause we do need them.

19 Jul 2022 11:27:55
Completely disagree.
DDG is a top class goalkeeper.
ETH is addressing the problems in midfield and defence hence the signings of Malacia, Martinez and Eriksen.
FDJ is in the pipeline and i am pretty sure that there will be one or two more to follow.
Like Caolan_2 says, this is the first time in maybe 3 years that these players have had a proper coach with high standards.
He doesn't take any sh*t from anyone and it looks like the board are listening to him because they are going for all his targets.
I can't wait for the new season, i think if we get FDJ over the line there is no reason why we can't finish in the top 4.

19 Jul 2022 13:12:13

You completely disagree then say “if we get FDJ over the line can’t see why we can’t get top 4” so if we don’t which is looking less likely by the day you agree we’re fighting for 5th then.

19 Jul 2022 13:39:28
I completely disagree stand. I
Think 3rd is achievable.

19 Jul 2022 13:41:22
FDJ is in the pipeline, possibly the longest pipeline the world has seen. I just don't see it happening and given how long it has dragged on, i don't want it to.

I think the recruitment has been average, but given where we are I am not surprised, top players must look at us and just shake their heads.

However, I am looking forward to seeing what a proper coach can do, especially if ETH is true to his word and picks players on merit.

Bruno is a shadow of the player who arrived, Rashford the same so hopefully fitness, focus, and coaching will restore them, and improve others.

I want to see improved fitness and effort, a clear style, players picked on merit, no histrionics, players improving as the coaching team do their work. It's not going to be a quick fix, so I want to see improvement and hopefully enjoy watching us again.

I just hope ETH's balls are as big as his talk.

19 Jul 2022 14:08:35
The thing that makes me slightly optimistic is that all the signings have been ETH signings. LVG, Jose and Ole all had club signings foisted upon them. It’s encouraging that ETH has been able to divert the club away from previous targets to bring in players he actually wants.

I still don’t think the quality is there in midfield, and the attack will struggle if Ronaldo leaves without being replaced, but it’s good to see a manager with a clear plan for the squad and the determination to stick to it.

19 Jul 2022 14:31:33
Ken, I agree I think 3rd is achievable, it will probably require a certain amount of luck to get there, but I wouldn't be stunned if we finished 3rd next year.

The squad we have is nowhere near good enough to match the achievements of City and Liverpool currently. We won't be able to get 90+ points.

Yet I think both City and Liverpool will likely finish 10-15 points ahead of 3rd place, whoever that is.

The window is still open to sign new players. While the players are showing positive signs both in terms of being better motivated and improvements in terms of patterns of play and a style are starting to show in pre-season. Higher defensive line, pressing, less holding on to the ball and moving it quicker, 1 and 2 touch play etc.

I think we will finish anywhere between 5th and 3rd.

19 Jul 2022 14:21:45
AJH - why has the recruitment been average?
What is it that you want United to do?
Who do you want us to buy?
We are not in the Champions League, and we are in the process of rebuilding with a new manager.
The board are doing everything that they can to get Ten Hags targets in the club.
For god sake give the new manager a bit time and let's see what he can do.

19 Jul 2022 14:35:42
I am starting to be quietly optimistic that we could have a good season. I don't think we will be challenging for the title but would not be surprised if we are not far off if the players continue to do as eth asks and maintain the current commitment they are showing in pre-season.

I would agree with the things AJH wants to see and would argue apart from players picked on merit (it is preseason) we have seen all of these things so far.

Ps. Did anyone else hear eth shout "David what are you doing" when he cleared the ball down field instead of playing out from the back near the end of the Palace game. Love it. Setting standards.

19 Jul 2022 14:44:35
Read my post, that was my point. Right now we can't sign the bigger names as they don't want to come. Did you miss that bit?

19 Jul 2022 14:47:35
Sim the recruitment has been bang average the last 10 years.
Look at the amount of average players we can't get rid of.
I could make a fair long list.
The recruitment has been chronic.

19 Jul 2022 14:52:32
After the last 9 year of mediocrity, I don't want to view the coming season with rose tinted glasses but do feel a little happier that we have moved on a few and brought in a few players.
It will take time as we can't change all the wrongs at once but I'm hopeful of better performances to start with and changes in playing staff along the way.
who knows what the new season will bring? I don't think Liverpool will be involved in a last match shootout for the title and who knows how haarlands form will transfer to epl? Chelsea have a major defensive rebuild to contend with and Arsenal and spurs have intoduced a lot of new players who need to adapt.
The biggest hindrance for us will be the thursday night league but 14 other clubs would swap us in a heartbeat to play in the europa so things could be worse. Not a ball been kicked competitively this season and there is doom and gloom! Enjoy the season guys .

19 Jul 2022 15:02:44
Think Eth is doing as much as he can in what is his first month with the squad. Some players have potential to improve (martial, rashford, Shaw even, Fred) and then there are plenty that are simply never going to be good enough (Maguire, AWB, telles, mctom plenty more ) . Hopefully we move on some of these asap and then a few more next season. We all called for Eth and also agreed he would need time . Now most are moaning that things aren't moving fast enough ?? never happy some people.

19 Jul 2022 15:17:53
Booked / AJH.
I agree with you both. I just don't get all the defeatist attitude from supporters.
New season nothing to fear. We will be a better team to watch so that's got to be a good thing.

19 Jul 2022 15:23:10
Still backing Spurs for 3rd (or maybe higher) . Think they've got a little extra than us, at present. but would love to be proved wrong. What a difference a couple of friendlies can do for the optimism.

19 Jul 2022 15:31:17
It's all about building a platform to challenge. It was never going to happen in 1 window. After watching 3 seasons under Ole and 6 months under Ralf, I'm thoroughly looking forward in watching a proper manager set us up.

I won't be getting Champions 2023 printed on a jersey but I am genuinelly looking forward to seeing how we fair once the season starts.

19 Jul 2022 15:48:54
I don't think there's any improvement in any of them players listed. They have been around too long. Training every day they just don't have the right attitude.
The only player I can see improving this year from last year is sancho.
. And I'd predict. Liverpool City Chelsea spurs. A toss up between united and arsenal for 5th.

19 Jul 2022 16:03:52
Ken I think we are a better team to watch for sure already. Yes there will be times we are caught out on the break as we are committing numbers to attack but so far I have seen better passing and possession with intent.
There has been no player tantrums from what I have seen and more importantly no passengers with all running not walking back. Considering the short space of time eth has been coaching them i think there is plenty of evidence to back up our optimism for what he can do once he fully knows the players and has had a couple of transfer windows.

19 Jul 2022 19:39:40
Stand mate the comment about toys out the pram wasn’t directed at you. I see fans online and some one here just complaining about everything.

Maguire ain’t a top player, but the manager will have to make it work and he will improve players. It’s early doors but he’s got martial pressing. Yes pre season, but he’s got the mannequin moving. He’s being standards and discipline as we saw today by his moment of frustration when DDG just hoofed the ball, or when he told Hannibal off for his little strip towards amad for not getting a quick throw. Our biggest signing is the manager, it’s going to take 2-4 windows to get the squad exactly where he would want it and we have to allow him the time to do that.

19 Jul 2022 20:07:11
It depends on your expectations. Mine are limited to improvements in four key areas: attitude, discipline, pride, and strategy. If EtH can achieve those objectives this season with the current squad it will set the scene for the club to return to the top table in subsequent years. Only then will we also be in a position to compete for the sort of players we all want to see at United.

As for the quality of the current squad, most of them came to us more highly rated than their recent performances would indicate. Why is it that virtually every acquisition and young talent we have been excited about deteriorated once they put on the United shirt? Could it be because they have been mismanaged rather than because they are untalented?

JM said that finishing runners up was the highest managerial achievement of his career given the total dysfunction behind the scenes. Woodward did a lot of damage both to our reputation and our finances, but now that he's gone there is absolutely no reason why the club should not start to rebuild its footballing traditions. That in and of itself is worth getting excited about. There's no point in getting pessimistic before a single ball has been kicked in the new season.

19 Jul 2022 23:22:09
The window is still open, but unfortunately I can't see us bringing in any top quality players. I cannot see us finishing better than 6th. Agree totally with Stand, the team is woefully short on quality and especially in defence and midfield. The window had been underwhelming and anyone thinking we can outscore teams is mistaken.
Ronaldo problem is not solved. As I said previously, two of the best young attackers have gone to our competitors. Chelsea have nearly bought a whole new defence. Spurs have been very good in this window as have Arsenal.
Djed Spence going for £15m is very good value and he would've been better than Dalot and AWB put together.
Can see us finishing below 6th place if Ronaldo goes and isn't replaced. I think ETH has not been backed properly and unfortunately, this will show by Christmas.



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