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17 Apr 2024 10:50:50
Can I ask who are the toxic players throwing eth under the bus? Who has downed tools and creating dangerous cliques in the dressing room?
I see this spoken about regularly but I'm not sure who this bunch of players are.
I see a team made up primarily of only eth and ole players.
Outside of rash mctom and Shaw nobody else relevant goes back past ole.
So who is throwing eth under the bus this season particularly recently?

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17 Apr 2024 11:45:35
I must admit unlike under Ole and Jose I don't see a group of players who are not trying or trying to get the manager sacked.

Two main points why we are not succeeding this season:

1.) We have been decimated with injuries in concentrated areas of the pitch (centre back and left back) .

2.) The manager has been too stubborn with his tactics, I appreciate the plan was to push on from a successful first season and become a more attacking, dominant team with this effective 4-1-5 system but it hasn't worked and that was obvious in September. We are too open and concede so many chances it has become farcical to watch of late.

We are still persisting with this in April, should have gone back to a more defensive set up and seen the season out and make top 4.

17 Apr 2024 11:52:16
I guess it's just a figure of speech that people have jumped on in recent times rather than meaning any specific names. Although two of those names you mention have frequently been seen walking around the pitch in recent times in periods of play that have led to goals, if that (lack of effort) is what can count as throwing the gaffa under the bus.

17 Apr 2024 14:46:51
I don't think anyone is throwing him under anything. His tactics mean we can be dangerous with the ball and without it we have massive holes through the middle and at full back due to the full back attempting to assist midfield. That and players just not up to the job.

17 Apr 2024 14:54:51
I agree spenno it's a figure if speech that gets thrown around with little or no substance.
We have chosen managers badly.
Moyes won nothing of note since and had a couple more sackings.
Lvg has hardly had a job since.
Jose fired a couple of times since and won nothing of note.
Ole not had a job since.
Blind herrera Di Maria sanchez mata darmian lukaku mhyikatarian all have won titles since they were deemed useless players.
We have had bad managers maybe a couple we got post their sell by date.
But they have not got much from any of their new clubs either before being fired again but here some are still blaming the players.
It's not all down to the players.
Alonso took a team in Germany from bottom to top in 2 years spending a fraction and in the main with the group he inherited.
Good coaches get players playing above their ability collectively as a team no matter what the circumstance.
I agree we have had our share of iffy players but all the managers have failed since the same can't be said of all the players.
It's the managers job to get the best out of his squad.

17 Apr 2024 21:19:04
Any manager worth his salt can get a tune out of any players, especially professionals playing in the EPL.

I get we have injuries but the players remaining are, on paper, better than most of the teams in the league and should therefore be perfectly able to understand reasonable instruction.

The fact we have been shown how to play by far worst teams from a player ability perspective speaks volumes.

17 Apr 2024 22:19:48
Tumble what are you smoking?

- Moyes was poor at Sociedad and Sunderland but has done a very good job at West Ham. Probably their most successful manager in 30 years.
- LvG left in his 60s and had a great stint with the Netherlands before retiring due for health.
- Jose didn’t do anything at Spurs and won a minor European cup with Roma, ironically the same cup as Moyes.
- Ole has said he’s not interested in a new role and received multiple offers.

Anyone would fail under the management structure above, the same people who hired EtH and this rogues gallery incidentally.

Losing the dressing room is a euphemism for not being liked and not being able to get the best out of the players.

Hopefully the new team can find the correct coach to lead us to better things.



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