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01 Apr 2024 22:54:28
Outrageous theory: The squad and the manager aren’t good enough.

This constant debate about who to blame - the players or manager - overlooks the obvious. They both are.

There are better managerial options than ETH. Anybody that thinks he’s the third (or 4th, 5th, 5th, 6th or 7th) best manager in the world needs to give their head a wobble. Not going to list his deficiencies again, but to think he’s going to improve simply because he has a better structure above him is ludicrous.

I keep hearing about the managerial cycle (rinse repeat etc. ), but the reality is we haven’t had a truly great manager (or even an up and coming progressive manager) since SAF left. The appointments have been a strange bag of who’s available rather than who do we need. We could have stuck with any of them and we would not have won any more. The cycle is therefore a result of poor appointments. You don’t back a bad manager because of the false hope he will become good. Crazy thinking.

As a result of the poor structure and managerial cycle we have an unbalanced, overpaid dysfunctional squad constructed by owners only interested in dividend payments. Managed now by a manager that makes the same mistakes week after week.

Prior to ETH the managerial appointments where tasked with top four. This developed a squad culture that overlooked winning trophies. Left the players to focus on contracts, haircuts, cars and social media. There are players that are exceptions to this. But the on-pitch evidence suggests this to be the dominating culture.

INEOS have to bring the necessary changes. Ripping a bloated squad. Results based on the team - not individual player achievements. A coherent football strategy at all age levels. Replacing the manager with a footballing structure including a dedicated coach. Nurturing a winning and progressive mentality across the club.

Regardless of your viewpoint of ETH or the managerial cycle, the reality is the last 12-months have been nothing short of awful. A raft of unwanted records. Sometimes a person needs to be replaced in any type of business simply because the baggage they carry is too great. ETH is at that point now. INEOS need to draw a line in the sand and bring in a replacement that supports this future.

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01 Apr 2024 23:23:20
Great Post BRD.
Nobody can put the blame at the door if eth alone.
In some aspects he has done a good job.
But it's a simple question of is he the best man for the next 3 / 5 years?
Based on everything I've seen it's a definite no.
Buy as we keep saying this with the best knowledge and information will decide his fate.
Sjr and team will know if he suits their ideal.

01 Apr 2024 23:44:43
Players are terrible. don't try. can't be bothered for half the games. Just shoot instead of creating for a team mate. Try Hollywood passes rather than the simple percentage play. Every. Flipping. Time. The club probably tells EtH who he has to pick (this is my guess) .

We have been ravaged by injuries like liverpool were last year. (Liverpool have a better squad to start with btw)

Club was up for sale. Sancho. Anthony. The club has run out of cash and been begging for loans.

But let's sack a manger who has had to deal with all this after being given just 18 months.

The only reason EtH should be sacked is if the new CEO and director football have had chance to assess him and decide they want a different path forward. I don't see how they have done that yet. So why not stick with him until they can make that assessment and meanwhile bring in some decent players and move some others on.

02 Apr 2024 07:56:47
Agreed DB, how can they properly assess him without being in the job.

02 Apr 2024 09:07:57
I don't know why we are looking at Ashworth for DOF. Ineos should just look on this site, they will find plenty of people qualified to judge a managers capability.

02 Apr 2024 09:22:32
He will be assessed continuously and a decision will be made.
This happens in every business in every walk of life.
Consultants will be hired if not already I assume to access all parts of the business. You need to understand how these things work.
If you think the decision rests on one head or opinion you'll be if they did he would be fine already I suspect.
The team will be furnished with all the reports when in place or possibly beforehand.
Dear oh dear there is some amount of naivety.
I can't be sure and definitely don't know the exact methods they will use for his appraisal but it will be done and I'm sure is being done in a timely fashion it's I. Quite sure ongoing.

02 Apr 2024 10:40:41
I see less improvement, tactics and style in 2 seasons under ten Hag than most of the clutch of strays we've had in the post-Fergie era. But the off-field stuff is at least getting addressed.

02 Apr 2024 13:33:22
A Celtic fan (we're honkin ATM) who enjoys the contributions made by you guys. I get the Eth debate, but if you get rid, on the assumption utd don't get 4th spot for CL, who managerially speaking is a realistic option? My gut tells me Ratcliffe knows what he's doing and as an outsider looking in, I think you should trust what he decides.

02 Apr 2024 13:58:47
Couldn't agree more CiP.

02 Apr 2024 16:21:15
BDR I agree they are both to blame. We play a big team (Liverpool) and yes we get a little rub of the green/ luck but the effort deserved the win and don't forget the 1st 35 mins we should have been out of sight.

Then we roll up at Brentford and they up their game, as they are playing a big team and yes they should have won the game hands down for the effort they applied. We did not apply ourselves, as we did against Liverpool and so paid the price of being played off the field.

All too often this season (and last) we do not turn up for the so called lesser teams.

We need maximum effort every game and that is down to the manager, to make sure the players totally understand what is required and also the players, they have to take responsibility for their own part.



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