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14 Apr 2024 11:48:27
We are now at the end point of the Glazer/ Woodward disastrous management regime. The season is essentially over, bar a possible cup final against a team that will be highly fancied to beat us, assuming we can get by Coventry, who will firmly believe in their chances. After last season's improvement, this has been an awful campaign dogged by injuries to key players and appalling form by the remaining senior players. The only bright spots have been the emergence of some youngsters. although we are now at the point of risking them becoming totally demoralized. and in the latter part of the season, the goalkeeper.

The manager has been unable to change the dynamic. He's stuck with tactics that have seen us conceding an unconscionable number of shots. Of course, had he decided to play more cautiously, packing the midfield, and committing fewer players to attack, then the complainers would no doubt be accusing him of being a reincarnation of LVG. Perhaps he's simply too one dimensional and unadaptive in his thinking, or perhaps he just doesn't have the quality of players needed, so it's damned if you do and damned if you don't.

The close season will be interesting. We are not going to be an attractive destination for any top players. The transfer season will be affected by the Euros too. There's so much change required in every aspect of the club perhaps a year out of Europe will be a good thing. The new team, with or without ETH, will be slightly less pressured by an intense schedule to try and acquire a squad capable of successfully negotiating 60+ games in a season.

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14 Apr 2024 15:26:03
Manchester united will always be a top attractive destination. End of story.
We need to go after the people we actually need, and who actually want to play for Manchester United. Those are the 2 criteria for all transfers.

14 Apr 2024 15:59:14

I think if you think that's the end of the story you need a dose of reality. Were not a attractive club to come to unless its with wages on offer. Weve been poor for a decade and most players that have joined have found there career and reputation decline with us.

14 Apr 2024 20:33:47
Agreed W16 we are attractive for a financial point of view, and that is the main reason so many big names have joined us over the past decade.

14 Apr 2024 22:56:43
True in a lot of cases wazza. The glazers gave the keys of the sage to the wrong men.

14 Apr 2024 23:15:28
Again, there is a process in place, the big earners will be on borrowed time, and the fundamentals of being Manchester United will shine through.
Manchester United is still a top attraction, for players and supporters the world over. End of story.
If you think otherwise, go and support Villa once they secure top 4.



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