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30 Mar 2024 22:55:09
Utterly dreadful, don't let the win over Liverpool fool you, we are a very poor team, facing nearly 200 shots in 2024 keeping company with relegation teams, no style of play, no midfield to speak of, players with no idea what they're doing, terrible and this is a common there now. Does ten hag know what he's doing? What is his style? A lot of these players are levels below what we need so the truth somewhere in the middle but I don't feel like the players play for him or that he knew what he's doing. Embarrassing performances on a consistent basis, I'd be looking at who's out there now before Liverpool nab the best one.

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31 Mar 2024 08:15:09
Champions League? You're having a laugh. It's bad enough to be so embarrassing at home but to become the laughing stock of Europe as well is too much to handle!

31 Mar 2024 08:19:57
All that being said, Brentford were a breath of fresh air. Energy, ambition, played on the front foot and caused us lots of problems. Very impressed by them last night.

We were utter dross. Didn’t match their energy, work rate or ambition. But we say that most weeks about this team now.

31 Mar 2024 09:07:45
I can’t wait for this season to be over

Sick to death of these players.

31 Mar 2024 09:09:14
There's been far too many performances like this across the season, hence the awful stats we have. I've been very much of the opinion that the best thing to do is keep Ten Hag next season and continue to think long term. However, I cannot think of a side who has gotten less from as much as we have. We've had injuries that have not helped, but you simply have to produce better performances with who we have had available compared to other sides. We've been outplayed by Brentford, Bournemouth, Copenhagen, Luton, Everton and plenty of others. All of those sides would be over the moon to have most of our players.

There's no intensity in the majority of our performances, no movement off the ball and almost everyone just playing it safe. We look like a side who have had a new manager for 2 weeks, not almost 2 years. Results are one thing but producing good performances regularly brings good results. Playing the horrendous football we do, doesn't lend itself to winning games.

Players haven't performed and that is a problem going back over many managers but we also don't seem set up to make the most of the players we actually do have. Hojlund is isolated, centre backs are too often left in 2v2 situations, whoever is playing holding midfield is effectively covering the entire width of the pitch on their own.

I've no idea what the answer is and while I'm not in the Ten Hag out camp, it's getting more and more difficult to justify him staying on with the level of performance we're producing regularly.

31 Mar 2024 09:49:27
The chaotic defensive line and huge spaces in midfield are so obvious to everyone, even Jamie Carragher. It has been the same all season.

So why isn’t it being fixed?

Is ETH gambling on throwing players forward on transition to it outscore an opposition who will then flood through the spaces in midfield? (Hence insistence on playing McTominay)

Or doesn’t he have the players to do anything else?

Just cannot wait for the end of the season now and all the changes that will bring.

31 Mar 2024 10:35:43
Not yet in the ETH out camp although if he was sacked today I wouldn't care but i'd love to be a fly on the wall when SJR / Brailsford / Ashworth get in a room with ETH and say, 'Erik, what was that Brentford performance about? and BTW why have we seen this time and time again in the last 2 years and how can we fix it?' Cannot imagine they would leave that meeting with a lot of confidence.

31 Mar 2024 10:45:02
The only shock for me is that some of you seem a little surprised.
Dead men walking rarely do well.
He will be fired and the sooner he is gone the better. Let the professionals in and weed out some players over next 12 months and start to rebuild with a coach or their choosing.
Eth out.

31 Mar 2024 11:01:21
The number of shots we face is alarming and it’s not going to change until we get the right players in of sufficient quality.

I like McTominay the person, but as a footballer he’s a very poor CM. I don’t even remember him touching the ball last night. We are much better when he’s on the bench, and he’s much better playing higher up the pitch as an impact sub. McTominay is today’s Fellaini.

Players such as AWB can’t control the football and we’ll be much better when Shaw is back.

We need Martinez on the pitch. I thought things would get a little better when Cas and Mount came on, and they did, marginally.

It would be nice to see our first choice XI on the pitch before the season is out. Things did get a bit better for about 1.5 games earlier in the season before Martinez limped off again.

31 Mar 2024 11:50:45
Have to agree with Ken. The players are massively at fault but the manager must take the blame too. If we all can see it then he must too. I just hope his after match analysis is just bravado and misdirection because I’d hate to think he’s that delusional. Only 9 games left?.

31 Mar 2024 12:12:31
Yet again Rashford wandered around the pitch completely disinterested. I'm starting to think he's Martial in disguise.

31 Mar 2024 12:13:37
I listened to Poch describe Chelsea performance and they're the words ETH should also use. Instead he said "we give up chances but not goals" after Brentford it the woodwork 4 times. I don't think I can take much more of whatever it is he's trying to achieve.

31 Mar 2024 12:33:01
It's all ANOTHER managers fault ??

Saw a great analogy about being married 5 times, each time the husband dumps the wife. At one point does the husband become the problem ?

ETH in, back him, give him the proper structure and give him a bit more time.

Ken would sack every manager if he had his way ?.

31 Mar 2024 12:57:25
He is being fired and he knows it. He is finished you need to accept the inevitable angel. Eth is a goner and rightly so
I didn't call for Jose or lvg sack Angel don't be talking nonsense.

31 Mar 2024 14:38:40
Angel, a number of the players he requested he’s got and they either haven’t been good enough or he isn’t using them correctly. I don’t think anyone on here is solely blaming the manager but he’s culpable too. If we are cleaning house and trying to start with a new plan and culture then eth has to go too.

31 Mar 2024 15:39:16
But there is no scenario where both go.

So, players first then see what the manager does next season.

31 Mar 2024 15:42:45
Tim, you think that's it? A number of his players?

He's still got Varane there, Dalot, AWB, Maguire, McT, No left back, Casemeiro (not a player he really wanted, panic buy) Rashford, Bruno etc. Lots of players that are not his, and IMO players unable to do the job required.

Ken, mistake IMO if he is sacked, as I stated above, they have always sacked managers without actually addressing the underlying problems.

Inevitable? Well the journalists closest to the club, Mitten, Whitwell etc who knows a lot more than you or I don't seem to think so. So who's talking nonsense?

31 Mar 2024 15:53:44
Angel it’s Be easier to just say what’s right at the club, it’s going to be a long road back.

31 Mar 2024 16:00:18
Let's see angel who is talking the nonsense.
Eth has control over transfers who said cas was not his signing more nonsense from you. Because you have no idea.
Your entitled to your opinion. You will have the chance to talk about the mistake next season. He is gone he knows it the players know it and the most fans realise it.
Pity I thought he would have been much better than he turned out.
Can't wait to see who the choose to replace him. Hope he does a better job.

31 Mar 2024 16:02:41
Angel what about the players he did choose.

31 Mar 2024 16:24:56
Ken did ETH ask for Weghorst or was he another loan due to poor planning and backing?

31 Mar 2024 16:28:26
What makes you so certain Mr Tumble, that the manager will be sacked. We all see the reports but I've not read anything that I would be sure that he's gone.

31 Mar 2024 17:54:58
Banjoe I don't know anything for sure of course.
But I'm very confident that will be the outcome.
If the new management team see something in eth I don't and he is kept ill 100% trust their judgement.
I've been wrong a million times. Make lots of mistakes but thankfully I get a lot more right than wrong. My opinions on this are just an opinion of 1.
My honest opinion is that there will be a very amicable parting.
We have what we all wanted structure wise those new appointments will need to have 100% alignment with the coach. I'm not sure eth is flexible enough to compromise on his ideals and I don't think he has been convincing enough for them to compromise on theirs.
He lacks charisma imo. He is poor with the press and creates too much noise with his comments I feel.
I don't see an efinity from the manager through the players to the fans. It's the managers job to create that imo.
I don't identify with this team and manager and I don't think sjr and team will either.
I said on another post it's not a question of if he was a failure it a question of do I believe he will be a success? I don't think so and I believe that the management team will align with my thought process or me with theirs.
The team sjr is assembling are all singing from one hymn sheet, for example I don't think for one second sancho would have been eating alone from a lunchbox if this team had been in place for that episode.
Let's see what happens.
If I'm wrong I'll add it to the wrong box all in going for now is a cup win that would be a nice end to a disappointing season.

31 Mar 2024 17:57:56
I don't know wazza but eth demanded control over incoming players so I'm sure he had a hand in it.
We have been told martinez was his 2nd choice behind timber Antony preferred of kudos.

31 Mar 2024 23:08:29
Jesus ken, what a list. I think if you go down through each one, and why they were picked, you end up scratching your head even more.

Amrabat and Weghorst? Desperation as there was no one else.

Onana, well I can't remember the last time he has a bad game.

Mount, just back from injury, never a bad player. someone I think will play well in time.

Eriksen, a free, didn't do too bad last season, needed to be moved on this year.

Casemeiro, again, according to people who know, panic buy put upon ETH. Didn't do bad last year either.

Malacia, looked good until whatever has happened has happened.

Antony, a poor signing thus far.

He also signed Hojlund, brought through both Mainoo and Garnacho.

Again, the club has been a shambles from top to bottom, no structure, balance, or ability to actually pay the right price for a player. hence the reason why we have such a mixmash or talent both on and off field. A shambles.

Good that INEOS are in, and looking to put the right people in place. But once again, looking to maybe replace the manager. Whatever happened to giving the man time.

01 Apr 2024 12:12:53
Angel he has had 2 seasons and brought us backwards.
He has lost a 33% of our games this season.
Bottom of cl group.
He has had time.
Nobody was along him to win a league just to show progression and signs that he might if given longer.
No sign of that at all.
He will be gone in the summer.
Who replaces him is the only question we need answered.
We will find out in due course.



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