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02 Aug 2022 11:28:16
I'm very interested to see the calls by so many on here for is to sign sesko
He has only played 50 games for RBS.
Has any one seen him play regularly except for shappy who will claim to have seenhim play 51 times?
Seems like a lot of dosh for a player hardly mentioned anywhere a few weeks ago.
Will he be another ammad or pellistrini?
I've never seen him play not heard anything of him but he has been watched by a lot of clubs as per ed002.
It's a big step up for him.
I wonder will the club take another leap of faith on such a high risk signing.
As fergie would say its hard to find any value in the market and even harder to find a player that can justify the money being spent.

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02 Aug 2022 11:56:27
Fergie . the guy who signed Bebe.

02 Aug 2022 12:01:18
It'd be a huge risk for him to be the only forward signed but I think this is one of the best outcomes we can hope for with the striker situation.

Ronaldo seems destined to stay despite the sensible thing being to let him go, so a highly rated younger striker who can gain experience and will be OK with a bit part role initially might be the best option?

I've only seen Sesko on YouTube but it'd certainly be nice to see us sign a striker who's best years are ahead of them rather than behind them as we have over the past decade with the likes of RVP (he was amazing for a season but wasn't signed with the future in mind), Falcao, Ibrahimovic, Cavani and Ronaldo.

02 Aug 2022 12:05:34
I can honestly say I’d never heard of the lad until 2 weeks ago.
I like what I saw in the pre season game against Liverpool but saying that I liked what I saw of Martial in the first 3 games.
I’d say if the club have been scouting him for 12-18 months then now would be the time to strike and sign him, otherwise we could regret it if he signs for another club ie Haaland.
Who knows though?!

02 Aug 2022 12:49:34
The whole situation gives me Martial vibes.

02 Aug 2022 13:02:33
Once upon a time Halaand and Nunez had never been heard of but .
Sign him, if he flops he flops, I'd rather we sign and he flops than someone else signs and he becomes world class.

02 Aug 2022 13:15:11
If ETH likes him and wants him, that's good enough for me.

02 Aug 2022 13:22:20
Salzburg have been producing very good players for a while now.
Although best case he's a backup option.
You can't throw a kid as the central striker for United and expect it to perform.
Quality aside, it's a very hard job.

02 Aug 2022 13:23:38
Had anyone heard of Antony 2 months ago, let alone Malacia?
No harm in getting excited about potential incoming players, that's what the window's all about isn't it?
It's a grey are with youths on lengthy contracts. You end up paying for potential. Take Diallo - I think we're going to end up paying towards £35m for him aren't we? It's a risk unless the bulk of the offer is made via add-ons - ie x goals scored, appearances etc. At least then if we end up paying the full whack we'll know we got something out of it.

02 Aug 2022 13:24:26
I doubt the club have been scouting him for long unless the idea came via RR during his time. It is more likely that EtH had him on his radar at Ajax and is continuing this with us.
Like most have said. not heard of him until this week but he does look good and one for the future on you tube clips.
I say if EtH wants him he is good for me.

02 Aug 2022 13:28:30
I'd agree angel.
The manager knows more about him is imagine.
I've never seen him play at all so I've no idea I'd never seen nunez either as I didn't watch much cl last season.
I'm not sure how much we are interested and if it's just paper talk.

02 Aug 2022 14:32:39
I don't watch Austrian football, I did see him play against Sevilla in the 1-1 draw in last season's UCL group stage.

From what I can remember he was tidy enough but didn't stand out in that game.

If he is the man EtH want's then let's go get him.

Personally I think he is the right type of signing we should be going for. I don't think there are many top class, established strikers who would be available this summer, and who would be willing to join us over other options currently.

Haaland has gone to City, Nunez to Liverpool, Lewandowski to Barcelona.

Beyond them which other top level strikers are out there who would be willing to move to a Europa league club?

We've signed many older, end of their career strikers in recent times and I'm not convinced its the best way forward.

We have a manger who is renown for developing young talent, maybe getting a highly rated young striker for EtH to work with and develop might just be the smartest move.

As for price, there have been several figures quoted. One saying RB Salzburg would want at least 30m, others are saying 55m. The reporting of transfer fees are a weird thing in football. I've seen many times that the fees often reported for United signings are inclusive of all potential add-ons, yet fees for other clubs signings are often only reported at the base price excluding all potential add-ons.

Which makes it hard to know what a player actually cost, as long as the club are comfortable paying it what does it matter.

02 Aug 2022 15:03:47
Football Manager Ken, the kid is lethal.

But so was Freddy Adu and Cherno Samba.

People just want a new face regardless of who it is. I would be inclined to agree with the views above that if the manager wants him then that's enough.

02 Aug 2022 15:22:43
He’s been my number 1 target and I’ve wanted us to sign him ever since I heard of him last Saturday.

02 Aug 2022 15:36:33
Ken, Ronaldo had only played less than a season for Sporting when we paid a then record fee for a teenager. No one on here claims to have watched Sesko, but a lot of the top clubs are after him. Do you buy now for the amount quoted and maybe structure the deal with bonus payments, or do you wait a year while he plays well then his value goes up even more.
We scouted Nunez in January and I know people very high up within Benfica, who assured me that Benfica were ready to sell him to us in January, but we dithered and the rest is history.

02 Aug 2022 15:41:09
Wasn't it RR that made the club aware of him?

02 Aug 2022 15:58:58
I echo that GDS2. I read a report that we were interested in him and immediately there was a dossier on him from Downsie who obviously had seen him play several times and ever since he has been my first choice transfer target.

02 Aug 2022 17:02:59
Honestly, I genuinely believe he’s destined for greatness.

In three years time, he’ll be scoring 20-30 goals p/ season for an EPL/ La Liga/ Bayern side.

I just hope it is us.

02 Aug 2022 18:41:40
I don't pretend to know what to do when I don't know the facts AAA.
I've no idea about the player either.
I think someone was pulling your leg that benfica wanted to sell nunez in the middle of cl but I've no idea but he didn't want to come to united anyhow. He made that clear and has reiterated it since. But it's all hearsay.
If eth wants him and we can get sesko then go for it but supporters on here that have never seen him play.
With Ronaldo on the way out we need someone for sure.



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