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21 Mar 2024 07:22:37
Reports cas had signalled something is not right and after getting assessed by our medical staff was sent out and told everything is okay. He then went and saw a doctor in spain and they found a small tear in his hamstring which we missed. if this true i am speechless and how can that be. its incompetence at the highest level and how can this happen at Mnachester United one of the biggest clubs in the world.


1.) 21 Mar 2024 07:58:29
It might be shocking but as you describe it, a 'small' tear.
Misdiagnoses happen.

2.) 21 Mar 2024 11:09:47
Ahmad its common knowledge that the doctor he went to see is the best on the plant for this type of injury. nothing to lose sleep over.

3.) 21 Mar 2024 13:26:16
Also reported that casemiro blamed the intensity of training sessions for his injuries.

Which tbh probably vindicates us selling him in summer and replacing him with a younger age player.

If Ten Haag is committed to this transition based fast tempo style then we have to manage out the older players like Maguire, Casemiro, Varane and maybe Shaw as well.

4.) 21 Mar 2024 13:36:56
Same way as it can happen to any doctor dealing with any patient in any hospital in the world.
It's no drama no matter how much people try to dramatise it.

5.) 21 Mar 2024 18:05:03
Casimero will know his own body too. He obviously just didn't feel right and felt there was something there and was right.
You'd like to think these things were never missed but they are. Lots of muscle injuries this season as opposed to impact. I think martinez and mainoo were the only impact injuries of note.
I wonder why that is? Players play too much but you get examples like Bruno who has never once missed a club game through injury which is a mad stat really. Obviously some of it is genetics but you have to wonder why so many muscle injuries. We are not alone with the issue.

6.) 21 Mar 2024 18:08:42
I was listening to the overlap and Ian Wright was talking about how physical Keown was in training. But rather than complain about it, he saw it as crucial to giving him an edge in games.

Can’t imagine that Klopp or Pep’s training is easy given how much running and pressing their teams do in games. But players aren’t complaining. Just our players who want an easy training session despite not having the stamina to play hight temp football for more than 20 mins a game.

7.) 21 Mar 2024 18:41:02
Spot on Danny.

Too many flakes in the squad who know from experience that if they kick up a fuss they will get their own way.

8.) 21 Mar 2024 20:04:13
I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous than a professional athlete complaining about physical exercise. I go to the gym 5-6 times a week and don’t moan, and pay for the privilege too.

9.) 22 Mar 2024 01:57:19

Impressive and agree when young I used to do 6/ 7 days, young footballers should be able to handle 2 hours a day when its their job.

Both my sons who are at uni pretty much do 7 days a week and proper stuff. How old are you if you don't mind me asking. I can't do 5/ 6 days anymore and 4 days is most i can do or injury right around the corner.

10.) 22 Mar 2024 14:40:28
In my 40s, but do low impact stuff with weights twice a week, and a game of footy!



19 Mar 2024 14:23:02
Been reading SJR interview tidbits and looks like he has gotten quite close to Fergie and taking advice.

I think eth is toast if that's the case as Fergie does not like him and it goes back to eth first season and eth basically telling Fergie to mind his own business related to something that made headlines.

The story was something a current pundit in the UK and ex united great shared over dinner last year.


1.) 19 Mar 2024 16:41:58
SAF is a legend but he is yesterday's man. If SJR is taking his advice then that is not good news. Remember, this is the man who picked Moyes, and has been retired for 11 years.

2.) 19 Mar 2024 16:52:52
If that’s the case then the Rattcliffe is being silly. Ferguson should have zero involvement with the running of the club and, especially, not with the coaching.

If the history of football clubs can tell us one thing, is that allowing an former manager to have influence is a recipe for disaster.

3.) 19 Mar 2024 17:49:17
SJR is right to speak with Fergie and listen to his words, he is right to speak with lots of people involved in football and listen to their words.

He then needs to process all that information and work out the best course to take.

SJR I do not believe is anyone's fool, it would be remiss not to speak to Fergie for many reasons but it would also not be wise to take only one source of information as the only source.

However of course the biggest story is that SJR is talking to SAF, of course that's going to be focus of any report.

Also what is SJR supposed to do waltz about and ignore or dismiss a man who is adored and treated as a God by the fans, of course not.

I don't buy into the fact that SJR is not a shrewd and ruthless operator as and when he needs to be, I am not too worried he is going to hang on afergiea every word.

4.) 19 Mar 2024 18:31:56
There's 2 ways of looking at it, yes he Is from the old school and was the last of his kind, but the guy knows about football and winning, nothing wrong with having saf as a sounding board or for advice he loves united.

5.) 19 Mar 2024 18:44:27
SJR didn't get to where he is by being anybody's puppet. SJR is absolutely right to be speaking to SAF but don't think for one second that he will be forming opinions based on Chinese whispers.

If the story is true then I back ETH, because he is the manager and he will make some of the decisions while he's in charge.

I guess the player is Dwight Yorke, who is one of many ex-players who says extreme things to try to remain in the newspapers.

6.) 19 Mar 2024 19:14:37
I'm pretty sure SJR hasn't become a self-made billionaire by blindly doing what everyone tells him, certainly not when the advice might come from a grudge or a personal dislike.

7.) 19 Mar 2024 19:37:20

Yorkie is not a UK based Pundit so wrong guy. Take it for what it is Fergie does not like ETH that's all. Story 100 accurate.

8.) 19 Mar 2024 19:46:51
If SJR knows his history, then he should know that Sir Matt’s influence around OT caused issues for years, maybe he knows what Liverpool did with Shankly.

Southgate and listening to SAF would be very worrying. We MUST move away from SAF influence.

9.) 19 Mar 2024 20:14:26
Hope those calling for ETHs get what's coming with Southgate. Bloke has no proven tactics and we will be playing boring football.

1 step forward 2 steps back.

10.) 19 Mar 2024 20:16:47
Ahmad you said “ex United great” and considering your love in with Dwight I wasn’t referring to the journalist.

Furthermore… “100% accurate” is not something you have any right to say. Not unless SAF told you personally that he isn’t Erik’s Best friend. Correct me if I’m wrong, but your opening statement does not imply that this has come from the horses mouth.

This is the most Daily Mail BS I’ve read this week. No direct quotes, just hearsay spread for engagement.

11.) 19 Mar 2024 19:30:15
Nonsense and hear say - maybe Sir Jim will give the job to Fergie?

12.) 20 Mar 2024 02:31:16
He would be mad bit to listen to what Ferguson has to say.
Nobody knows what they spoke about. There is a million things they could have been chatting about.
Listening is what all smart people do.
I'm quite sure sjr won't be making strategic decisions based on informal chats with the ex boss.
Smart guys don't listen to rumours and tittle tattle and they don't sack their head coaches because the ex boss doesn't like him.
There is going to be rumour after counter rumour for the next few months. The media spotlight is going to be on the club worse than ever before. Potter last week Southgate this week. Eth in at the weekend. It will be someone else soon enough then back to eth then before the euros Southgate again and before we play Brighton it will be de zerbi. Its going to be a nuthouse in here more than usual too I think all I need is ole to throw his hat back in the ring and I'll be heading for the funny farm.
The press and media are pushing buttons that trigger a certain type of fan and it's quite funny to be fair and successful.
When is the best time to hype up Southgate to united rumour? Oh on intl week v Brazil.

13.) 21 Mar 2024 11:46:06
I find it quite funny that people who have, in the past, banged on about statistics and data are worried about SJR talking to everyone, including Fergie. He is clearly not a clown

Believe it or not, any data is good data. Even the worst rubbish allows you to confidently discount it with evidence and identify the source of misinformation.

By the same virtue good data allows you to confidently identify trends, positive or negative and preempt any corrective action whilst discounting outliers quickly.

There is no such thing as a silly idea or suggestion even from a cleaner through to the groundsman until it is robustly discounted by the process which the Club have entrusted to SJR. Obviously over time things can be discounted quickly with sound background data.

Until that time, he can speak to the bus driver as far as I am concerned if it means we move forward!

14.) 21 Mar 2024 18:10:00
Really good post keefy.
2 ears one mouth. Use them in that proportion is good advice.



27 Feb 2024 11:49:11
Rumours onana from everton is a serious target. personally would be delighted if we got him.

Excellent player and everything you want in number 6, physical, athletic fast. Perfect age and imo Everton's best player and very underrated. He will be star in a team with better players around him.

It was hard watching Ericksen vs fulham and felt bad for the guy. Cas also looking like leaving and a major wage the club will want off the books.

I know we have looked at palacios from leverkusen in the past but prefer onana.


1.) 27 Feb 2024 12:18:14
Really? where do you hear that rumour?
I think he is a good player.
He does not fit the profile of an eth type deep lying midfielder so I'd be surprised if eth has put his name forward
I thought we might wait for our new DOF to be in place before we start showing serious interest in new players.
He was linked with Newcastle this year so there might be some truth in that or it might be more click bait.
Reading today alone on one website we have been linked with 8 different players and none of them are from what I would consider a reliable source.
That will continue daily between now and the window closing at the end of aug.

2.) 27 Feb 2024 12:50:34
Ken I’d imagine Dan Ashworth is doing a few off the record hours a week.

3.) 27 Feb 2024 14:23:03
He was linked to us last year and even ed002 mentioned he is on our list. Arsenal are also interested in him.

Don't follow not being a eth type player, has everything you want in a number 6. height, speed, technically excellent and athletic at 22/ 23 years old and quite durable. He will end up moving to top club imo with everton having to sell to rectify ffp issues.

4.) 27 Feb 2024 15:50:10
You may have watched him more closely than I have Ahmad, I saw him last season and thought this kid has a bright future, but he seems to have not only stagnated but even regressed. At present the glimpses i catch are like a poor version of his teammate A. Doucoure. I do hope I am wrong and he is much more what you rate him as than the picture of Fellaini i have in my head :D.

5.) 27 Feb 2024 17:30:00
You think he has everything you think you want in a no6.
He doesn't play as a 6 for Everton in the way eth would like his 6 to play as he doesn't have those attributes.
Can he be converted?
That will be a matter for the coach next season if we sign him.

6.) 27 Feb 2024 18:53:11
Caolin, I very much doubt Dan Ashworth is doing anything of the sort. Utd and he would be in serious risk of litigation if they were doing that. He is under contract and no doubt has non compete clauses a plenty.

7.) 27 Feb 2024 21:29:37
Ross Barklay looking decent and weird rumour Jim wanta him not sure if he the answer.

8.) 28 Feb 2024 06:22:41
I doubt it will matter if anyone suits ETH style (whatever that is) because I would hazard a guess the chances of him being anywhere near United next season are very slim, just hopefully when he goes the coaches Antony, Onana, Arambat all share the same taxi and ETH also takes his childish naughty step with him too!

9.) 28 Feb 2024 06:43:47
Ahmad that was just another very weak excuse to beat the manager. Of course Ken has absolutely no idea which players the manager rates or whether or not he’d like to sign Onana from Everton. It’s becoming an obsession.

10.) 28 Feb 2024 08:44:36

I think Docoure is quite poor, who kind of plays as a 8/ 10 for Everton and we don't really need to buy for that unless Bruno goes and even then Mount potentially steps in. Docoure gives it away a lot imo and has poor composure, wasteful and clumsy. Onan will move to much greener pastures imo and have many suitors.

This is a very divided page on players ours or elsewhere.

I would sell Bruno before rash, which i reckon would be in the minority.

I like mount and rate him highly but would have proffered maddison but got slaughtered here last year for saying that:)

Still think mount will be an excellent player for us if his injuries are not something that will linger going forward.

11.) 28 Feb 2024 09:17:23
Waxza. Onana is not the type of play making 6 that eth prefers. Onana I think is a good player.
How us that a reason to beat the manager
I'm not sure you are reading properly.
I'm sure the penny will be dropping with you soon enough.

12.) 28 Feb 2024 11:19:44
I'm on the fence with Onana, he has several good qualities, strong, good in the air, good defensive reading.

However, there are a few concerns I have with him. He's a not quick over the first 10 yards and his mobility can be an issue when defending large spaces as he can't close ground quickly. I think he only works in a double pivot due to this and probably shouldn't play as a single pivot as he'd have too much ground to cover.
The other concern I have with him is his on the ball contribution. He isn't terrible but his passing tends to be short, sideways and safe passes. I don't think he has the passing range for a top side competing for top honours.

He will have to play with a well rounded No.8 alongside him who can be the guy to press the opposition and close down space quickly, as well as having the ability to progress the ball well with his passing.

Otherwise we would have issues both effectively shielding the defence AND progressing the ball through midfield.

For me the biggest issue we have in midfield is an inability on the ball. We don't have enough guys who can play the ball through midfield quickly and effectively. No one who can get on the ball and own it, keep it and change/ control the tempo of the game.

I don't think Onana solves this issue and would 100% need another signing made to play alongside him to offer that technical ball playing ability.

13.) 28 Feb 2024 11:32:45
Hey wazza have you ever seen the movie 'a few good men' worth a watch.

14.) 28 Feb 2024 12:17:25
Ed002 are we interested in onana? Where do you see him going? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Amadou Onana (DM/CB/CM) Only moved to Everton in 2022 and they are not looking to sell him but with troubles mounting they may have to listen to offers. West Ham interest has moved on but Arsenal may look again after failing to agree alternatives. Newcastle spoke with Everton in the summer and have failed to sign their primary DM/CM target but will return again this summer. Manchester United had him a long way down their list of targets but failed to sign preferred options in the summer and he may still be of interest, but I rather doubt it. Chelsea have him on a list of midfield options but not at the top, and Barcelona may look to some horsetrading but they have to deal with their own financial issues.}

15.) 28 Feb 2024 15:17:38
I think we need to not just be looking at an individuals attributes but looking at who is going to complement and get the best out of Mainoo and whoever else plays in there. Mainoo, Mount plus one other could be a really strong Midfield. Not sure if Onana is that one. I'd opt for Douglas Luiz or Paulinha ahead of Onana if they were options. I'm.

16.) 29 Feb 2024 13:57:46
Boubacar Kamara would be my first choice, very good on the ball, good positional discipline, not sure about Douglas Luiz though, not sure he offers enough control. I would prefer either Joao Palhinha or Pierre Hojbjerg to Douglas Luiz, and both would cost significantly less than what Villa would demand for Luiz, especially Hojbjerg. Onana would also be a pretty solid choice though and presumably Everton can't afford to hold clubs to ransom.



05 Feb 2024 12:10:46

There reports that A Saudi club made a gigantic offer for Bruno this past jan, which eh turned down . Not sure what gigantic means and is there any truth to it.

In your opinion would united sell the likes of fernandes and Rashford if the right offer came in.


{Ed002's Note - Bruno Fernandes (AM) ME beckons after an offer from Al Hilal was rejected by the player. May well depart in the summer when there will be many changes.
Marcus Rashford (F) Much will depend on what happens in the summer regarding a new coach, but I am sure Manchester United will be regretting the new long-term contract. A third-party has spoken to clubs about him but I am not aware of any interest. Suggestion that he could be a Mbappe replacement at PSG seem far-fetched given they have other clear targets in mind.}

1.) 05 Feb 2024 14:41:13
Really sorry to show my ignorance and general thickery but what does ME stand for in Ed002’s very informative reply please? Guessing it’s another football destination?

Sorry to ask - don’t want to annoy Ed002, who is always so generous in providing information!

{Ed002's Note - Sorry, Middle East.}

2.) 05 Feb 2024 15:31:33
Thanks for taking the time to clarify this Ed002!

3.) 05 Feb 2024 17:22:43
Thank you ed002. always appreciated.

4.) 05 Feb 2024 17:58:15
Bruno is a weird one, on one hand he is by far our most creative player and has been a key man in every season at the club. While on the other hand he does have a tendency to give the ball away by trying to force the final ball a little too often. I'm not sure if that is just the way he is as a player, or whether that is because there is lo little creativity from his teammates he feels he has to do something when he has a chance.

On one hand do we really want to lose a player who has been so key to us, especially while seemingly without a player who looks poised to take over the mantle from him. I'm never comfortable with selling a player whose performing to a good level, while relying on a player being signed to step up and fill that void.

Maybe I'm overlooking Mason Mount, and there is no reason why he couldn't be the player to step up. Unfortunately we haven't seen his full potential yet.

While on the other hand, if we are to move into a different way of playing and a new approach on and off the pitch, then does a player who turns 30 in September really going to be a key player to build around?

Maybe taking a big transfer fee for a soon to be 30 year old who is on big wages might be the way forward. Maybe Bruno a bit like Coutinho at Liverpool is a great player, but slightly to individualistic for a new style team.

Reading between the lines it seems like a big part of the INEOS rebuild of the football structure at the club is a very different approach to the wage structure at the club. To that end moving on the highest earners might be something that has to be done, even if it means losing some of our best players in the short-term.

Personally Bruno is a player I'd probably look to keep around for another year or two. Someone to add a little experience to what looks like a bright young side who could be starting to form at the club. Then maybe in 2 years time he moves on when the likes of Mainoo, Garnacho and Hojlund have had 2-3 years under their belt.

However, if he is sold I will certainly understand why.

5.) 05 Feb 2024 20:49:05
You have 3 hands?

6.) 05 Feb 2024 21:49:37
Bruno, despite all the theatrics, has been consistently our best player over the last few seasons. He’s a quality operator and I’d be happy to keep him for at least another 2 or 3 seasons.

I don’t think Mount will get anywhere near the level of Bruno tbh.

7.) 06 Feb 2024 01:19:36
AJH, how else do you think I type so much ?.

8.) 06 Feb 2024 06:38:28
Hes tried admirably to curb the excesses in his game but he doesn't look the same player now as when he joined and his numbers have dipped a lot now that we don't get anywhere as near as many penalties.

Would be right to sell him, Casemiro and Varane for decent money to help with ffp along with Mcterminator and Maguire.

9.) 06 Feb 2024 06:57:54
Fireman, last season, our best players were Martinez, Cas, and Rashford. Bruno didn't get close.

10.) 06 Feb 2024 10:02:00
I would be going they come back in for him in the summer with another great offer.
I'm of the opinion that the club won't begin to heal fully and improve until every player that played under ole is gone. The standards were on the floor and that needs to change quicker than it has.

11.) 06 Feb 2024 17:11:52
Bruno is our most creative player, but if he decides to move on, I wish him all the best.

Who makes the decision on his replacement though if ETH goes. We don't have great recent history of buying players that the manager wants or fits into a style of play we are aiming for.

12.) 07 Feb 2024 13:45:00
If there is an 'enormous' offer for Bruno, we should cash in and use the funds for the re-build. We need big changes to the playing staff, that's going to take cash and with the FFP guidelines getting a massive cash influx and removing the top earners will give us the headroom to facilitate the changes required. Removing Bruno, Martial, Verane, Casermero, Sancho, Maguire, Eriksen and Antony would remove circa. £2m from the weekly wage bill. Also apart from Rashford it would re-calibrate the wage structure (If PSG came knocking I wouldn't be surprised if we sold Rashford to them to replace Mbappe) .

13.) 08 Feb 2024 06:51:50
Can't see us entertaining any offers for Bruno unless he wants to go. Given the volume of players who will likely head for the exit this summer, guys like Bruno who are under contract and so reliable and important to the team in terms of minutes played and his influence on the pitch would not be on the list imo.

You have to be careful not to go overboard as we will have a chelsea situation of way too many new young players and no senior leadership and a bit of a mess until they mature, gel etc etc

I think fergie has a rule of max 5 players if I am not mistaken and rarely did that.

14.) 09 Feb 2024 10:11:06
Ahmad, I think it depends on the new direction of the club.

Sir Alex was a master of knowing when to move a player on, that is something we have sorely missed since he left. Holding on to players who have flopped in the hope that 3 or 4 years down the line it'll suddenly click. Or keeping aging and declining players because we either don't want to spend the money to replace them or we don't trust our ability to bring in a suitable replacement.

I like Bruno and accept he is a vital part of our current team.

Yet I've also said that this squad needs a 2-3 year rebuilding phase probably replacing 15-18 players in our squad. I genuinely think we need that before we will have a team truly ready to compete for major honours.

That means Bruno will be 31/ 32 at least before we have a team ready to compete. What will his role be then, and do we either extend his deal or let him leave for free?

The club has a difficult task of trying to rebuild while staying within FFP. To do so we will need to make some sales that bring in significant funds.

Do we sacrifice Bruno a year or two sooner than we might like in order to bring in a big fee, remove a player with a big contract, and start to embrace a new playing identity.

Personally as important as Bruno has been and as much as I appreciate his skills, we can't build the new team around him. So either he will have to adapt and find a new role/ niche within the team or he will need to move on.

It might be better to move him on rather than change his role due to that probably reducing his impact and perceived value meaning selling further down the line will almost certainly be at a reduced price to what we could get now.

The more I think about it the more I feel we might already have the right player to replace him in Mason Mount. Someone who has as good technique, works as hard, but is better at pressing, more adaptable, and a more intelligent player in terms of his passing and positioning.

He probably won't score and assist as many goals as Bruno (although he did manage 10+ goals and 10+ assists in several seasons at Chelsea), but he will be a player who will be able to bring the best out of players like Højlund, Rashford and Garnacho.

Either way if a big offer comes in the Bruno this summer then the club should seriously consider it.



21 Dec 2023 14:12:53
HI ed002

Would it possible to provide an update on Mason Greenwood as there quite a few stories floating around about interest from various clubs and some giants like Real Madrid and what United plan to do.

Thanks again,


{Ed002's Note - Mason Greenwood (F) Time to move on - Offered to Marseille and Atalanta. Turkey or the Middle East might provide permanent options. Atletico Madrid or Real Sociedad may offer an option but the fee will be too high for Getafe to buy but they will try to find a creative solution.}

1.) 21 Dec 2023 16:52:19
Frustratingly exactly the player we need and he's already ours. Oh well.

2.) 21 Dec 2023 21:39:45
Probably very naive of me but i find the clubs linked with signing Greenwood ridiculous.

All have official womens teams linked with them and sizeable womens fanbases.

Also last time i checked Spain and Italy don't exactly treat women as second class citizens yet a fair few would sign Greenwood at the drop of a hat.

{Ed001's Note - are you jokinmg? Spain and Italy very much do treat them as second class citizens. It is only fairly recently that girls were able to go to school in Spain, as they were unable to do so under Franco. When my parents lived there, they would take classes in reading and writing Spanish and there were all the older women from the village taking it too as none of them knew how to read or write due to no education. Spain outside of the tourist areas is very third world.}

3.) 22 Dec 2023 00:58:20
Ed001 is very right and I went over over to Jerez De la Frontera and it is very much much rural.

4.) 22 Dec 2023 01:58:44
Italy isn’t much better. Not too long ago I was reading about a case where a janitor who groped a schoolgirl got away Scott free because he *only* did so for 5-10 seconds.

5.) 22 Dec 2023 02:00:33

Come on mate, don't be daft.

Just the mere mention of Luis Rubiales should serve as example enough of just how insignificant women and any extraordinary achievement they can produce is to be viewed by any Spanish man who might presume to position himself as a superior in any capacity.

Half my wife's family are from Madrid and, even in an area of such comparative affluence and liberalism, women are still effectively told to know their place - let's just say she doesn't visit much.

Greenwood will be fine in Spain.

6.) 22 Dec 2023 04:09:07
Fair enough, am pretty naive on this topic as have not lived in Spain or Italy, explains why he's settled in really well there and Getafe were happy to post him all over thier socials.

7.) 22 Dec 2023 06:36:49
The charges were dropped, why would he had a problem anywhere?

Such a bad decision if we let him go.

8.) 22 Dec 2023 08:46:56
Very difficult subject and a lot of emotions involved.

From a cold perspective he’s not been proven guilty of anything and the survivor lives with him and has child.

I think some of the hatred of Greenwood is redirected hate of Man Utd. Reaction is nowhere near the same as other players who’ve been accused of similar.

I wouldn’t take him back unless there’s a full disclosure of what happened. Otherwise he has to go.

9.) 23 Dec 2023 06:21:48
I hope we get good value selling him. he cost us nothing so it will go straight to our bottom line and help with our FFP issues. Given his age and his talent but also the luggage he comes with hard to put a figure on what he would go for.

10.) 24 Dec 2023 13:52:54
I hope he wins every time when he plays against us, if we let him go.

11.) 25 Dec 2023 13:19:04
There are lots of different factors in play and you can't just equate one offense with another.

The Greenwood case will get more attention and whip up greater emotions than other cases due to evidence being made public.

In other cases there remains a far bigger question mark over whether it has or hasn't happened.

But with Greenwood we have all heard the recording. So we know at the very least what he said.

That makes this case very different to other cases where there is no public evidence.

I suspect there is an element of it being a Manchester United player which also increases the size of the story. However, we have to accept that as part of the territory of being a massive club which huge global reach. We earn a huge amount of money from that global reach, which enables us to spend big in the transfer market and pay huge wages, the consequence of that is negative stories are also much more publicised. We have to accept the rough with the smooth with that.

As for whether he's innocent or guilty, there are two ways of judging that, whether we like it or not.
From a legal perspective, he has not been found guilty. That does sound mean he didn't do it, just that not enough evidence could be found to prove he did in a court of law.

You then have the social perspective. What do people think based on what they know. That will vary.

I wonder would all those people who feel he should be back in the squad based on him not being convicted of anything. Would you also be happy with him dating your daughter? Or would you have a problem with that?

Knowing what you know, and having heard what you have, would you be happy for him to be your daughter's partner?

Because if not then that suggests that part of you at least feels like he probably has done what he's accused of and you would rather not put your daughter at risk.

For both the club and the lad himself it is probably best for a parting of the ways.

The club could certainly do without the circus that him returning would bring. While the attention and media spotlight on himself, his partner and their newborn child would certainly make their lives difficult.

A permanent move abroad is probably best for him. The club recoups some money, avoids the media backlash and the player gets a fresh start away from the obvious media attention.

12.) 27 Dec 2023 09:43:58
Moral issues aside for one second, the biggest impact now would be on the dressing room. If the squad want him back, and he won’t cause any issues or bring the wrong attitude, then he’d improve us greatly and sporting wise would make a lot of sense, especially as we are looking to get rid of Martial and Sancho.

13.) 27 Dec 2023 13:25:32
Eric, that's the thing though. It's a complex issue with many factors, all of which need to be considered.

How does the squad and coaching staff feel about him coming back? Would it cause disharmony in the dressing room is one factor.

Does he want to come back and put himself and by extension his partner and young family under the media microscope that he will be under if he was to turn out again for the club.

Does the club and the new ownership regime want to face the media backlash that bringing him back would have on the club?

Finally, how do the fans feel about bringing him back, the club cannot afford to alienate more fans right now. There are already some who feel that SJR buying into the club supports the Glazers and allows them to remain. To go with a potentially unpopular decision to bring him back will further alienate some fans. How many? Who knows.

Ultimately they need to work out whether bringing him back bring more and greater positives then negatives. What are the odds of that?

Surely if they bring him back then he would absolutely have to hit the ground running and fulfil his potential and become the star player his talent suggests he could become.

Anything less and it would likely bring more negatives to the club than positives. He can't come back and be a decent player, if he comes back he needs to be a key player in helping the club challenge for and win major honours.

Personally, the only way I can see him coming back and it being well handled is the club and player need to take control of the narrative. They can't just quietly sneak him in through the backdoor and hope no one notices. They need to make a big deal of it, the player need to publicly apologise and admit he has made mistakes (crucially without explicitly saying what he has done, and potentially incriminating himself) . He has to show remorse, and take action to repair the damage. He'll need to try and become an ambassador for women's rights and it has to come across as authentic.

That way the club and player can take control and push the media narrative towards a more positive direction. Anything less and the player and the club will be crucified. They need to lean into second chances and the idea that someone can learn their lesson and attempt to right their wrongs

It's not what I'd like to see, but it's probably about the only way the club could bring him back while mitigating the backlash.

Does the player want to do that, is he capable of doing it? That might well be the crux of the matter.

14.) 28 Dec 2023 22:53:55
Can’t disagree with any of the above Shappy. I was talking on purely sporting terms only. I can’t see a path back for him here to be honest.




ahmad's banter posts with other poster's replies to ahmad's banter posts


17 May 2024 05:44:19
I was with a client of ours, who are a big french hospitality group. He saw some united stuff in my office and we completely diverged into football. He is a big PSG fan and very close to a gazillion french players and showed me all these private video messages, including showing messages of mpabbe wishing his son a happy birthday.

He is also good friends with blanc and he believes we got the best guy in the business and we will be back to our best. Leaves you feeling very positive going forward even if there are bumps along the way.


1.) 17 May 2024 08:18:45
Not so private videos then?

2.) 17 May 2024 09:11:35
For every Blanc there are a hundred others that would say we are doomed.

If I look hard enough I could find someone who says it never rains in Manchester.

C’mon Ahmad. You are better than to believe what Blanc says is gospel.

3.) 17 May 2024 09:37:15

I think it’s his friend that says Blanc is the best guy in the business not Blanc bigging himself up, good post Ahmad, nice to see some positivity and I tend to agree, having the best people in the top jobs can only be a good thing.

4.) 17 May 2024 11:42:47
Hearsay and no credibility other than he said she said. Coming from a person willing to share “private videos” it does hold much credence.

5.) 17 May 2024 17:58:15
Keefy, if you have no interest in hearsay they why are you on a "rumours" page?

6.) 17 May 2024 18:48:23
Not sure what you are arguing with here Keefy? Someone says Blanc is the best in the business?

I think he is very well respected for what he did with Juventus. I'm also not sure what we got, by that I mean that Blanc is working for Ineos in an advisory position, and is not our director of football. So this is a nothing comment really. How much influence is Blanc having at the club level? Not sure we know.

7.) 17 May 2024 19:13:08
A rumour and banter on a rumours and banter page, whatever next.

8.) 17 May 2024 21:25:43
I would much rather be hearing things that United have got good people giving advice to the new owners than what's gone on the last decade or so.

9.) 17 May 2024 23:36:14

10.) 17 May 2024 23:49:18
I’m not arguing with anything at all Dodgy. And I am in no way belittling Blanc as a person or indeed expert. I just find it funny that people are wiling to cling on to anything positive when it suits them but ridicule others when they say they have heard something and they don’t agree.

11.) 18 May 2024 08:02:45
Everybody is the best in the business, and then they rock up at United.

Never underestimated the size of the job.

12.) 18 May 2024 11:09:59
True Grim, yet I'd say rebuilding Juventus from Serie B to becoming the top side in Italy for the next decade was a pretty massive job. While turning PSG into a legitimate top side was also a sizeable task (even with the funds they have available) .

So I think he is well suited to be stand in CEO for United until Berrada can start. Plus his experience and expertise can be well used as a consultant.

13.) 18 May 2024 12:52:01
Who said he was stand in ceo? I'm not sure I understand the term even.

14.) 18 May 2024 15:35:32
Ken, When Arnold left Patrick Stewart stepped in as interim CEO until Berrada can start some time in June when his gardening leave finishes.

However, since then (about 2 weeks ago or so) Stewart left the club with immediate effect, at that time it was announced that Jean-Claude Blanc would act as CEO until Berrada could start his role in June.

Which is where we are at now.



30 Mar 2024 13:48:42
Difficult game today hoping we get a win. Very encouraged hearing martinez and cas are back they will need 3/ 4 games to be match fit and find their legs. Would be great to get a proper starting eleven for the final stretch of the season and go on a run.




19 Mar 2024 07:32:26
There are some very funny stuff on X that will have you laugh and worth seeing. there is one with all the different Live Liverpool channels and the reaction to dialo's goal is priceless.

I was thinking no wonder we are despised and hated by so many fans as what we did on Sunday will sting for years and not normal stuff and we have this incredible desire to do that to so many teams over the years.

Can't stop watching clips of the goal and how the place erupted. something so special about that moment.


1.) 19 Mar 2024 09:18:37
I'd rather be taking that defeat and be sitting where they are sitting and have been sitting for the last 10 years.
We won a cup match in exciting fashion let's not get carried away.
If indeed we are despised and hated its because of big mouth supporters stupid gloating over 1 match when the reality is we are light years behind them and have been for 10 years.
We won an exciting game but let's not start getting carried away with nonsense like that until we actually win something of note and are performing like that regularly.
Enjoy the win but with a bit of humility.
Ahmad how many times did you watch the 5 nil or 7 nil defeats and watch the mutv reactions?
We have a long way to climb before we gloat too much it's a particularly nasty trait imo to be laughing at others I'm sure you have not liked being laughed at by others for past 10 years.
Great to see old Trafford jumping like that and it's the way it should be weekly. Enjoy the win and day but until it becomes a habit and we actually win competitions it's probably best to keep your powder dry.

2.) 19 Mar 2024 10:59:09
So, today's sermon is about humility. It's called banter, bragging rights over an 'enemy'. It's Liverpool fs so why not enjoy a few days of gloating and bragging? Some people just suck the nice right out of you.
Although, yes we are light years behind, a bit of immediate gloating is therapeutic.

3.) 19 Mar 2024 12:00:49
Gloating about a 1/ 4 final win is for Coventry fans imo who are over achieving.
Some fans have followed ole to the small club mentality it seems.

4.) 19 Mar 2024 12:24:40
Why is there a celebration police all of a sudden? A win over bitter rivals should always be celebrated and gloating comes with it. Hell, we gloated and made fun of you guys for the 5-0 and 7-0 wins even until today. As long as it doesn't turn hostile or nasty, there's nothing wrong with gloating. You have your day in the sun after our loss so gloating rights go to you for now. But we'd definitely want it back on 7 April :)

5.) 19 Mar 2024 12:44:15
That's one we need to win again hopefully.
Not gloating police at all I just find it better to keep mouths shut until you we have something to gloat about.
Beating Liverpool is always nice but until it means something it's a bit hollow imo.
If we win in the league in April and secures us a place in cl great and even better if it helps prevent you winning the league.
A 1/ 4 final win is meaningless unless we go on to win it no matter who you knock out on the way.
Bragging rights are for the school play ground really.
Win or lose the bad feelings go after an hour or so just like the good feelings.
I get that for some it lingers longer, win or lose, but we have zero 'bragging rights' or gloating opportunities when your miles better imo.
Great to beat Liverpool it always is but until it actually means something significant its still means little. Takes ye down a peg or 2 for a couple of hours but the reality is that unless we win the cup it's worthless imo.
The fact is you are well above us in too many aspects for us to singing about a singular victory.
Hopefully we will see an upturn in our form between now and the end of the season so Sundays victory is not just a one off.
Sunday was great because the only thing better than Liverpool losing is when they nearly win but then lose?.

6.) 19 Mar 2024 12:44:54
Tumbler when did you become the arbiter of happiness and when it's allowed? Small club mentality? What a dozy thing to say.

7.) 19 Mar 2024 12:45:13
I agree with Ken here.

It shows how far we have fallen with all the posts on here after Sunday. It was a great win no doubt, the likes we rarely see these days, but let’s not act like it was a real David vs Goliath moment.

Enjoy it, it was brilliant, but don’t settle for it being the highlight of our season.

8.) 19 Mar 2024 12:48:23
Tbf, Tumbleweed, gloating when you beat rivals is one of the best things about football, bragging rights in a particular fixture is always the sweetest when you've won the most recent fixture.

I was born in '97 and just old enough to remember the good times, Liverpool fans certainly still enjoyed their wins and took the P when they beat us in those years.

My local team is Hearts, our rivalry with Hibs is ridiculously one sided for two clubs of a similar size, but you better believe Hibs fans still gloat when they beat us, they don't worry about the historical record in those moments.

9.) 19 Mar 2024 13:14:46
I agree with weed too. He never said don't celebrate but we are a long way off bragging rights over Liverpool. The original post was childish and ridiculous in my opinion.

10.) 19 Mar 2024 13:22:37
Think it was mentioned on here before but the Alternative Manchester United account on twitter/ X is definitely worth a look from Sunday's game. especially the final goal with all it's emotions.

11.) 19 Mar 2024 13:34:04
There are are few here who have hijacked this site with continuous gibberish and nonsense and have their knives out for this manager and many of the players.

Beating our biggest rival in an epic game, which had everything, will be remembered for the ages is not to be celebrated is just toxic bs.

Nothing to moan about for a couple of weeks folks:)

I don't remember who won or who scored 4 seasons ago vs Liverpool in the league and would have to look it up but I remember Cantona's goal from 96 and still get goosebumps when I see it. Its all about the mindset of celebrating victories or being bitter about sh. that's happened and nothing can change that.

Its karma and almost scripted for United being the team that ruins Klop's retirement parade by knocking them out of the FA cup and barring any key injuries we will beat them in the league too and dash their hopes on that one too.

The away games to Brentford and Chelsea are tricky imo as we tend to do poorly after most international breaks and Chelsea away has never been a good ground for us historically. Would take 4 points from those 2 fixtures and be happy.

12.) 19 Mar 2024 14:06:56
When did I say don't celebrate?
I celebrated after the game and was delighted. But the context is its just 1 game. We won nothing except for one game.
Nobody hijacking anything ahmad don't be a drama queen.
Ahmad you have called me out for being bitter about ole but you seem to be bitter about klopp.
If you think for 1 second us beating them will ruin his retirement parade you are completely delusional?
Why would you want to ruin his retirement parade anyway? Have you no respect for what he's done there?

13.) 19 Mar 2024 14:11:23
John if you think that's one of the best things about football we are poles apart in how we get it enjoyment from supporting our teams.

14.) 19 Mar 2024 17:42:12
Jesus f***ing wept lads. You’re bickering about how to celebrate a win. If Ahmad finds it funny to see the scousers upset then let him. If TW prefers to sit on the live chat and moan throughout a game then so be it.
Tumbleweed, you jump on everyone’s posts, trying to put them right. Just let them enjoy the moment. From what I gather Ahmad was at OT and is obviously still buzzing from the atmosphere. Nothing beats it.
Going to work on a Monday to have a bit of banter with fellow fans is just a bit of fun. There’s nothing sinister behind it.
If you’re too grown up for that then fine. Go back to your Ole dartboard in your basement and get your kicks from that.

15.) 19 Mar 2024 18:12:43
Great posr2toms ???.

16.) 19 Mar 2024 18:50:31
Brad - I posted about Alternative MUFC a few weeks ago. I watched the Liverpool video last night, 10 minutes of brilliance. Watching them after each game they get better as you notice the consistency of the jokes, "pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass" ? The guy behind it deserves an award for the creativity.

17.) 19 Mar 2024 19:11:31
We should celebrate after such a fantastic game especially as I can see the scouser playing us in a few weeks time and they will be out for revenge and will def celebrate if they beat us.

18.) 19 Mar 2024 19:39:41
I was at Maine Road in 1985 when Hughes and Robson scored, beat the unbeatable Scousers with two great goals. Buzzed for a couple of days, as I have done since Sunday. Loved Sunday, nothing like a last minute winner in what was probably the greatest FA Cup tie of all time and that is what it was. Thing is, as with 1985 it has to mean something, it has to mean a step or it is just the same as as Coventry scoring their last minute winner. They will have been on a high for days too.

At some point we have to face reality as you do after a high. You can all chose when that is, in a day, a week or a month. That reality is the team still lack cohesion, planning and a structure and ETH didn’t have or coach that. Yes we threw caution to the wind, rode our luck and had the ride of the season, probably the best ride since RVP hit his hattrick in 2013.

If pundits saying it was the best cup tie, the most exciting gives you the high it’s just harking back to the eighties, it will pass on, highs do. We must win the semi, the cup and must see structure, cohesion on the pitch, nothing wrong with thinking that now like Tumble does.

19.) 19 Mar 2024 20:03:30

The alternative United stuff is brilliant and whoever does tham has some serious talent. watched that too and can't stop laughing. its good to not take things so serious and have a laugh. The nicknames for players is brilliant lmaof.

20.) 19 Mar 2024 21:13:34

Its not 80's mentality if I am buzzing with that game and I would expect nothing less than a final. We were the better team on Sunday imo and if anything we conceded two goals from deflections and one that some will argue Bruno got fouled and some will say not a foul. We had by far the better chances.

I know I might be in a very, very small minority. If we take a fit squad into that final I don't fear city and expect us to get it done this time and hoping its a city/ united final. I bet United 14/ 5 on Sunday, which was ridiculous odds and Lost money.

I also don't expect Coventry to be a cake walk and they must be playing well to get this far and will celebrate a 1-0 win the same as 5-1 win. Its passage to a cup final and another possible trophy, that's all I care for.

21.) 20 Mar 2024 06:31:44

In the 80’s we lived out on occasional cup successes, amazing moments, whilst the scousers were winning leagues and European Cups. Buzz for Sundays game yet reality has to dawn about what real success is.

We were not the better team, rewatch the game, we heavily gambled and got lucky. Great to watch because of it.

Coventry will not be straightforward and it’s not often we are strong favourites these days. Win the cup we must, like the 80’s whilst watching the Scouse and City likely waltz off with the big prizes. That will only change when we have a strong structure.



27 Feb 2024 18:50:42
when it rains it pours. varrane and maguire out. bruno too by the looks of it.

lindelof, evans, kambala, dalot back 4.


1.) 27 Feb 2024 19:43:27
I was interested to note that Hojland was injured during “intense” training. It’s not pre season and intense is a strong word. If there are more injuries from training, why?

2.) 27 Feb 2024 19:57:34
Bruno looked injured in the late during the fulham game so did varrane. Not sure what has happened to maguire. Lindelof looked injured too when he went over the pitch on a tackle and was limping when he came off.

3.) 27 Feb 2024 21:04:29
Varane is always injured. Can’t be a surprise. He needs to move on.

4.) 27 Feb 2024 22:18:24
Lindelof would be injured as well.
Kambwala, Dalot and Evans only defenders.
Up against elanga, might as well make sense to play a natural fullback from youth than play amrabat.

5.) 27 Feb 2024 22:21:27
I would have considered kambawala at rb and Dalot at LB anyway. He has more pace than Lindelof and amrabat, so might have worked better. W really are going to be a patchwork teM at this rate. Everyone will expect us to win 5 NIL with vintage football though ?.

6.) 28 Feb 2024 05:00:09
Just think the pace and intensity of pl does not favor older guys who have history of injuries. Many teams are suffering to a degree but ours has been on a different scale given the length of time some of the players have been out and the older players seem to come back play a few and get injured. That's with no european football and a lighter schedule.

I know it will not be popular but maybe sacrifice up front and look lethargic attacking wise with adding an extra body in midfield to provide some protection to this chicken soup of back 4. ETh is stubborn though and will stick to 443 I reckon.

7.) 28 Feb 2024 06:44:25
I hope sky sports cover our injury list for 48 hours similar to what they have done for the scousers ????.

8.) 28 Feb 2024 07:30:37
Shoulda kept Weghorst, Sabitzer and Reguillon!

9.) 28 Feb 2024 07:49:00
I reckon some of them see utter carnage coming against City and that has led to 'injuries'. Too many in this squad haven't got the bottle.

10.) 28 Feb 2024 09:31:05
We’ll have a chance with 12 players Ahmed!

11.) 28 Feb 2024 11:34:44
Are you sure Patrick???.

12.) 28 Feb 2024 12:00:55
City away is a loss but all about the manner of the loss imo. tonight no easy either as we got beat there already this season.

13.) 28 Feb 2024 11:52:34
It's pretty shocking how little the media report our injuries this season. They made a massive song and dance about Liverpool having to play Chelsea with "no first choice players available".

Yet they had 3 of their first choice back four available (VvD, Konate and Robertson) . While some would argue that while not a better player TAA, Conor Bradley has arguably been their best RB this season. Certainly better at defending.

They also had Mac Alister and Endo start in midfield, who are two of their first choice midfielders.

Diaz also started who is first choice.

So it was the keeper, ST, RW and arguably the RB where they were weakened.

Yet they still had special-ists high quality players to step in and play those roles. All players signed my Klopp to play his style of play.

We've had injuries all season, often having no one who is a special-ist to play in key positions.

Unfortunately, this focus on other sides injuries while an almost complete silence from the media on ours has led many fans to underestimate how many injuries we've had.

No EPL team has had more injuries that is this season. Currently we have had more injuries this season (with 10 games to go) than any other EPL team has had in any of the past 4 seasons.

14.) 28 Feb 2024 12:34:01
On reflection not that sure Ken ?!

15.) 28 Feb 2024 13:05:14
Exactly Shappy, But wE sHouLd bE pLAyINg bEtTEr bY nOW! ?.

16.) 28 Feb 2024 13:21:59
Nothing like a bit poor old me.

17.) 28 Feb 2024 17:43:26
Shappy just curious but where are your figures from? The most up to date article I’ve seen was from jan 11th and had Utd in 6th for total days lost to injury.

18.) 28 Feb 2024 19:12:26
It's just double standards Ken. The media making out like Liverpool are in a massive crisis with just 4 first 11 players missing. Yet nothing mentioned when United had 8 or 9 of our first 11 missing.

It's just about making sure we keep things in context, because the media certainly won't.



23 Feb 2024 06:39:41
I think we will need to buy a left back come summer. Malacia is not of the quality for a starter and given how long he has been out and the lack of a clear explanation from the club who knows what you will get if he comes back. Shaw given his age can't be counted on going into the next season given his hamstring issues.


1.) 23 Feb 2024 07:13:04
Tyrick Mitchell from Palace or Rico Henry from Brentford.

2.) 23 Feb 2024 07:32:16
Estupian from Brighton is also really good.

3.) 23 Feb 2024 08:29:57
Why do you feel your are entitled to a clear explanation to an individuals medical details?
Malacia is a very good back up.

4.) 23 Feb 2024 09:12:02
Malacia started his careers off really well. The World Cup came along and he got injured and reportedly played through injuries last season.

There looks to be a good player there, but he needs to work hard.

Ultimately remaining fit so far is his biggest obstacle.

5.) 23 Feb 2024 09:34:24
Didn't ETH address it before the Luton game anyway? Said he's had set backs but they've turned a corner and hopeful to be back on the pitch soon.

6.) 23 Feb 2024 11:09:10

Why not and even an acl tear in june most are back on grass training by now. Clubs release statements generally on long term injuries, with malacia its an ongoing mystery. We are about to go into march that's 9 months now.

7.) 23 Feb 2024 11:57:00
None of our business that's why.

8.) 23 Feb 2024 13:05:50
Ken, entitlement.

As Ports states above, an update has been given, and the feeling was that Malacia is a couple of weeks away.

9.) 23 Feb 2024 13:27:37
Ahmad as someone who has been plagued with knee injuries and surgeries through the years from rugby. Not every return is textbook. 9 months for an ACL is considered common, but I’ve seen people back after 6 months and others take 18.

10.) 23 Feb 2024 15:01:35

That was a couple of months ago and I watched the presser so was mount supposedly and pictures of both training separately. Both nowhere to be seen.

11.) 23 Feb 2024 16:23:02
Didn’t we play Luton 5 days ago?




ahmad's rumour replies


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23 May 2024 19:38:06
If he moves he will end up at Chelsea or Brighton. Too early for him at united imo, different beast being a united manager.




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05 May 2024 08:02:34
When it comes to managers, I think to myself can I see this guy at united 5 years later post appointment. Most great sports franchises have continuity and Tuchel is not a guy I see as a long term United manager. For whatever reasons he never sticks anywhere and it can't be always the clubs fault.

If we are changing, I hope its someone else and no idea who is the right person. Tuchel will not play the younger players and route for academy players to come in gets much harder imo and more about buying ready made players.

He is also not the most expansive, offensive minded coach and never rate his style of play as beautiful football. A bit like the German version of Conte with similar personality traits.




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19 Apr 2024 21:41:19
Ashworth will get done too once newcastle settle on his replacement. great news finally one done and one to go.




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16 Apr 2024 21:17:30
Great list ed002 and thank you. the outs seem to be the difficult part and not surprised. The ins seems to have many clubs involved and everyone will improve their squads.

Is Todibo our first choice CB and what your personal view of Diomande?




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22 Mar 2024 01:57:19

Impressive and agree when young I used to do 6/ 7 days, young footballers should be able to handle 2 hours a day when its their job.

Both my sons who are at uni pretty much do 7 days a week and proper stuff. How old are you if you don't mind me asking. I can't do 5/ 6 days anymore and 4 days is most i can do or injury right around the corner.





ahmad's banter replies


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25 May 2024 10:27:52
More verbal diarrhea from you tumble. take some Imodium.




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25 May 2024 06:57:13
Got here late last night and turned on my phone to see the news cycle. As a fan for 48 years now I am appalled by the way this has being handled. Whether it got leaked from the club or outside the club is irrelevant really. If there was a decision to change there are so many better ways to handle something like this rather than a media blitzkrieg before an FA cup Final. Bayern, Barcelona even little Brighton seem to run more professional than our club.

The idea that this was agreed a while ago then why not put out a statement like Bayern or Barcelona did. I think its typical amature hour bs and the incompetence pill that comes with whoever comes near the club and Ashworth's email goof is another example of thinking to myself how could this happen. Having so called meeting with other managers camps a week before the FA cup final if true, is amature hour stuff and you are an amature if you think it would not get out.

The idea that Wilcox is going to set the tone of how we play is a ridiculous notion and seen people here talking about ETH changing his tactics based on feedback from him. To manage at the highest level and be successful no academy youth coach anywhere gets to tell the manager how to play and not one top manager out there that has won anything or a club that operates that way.

If we are replacing him with someone who is a pet and a yes man, I guess we will be back to start over again in a year or two. I am all for the better recruitment stuff and good structure but whoever come in has to be his own guy.

The only thing that will change our fortunes is major investment into new players and cleaning up this squad. if the idea is that the next manager will do better with this squad and 2 or 3 new players, I doubt it especially if we are spending 65 to 80 mill on a player like Braithwaite, which is pure madness imo.

Big day and excited to be going to the game and optimistic contrary to the talking heads. I hope the players go out and give a good account of themselves and the club and give the fans what they deserve. It is a difficult club and environment given the toxicity of the news that seems to be always around the club.

Enjoy the game folks.




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23 May 2024 19:20:21
All the speculation about the manager is mostly baseless and let the chips fall after Saturday. Its a bit sad to see all the stuff written which a lot of it is bs and imo quite unsettling if you are a player or the coaching staff imo.

Going to the game and quiet optimistic. It will be a very close game and finally a team without massive injury problems, although fitness levels will not be there for players who have just come back. GGMU.




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21 May 2024 05:09:23
The reality is Guardiola is a brilliant manager and somehow gives them credibility when you look at the charge list and how they have built the foundation to be where they are.

They have had vastly larger resources than liverpool and hard to judge how klop would have done had he had the same resources at his disposal.

One thing for sure, Guardiola has walked into teams that were loaded with talent and never had any issues buying more top players when desired. Can he achieve the same level of success if he walked into a rebuild with limited resources, I doubt it. There are no messiah's out there, you need the right structure, resources and players to win things.




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20 May 2024 09:40:00
Chelsea themselves have come forward admitting wrong doing during the previous owners. Do they look at chelsea's titles too.